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The anglerfish is a deep sea predator. It has a lure like appendage in the middle of its head that can glow. It draws up smaller fish for it to catch.
It usually cost 3 dollars at pet value
The anglerfish has stem attached to the tip of its head with a small mass of glowing bacteria on the end which lures fish into the anglerfish thinking its a smaller fish but they soon find out its a trap and get snapped up by the anglerfish.
Anglerfish are generally the size of coffee mugs, about 1 foot long or less, although, some are up to a meter in length and up to 110 lbs.. Females have characteristics the male does not. For one, females are larger and they lure in their prey in an especially unique way.. Above the mouth, she has a...
Anglerfish, like most fish, are considered to be cold blooded as they use exothermic means to control their body temperature. This means that they control their temperature via external means by taking advantage of the environment around them. This would include things like moving to warmer water to...
An angler fish is a vertebrate because of its bones in the back most sea animals like jellyfish and octupus don't have any.
shark + monk fish
The LENGTH is around six inches.
It is the top of its food chain, so only man is a predator. Smaller species of goosefish or monkfish are considered culinary delicacies in Asia.
Angelfish have a distinct look. They are flat if on their side.They are very colorful. Also they have a fin on the top and bottomof the body.
They can get up to 3.3 feet and eat your face off lololollololol
Only PAINTED ANGLERFISH live in or near coral and sand (other species live in deep waters)
they can weigh up to 50 kgs
it is to attract other fish so that it can eat them.
Angler fish lives in the Midnight Zone where it is dark and cold
Yes, the angler indeed does make sounds. It makes a beeping trilling sound similar to that of a doorbell's after wave. Anglers also have been known to send out high pitched squeals that only their extremely sensitive ears can hear. John Gram Stanford University Marine Biological Research and...
Angler fish do not produce light. They have a relationship with bacteria that does it.
All the world's oceans, to a depth of about 3,000 feet, are home to this five inch long bizarre looking fish with the well-earned nickname "common black devil". It has its own flashlight (torch) projecting from it's head! PLEASE see the related link for more information:
Anglerfish live mainly idiota in the oceans aphotic zones, where the water is to deep for the sun to penetrate; therefore thpopoeir perdition relies cacaon the "lure" being bioluminescent.estos animales son puros maranos que estos animales vayan i agan a su mama i a su papa
An anglerfish has a few natural predators. They include cod,congler, and some sharks. It is considered to be at the top of thefood chain and doesn't become another animal's food very often.
Angler fish hunt by luring small fish towards them using a bio luminescent (glowing) lure attached to their heads. Small fish are attracted to the glowing lure, and when they come close, the angler eats them
The Prickly Anglerfish has a short, deep body that is covered withtiny bifircate spines. The species is only known from Australianwaters.
~5 in. (~12cm)
An anglerfish belongs to the Animalia kingdom, the chordata phylum,and the actinopterygil class. The angler fish also belongs to thesubclass neopterygil.
even though they live in the dark the female gives off a chemical so the male smells it out, because he cant see 1 thing.
Angler fish do not migrate. They live in very deep parts of theocean and use their unique physicality to attract prey.
the angler fish was discovered in 1968 by a scientist named thomas Avery rickle
Anglerfish are noted for the angry expression they possess. Theyare dark grey or brown, have sharp, clear teeth, and can grow to beseveral feet long. Only the females have a row of spikes on theouter body, including one which sticks out above their mouths, usedfor hooking prey.
yes they do, they sleep floating around.
The frogfish is hard to see because in the weeds it lives in look just like it.
I believe Angler fish spit water at bugs that are on leaves from overhanging trees near the body of water the Angler fish are in. When they spit water, they are usually very accurate and sometimes catch the bug before it even hits the water.
yes they do live in the midnight zone because of their bioluminesence
The flavor of angler fish is compared to lobster in taste and texture.
the question is...how big are you?
We do not use it yet. But if you were trapped in mid- Antarctica (where it lives) for some reason; you could use its esca(the light on its head) for light.
it needs a very dark place to light it up and attract preys for it to eat...
Here is a whole lesson about angler fish "lights" so brace yourself. The light on an angler fish is not made out of electricity as many people think but out of bioluminescence. Bioluminescence is made by bacteria. Almost any animal that lights up has it, like a fire fly or lightning bug (depending...
All oceans that are deep is were the Anglerfish lives
The Anglerfish is located in all the oceans
Not all Anglerfish are deep sea fish. For the ones that are, a few have been brought to the surface but in many cases, they die not long after being brought up.
It lives in the deep sea. Pitch black. In every ocean
I dont believe that sharks eat angler fish. Anfler fish live father on the bottom of the ocean than sharks do.
they need food like meat and needs a lure to survive
Yes it does eat it eats flies and insects.
Anglerfish bones, anglerfish skin and a anglerfish personality.
male angler-fish bite/attach to a female fusing itself to the mate becoming one single body.
Believe it or not, angler fish are endangered
If you have seen finding nemo then you have seen an angler fish. It is the fish that lives in super deep water and uses a natural light conected to its body to atract other fish. A live one has never been brought to the surface since their body explodes when the pressure is removed.
At the bottom of the ocean.Where it cold and dark so they can't be seen by bigger fish that might want to eat the anglerfish.
Angler fish live in the Atlantic and Antarctic oceans. The zone they live in is the midnight zone.
ha ha ha! yes, they do. =)
Animals which produce light directly are known as producing Bioluminescence. Anglerfish are different. They do not produce the light with their own bodies like fire flies, rather they have a unique relationship with bacteria called symbiosis, and the bacteria actually produce the light for the...
She doesn't make light for real her shiney and bright colors let you see that!
because they feel like it and they want to
they have big teeth and have a bioluminescent body.
they reproduce 100 to 300 eggs only 1 hundredth make it
they live in the ocean...
by distracting them with THERE LIGHT AND GRAB THE
When a young, free-swimming male angler encounters a female, he latches onto her with his sharp teeth. Over time, the male physically fuses with the female, connecting to her skin and bloodstream and losing his eyes and all his internal organs except the testes. A female will carry six or more males...
The angler fish eats fish smaller and larger than itself
\nthey show there teeth
an angler fish moves by swumming or moving its fins to move the water and propel it foward
30+ years in the wild, less in captivity though.
\nBeneficial, they live more then 3000 feet under water so no one can ever come face to face with one and also an anglerfish is less then a foot long so its no that big
at the bottom of the ocean
Yes , the female is significantly larger than the male .
Answer . Mainly fish and prawns.
This question cannot be answered because 'fined' is used as a word which here means ''the angler fish will pay for its food'' instead of '' the angler fish is going to get its food and eat it.
the anglerfish lives in the midnight zone which is also know as the last zone in the ocean.
Mostly the former, occasionally the latter
When studying animals it is important to know where the animalslive. The Anglerfish lives in the Mesopelagic Life Zone of theOcean.
Angler fish have an interesting mating routing. The baby Anglerfish hatch from eggs, some time after the adults have mated.
The anglerfish eat anything they can cacth.The lure its pray to them by a soft light.
the role of an angler fish is to find a male immediately ,
No, as of 2014 the anglerfish is not an endangered species. Thisfish is not classified as being threatened in any way.
Unfortunately we do not know weather angler fish really attack people no one has ever approached one swimming in the sea. maybe if some divers went down in a submarine they could attach a human like dummy to the submarine and then find and approach an angler fish.
Although the true depth of an ANGLERFISH is unknown, they live SO deep that almost no light can reach them. They use their "lights" to lure fish into their doom. ( mouth ) FUN FACT: Female Anglerfish are 5 times bigger than a male. In comparison, it's like you, compared to an elephant! Actually,...
it bites and hurts its enemies :)
The anglerfish can get up to 3.3 feet but most others are about under a foot long such as 8 inches.
The Anglerfish lives up to 30+ years in the wild.
nope other way around
An anglerfish reproduces by having the male, who is much smaller than the female, latches onto the female almost parasitic like and whenever the female needs sperm the male....gives it to her