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Tuna is a saltwater fish. It is commonly sought be sports fishermen, and is a popular fish at the grocery store. It is most commonly sold canned, but can also be bought fresh.
No because starfish es mouths are smaller than tuna fish!
no it is not cold blooded. .
No they don't.
From my research I believe it is both Toyo Reizo Co. Ltd and Sanyo Foods Co. Ltd.
a tuna sandwich : un sandwich au thon
they move with their tail of course! this stupid .....answered by a stupid girl! XP........
You may get a stomach ache, nauseous and puke.
yes, tuna need to force oxygenated water through their gills unlike other fish who suck water in on their own. Also Tuna don't have an air bladder so they would sink if they stopped swimming
I'm not 100% sure but my best guess is yes.
about eight feet including the tail and six feet without the tail
The weight of a tuna is largely dependant on how much the tuna has eaten in their life. The answer to this question is also factored by which Tuna breed, it is. So, the average weight of different types of tuna is: Bullet Tuna = 1.8kg Atlantic Bluefin Tuna = 648.5 kg That's all the tuna I know of,...
Tuna and lots of mayo
Tuna definitely has many health benefits. Eating tuna can provide you with vitamins and minerals that the human body unfortunately cannot produce. Tuna is rich in B vitamins (B-1, B-6, and niacin), magnesium, selenium, and potassium. It is also very rich in omega-3 fatty acids which promote heart...
We catch them and eat them.
according to people they do
Don't be discouraged by how much to eat of salmon and tuna, they are the fish with the highest Omega 3 content which supports brain function and numerous other minerals and vitamins including Vitamin D. Tuna is actually referenced in the bible and was eaten in bible times when the earth...
Protein, fat (omega-3 fatty acids), vitamin B12, niacin.
One hundred yards of mono line then probably 250 yards of Dacron, the Dacron is used because it packs on the reel much smaller than mono, to give the maximum amount of line to fight the fish with increasing the chances your hookup will be a sucessful kill
yes they live in the mediterranean sea, because they like hot weather.
There is always a date stamp on it; it's a food that actually can keep for years (probably safely for 6 months beyond the date stamp)..
Tuna fish is good for humans but fresh tuna is better than canned tuna. But you shouldn't eat to much tuna because you can get mercury off them.
According to a medical definition, pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with tissue damage. It's so subjective that everyone feels it differently, and you can feel it even if you haven't actually mangled yourself. The key is the emotional component. In order to suffer,...
It is a patty containing tuna fish.
japan, the most (36% of the world's catch), followed by US (31%).
Most fish are cold blooded, but a few are not. Several species of tuna , for example, are able to maintain their body temperature
it is high in protein and helps muscle growth and recovery
Up to 15 years depending on the amount of food given, how clean the water is, and how many other fish are in the tank with them.
It's not a good idea to feed your betta tuna! This is because betta fish can't eat something that big. Try feeding your betta TINY peices of bread instead; bread is great for bettas!
Unless you have allergies to seafood or do don't like the taste I would say yes if you want to.
Yes all tuna have fins and scales
Answer . Tuna fish eat other fish, squid, shellfish, and plankton.. no, tuna fish do not eat seaweed.. no poop
Yes, all Tuna are bony fish.
Well all that i know is the the tuna population has decreased 96.4% over the years because of over fishing and pollution
Actually yes they are, they are both members of the Scombridae family.
The southern bluefin tuna can grow up to 8.2ft and weigh as much as 882lbs. The bluefin is one of the largest bony fish in the ocean.
No, tuna fish do not have placentas. The placenta is part of mammal physiology, and fish are not mammals.
Some types of Tuna like 'Little Tuny' and 'Bonito' are used asbait. Larger type of Tuna usually kept for either selling oreating. Blue Fin Tuna, I think are the largest type of Tuna areover fished. They are the ones that sell for thousands of USdollars in Japan. When the Blue Fin are smaller, I am...
It's one type of tuna common in Hawaii and Japan. Also calledAhipalaha tombo ahi. Tombo is also common in the Philippines. Wesometimes buy tombo bariles from a fish peddler in our village inDavao, Philippines. See reference: http://cebudavao.com/food/tombo-tuna-kinilaw-for-breakfast/
the bluefin tuna does not find shelter. in order for it to breath, the tuna must keep swimming, as it does not have the capability to pump water over its gills on its own.
Tunas do not eat lobsters.
No its not, tinned tuna is perfectly fine to feed your cats. However tinned tuna should never be part of a cat's main diet as it is lacking in many vital nutrients the cat needs. Human grade tinned tuna is also high in phosphorous which could harm a cat, so it is best to give a small amount of tuna...
Some levels of mercury, yes.
Calories in tuna Here are the calorie counts for cooked and raw tuna fish, of different types, and canned tuna. In raw yellowfin tuna there are: . 17 calories in one (1 inch) cube of raw yellowfin tuna. 31 calories in 1 oz or 28g of raw yellowfin tuna. 62 calories in 2 oz or 57g of fresh...
there is no rat in tuna TUNA IS MADE OF FISH
Well, they don't exactly have babies. The female tuna lays eggs- upto 30 million very tiny eggs. These are fertilized by the male tunaafter they are laid. A very few of the 30 million eggs will growinto baby tuna.
Yes from 500-1000ft but they in other areas as well just nut abundent. They try to eat other fish as they move up and down in the area.
Tuna is a fish it is mostly picked in the Atlantic ocean.
Yes they can. Kittens can eat any kind of fish. However, tuna gives them very little nutrients as opposed to meat, so should only be given tuna as an occasional treat. Kittens and cats are strict carnivores. They get all their nutritional needs from meat. Kittens in particular, need a lot of...
No. The tuna is a species of fish. There are five classes of vertebrates (animals with backbones) which are: Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Fish, and Amphibians. The tuna is a fish. (Other classes are not here listed because they are not of the vertebrate phylum) No. The tuna is a species of fish.
tuna is a preditor and pray. it is pray to humans and preditor tojellyfish
after a polar bear it is a brown bear
There are four types of bluefin tuna: Pacific bluefin - up to 3 m (9.8 ft) long and 450 kg (990 lb) Atlantic bluefin - up to 4.6 m (15 ft) and 450 kilograms (990 lb) - there may be some evidence that the species can reach 910kg (2,000lb), but this is not confirmed. Longtail - up to 145 cm (57...
Yes, all species of tuna have scales. The scales are not thetypical scales though, they are much smaller, almost microscopic.
Usually u would use fresh tuna . but if u like u can use caned tuna
tuna are pretty big
Sushi? If that's the term is just raw fish.
An Amber-Jack-Tuna is a rare type of fish which is never going to happen again :) This rare rare case, has only been sighted 15 times in this past millennium. This rare case of a Amber-Jack-Tuna is now dead, and will never happen again. As the Jack part of this Tuna is a good for nothing heartless...
The size of tuna varies greatly. There are tuna fish smaller thanthe size of an adult human hand for example.
No cause jake says its fish
Keep the cup closed tightly and it will be fresh and new but not over a year.
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it was 1,496 lbs. and was caught off the shore of Nova Scotia in 1979 by Ken Fraser
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There are nine types of tuna. They are Atlantic albacore, Pacificalbacore, Atlantic bigeye, Pacific bigeye, Atlantic yellowfin,Pacific yellowfin, Atlantic bluefin, Pacific Bluefin, Atlanticskipjack, and Pacific skipjack.
They sell frozen tuna pizzas in supermarkets so I guess it's not a crime to freeze an opened canned tuna.
Calories in a can of tuna Here are examples for both canned in water and canned in oil tuna. CANNED IN OIL: . BY THE CAN SIZE . 336-339 calories in one 6 oz or 170g can of tuna drained . 636 calories in one 12.5 oz or 354g can of tuna drained . OR BY WEIGHT OR QUANTITY . 55-56 calories in...
In a standard 1 pound can of tuna there is 120 g of protein. In a regular sized tuna can there is 24.6 g of protein.
The scientific or taxonomic name would be Thunnus spp.
It is caused by a parasite inside the tuna.
Yes, all tuna have scales, but they are small and nearly invisible.
Average Weight of a fully grown tuna is 250kgs (550lbs) ... Some fishermen caught specimens that exceed 1000lbs. Tuna of this variety are becoming rare due to a variety of reasons...
from a tuna fish can
Tuna is a red fish, this falls under the red meat and steak category.
Tuna flakes are treats for cats.
No. Tuna is a fish and fish do not have legs.
Tuna eats small fish which eat zooplankton.