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Mahi Mahi

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Mahi-mahi, also known as dolphinfish, are a large saltwater fish. They are brightly colored, and sought after by both commercial and recreational fishermen.
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Yes, they do have scales but are very small. Similar to mackerels.If you do catch a Mahi-Mahi/Dorado/Dolphin fish and you are goingto release it, make sure your hands are wet with ocean water andtry not to handle the fish. If you need to take a photo, try tohold the fish by the head and tail and...
Even though MahiMahi are native to both the Atlantic and PacificOceans, I have yet seen them as a choice in any Japaneserestaurants. A certified Sushi Chef (in Japan, a sushi chef must becertified) would have to deem them edible as raw fish before theycan become used 'officially' as Sushi or Sashimi...
Flying fish. Number one grocery.
No. They are also refered to as Dorado and Dolphin fish. They are caught in many warm bodeis of water around the world.
Mahi mahi, or also called dorado, or dolphinfish, is preyed on by many larger fish. Included are: King Mackerel, wahoo, sharks.
Yes. The correct name is "dolphin, or dolphinfish'. Mahi mahi refers to the fish when prepared for food. Found mainly in offshore waters.
Answer . Mahi-mahi is not tuna, but instead is another name for the dolphin fish.. Answer . Mahi-mahi is not tuna, but instead is another name for the dolphin fish.
No. Mahi mahi is not endangered.
Blue on the top side and green at the bottom half
If kept frozen, it can stay good for several months. If you see it turning gray then it's probably spoiled.
Mahi mahi is a type of tuna. Tuna are large, carnivorous fish. Bottom feeders are fish or other animals that eat organic debris and waste, so tune fish are not considered bottom feeders.
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They live in the water
The scientific or taxonomic name would be Coryphaena hippurus.
Yes and no. A mahi-mahi is a dolphinfish. On the east coast they are called 'dolphin' or 'rakingo' on the west coast they are called 'dorado'. The confusion arises from calling porpoises, which are mammals not fish, by the name 'dolphin' - such as the bottle-nosed dolphin. If you see 'dolphin' on a...
The latin name is Coryphaena hippurus. In french we call it "Dorade coryphène"
warm water tropical climates near the surface japanese archipelago
Step 1 Heat the grill to medium. Allow grill to get thoroughly warm. Closethe grill's lid to speed process up. . Step 2 Pour enough olive oil on a towel to moisten a couple of squareinches. Step 3 Wipe the grill with the oiled towel. This keeps the fish fromsticking to the grill's surface...
Yes, and it is delicious
In the Hawaiian language Mahi Mahi means 'very strong'. The MahiMahi fish is respected in the ancient Hawaiian culture.
Mahi mahi is the name given to the dolphin fish when prepared for eating. It is a very delictable fish, and is usually baked or grilled. Unless you have some kind of medical condition that eating it can aggravate, there is no reason to avoid it.
1) Females may have 33,000 to 66,000 eggs per spawning event.
In my opinion, Mahi Mahi is better.
it is 87 pounds but thar is a nother big dolphin caught about 110 lb
Mahi mahi is sometimes called dolphin fish , or in Spanish dorado . However, the mahi mahi is a fish, not a dolphin - don't worry, you're not eating Flipper. The word "mahi mahi" is Hawaiian.
Offshore, yes. Especially common in the Gulf Stream waters.
humans are its predetor and prey is fish
A green/blue above, fading to yellowish on the flanks. Various spots on flanks. After death, these colors fade.
Mahi Mahi is Hawaiian and means "strong strong" it is also called the Dolphin fish, or in Spanish, Dorado.
The mahi-mahi is a type of fish. It is known for having a dazzlinggold, green, and blue body. It has dorsal fins that are long andits body is compressed. It also has broad flanks that are gold andiridescent blue pectoral fins. The females are smaller and haveround heads, while the males are larger...
Yes. The dolphinfish, dorado, or mahi mahi feeds primarily on smal fish and squid.
The average size of a Mahi Mahi, also known as a dolphin fish, is between 7 to 13 kilograms or 15 to 19 pounds. In some cases they can exceed 40 pounds.
Mahi-mahi was created in 1758.
mahi mahi is not tuna, it's another name for dolphinfish
No, dolphins are air breathing mammals.
If you planning to bake Mahi Mahi, the recommended time for bakingit is 10 minutes per inch. A medium sized mahi mahi can be cookedin the oven which is preheated to 350-450 degrees Fahrenheit for12-15 minutes. It is important to lessen the cooking time if theoven temperature is increased. Make sure...
Yes, Mahi-mahi are carnivorous, they feed on flying fish, crabs,squid, mackerel, and other forage fish.
Well, I've been looking for the fish, too. I still haven't found it. But, you may be able to catch it by going deep sea fishing with Hank, if you haven't done so yet. To go deep sea fishing with Hank, just talk to him until he offers to go with you.. [[you can definitely get the mahi mahi deep sea...
yes, they do but usually in the gulf stream or any warm water
King or Spanish mackeral, wahoo.
what mahi mahi / dorodo usaly eat is a mix of flying fish squid and ballyhoo which like it are fast moving fish for best results use ballyhoo it looks more realistic in the water
Mahi Mahi is a great, mild fish available all year long. It has a larger, moist flake and can be prepared many ways: Bake, Grill, Broil, Pan Fry, or Poach. Texture is tender-to-firm and taste is sweet with a mildly pronounced flavor. In other words it taste like Peanut butter
Well, it depends on whether you are talking east coast or west coast of the US. The mahi mahi you are referring to does not exist on the east coast. It looks the same but it is technically dauphin (pronounced dolphin) in the Caribbean. Blue or white marlin? would be my other question.. On the east...
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No, they don't have true mates, they spawn in large schools, in a mass of bodies, the females releasing eggs, and males fertilizing them.
I like Dorado better. But this answer is based on opinion.\nI think Dorado sounds cool, but Mahi-Mahi sounds better because it is foreign.
YES, it is delicious!!
in most recipes yes it is skinless
Ingredients . 2 pounds mahi mahi fillets (skinless). 2 tablespoons prepared mustard. 1/2 cup cooking oil. 1/2 teaspoon salt. 1 clove garlic, minced. 1/2 cup frozen orange juice concentrate or lemon/lime juice . 1 bay leaf. Directions . 1. Cut the mahi mahi fillets into serving size portions and...
Also known as a dophin or dolphinfish, this site has several images.. http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&q=mahi+mahi&um=1&ie=UTF-8&ei=U1wkSrHINYb8swPb5vCMBA&sa=X&oi=image_result_group&resnum=4&ct=title
That's a good question. Not all fish have scales. Swordfish, catfish, cod, mackerel, whiting, sturgeons, sharks and eels are just a few examples of fish without scales. The mahi-mahi fish does have scales, and is a clean fish, suitable for human consumption, according to the bible. Leviticus 11:9...
Mahi Mahi is a fish, but it is also called a dolphin fish.However IT IS NOT DOLPHIN.
123 calories, cooked (4 oz).
someare founnd in the catibbean sea and in florida
Mahi Mahi and Dolphin Fish are the same thing. It is a fish foundin tropical waters world wide. They are sometime confused withDolphins or porpoises because of their name.
Yes. Most fish do. With the exception of swordfish, catfish, and eels, primarily.. Yes. Most fish do. With the exception of swordfish, catfish, and eels, primarily.
Mahi mahi, a popular fish, are found around the world in tropicaland subtropical ocean waters. Another name for the mahi mahi is thedolphin fish.
Not often, no. You can eat Mahi-Mahi but you should limit your intake to one serving per week at the most. Fish safe during pregnancy is: Farm raised Trout, Farm raised catfish, WILD pacific salmon (Not Atlantic or farm raised), summer flounder, croaker, Mid-Atlantic blue crab (Not gulf of Mexico...
OFFSHORE in warm waters in or near the gulf stream. They like to hang around floatsome and debre and are often found cruising large weedlines of sargasso seaweed or rip currents. May - Loads of Mahi-Mahi . Florida Record Mahi Mahi: 77 lbs, 12 ozs.
Yes... but that usually refers to it when served cooked.
not sure if this is the exact reason but its one that I can understand best... The only other fish in the same family as Mahi is Pompano dolphinfish Seeing as its second name is Dolphin fish and since they look alike and are in the same family I would come to the conclusion that it was mistaken...
Fresh raw mahi mahi is sometimes used in sushi rolls, so it isdefinitely possible to eat it when cooked rare. However, you wantto be very sure of your source since such light cooking may notkill all the parasites that could be present. A safer approach isto cook mahi mahi to a medium rare/medium...
13 hours is aproxeminent.