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Gulf of Mexico

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The Gulf of Mexico is a portion of the Atlantic Ocean basin enveloped by the United States on its north and Mexico on its south. It is to the west of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.
Texas Louisiana Mississippi Alabama, Florida
You could drive or fly. You could probably also walk or bicycle,but it would take a lot, lot longer.
Mainland Mexico, as well as the southwestern US, specifically southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and southern Texas.
Compared to other bodies of water such as the Northern Pacific Ocean, or the Great Lakes yes, it is much warmer.
La Salle was the first man to navigate the Mississippi River all the way through the gulf of Mexico.
Gulfport and Pensacola.
Five states border the Gulf of Mexico. Their Capitals are Austin, Baton Rouge, Jackson, Montgomery and Tallahassee.
From the 1992 World Book: Florida Coastline: 1, 350 mi. (2,172 km) - 580 mi. (933 km) along the Atlantic Ocean; 770 mi. (1,239 km) along the Gulf of Mexico Conclusion: Florida has a longer coastline facing the Gulf of Mexico than the Atlantic Ocean.
Yes the gulf of mexico is bigger than the gulf of california.
The Gulf of Mexico watershed occupies in Canada a small portion of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. The waters drain south into the Mississippi system, which ultimately drains into the Gulf of Mexico. (The Gulf is part of the Atlantic Ocean but, because of the Mississippi, it is often studied as...
Yes, if you're used to chilly water. I swim in the Gulf almost every day, year round. The water is not as cold as The Pacific off Malibu in the summer or the Atlantic side of Florida, where millions swim.
It depends on the region. On the coast near Galveston, it can get brown during the early Spring; close to Florida it can acquire a deep blue color.
sand key state park is approx 48 miles and is in clearwater florida
It can but not nearly as big as the Atlantic or the Pacific
Of course there are sharks in the Gulf of Mexico. There are usually an average of 30 shark attacks per year although most of them are non fatal bites on ankles or legs. The number of shark attacks have become fewer and fewer lately with last year only netting 12 attacks. The most common Sharks in...
No, because the Mississippi River formed the western boundary of the U.S and the Florida and the Gulf Coast were still Spanish territory at the time.
The Gulf of Mexico is almost 10 times larger, stretching from Texas to Florida and south to Yucatan and Cuba. Numerically, the Gulf of Mexico is about 600,000 square miles in area, the Gulf of California only about 62,000 square miles.
What is your state? The answer could range from east, northeast, north, northwest or west depending on your home state.
As they are a migrating breed of birds they may pass Mexico but they live mainly in Brazil.
Houston is approx 50 miles from Galveston which sits on the Gulf. However, La Porte, TX and the Trinity Bayis only 25 miles from Houston. It is pretty close to the Gulf of Mexico and lots of water.
25° 0′ 0″ N, 90° 0′ 0″ W
Drinking small amounts of salt water makes a person thirsty whereas drinking a large quantity can be fatal. The amount of oil in most of the water in the Gulf of Mexico is negligible.
ANSWER: The concise Brittanica Encyclopedia estimates the surface of the Gulf of Mexico to be 1,550,000 km2 that is 1,550,000,000,000 m2 e maximum depth of the Gulf is 5203 m. The average depth is somwhere between 0 and that value. I guess 1/4 the maximum depth (because it gave me an almost...
It was used for a lot of different things.
The Gulf of Mexico is sout of Texas and east of Mexico it is a large body of water
The three types of sea turtles that you will find in the gulf of Mexico are green sea turtle, logger head sea turtle, and leather back sea turtle.
"Gulf of Mexico" is a body of water.
From the Atlantic it would be Florida.
No. The Gulf of Mexico is not in Florida.
Some of them would be Tampico, Campeche and Veracruz in Mexico. In the United States, New Orleans, Galveston and Tampa would qualify.
Low-lying areas along the Gulf of Mexico and Yucatan Peninsula receive in excess of 1,000 millimeters (40 inches) of rainfall in an average year, with the wettest region being the southeastern state of Tabasco, which typically receives approximately 2,000 millimeters (80 inches) of rainfall on...
A gulf is an arm of a sea or ocean partly enclosed by land, and larger larger than a bay. The Gulf of Mexico is larger than a bay, is an arm of the ocean, and is partly enclosed by land, making it a gulf.
The type of sharks in Mexico are Tiburon. great white loan sharks drug dealing sharks kidnapping sharks tiger shark whale shark white shark
The Rio Grande (sometimes called the Rio Bravo or Rio Bravo del Norte) originates in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and flows into the Gulf of Mexico. The southwest border of Texas, the one that separates the Lone Star State from Mexico, is defined by this river. A link is provided to the Wikipedia...
There are three of them. Those would be the United States, Mexico and Cuba.
It is most likely to be used as a large body of water!)
The Mississippi River flows into the gulf of Mexico (from the us)
An oil platform, resulting in an oil spill.
Georgia does not border the Gulf of Mexico.
1000 millimeters in an average year :)
Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida
There are more than 3000-see map below-
The Gulf of Mexico touches several southern United States. Theseinclude Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. It alsoborders all of eastern Mexico.
The region is called the Coastal Plains.
off the south coast of Florida
This happened at the end of 2009 in the Gulf of Mexico. The tank of oil had collapsed and fallen in the ocean. Ever since, BP, a company who is helping to do the clean up, has been trying to figure out a way to clog the tank and clean the ocean. This cause has lead a wave all of the United States to...
Shark, many fish, squid, octopus, dolphins, whales,shrimp, crab, sea turtles. The Dusky Shark also lives there.
Within its city limits, Miami, Florida, is by far the most populated Gulf Coast city with a population of more than 408,000 at last census (2011).
The isthmus of Tehuantepec. It is also the narrowest stretch of land between the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean in Mexico.
...yes...it touches Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida...You can always just look on a map
Hi. I am the person who asked this question, and i felt like that ineed 2 answer it.so actually, there is one lake under the gulf justin the midnight zone. and its pretty obvious that there is 1 in themidnight zone bcause like midnight zone have sooo much weird stuffthat i was getting bored of it a...
Approximately 5,000 barrels per day. Since a barrel is equal to 42 gallons, this is the same as 210,000 gallons per day 5,000 a day was a very conservative figure announced by BP. An internal BP memo put a potential figure of 100,000 barrels a day leaking into the Gulf of Mexico should the well...
There haven't been reports of any more deaths related to the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.
No. The Gulf of Mexico is the large body of water below eastern Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and west of Florida.
No. It is a gulf , which is a major body of water partially enclosed by land; in this case by the southern US and eastern Mexico.