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Jobs for Teens

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All about jobs for teens - when you can apply for them, how old you have to be, and what qualifications you need.
People are people everywhere. Some of them are nice and some of them aren't. If you mean Coronado in California near San Diego, it's a fairly upscale area... not quite Beverly Hills, maybe, but it's not exactly Podunk Falls, Idaho either.
  There are several ways you can do this including:   * Looking in magazines/job centres/newspapers/online (<----- be careful with online vacancies)  * Ask family and friends to listen out for suitable vacancies  * Advertise in shops (do not give any personal contact information unless...
No, Persmart does not hire 11 year olds. You must be at least 18  years of age to work at Persmart.
== Answer Improve. ==   Well you can go to google and ask for jobs for whatever your age is...... that is a suggestion though
Yes, but I think it depends on the job :)
  Seven Peaks Water Park offers jobs to teens as young as 14 years old
  Start with local theatre seriously! then do some research on agents, and acting coachs. if you get an agent you won't have much more to worry about.
I believe a great job for someone at age 12, i know because i am 12, would be: bagging groceries at your local market or safeway etc.selling lemonade by your corner store (with permission of store)a paper boy/girlpaint, draw, sketch etc. pictures and sell themThese are good ones 2 start out with,...
No and should not if they are only preteens.
12 Years, within very strict limits.
You need to have regularly attending parade nights for 3 month (12 weeks). You Should join is great fun!
Sell you soul, if your a ginger, sell bodily fluids, and use a condom so your safe.
a pizza place is always hiring to fix pizza and to pick up the phone
If a manager helps employee get what they want and need a from a  job, then the manager is a good one. The manager will foster  loyalty and hard work in his/her employees as well.
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no its not as long as you dont set up a store without a license (a stand is okay since vendors licenses arent enforced unless your an adult)
no you should not because the earrings could be bad metal and it could give your ear a infection
school you ask the office re....tard
Be honest or get to know themALSO: Get to know them or get to be a good friends and get a friend to go ask them for you. And if she says no man up and move on brotha.
Depends on what the job is. If it is say raking leaves I would say 1-2.00.
About a dollar to ten dollars. Depends on the size of the yard, the temperature and how good that kid did the yard work.
Yes at the age of fourteen, you can be legally employed at McDonald's.
Well you can go around your school and ask for donations. But first you need the Princeables Ok.Or you can go around your building or block asking people. You could also sell stuff. Hope this help!
A ten year old could get is, walking the dog, yard work, babysitting (if aloud), entertain a group of children(if parent present), washing dogs, and watering plants.
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It is 15 in most retail stores, resturaunts, and sporting games. 18 to work in a bar or an industrial area. You must be 21 to serve drinks in a bar. Note: Montana dies not allow anyone under 18 years of age to work in home depot and those kinds of places.
Yes you do need a permit, even if you have graduated.
  == Answer ==   That depends on the employer.     I've had employers call me the same day I filled out the application. The longest time I waited? I filled out an application in January and they called me in July! I'd forgotten I'd even applied! But it was one of the best jobs...
\nWhat Hours Can Youth Work?\n. \nIf you are 14 or 15, you can work . . .\n. \nOutside school hours\n. \nAfter 7 a.m. and until 7 p.m. Except from June 1 through Labor Day, when you can work until 9 p.m.\n. \nYou can work no more than:\n. \n3 hours on a school day,\n. \n18 hours in a school week,\n....
Since an 11 year old can't actually get a JOB, they can start a dog walking business, mow lawns, take the weeds out of elderly peoples' lawns and gardens, do things for your neighbors (water their plants, take their garbage out, look after their pet while they are gone). The one that I like the most...
You can knock on neighbors doors and ask them if they have things they need done, like mow the lawn, or babysit their kids. Thoes are just starter jobs. If you want a real part or full time job, keep your eyes open for help wanted signs. Good luck!
They get paid in tacos
a paper boy would be good. the more leaflets you put in the more money you make
You cant get a job your still a sperm
Yes they can!!!!! My 14 year old just got a job as a waitress adn is working on weekends and for a 14 year old $7 to $8 is enough! especially considering that the works about 10 hourse on weekends (5 hours a day) that is roughyly $70 to $80 dollars! .
You have to be 11 years old, but you also need a legal permit that you can get from your school office. Without the permit, you're not getting farther than pulling your neighbor's weeds.
No state allows an 11 year old to work.
dey can go around posting flyers everywere.
Yes, it is okay. But I would make sure you know the child's parents well before babysitting. Just so you know you won't get raped or something when the child's parents get home...
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  1. Chick-fil-a   2.some Brusters   3. Tutti Frutti   4. Babysitting   5.some McDonald's
You can get many jobs such as babysitting, dog walking, dog sitting, lawn work and if none of those work out, you can always ask your family for chores to do around the house.
  You can work , but time and types are limited.   There are some jobs you can do . For example, Paperboy,Walk dogs,Lifeguard,Sell Ice Cream ,Tutoring ,Babysitter , Pet sitter and so on.
Some ideas include:Offer your neighbours general help, such as mowing lawns, walking dogs, shovelling snow, painting fences, etc.Hold a yard sale: advertise beforehand by putting up flyers around the neighbourhood and notices in local forums (like the newspaper, or Craigslist), then display all your...
I recommend that you check out the Related Link below they have a list of jobs for under 25's in the UK and you can apply for the jobs on their website Start of by making up a CV it is very easy to do one type CV template in google and start from there then go into jobs of your choice and ask if...
Not wrong, but most University students need to earn money over the summer.
No. It's annoying because the students can't make money, but there's nothing immoral about it (unless your religious beliefs are set up in a way that not having a job means you're sinning).
baby sit,lawn moe,do chors 4 money:load up the dish washer,put away dishes from the dish washer,dusting,polishing,sweeping,mopping,and car washing.you could also make stuff then sell it. or buy candy and sell it at school 4 45cents a pice or have a juice stand such as lemoneaid stand.
It's just a fancy-pantsy way of saying: "Someone who works here".
  There are no laws on babysitting. It is up to the parents.
30-65$^ too low for 3 daysDepends on where you live to be honest. If you live in a more metropolitan area you can expect 12-17/hr based on your qualifications and your assets (ie driving, cpr certification) If you are in a more rural area you can probably expect up to $14. I live in LA and I am a...
There is no law that specifies. However, you have to be squared away and competent in order to be trusted with taking care of those younger than you. Most people believe that a 12 or 13 year old can be left alone at home for a couple hours during the day. Which means they should probably be a bit...
my step son is 11 and is baby sitting a 2 yr old and an 8 yr old-is this ok?
The role of a games tester is not just to play the game. They are expected to analyse the game plan, record findings for programmers to check, make and take unusual moves to confuse the parser within the game and then report back the findings. Its normally a paid role and theefore emplyment laws...
GOOD its brill im 15 and getting that amount
No. Not unless you are expected to get one to help pay for student loans and you don't get a job just simply because you don't feel like it. Otherwise, while most students do have summer jobs to help pay for student loans, tuition, books, fees, etc. or just to have some spending money, having a...
You can if it is an unofficial job. Working at your parent's business, babysitting, dog watching, house sitting, being a newspaper boy are all jobs you can have.
Of course not, some people enjoy getting a job in summer, some don't. Companies are not looking for people who are young and most experienced. They're looking for people with good communication skills and social skills
\n. Tick the box applicable to yourself
You could get a paper route, or you could babysit neighborhood children, or you could do yardwork for people in your neighborhood. Find the oldest person on your block and go to their door and ask them if they have any work that needs done for a little extra money. Most people will be happy to help...
well three kids is alot of work i would recomend getting paid by the hour and i should be about 2.00 the hour per kid wich mean 6.00 an hour if you find them to be difficult or think it is way to low i would recomend the most as 4.00 per kid or for you 12.00 an hour , you can always negotiate with...
yes, it shows your rely on your parents and have no independence
No, most university students are dependent on their parents
There are a lot of things university students can do. You can do volunteer work. Start your own business. Write a book or song. Go to the beach!
It's pretty fun. The mixing is great but some chocolates are really hard, it's fun to work with people and you get to be around ice cream all the time! But when there are a lot of customers it gets pretty stressful :)
you can get acting applications online just type in actin additions or applicationsfor 11-15 year olds.
Babysitting and selling home made jewelry on ebay.
There are plenty of activities that the students without jobs can do: Volunteer WorkReadingGoing to MoviesTravel and much, MUCH MORE
  A 12 year old can make $400 by doing odd jobs for family friends and neighbors that he knows. Offer to mow lawns, weed gardens, sweep out garages, wash the outsides of windows, or anything else that people might want done. Make sure you agree on a price before doing the work - if you expect ...
You never know so don't wait, just give them a cell number as the market is tough now. You may never hear from them or they may be hiring for "future" openings-not immediate. employers never tell you so assume you won't get one and keep applying at places until you do.
Students during the summer may do summer recreational activities, take up new hobbies and develop new interests, travel, and many other things. Many counties have their county fair or carnival which gives the opportunity for students to congregate before school starts.
  == Answer ==   Yes. Employers want to know you've got good people skills, you're able to perform heavy lifting, and that you're good with first aid. Also, you'll need to state that you've never had a "real" job before, but you're more than happy to work and that you'll be reliable.
any age, its child labour
You would have to be at least 16 years of age.