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The cultivation of plants and animals through farming, mainly for food. Agriculture is also known as the Geography of Food.
Crop production is the only solution to feed millions of people who cannot and do not know how to produce food for themselves. It is a system where a monoculture of a specific crop is produced with high yields.
  It is a common misconception that mustangs are "wild" horses, there are actually no horses native to the America's, the present day mustangs are descendants from the Spaish horses taken to America in the 16th century by the Conqistidores. When trained mustangs are often good riding horses that...
  == Answer ==     First pull the wiring connector from the back of the headlamp assembly. Then remove the gasket around the back of the headlamp out using the two pull tabs on the top and bottom. After that, you have to push down a thin metal clip to unhook the lamp. Once unhooked...
Hacienda (Spanish - Mexican word) - large estate or plantation A plantation is used to grow crops for selling
This method is normally referred to as either organic farming or traditional farming.
Trees are being ankered with their roots and those roots also help to prevent wind or water (rainfall) from creating a disturbance for soil erosion. The thicker the forest the less erosion will occur.
  == Answer ==     There is 2 bolts on the top that you have to remove, and one underneath, and one electrical plug, and one wire that goes to the starter. Good luck.
  a chocolate tree where chocolat grows.
The Agricultural Revolution changer peoples lives by having farmers able to make more food and having more technology.
It is grown in warm places like VA.
The Farm Bureau of Kansas states there are 50 kernels in one head of wheat.
Pretty well all over the world.
  One of the big rodeo events in Canada is called the Calgary Stampede.
After onset of monsoon
The answer depends on the pay rate of surveyors in the relevant country and region, Since you have not bothered to share that crucial bit of information, I cannot provide a more useful answer. The answer depends on the pay rate of surveyors in the relevant country and region, Since you have not...
Chicken,sheep,goats etc.
becouse it was easy and convinet to water the crops bec of the dug outs of flooww of water
There are soil test kits that are electronic and measure the soil levels. There are also soil test kits that use the small amounts of your garden soil and mix with the testers ingredients to read the levels.
The head of a corn is called an ear.
Near about the same types that our neighborly friends to the south have: wheat, barley, beef and dairy cattle (which refers to beef and dairy products), sheep (mutton and lamb), pork, corn, vegetables, fruit, etc.
  While riding on a cattle drive, cowboys would typically carry a bedroll, firearm and ammunition, a knife and a rope lasso.
Depends on the region, but the most common crops were wheat and grain.
it is because it is made by human begins (us) and not obtained naturally therfore known as artificial silk It is also called rayon
Apples . Pears . Olives . Figs . Peaches . Cherries . Variety of Nuts . Potatoes . Tomatoes . String Beans . Peppers . Cabbage . Apricotes
One should not be deemed better than the other, because one is just as important as the other.
"Do flowers grow on the moon?????" What kind of dumb question is that? WoW!! Who on earth would search for that???????? I guess a poophead like you would!!     *edit* YES! but they're all grey. so you cant see them from earth
5 ft 7 in to 6 ft 7 in
Cotton is only grown in warm climates because, it needs a hot, sunny climate to grow.
Mainly to ensure a more uniform stand of plants in the field. A more uniform stand typically produces a higher, more uniform yield with the best quality possible.
Wheat   Barley   Oilseed rape   Sugar beat   Potatoes   Oats   Peas   Beans   Grain   Maize   Source: http://www.ukagriculture.com/crops/crops.cfm
Compared to crops such as wheat, oranges are not a "big" crop. However, production is significant enough for the export market. Oranges in Australia are grown in several main areas: along the Murray River in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales; through the Riverina in central NSW; and...
there was no currency
They are useful for humans as-:   1) they have fertile soil to do agriculture .   2) there can we build our shelter without any risk    this was for you by krishnansh sharma , India.
Muriate of potash (MOP, potash, potassium chloride, etc.) is commonly used as one of the three primary or macronutrients which are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). Potassium is necessary for proper crop development because it stimulates early growth, increases protein production,...
Temperate climates have cold winters but warm summers. Certain fruit trees, such as apple and cherry, grow quite well in those conditions. Other types of fruit trees such as citrus fruit, will not grow in those conditions.
75 acres = 3,267,000 square feet.
Colonial New Hampshire had very poor soil. Farming was difficultfor crops like wheat , but corn, pumpkins, rye, squash, and beansgrew well.
wheat, rice, sugar cane,and seed oil
It gives them a fairer price to avoid exploitation because without it farmers would be forced to sell at a lower price because the buyers can easily shop elsewhere
No, it's not one of the types of corn. It's the name of a recipe which contains corn.
Orchard Bank provides credit card services to its customers. The customers of Orchard Bank enjoy online banking, online bill pay facility, email and mobile alerts and special offers for home and auto insurance.
The National Finals Rodeo was held in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2010.
This is because the ostrich while pregnant eats human babies.
No, this is often confused with the home-spun remedy of rubbing a  small, wet bag of tobacco on the windshield, which acts as a fog  repellant, similar to Rain-X, but it is not specifically used for  cleaning a windshield.
A piggery is a pigsty or a pig breeder's establishment, but it can also describe great greediness. So if someone is farming greediness, they would be spreading the growth of greediness.
cougar,wolf and bear
What don't they do to men?
I guess so, but they might have some trouble getting onto the camel to start with.
The meeting with Old Major stated a "revolution" on the farm. After  his death, his way of thinking became reality and two other pigs  drove Mr. Jones off the farm, which gave them the power.
  Collective Farm
No, it was the rail cars on the railroad that were used to ship cattle in.
1) It Creates More Job Opportunities To The Local People 2) It Is Source Of Income For A Country3) Crops are produced on a large scale4) Large estates are managed scientifically and efficiently.
Major crops are grains - wheat, barley, and oats.
Deck it in the chest.
you can take a dog with you because even the biggest ostrich(some grow to the height of nine feet)gets scared when it sees a small dog, even a mongrel. they will bolt faster than a race horse at the sight of a dog.
Camels have a have two toes on each of their feet. Camel are not true cloven-hooved animals as their hooves are reduced to nails on their toes.
Yes, Cadbury chocolate is now fair trade.
Mouse deer don't exist. Deer mice (or a deer mouse) do/does, and they are indeed mammals.
A large part of accurate crop forecasting is quite simply the farmer's experience and knowledge of his soil types, cropping history, agronomic practices, and weather patterns. This allows him to get sort of a "gut feeling" of how well the crop is doing. He also can use soil and tissue testing done...
  == Answer ==   one or two genes may be transferred to a highly developed crop variety to create a new character that would increase its yield
data related to area under protected cultivation is not available  in any government website but in some literatures it is mentioned  as 25000 ha.
Yes, deer mice have territory. Deer mice have about 242 square meters to 3000 square meters of territory. Hope this helps :)
ICRISAT(international crop research for semi arid tropics) is the answer.........:)
The basic process is to mash up the cane to extract the juice, then evaporate the liquid portion to leave behind the sugar. As you might imagine, there are intermediate steps of refining to get the pure white substance. Minimal refinement (such as just filtering to get out the shreds of cane) give...
  A wide variety of fruits and vegetables, livestock, soybeans and rice.
Humans cannot prevent erosion, because erosion is a natural process that occurs everywhere, from the untouched wilderness to the cities. Humans can reduce the instance of certain areas prone to erosion, like land clearing for houses and production of farmland, but they can never prevent erosion.
No. Humus is the Turkish spelling of the Middle Eastern dish whose preferred spelling is hommos, houmos, or hummus. The dish involves the cooking or mashing of chickpeas, for serving with garlic, ground sesame seeds, lemon juice, olive oil, and salt.   The preferred use of the word humus is its...
The main crops that are grown in Africa are:Tobacco, maize, rice, and more
what are some disadvantages of aquaculture
I think that it means To make the most of our opportunities and cherish our resources (natural resources) which make our life what it is.
That's not true, many livestock can definitely eat barley. Many Canadian cattle fattened up in the feedlot are more often fed barley grain and silage than corn.
Watermelons are originally from the continent of Africa. Watermelon  seeds were actually found in the burial place of King Tut.
Store bought soil is probably loaded with organic materials that will help plants, while some outside soil may be lighter in color and lacking these materials. But that all depends on the location of the outside soil. Science Fair projects are so fun! Enjoy.
  == Answer ==   There are 2 main settings Morrocco and France   I would guess it is around.... The late 1800's or early 1900's
There are a lot of things involved in farming that require a lot of spending. Fuel, feed and fertilizer are the biggest cost factors in a farming operation. Machinery repair costs, veterinary costs, not to mention utility bills and taxes, among many others, all must be incorporated to farm expenses....
The trouble is, it's not. Farmland is measured in acres or hectares, not in blocks as in city blocks.
  Tiare is the Tahitian gardenia. It grows as a flowering bush in French Polynesia. They use the flower to wear in the hair and also use the oil from the flower to make scented oils.
A collection of deer is called a herd.
Arable farmming is farmming done on arable land and arable land is land that is good for farmming. For example rocky, and sandy land is considered non arable land
There are several fields to choose from when pursuing a job in agricultural farming. Agricultural communications would include being a news reporter or news editor. Agricultural education would include teaching. Agricultural economics would include becoming a grain or food broker as well as a food...
There are three types of horse/pony "rentals": A trail ride horse, a school pony, and a lease horse     For a trail ride horse, go to a vacation ranch like Sunriver Resort in Oregon or the Alisal Ranch in California. They take about 10-30 guests out at a time on a ride through meadows and...
Farmers use fertilizer because they need it for their crops to grow very big and be sold for more and more easily. It is also because as you use the same land repeatedly for farming the essential nutrients from the soil drops. So to enhance the nutrients in the soil for the plants or crops to grow...
10,000 years ago ... found the answer on my biology bookHowever, nobody really knows when or where the first crops were planted; it would have been well before recorded history, back to a time when people first discovered that by spitting out seeds, new plants sometimes grew from them and produced a...
There are certain records that are standard and necessary for every farm. These are: Accounting/financial records (where income and costs or expenditures are recorded Market records (for current prices on commodity items like grain, cattle, hogs, etc.) Inventory recordsSales records (where product...
== Answer ==   There is no real distinction between a small, medium and large pony. A pony is any horse that is under 14.2 hands tall.   There is a distinction between small, medium and large ponies in the horse world. A small pony can not exceed 12.2 hands. A medium pony range in height from...
five thousand two hundred
The major crop grown in American agricultural farming is corn followed closely by soybeans. Corn is used for so many things in America, from food to energy. The same can be said for soy beans.
Botanical pesticides, insecticidal soaps, natural enemies, andsticky traps are ways of controlling pests in hydroponics. Thebranch of hydroculture in question lets practitioners applyenvironmentally friendly controls which do not counter or nullifythe benefits of growing plants in solutions of...