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Lawns may offer an individual or an organization the first opportunity to create an attractive, welcoming impression. Critical to that impression are the types of vegetation, the spatial arrangements, and the obvious care or neglect. Typical contributors seek answers to lawns and lawn care in terms of problem pests, maintenance schedules, environmental impacts, and alternative ground covers.


Im not sure about mowing the lawn but im a trampolinist and it definitely makes ur butt smaller i went from 93kg to 57 in one month from it at Olympia in chch
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The short answer is, no, it is not harmful.If you are having problems with your grass having dead spots, there are many things which can cause these problems. One is a fungus, which can only be treated in the winter when your grass goes dormant. Over-watering or under-watering can also cause problem…
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Answer Yes, an above ground pool sitting on the grass will eventually kill the grass. Most above ground pool manufacturers recommend that you remove the grass before filling the pool because the grass can also harm the liner over a long time. The actual chlorine in the pool water is unlikely to …
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1 Here in the Midwest birds are quite a nuisance to pools. They like to be near water and find it a great place to get a quick drink. I have found that those plastic owls that you can buy at any home and garden store are very effective. You need one and place in on your fence or nearby. Birds don't …
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DE stands for Diatomatous Earth. It is a type of fine powder like material, which I am sure you can see. Other then being believed to be carcinogenic when breathed. It will not kill any types of grasses, even less hardier ones then fescue.A: However, the resulting buildup on the ground of the D E af…
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No it will tear it up, use dishsoap and a soft broom and a hose spray nozzle. Then I would have it seales so you could just hose it off.
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Algae makes swimming pool water green. Here is advice and input: Your pool water turned green most likely because of an algae bloom in your pool water. When you shocked the pool and added the copper algaecide you might have oxidized the copper in the algaecide. What I would do if I were you is tak…
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Keep Squirrels Out of BirdfeedersSquirrels are extremely inventive and persistent and can figure out most feeders. Go to a bird specialty store and look for squirrel proof feeders and talk to the store people about how they work. Also, if you put safflower seed only in the feeders, you will attract …
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A sling blade was used to cut tall grass and weeds before the modern machinery was invented. The Kayser blade has a long handle and a person can use it to cut weeds and etc. on banks and hard to reach places. Is the sling blade and the Kayser blade colloquial names for the sickle and the scythe? &…
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Green Your Lawn The single biggest reason a lawn isn't green in the summer is that people don't know how to water. Put fertilizer on a lawn that is not properly watered and you risk damaging the lawn. Water the lawn every 2-3 days to a depth of 1 inch. Put a can or glass on it when watering to see h…
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To lower the alkalinity in a pool you can use PH Minus or Muriatic acid. When adding pour into one spot in the deep end of the pool away from circulation, make sure the circulation system is running. Do not apply near metal fittings or near the pool skimmer. Also make sure you follow directions …
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To lower the soil pH, add more acid to it by adding 1.2 oz. of ground rock sulfur (another readily available sample) for every square yard of soil in gritty soil conditions, or add 3.6 oz. if your soil is more clay based.
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You should determine what the effect of changing the slope will have on watershed water handling that affects your house and those around it. You may verify with the county as to whether a permit is needed. To level an uneven garden, you will need to fill one side with earth to bring it to level or …
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Answer If mowing or gardening is not in your signed rental contract, then it's up to the renter to keep the yard clean and mowed. If you live in an apartment or condo then it's directly up to the Maintenance person of that building.
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Depends if the water contains chlorine or not.
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There are actually a number of causes: - Drought (or not enough moisture) - Acidification from dog urine - Nutrient deficiency - Lowered pH - Excess heat from the sun (esp. on several consecutive hot summer days) - Cutting too close too often - Killing action from too strong a herbicide mixt…
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Diamond Baseball Field If you look at it, it's really a square. It only looks like a diamond if you look at from directly behind home plate (or one of the other bases.)If you want four bases all the same distance apart, that forces it to be a rhombus. But it would be weird if 3rd base was closer to…
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Frogs are an extremely beneficial critter, eating tremendous amounts of insects which are NOT beneficial to your lawn, flowers, shrubs, etc. You should be doing everything possible to encourage frogs to protect your property.
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Try dog rocks, you can buy them at P&H, they definitely work.
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Kentucky Bluegrass will have more density in the blade and be a thicker grass, but not by much. Bluegrass also requires cooler weather and more shade, so if you live in a hot, dry, arid climate I would use Fescue. No one will ever know.Keep in mind that there is more than one type of Fescue.
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It may, but it's not as good as other fertilizers like livestock manure.
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The mixture that you ideally want will depend largely on what you want to grow and the amount of rain you receive. For example, if you want garden soil for planting veggies, the best soil is typically a loamy soil. You can make a sandy-loam soil soil mix as follows: 1/3 part sand + 1/3 part silt (us…
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Natural and Inexpensive Weed KillerHave you looked into corn gluten? It is an effective herbicide without nasty chemicals. For more information, go to: http://wihort.uwex.edu/turf/CornGluten.htm2,4,D is a broadleaf killer.It will not kill your grass at the labeled rates which is 1 ounce 2,4,D to 1 g…
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Make a Lawn GreenerIf it's already in generally good shape, nitrogen is the key.You can tell the amount of nitrogen in the fertilizer by checking the numbers on the package, which are always N-P-K, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium. Nitrogen causes greenup and leaf growth, phosphorous healthy root gr…
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Had the same problem. Solved it by electronic ignition that cost me 40.00 Eliminates all B.S.    It Could Be Fuel Starvation The problem you describe sounds like it could be fuel starvation. I would suggest checking the carburetor, fuel filter (if it has one), and all the fuel lines. A…
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Cost of 1 Yard of Mulch You can pay about $25 a yard to have the mulch deliverd and spread it yourself. normally landscapers charge the same amount to spread it as it costs to buy it. ex. one yard of black may cost 29$ plus 20$ to deliver-they would charge 49$ to spread it.
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Yes it will . There are at least three new products on the market to battle white grub infestations in home lawns. Each of these products contains a relatively new chemical active ingredient that behaves much differently than Dursban or diazinon in the past, and the biggest benefit from all of thes…
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Range King Lawn Mower Solution There is a spring that might be missig down by the carborator. It might be gone.
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Homemade Weed KillerYou can make a homemade weed killer using white vinegar, salt and dishwashing liquid. Most people call this a weed killer, but it is actually a vegetation killer. It will kill anything it comes in contact with and will change the composition of your soil. If you spray it on your …
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At this time to my knowledge there is no such thing as a weed killer that is selective enough not to kill grass. Your best bet is to find a weed killer and spray it directly on weeds while trying to avoid the grass. Pulling out any weeds in your spare time will also help. Killing weeds before they s…
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It Will Take Time, Expense, and Hard Work Apart from a total renovation, simply follow the schedule of activities posted at your local home and garden supplier. There are specific requirements for your location or zone. If you follow these steps dutifully you will restore your lawn, howeve…
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Clean Fill Dirt One way to get that stuff is if you place a big sign in your front yard that says "NEED CLEAN FILL". This works some times. Contractors may see these signs and remember where they are at and dump their fill at your house because it may be closer that where they usually take it. With …
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Inventor of the Lawn Sprinkler The first US patent with the title "lawn sprinkler" was issued to J. Lessler of Buffalo, New York in 1871 (#121949). Early examples of water-propelled, rotating lawn sprinklers were patented by J. Oswald in 1890 (#425340) and J. S. Woolsey in 1891 (#457099) among …
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Different mushrooms have different growth characteristics and so pose different degrees of tenacity when trying to make sure they never come back again. Marasmius oreades (Fairy Ring Mushroom) is extremely difficult to kill, and short of stripping the sod and replacing it entirely in affected ar…
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You simply hang the level on the string. However, you do not want a "level" yard. You want it to slope away from your home. Make sure that you have at least a quarter of an inch drop in elevation per foot of linear travel away from the house. For example, in ten feet of distance (10 X 1/4 inch = 10 …
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better put weedicides
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Removing a Stump Most tree service companies have "stump grinders " that work very well on large stumps. There are also available chemical treatments which act much more slowly and also bio agents for the environmentally concerned.
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Depends on the climate. This is not an environmentally-friendly way to kill weeds. Salt buildup will prevent a large number of plants from being able to live in that soil. It can take a long time for the salts in the soil to disperse, especially in climates without much rainfall and on flat areas.
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The dye is helpful to the individual who is hydro seeding as it visualizes the area covered allowing proper application. Answer Just a a flamingo needs shrimp to get its pink color, http://www.chemistry.org/portal/a/c/s/1/feature_ent.html?id=c373e9fb622ebb078f6a4fd8fe800100 And a baby can bec…
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Answer From Google search: gallons of water in a rectangular aquarium = length (in.) x width (in.) x height (in.) /231. Hence, 12 x 12 x 96 = 13824 /231 = 59.844155 gallons. Answer: Given: Length = 96 inches. Width = 12 inches. Height = 12 inches. We need to find the number of gallons of wa…
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Answer 1 Unless the label says it will not harm your lawn, Roundup will kill the Bermuda grass, try using Weed B Gone, it will not harm your lawn, but keep away it from desirable plants. Answer 2, Additional Info Answer 1 is not incorrect, as RoundUp is a systemic herbicide, and will damage o…
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Answer If you are asking about rolling with toilet paper, well that question should not be answered. Rolling a yard is considered a crime,vandalism, and is punishable by fines and even jailtime. So if someone were to suggest throwing toilet paper into the trees in someones yard you should merely …
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Bedstraw, bindweed, bittercress, black medoc, button weed, carpet weed, cat's ear, chickweed, cinquefoil, clover, dandelion, dock, dog fennel, ground ivy, hawkweed, heal-all, henbit, horse nettle, horse weed, knapweed, knawel, knotweed, lamb's quarters, lespedeza, mallow, mugwort, pennycress, pepper…
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There are 3 feet in a yard. 1 yard = 3 feet. 1 square yard = 1 yard X 1 yard = 3 feet X 3 feet = 9 ft There are 9 feet in 1 square yard.
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The Real Reason Below. The Steve Austin Might Be Correct,I'm Not Sure But He Got The Stone Cold Because He Was Filling Out His WWE Application And Drinking Coffee And He Was Trying To Think Of A Ring Name.Then His Wife Said,"Better Drink Your Coffee Before It Gets Stone Cold" So He Used That In Hi…
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Sunlight gives off UV rays, which plants absorb to turn into energy. This energy is called ATP. In order for photosynthesis to occur, ATP must be present. Because light comprises of all the colors of the Visible Light Spectrum, or Rainbow, all colors EXCEPT green are absorbed into the chlorophyll. G…
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Answer 36x36x36 inches or 3x3x3 feet or 27 cubic feet. If applied a foot thick, it will cover 27 square feet; 6 inches thick = 54 square feet (e.g.: an area 9 feet by 6 feet); 3 inches thick = 81 square feet (e.g.: an area 9 feet by 9 feet).
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There are nine square feet in one square yard.
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An aerator is a way of introducing air into some process or other. Probably the most common is in your home faucet. Instead of a stream of "solid" water, your faucet probably has a little collar with a fine mesh grid that breaks up that solid stream of water and introduces air into it. You still get…
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A combination of many factors, including: Sunlight, adequate soil temperature, soil microbes, moisture, and disturbance. Disturbance is particularly needed to encourage grass growth before the grass has had a chance to put up a seed head and then go into dormancy.
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there are weedkillers that can selectivly kill grass, ask in a gardening store.Weed killers are toxic to you and the environment. Get as much grass out by the roots as you can and mulch like crazy under the phlox. Weed cloth can be purchased in the same store as the weed killer, so can the mulch. La…
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If it will start but dies like it is running out of gas, it is most likely the small o ring that the float needle goes into. The new gas mixture that has been forced on that mixes alcohol in the gas and causes that o ring to swell and effectively shuts the gas off too early not allowing the float bo…
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You can use sand to remove the paint of wood with medium-grain sandpaper.Here be careful you are not to scratch the wood. Also at paint store you will get various paint remover of fence.but most of them are harmful to use. So Better that you refer any fence experts like TotalFence Inc,who will guide…
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Answer Sod prices will vary by type of material and the region you are in. In the south, the most common grass is Bermuda Tiff 419 and it runs 16-20 cents delivered. If you like Fescue, you can pay as much as 25 cents and Zoysia is as high as 36. You can call Adam @ A & N Sod Supply at 404-86…
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Always unplug it if its electric or pull the contact wire off the spark plug if it's gas. Make sure you don't get whipped by accidently turning the power on...it will hurt you.Next, remove the screw that holds the spool onto the unit. The spool is the piece that you will refill with new line. If you…
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Grass seed comes from grasses that have been able to flower and produce seed. Yes grass flowers and produces seed just like your average garden and flower-bed plants are able to. Corn is a grass, and we commonly let it grow big enough to generate seeds (which are also called kernels) which we eat. W…
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Paramathal "Paramathal" (pa-ram-ma-thall): It should last about 3 years, but it migrates in the soil. In other words, it travels. So if you use it, it can travel as far as 8' past your target area. Also it will destroy all the rubber gaskets in the equipment you use to put it on with. One othe…
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The way that I have always doen it and it worked just fine was first to wet the ground real good. Then just lay the sod over it. Either roll it out if you have enough to cover hte whole area. Or you can space the sod squares every so many feet and the grass will fill in over time. You can also com…
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Applying boiling hot water, bulldozing or roto-tilling followed by solarization with weighted-down black plastic sheeting and planting of dense ground covers, and removals by gloved hand or garden tools are ways to kill weeds without affecting well water.
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2 feet x 4.5 feet. I just asked for the dimensions at Plant World (Toronto). Their sod won't be available until May 6 as its still too cold and wet (as of April 24) to cut. I remember sod being longer and narrower - nothing stays the same.
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Get rid of cover and hiding areas to keep snakes awayRemoving or reducing the areas that snakes are found forces a snakes to seek a different place to hunt and rest. Some of those areas include - Tall grassBoards, logs, sheet metal, etc that they can crawl underBrush and shrubsWood and rock piles Yo…
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Possibly a bad switch under the seat. This is a safety feature that kills the motor if you overturn the mower. Unless the seat switch is made, the motor will not run with the blades engaged. There is also a switch on the blade engagement mechanism so the mower "knows" when they are engaged.
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Figs are pollinated by wasps - not bees, so other crops may be, too. ANSWER: Wasps patrol the garden and remove any caterpillars that do harm to the crops. They sting the caterpillars to paralyze them, then cache them in their nests to feed their young as they emerge from their eggs. (This was prob…
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out of gas, timing off. bad plug, safety stop still on, bent or sheared keyway,
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liquid ammonia and your lawn yes . liquid ammonia can be used as a fertilizer for your lawn , you must be very sure that you dilute it to 3/4 water and 1/4 ammonia or it will eat your grass and kill As a point of fact, Fritz Haber was the first chemist to make ammonia in the form we know it to …
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Take your square footage and divide by 9.
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That dependsThat depends upon how deep you wish to cover the area. It also depends upon the moisture content of the soil in the bags. Bagged soil is usually pretty wet, so you're paying for water, to a certain extent.Moist topsoil weighs about 90 pounds per cubic foot, so a 40-pound bag is less than…
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30 gal of water weighs 250 pounds. What ever you have in it will determine the weight of the 30 gallon plastic drum.
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Herbicides, dog urine, drought, over cutting, overgrazing, tillage, trampling, etc.
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The "Cosmic Fishmonger" is a term attributed to a curious man (meaning a really weird guy as opposed to someone who was really curious about stuff - which he was, too) named Charles Fort. He applied the term to mean the "mechanism causing confusion" in people, or something like that. A link is provi…
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One different type of grass is perennial ryegrass. There's also bent grass, rough bluegrass, red fescue, Bahia grass, and centipede grass.
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There are tons of free plans on building bat houses on the web. Call 'bat house plans' up on yahoo and you will find plenty. One such site is: www.batworld.org.
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You cannot compare units of length like feet or yards, with units of area like square feet or square yards. Be careful to use the right words in your questions so you can get the right answers! There are nine square feet in a square yard. Three feet by three feet equals nine square feet.
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There may be a number of issues with the lawn mower. The motor may need oil or gas. The intake filter may be too dirty, clean it up then put it back in when it is dry. The blades might not be able to spin around, maybe something is obstructing them, causing the machine to not turn over the engine / …
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bradshaws its a companie in England but they only deliver in England
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do mosses affect the trees that they grow on?Most mosses are harmless, but Spanish Moss can be destructive. It blocks the light, slowing the growth of the tree, and it weighs down the branches and can cause them to break. Over a long period of time, it can weaken the tree and expose it to insects an…
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If possible remove affected layer, (mulch, grass clippings, etc.). Water in the early a.m. Do not over-water. The top of the soil should dry out between waterings. Some fungi are hampered by sprinkling with organic cinnamon.
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Answer A silt fence will help to stop large loss by water run off, but the fence will stop the mud at the fence boundary; you might try planting ground cover plants whose roots will help hold the soil in place.
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This is a phrase that means the same as "Murphy's Law" -- it's just a funny way of saying "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." The word sod is vulgar slang for someone who has anal sex, so it just means "the sorry b**tard's law."
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Braided line is the best!!Braided line is much better then the cheap, crappy line that is supplied with a trimmer. The supplied line is much cheaper, but you can not edge or cut around fences without the line snapping. Braided line is awesome depending on the thickness you use. If you are planning t…
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You talk to the mirrorwhos the minor?
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The experts say the best time to water your lawn is in the morning before the sun hits the lawn. It gives the ground time to soak in the water and then when the sun comes up it dries the grass tips a bit so fungus and other diseases do not have time to destroy the grass. If you water it at nigh…
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stay off the lawn for 1.5 to 2 month to let the roots settle in. Water frequently. When you do mow...cut a little at a time. You do not want to remove to much to fast. once the sod is up to around 3 to 4 inches...trim to 3 inches. Water...Wait a few days and trim to 2-2.5 inches. This will pro…
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Answer I usually use a small bladed putty knife and water to clean off mine. A power washer will make quick removal possible also. Good luck. After cleaning my trimmer or mower, I have sometimes succeeded in preventing buildup by spraying the underside with heavy duty silicon spray. It doesn't s…
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Cleaning a Grass Trimmer I keep an old table knife and an old scrub brush in the shed, for cleaning grass clippings off the trimmer and the lawn mower. I brush what I can, and scape whatever is really stuck on. before using the trimmer, spray inside the trimmer head housing with Pam- it speeds c…
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Saw grass is a tall, thick form of grass that typically sprouts in well-watered areas. Till the ground up where the saw grass grows. You can do this with a garden tiller or with other gardening tools.
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It would depend on what you are measuring. A cubic yard of mulch is lighter than a cubic yard of gravel.
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SEDGES Any rush-like or grass-like plants of the genus Carex, growing in cold places. It grows in the tundra where Lemmings use it as bedding and a food source.Sedge grass has a solid stem and true grass has a hollow stem.
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Create a different drain route for the water, or you can try to fill those holes with dirt. You could set up a seafood stand, if you have a permit or license for it! Crayfish is kind of nasty thoughThis is an interesting problem I have never heard of before. But if your lawn is still flooded, anothe…
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If you are referring to "Mole Crickets," there are a variety of environmentally safe pesticides to deter Mole Crickets. Crayfish are another type of animal. They resemble small lobsters and usually live in streams and ponds. Sometimes they can be used as bait.
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Answer Depends on your area. $20+ for lawns 5,000 sq feet. $30-35 for lawns 5,000 - 10,000 square feet This includes edging, weedeating, and grass blowing Same price whether adults or not-- you're paying for the work, not by the age of the worker. In our neighborhood, the rate is $50 …
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Your grass is dieing
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Best bet, I feel is just to pull it out, or spot spray with something that kills grass. If it has taken over your lawn, you may want to kill the whole yard and start over in the fall. I may have to do that with my side yard because the grass I planted this spring did not come up well in some spots. …
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Weeds can be found in most gardens, lawns, fields and even between the cracks in asphalt and cement on roads and sidewalks. Weeds are nothing more than plants growing wherever they can. Even a rose can be a weed if it grows in your lettuce patch.
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None. You have only given an area and no depth. Without a depth, the volume is zero and thus the hole does not exist and no gravel will be needed. If you meant a round hole 12 ft by 14 ft it is still unclear as to the dimension of the hole: firstly which is the depth (the 14 ft is the most likel…
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1 cubic yard = 3 ft3
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Replacement lawn mower owner's manual The only place I have been able to find a replacement owner's manual for my Craftsman Lawn Tractor is by going to their main home page at www.sears.com then clicking on the "customer service" button. You can then follow the links to "lawn and garden" or "parts" …
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Best way it to pull it up roots and all. If you have axis to heavy equipment you can dig up roots then hook cable or chain to the roots and pull out large clumps at a time. I am going to try a crossbow herbicede with a round up combo to see if it will kill it. So far nothing has killed it other then…
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A good general rule of thumb is to ensure that your lawn gets about 1 inch of water per week. In a hotter week you may consider doing more. If you are in a dry/hot climate and want to water your lawn, water before the sun comes up no more than a few times a week.
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