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Lawn Care

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Lawns may offer an individual or an organization the first opportunity to create an attractive, welcoming impression. Critical to that impression are the types of vegetation, the spatial arrangements, and the obvious care or neglect. Typical contributors seek answers to lawns and lawn care in terms of problem pests, maintenance schedules, environmental impacts, and alternative ground covers.


It's best to water them in thoroughly before letting your pet out,especially if he/she is likely to try and eat them.
Kentucky has blue grass and it is a common meadow grass that they take great effort in promoting however only the seed pod on mature plants gives that appearence. Both Big Bluestem and Little Bluestem can be found in much of the great plains and has a distinctive blue-purple stem base as it matures....
Pokémon Diamon and Pearl. Well, most you can get after beating the game and getting national pokédex. With pokéradar, swarms, new places and such. Also more fossils underground. Before that you have to know where they are, what time they appear and have the patience to wait. Go to an...
You need a third dimension to provide a cubic measurement.
The ashes after the fire would contain a lot of nutrients so thegrass would take the nutrients and grow quickley.
In Spring the sun changes direction and rises at the North East. Flowers begin to bloom and Summer is coming afterwards. Order of Seasons Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring. The Spring Months for Australia are September, October and November. For America it is March, May and April same as any other...
Lawn service can be done by just about anyone. All you need is aspreader or sprayer to apply herbicides, fertilizers, etc. Thereare many products on the market which will give you a schedule forfertilizer applications. It is far more economical to do ityourself than to hire a service. You also have...
If your aplication rate is 300 lbs per acre of 13/13/13, you need 100 lbs of 13/13/13.
Bad. Don't do it. Salt destroys soil structure.
It depends what do you want. If your landscape in not level in uniform and slightly differentthen you should try to place extra soil or material in order tomake all the place uniform. Or you can try much better thing is design a landscape according toarchitecture of area that should be better.
It is to help get oxygen to the roots and make the soil less compact for better water retention.
Road salt can mean many things. Some cities/countries use sodium chloride, some use calcium chloride. Anti-caking agents like sodium ferrocyanide are added to prevent clumping. That said, the weight of a volume of "road salt" be approximated by using using the density of ordinary salt, which is 2...
This question cannot be answered sensibly. A cubic yard is a measure of volume, with dimensions [L 3 ]. A pound is a measure of mass, with dimensions [M]. Basic dimensional analysis teaches that you cannot convert between measures with different dimensions such as these without additional...
Generally, weed and feeds are applied in early-mid spring and early fall.
The sulfur slowly breaks down (with help from oxygen from the air and water) to produce an acid that lowers the pH of the soil. The lower pH of the soil helps make the iron naturally in the soil more available to the grass as a nutrient. Iron helps provide a deep green color. The soils in the...
Get the model number off of the unit and then go to: www.managemyhome.com Click on the Manual tab and then enter your model number. You can get manuals for most Sears products there.
Actually they do, but not as often as herbivores or omnivores do.Tigers, like all monogastric animals (and like all cats, even housecats), have to eat a little grass to aid in digestion and to getadequate fibre in their diet to help them defecate easier. Oftenthe herbivorous-stomach contents of the...
Create a different drain route for the water, or you can try to fill those holes with dirt. You could set up a seafood stand, if you have a permit or license for it! Crayfish is kind of nasty though This is an interesting problem I have never heard of before. But if your lawn is still flooded,...
Crayfish, as mole crickets," can be deterred with environmentallysafe pesticides. Crayfish as small lobster-like invertebrates canbe used as bait.
Typically a roll is 24" x 60" (10sqft)
You cannot tell if pampas grass is male or female until it blooms.The female blooms with feathery, attractive blooms.
Carabao grass is also known as buffalograss. It has different mineral and nutritional content.It has calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium,manganese, zinc, and copper.
Pin dropped from a height of 1 centimetre heard at a distance of 1 meter would be ~15dB
Pound the cogon Grass mix with styrofaom and newspaper and tadaaplastic :))
Various types of rock are used as construction and landscaping materials. For example, crushed granite is a convenient and inexpensive material for paving driveways and garden paths. It is necessary on such projects to figure out the cubic yards of material needed, and rock is usually sold in cubic...
== Answer ==== ==Depends on your area. $20+ for lawns 5,000 sq feet.$30-35 for lawns 5,000 - 10,000 square feetThis includes edging, weedeating, and grass blowingSame price whether adults or not-- you're paying for the work, not by the age of the worker. In our neighborhood, the rate is $50 cut,...
There is nothing in Scotts Turf Builder with Halts Crabgrass Preventer that will harm Bermuda Grass. You will want to wait to apply the product though until the lawn is out of winter dormancy. If you apply the Scotts Turf Builder with Halts Crabgrass Preventer before the lawn is out of winter...
Something is wrong. Yards are a measure for length or distance and square feet means an area. Apples are no pears.
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yes , parasect, paris, wormadam,
Cows, sheep, horses, pronghorn antelope, gophers, elk, and somesong and game birds will eat blue grama grass.
Excellent stuff but there is a special way to do it.Give the dish washing liquid to your wife. Then you are free to drink the beer whilst fertilizing the lawn with the ammonia.
Answer . You avoid fertilizing for awhile to avoid burning the new roots. Watering regularly will be what the sod needs. Check with your local nursery.
Multiply 36 by 36 by 36 = 46656 ci = 1c yd
The stolon is a tillering system of Bermuda grass to propogate daughter plants of itself in separate locations from where the parent plant is. Stolons grow under ground-level, and can stretch for a long ways. This adaptation enables a wider spread of bermuda-grass population than if tillers were...
A moss killer to eliminate subsequent dispersal and growing ofspores and a rake are ways to rid the lawn of moss even though theymay be temporary remedies that need to be repeated if the soil iscompacted, poorly drained and shady and therefore moss-prone.Getting rid of the moss is only the beginning...
The difference between hay and straw as mulch lies in straw beingcleaner and having fewer seeds in general and fewer weed seeds inparticular.
Growing longer roots mean they have easier access to moisture and nutrients in the soil. With long, fibrous roots they will last longer and grow more lusher and fuller. A good root system is crucial to a plant's health, no matter what kind of plant it is.
Aeroate the soil, fertilize. water
No, grasses produce their own food. They are autotrophs.
It depends on the thickness of slab. A yard of cement contains 9 cubic feet. Thus, it would cover 9 square feet if the slab was 1 foot thick. For a 4 inch thick slab, it would cover 3 times as much area, or 27 square feet.
Yes but a reel mower antique or not needs to be : kept Sharp and if you have ruff land to cut it makes a reel mower tough to work with .
Answer . In most Biblical text it would be (kairos), a set or proper time, season,a while.
The first thing you need to do is get all of your measurements into the same unit. Your round pen has a diameter (D) of 60 ft = 720 in which gives a radius (R) of 720 / 2 in = 360 in and a height (H) of 4 in. This gives the volume of your pen as Pi * R² * H = Pi * 360 in * 360 in * 4 in =...
grasses absorb water and keep the ground wet . moreover grass doesnot allow the groundwater to get evaporated and prevents the soil to be firm without becoming barren. grass is the main food of cattle. the dew drops which get settled on the grass is enough for the grass to grow.
I see a problem. Yes cubic yard is 3' * 3' *3' or 27 cubic feet.but each bag is 0.75 cubic feet now he want 1.5 cubic feet so 2bags give you 1.5 cubic feet 0.75 per bag. Now if it was 1.5 cubicyards then:. 27/0.75 = 36, bags per cubic yard so 36*1.5 =54 bags for 1.5cubic yards
Well, first it is called the leaf stone. Second, you go to route 205, and swim left on the river. Then you get to a place called the Fuego Ironworks. Head to the south (Down), and you will land on a grass area. Go back south, and go into a passage way. Then follow the path down first, and you will...
Here is something you can try. Go to the hardware store and get a conduit mounting clamp that fits your shaft size, then get an eye bolt, You will need two nuts for the eye bolt. mount the clamp on the shaft, put one nut on the eye bolt and insert it in to the other hole, putting the secong nut on...
Your grass is dieing
It depends, as many different types of mushrooms can grow on ones lawn. They may be lethal, poisonous (causing nausea, vomiting, etc), hallucinogenic, or harmless.
Keep spraying it with your hose daily, if you have a hand held sprayer, fill it up 1/4 way with shampoo and balance with water or use cheap dishliquid and water(no antibacterial kind)and spray your grass with this.. If no sprayer in your house, use a bucket of water with shampoo or cheap dishliquid...
Best bet, I feel is just to pull it out, or spot spray with something that kills grass. If it has taken over your lawn, you may want to kill the whole yard and start over in the fall. I may have to do that with my side yard because the grass I planted this spring did not come up well in some spots....
I think its a town in Big Horn County, Montana, United States
1 cubic yard = (3 x 3 x 3) = 27 cubic feet The volume described in the question is (200 x 200 x 12) / (27) = (480,000 / 27) = [ 17,777 and 7/9 ] cubic yards
A little over one cubic feet of dirt. But, you would want to mixthis with compost or potting soil. This will provide nutrients tothe soil. You may want to add mulch after planting to keep theweeds down.
Replacement parts for a canopy swing can be purchased from themanufacturer. You can also find parts on online auction sites.
32 cubic feet is 957.51 quarts.
This question cannot be answered sensibly. A square yard is a measure of area, with dimensions [L 2 ]. A linear foot is a measure of distance, with dimensions [L]. Basic dimensional analysis teaches that you cannot convert between measures with different dimensions such as these without additional...
if it is green and makes you happy
there is no dirt in a hole that has been dug. there is just a hole.... But assuming you mean how much dirt was in the hole: I am assuming that the whole is circular and the width is the diameter of the whole. To find the cubic feet of dirt in a hole you need to find the volume. The formula...
1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet The trailer holds (8 x 24 x 3) cubic feet = (8 x 24 x 3 / 27) = [ 21 and 1/3 rd ] cubic yards.
Measure length then multiply times width easy enough when explained
1 yard = 3 feet 1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet 1 foot = 12 inches (5' x 10' x 11") = (5 x 10 x 11/12) cubic ft = (550)/(12 x 27) = 1.6975 cubic yard (rounded)
Any where and every where
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Yes, but only after the first frost hits them, and they are trying to come back. It will put your cows, horses etc. into a toxic shock. It shuts down their entire body. They can't walk, defecate, or anything else. They bloat and shake. I've had issues with these nasty plants myself.
3 feet = 1 yard 6 feet = 2 yards
I would say yes! I recently seeded my lawn to be and all I can see, a few days later, is very young rats feasting away..
Answer . No. It is well worth buying what they call a 'wet/dry shop vac' and can be found in Walmart, Zellers and hardware stores (not that expensive). It's like a vacuum cleaner and will soak up the water (also great for cleaning out fireplace soot and rubble or dust from sanding something in...
The truth is just like every plant, all grass needs sunlight to grow. Zoysia can tolerate some shade, but it still needs sunlight, avg of about 4 hrs per day. Depending on where you live, there are different types of Zoysia (Meyer, Emerald, Empire). They are all beautiful and Zoysia is good for weed...
Usually its good practice to roll a lawn when its fairly wet, suchas in early spring, the soil is wet enough that it flattens outwith the roller. If you do it later in the summer when the soil ishard and dry there will be little effect, it might just knock downthe bigger bumps is all. There is no...
yes you have to have a venders lisence if your selling things on your front lawn you have to be 18+ to have a venders lisence
In 1991 the average wheat seeding rate in the US was 86 pounds per acre. Recommendtions are as high as 130 pounds per acre (providing there is enopugh nitrogen available from fertilizer...)
1 "yard" of concrete is really 1 "cubic yard" = 27 cubic feet 8 x 8 x 4 = 256 cubic feet = (256/27) = 9.48 cubic yards
1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet
(1 acre = 43,560 sq ft) .37 acre would be 16,117.2 sq ft
Cutting the grass gives you a beautiful lawn. It also tends to choke out weeds. Depending on the type of grass, you want to keep it between two heights to keep weeds under control. If you live in the South West and have a Bermuda Lawn, you want to keep the grass between 2 1/2 and 3 inches tall. You...
depends on the depth of coverage, be more specific.
Clay gravel as well as many natural earthen materials weight depends largely on the amount of moisture it contains and amount of iron ( rock ) within itself. Freshly excavated clay gravel in most cases should weigh in around 2200 to 2600 lbs per yd. Location of natural earth materials can also be a...
Grass will grow on damp bricks because small particles of soil are embedded in them from the wind. As more tiny particles attach the conditions for supporting plant life increases.
There are 0.3048 metres in one foot. Therefore, rounded to two decimal places, 2550 metres is equal to 2550/0.3048 = 8366.14 feet.
Light intensely affects plant growth. Since plants cannot eat, theymust get their nutrients from the sun. If they have plenty oflight, they can perform photosynthesis and feed themselves. If not,plants will not live long.
How many feet in a yard? A: 3 How many cubic feet in a cubic yard? A: 3 * 3 * 3 = 27 235 / 27 = 8.7
None ! feet are a linear measure. If the question had been "How many cubic yards in 1584 cubic feet ", the answer would be: 1584 / 3 3 = 1584 /27 = 58.667 fifty eight and two thirds
1.5 divided by the volume of your bag in cubic yards. 40.5 divided by the volume of your bag in cubic feet.