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Jewelry is a form of personal adornment such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and brooches. It can be made from any material, commonly gemstones, shells or precious metals. Jewelries are worn for several reasons including display of wealth, symbolism, protection and fashion.
== Answer ==   It depends on the stone. An emerald that is large, has excellent clarity and ideal color can cost as much as a diamond. Emeralds of this type are very rare. Sapphire values are determined by the same characteristics: color, clarity, size, cut and proportions Origin can also...
Grounding and then controlling or eliminating excess or unwantedenergies, Onyx will keep any energy vampires at bay.
Although alluvial diamonds had been found in India as early as 6,000 BC, and in Brazil beginning in the 1700s, the first mine opened in the 1870s, after according to Wikipedia: "... the discovery of the Diamond Fields in South Africa."(Again, from Wikipedia:"Alluvium -- from the Latin, alluvius,...
0.525(52%) Gold is between 10K and 14K. So it is going to be slightly higher than 12K
no it will tarnish on you and turn green but only if it isn'tstainless steel
  they represent freedom, or finding your true love.
Most people would state that the "black" Opals are the world's finest. However, in Australia in the late 1800's a long necked Plesiosaur was discovered that was opalized. Also a turtle was found opalized and other opalized fossils as well as opalized pinecones which have been found in Virgin Valley,...
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Chemical symbol for Silver is Ag .
The price of gold changes often because it is listed on the stock  market. The price of gold has been increasing over the last few  years. Currently, the price of 14 karat gold is fifty dollars and  eighty cents.
  bar code on nose piece logo frame name on back outside of ear piece
solid, shiny, good conductor of electricity
The most expensive brand of jewelry is manufactured by Cartier, who  specialize in jewelry and watches. Harry Winston is a next most  expensive brand.
3.41mm is how many carats?
If you are seeing AM-G on the inside of a gold diamond ring, it is  probably the makers signature. A lot of designer companies will  engrave the makers signature on the inside of the jewelry to help  identify its worth.
The vapor pressure of gold is so low as to render it effectivelyodorless.
wherever you got the watch if they dont have any they can get them shipped in w/ no problem
  == Answer ==   Yes.  You can also try a good dictionary for almost instant answers.  But you already knew that, didn't you? 
Depending on your body and a present alergies. Damascene jewelry is combined of gold, silver and steel. Be careful if you have iron alergy. Gold is intact metal however silver or steel (iron chemically) can be a problem.
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You could also say that this stone is about one-quarter of a carat.
It is a homogeneous mixture.. NOT a pure element because of the carat gold
you use an ore to separate gold from impuritties
Not quiet. Garnet is a cheap stone, generally comes in small size but in abundance. There are 6 general varieties of garnet with other being intermediate (mixed) varieties.
Gemstone clarity can be divided into three major groups or clarity types. Type I gemstones are often inclusion free, type II gemstones are normally have a few or minor inclusions, and type III gemstones are almost always with inclusion and do not come clean.     Garnet Is a Type II Gemstone....
SD could mean the designer Sybil Dunlop
What is 729 stamp on jewelry
40% silver. 60% copper
Uncut diamonds can be formed into pyramid-shaped stones, sometimes  with the bottoms of two pyramids joined at the base. However, most  uncut diamonds are irregular in their shape. Gem-quality stones are  transparent and coloured raw diamonds are clearly coloured and  transparent.
  == Answer ==   It depends on the manufacturer. Most futons I have seen are steel, and can be cut with a torch, brazed, and welded.
it is werth at least $4.36 or what ever the buyer whants for it
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.05 ounces = 1.41748 grams
Most likely fake made of zinc, plated with certain metals to look like gold. Gold will not stain your skin.
Sapphire, also known as Lapis.
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The name "peridot" is Greek for "to give richness."
Just checking: You mean wearing jewellery and no clothes?
N tag on necklaces means Name tag necklaces. These types of laces  have space to give the name of your or your loved one. For these  type of necklaces you can visit to classyplus.com
  The restrictions on wearing pearls at certain times of the day ended sometime in the 40's. Pearls can be worn at any time of day, at the office, paired with casual clothes and certainly with dressy attire-the length and color of the pearls are limited only by your imagination! Have fun with...
Garnet is important for its qualities as an abrasive, also, to a much lesser degree in NY, as a gemstone.
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Subtracting a proton from a gold nucleus makes the atom a platinum atom.
i am selling 33grams of 9ct gold how much should i ask for
You need hooks ( they can be sterling silver, gold filled, silver filled, karat gold, stainless steel ) You need pins to put the beads You need beads ( they can be glass, crystal, wood, gemstones, acrylic, silver, gold, etc. And you need a set of jewelry pliers to start making your earrings
This person's identity has been lost to history since s/he apparently picked up an eye-catching, shiny diamond rock more than 6,000 years ago, probably in India.
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Yellow - HUG Pink - give a hickey Orange - to KISS Purple - to kiss a partner of either sex Red - perform a LAP DANCE Green - ORAL SEX can be performed on a girl Clear - "whatever the snapper wants" Blue - ORAL SEX performed on a guy Black - will have regular "missionary" sex White - will "FLASH"...
Answer   The most expensive of all pearls are natural pearls. These are very rare, however, and most jewelers and consumers will never see a natural pearl in their lifetime. A double strand of pearls known as The Baroda Pearls recently sold at auction for more than $7 million.   Today, people...
Well I'd say it's mid range - 9 is the lowest, 24 is the highest quality
Purple jade is actually a rock, made up of several minerals (quartz, feldspar, jadeite, and acmite are the most common), whereas amethyst is just a violet variety of quartz (as such is only a mineral).
A home brewing supply store will carry bottle caps.
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You can maintain the silver bracelet by polishing it every now and then and having it coated. For some, a good cleaner is the best solution. This also depends on the type of silver bracelet. Is it all silver, or is it just tinted silver.
Nickle Contact Dermatitis. This is the bodies ability to liberate the nickle salts from cheap plated jewellery, this causes the nickle salts to be deposited on the tissue and becomes an irritant. This irritation can cause itching, discharge of clear fluid and bleeding, left long enough this will...
In the Guiness world records book the largerst registered tourmaline is 51.77 cts, found in June 2009, othervise tuormaline inside the smoky qurtz iz measured for about 11 kilos. I've found the in 2005 apiece oif riverstone from river Drava near Maribor , Slovenia , EU a pice of tourmaline with 7315...
  PT. 950, PT. 900, Plat. Platinum, 10% Irid. 90% Plat. All of these can be markings for platinum.
Earrings can be thick or thin. Generally thick earrings are better for your ear as it keeps the hole open wide so you can fit thicker earrings into it wheras smaller earrings allow the hole to shrink to the size of the metal spoke in the earring. This is why when you get your ears pierced they to it...
  corundum, sapphire or diamonds
The real question everyone wants to know is, "Where can you sell  your gold jewelry for the best price?" The best advice is to visit  several area jewelers and find out what they will offer for your  jewelry. Here are some tips when choosing a gold buyer:   1. Choose a reputable jeweler. Look...
steel. Steel is made up mainly of Iron with a low content (0.2 to 2%) of carbon depending on the grade of steel.
It's impossible to say, as color is an attribute of individual stones. Though generally rubies are thought of as being of a purer color, some garnets may be of a purer red than some rubies and vice-versa.
It depends on what the plating is over. If its over Silver its worth a little more. Electroplating is an inexpensive process. Electorplating does not last long, and will rub off within weeks and reveal the alloy underneath. I wouldn't want to pay alot for any ring that has been electroplated.
You can review the list, below, of named diamonds, none with the exact carat weight you describe, and documentation of the fact that a 99 carat diamond is not quite the world's largest.
The name for a large flawless diamond of 99 carats or more is a Paragon. In olden days, this name was given to flawless diamonds that were at least 12 carats, however the standard was raised over time.
Yellow color is caused by nitrogen in the stone. On the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) diamond color scale, faint yellow begins at a color grading of "K", but the average person wouldn't perceive a diamond as being obviously yellow in color below a grade of around "U" to "W". Fancy yellow...
  This is an impossible question to answer. You can determine the gold value by determining the weightX karat (9k,10k,14k,18k,22k,24k) X price of gold divided by 31.1 to determine gram weight value. This does not include the cost of labor to manufacture the item. Some items are casted with very...
Gold would be a "g-word" that is an element used in jewelry.
Normally the label makes it clear if jewellery is not solid gold, only plated with gold. Some plated jewellery will last for many years. See if the thickness is described in microns. Under average use you will wear away 1 micron every 2 years, so 10 microns should last 20 years. Rings suffer above...
All of them have really good conductive properties.
Wal-mart, thrift stores
No, it changes according to heat. For example if you hold in tightly in your hands, it will change colour.
The value of a diamond depends on its cut, its clarity, its colour and its carat weight. A local jeweler can give you the answer you want.
Well there are many ways you can go about this. Either go to a pawn shop or jewelry store but the downside with dealing with them is that you get ripped off. Generally jewelry stores and pawn shops only give you a fraction of what you should really be getting paid. You could call one of thos i buy...
Gold is normally measured in troy ounces. As such, one troy ounce of gold is equal to 31.103 grams.
There are various companies who buy and sell jewelry. Some of them are Cartier, Fabrikant, Circa and a lot more.
The value of a diamond depends on its cut, its clarity, its colour and its carat weight. A local jeweler can give you the answer you want.
The weight of a diamond is measured in carats (1 carat = 0.2 grams; it is a measure of weight).The purity of a gold setting is measured in karats (24 karat = pure gold, 18 karat = 75% gold)
Not in its raw state, but can be once refined.
pure gold is 24, so 9 carat means 9/24 of the material is gold
Gold is a specific chemical substance symbolized on the periodic table of chemical elements as Au with an atomic number of 79. Physical and chemical properties of gold can change depending on its present phase of matter (solid, liquid). Some of its properties include:   * Metallic yellow (in its...
Aquamarine is an aqua, blue or turquoise form of the mineral beryl.
  The blue color of beryl, variety aquamarine, is due to trace amounts of iron. The mineral is sometimes heat treated to bring out a stronger color.