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The Mercury Capri was a two-door compact convertible manufactured by the Ford Motor Company from 1970–1994. It was marketed in the US as three different cars over 30 years. Its third generation model was offered as a 2-door roadster.
Check your vacuum during this, I believe this vehicle uses vacuumto determine engine load and thus shift points. If you have amedium vacuum leak it will shift funny unless the throttle is partopen and even then it can be a little harsh.
This is at least a 2 Hour Job. The Alternator rests on the Passenger Side of the Vehicle near the Passenger Floor Board. The Right Front Axle will need to be popped out the two Bolts taken out. ************ ************ Dont be frustrated, but please know that you should raise the Car and Look...
The ford service manual for the ford capri is available for down load at www.techcapri .com and contains detailed instructions on this. I have just finished Changing front hubs and found removing the axel nuts nearly impossible, but in theory the job is fairly straight forward but a puller was...
It should take around 2-3 hours to change the front hubs but a puller is required to remove them . It actually took me several hours just to remove one axle nut and in the end I hade to take it into the mechanics to have it removed. Good luck
There are 9 speech parts.
Yes, it should fit, you could call your local junk yards to find one.
You may be out of luck with this check. I have a 93 with a non-turbo 1.6 and due to a non-start senario I knew the ign. module was the culprit. Being a master Ford/GM tech. and former automotive parts sales man at a local NAPA store, I took the unit out and took to every parts store around as well...
Count the flashes. That is a code. Look it up in the service manual and follow its diagnostic procedure. I had code 4 on a 93 capri. I went through the diagnostic procedure and the result was everything was OK with the other circuits, it said to replace the diagnostic monitor module, which is a...
Checkout the best Mercury Capri site around...www.ModernCapriParts.Biz. Their Web site has a whole history of the 1991-94' Capri & you can order just about any part you'll ever need right online. They're great!
Answer . Was the car actually running hot?. Is there water in the oil?. You could have a weak head gasket that starts to lek under driving conditions. Get it in the shop before you crack a head.. If the car is running hot, does it over heat while driving or will it overheat at a stop?. If it does...
If you don't have the code, you will have to replace the lock cyl. They pop out if you know the procedure (and come with keys).
under dash at fire wall in ceter of console.
by going to the fuel satation
Answer . \nI found a site called they have step by step directions with diagrams that are printable. That should help you. The section is called removing and replacing the Timing Belt. Hope that gives you some help.
First open both doors, or lower the windows. Next locate the handles that lock the top to the windscreen. Push in the red button and pull the handles down. Pull the roof back from the winscreen and then raise the back of the roof.. The next part refers to Australian Capri's and may be on a different...
Answer . Contrary to popular belief there is a set way that you take the top down and put the top back on. I usually start with unzipping the back window and taking it out then I undo the two snaps on the inside center ceiling (by the dome light), then unsnap the snaps at the top of the rear...
Assuming it is getting fuel and you have no spark, replace the ignition module.
Check battery connection Check alternator Too much fuel should not be a problem
I would use Lexel or Lepage Extreme for that .
That's what i thought at first but no they arent, btw i prefer sydnee capri to kapri styles.
yes it will i just had an automatic engine installed in my manuel car. and used the old harness
Answer . push up the rods that the hand connected to and pull down... it gets easy after a while... they make repair kits... and gorilla glue is sold and walmart :)
Aussie Capris have a breed defect. They always read high on temperature and low on oil pressure. I've heard it blamed on an engine ground strap but don't know if there is actually anything to that. I'm not sure what the actual temp should be. As long as my XR2 stays out of the red I'm happy.
Answer . Need fuse box diagram for 1991 Mercury capri
You fill the manual trans through the speedo cable entry point on the trans. No other careful getting that 10 mm bolt loose that holds the speedo cable bracket in the trans. it breaks off very easy and if you do break it off, try using an easy out after drilling a proper size hole for the...
Answer . \nThe fuse box is located under the dash on the drivers side of the car.There is also a fuse box under the hood by the drivers side strut tower.
the horns are located under the drivers side headlight
If you mean the extra switch on the drivers side power window control it cuts power to the passenger side window switch. Handy if you have kids.
3.5 quarts that's what they say at advance auto anyway.
According to one of Fords websites :For the 1.6 liter / 98 cubic inch four cylinder engine in a 1991 Mercury Capri( the spark plug gap is .044 inch )
Most parts on the cars are interchangeable from 91' to 94' the only things you have to watch is the convertale tops.
If you mean the oil drain plug its in the bottom of the oil pan. There is a plastic shroud over the bottom of the engine compartment that must be removed first.
Answer . \nGood question- the 1996 Mercury Tracer cooling fan relays usually described in wireing diagrams as "in the engine fuse box". Not true, though the relays near by, hidden in the front of the left fender, next to the air filter box, headlamp and fuse box. The air filter box must be...
In a single Capri-sun pouch there is 200ml of juice.
Inside the distributor, basically the first component you'll see and have access to once you remove the distributor cap. It has two Philips headed screws holding it in and two wires connected to it via push on blade connectors. If you're familiar with the old points and condenser ignition it is...
Different - L needs to be on L side (they are mirror images). Make sure you test the motor before replacing it though... pretty expensive even used.
no im afraid not cuz you dont know what hidden ingredients are init, plus it doesnt say on the pouch KD or UD so no, DONT DRINK IT!IT'S NOT GOOD FOR YOU, just some advice
According to specs its 11.1 gallons... but I can't typically get much more than 10 in mine.
Depends on if it is the HO engine or not. In 1982 and newer Ford changed the firing order for the 302 HO but left the base 302 alone. So if you are referring to a 302 in a Mustang/Capri it would use the HO firing order. If not, it would use the older firing order. Cylinder numbering starts with...
its got to be two things either your headlights or the headlight switch, theres no relay so straight power from the battery to the switch to the headlamps. just change your headlight and it should work.
start bu checking the flasher unit & relays
The turn signal fuses are located in the fuse box. The turn signalfuses will be in the second column, third from the top.
With great difficulty. Raise the light, remove the black plastic trim piece, remove the headlight bezel then remove and unplug the headlight. The housing/motor assy is held in by four screws but the lower two are blocked by either the windshield washer or colling water reservoir bottle (depending on...
Adjusting the seat height. Pull the small tab and a rod will come out intentionally
Please see the same question on the 91 Capri. The procedure is the same.
366 XR2's, 4342 total including the right hand drives.
yes it will, just put a 91 in my me if you
Sounds as if the clutch start switch under the dash may be at fault. It shouldn't start without depressing the clutch in the first place, and if the switch goes bad it will cause a cut-out with the start system.. You may want to check for other wires under the dash that may look frayed. Look in and...
The Mercury Capri came from the factory with the wrong altenatorpulley that does not seat the belt properly. Ford offered areplacement pulley with the proper specs. Contact your local Forddealer and see if they still have any pulleys available. Replacethe pulley and put a good quality belt on and...