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The axolotl, or Mexican salamander, is known as a walking fish. However, it is not a fish at all. It is actually an amphibian. Axolotls have gills outside of their bodies, which have a fringed appearance.
You need to check your state wildlife website to see what exotic pets are lawful and unlawful to own. If it doesn't specify on the website, contact them. It depends on what state you live in. I know you can own them in my state, MA.
Axolotls sleep underwater. They are the only amphibians that still  have gills as adults.
Axolotls Facts -Ambystoma Mexicanum: . Axolotl - Ambystoma Mexicanum Pronounced as ACK-suh-LAH-tuhl - Am-bees-toma - Mexi-can-um Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata Class: Amphibia Order: Caudata Family: Ambystomatidae Genus: Ambystoma Species:...
yes a axolotl can eat a goldfish
An axolotl eats at night
Never mind, I found it. It's an amphibian.
No, they'll pinch the poor thing's head off!
Protest river garbage dumps in coastal cities at the Gulf of  Mexico. The chemicals in the trash that people throw in the river  poison the little guys and kill them dozens at a time.
You should remember how majestic this creature can be.
males normally weigh 125-130 gramsand females are normally 170-180 grams
If you have ever heard of it-there is a place called Cherry Lane. It sells varias things like plants also normal supermarket things and there is an aquatic center there. they sell different kinds of fish, frogs and Axolotls. If you cant see any ask a member of staff. I got mine from Cherry Lane in...
If you enjoy fish. It's a rather low-maintenance animal. You can't hold it. You have to be careful with its water levels. You need to remember to feed it. And that's about it.
Out of its cloaca (under the tail).
Axolotls are vertebrates - they have a spine.
It depends. Axolotls can be kept with other axolotls AS ADULTS, and in fact prefer it due to the fact they are very social. When they are not adults, however, they will kill each other when kwpt with each other. There is a simple rule of thumb for axolotls: since they are at the top of their natural...
Ther are more animal species than axolotls that are amphibians.Frogs, toads Newts...
Well you can kinda see for yourself. If the pictures didn't come out then just search 'axolotl' into google images it comes up with loads of photos though lots are just the same image but edited. It's got a weird head.
Axolotls are real, they do exist.
yes. you can hold them out of water. but you have to keep them wet all over. its very important their skin doesn't dry out. don't keep them out of water for too long though.
They are, in fact, very similar to Frog Spawn and are generally laid upon plants. They look like Brown/Black 'dots' coated with a clear membrane - though a lack of pigment in the egg would suggest that one parent was an Albino Axolotl. Sometimes, though, pigment appears later in the development.
yes, axolotls do only live in the water since it only has gills
Of coarse not!
Axolotls live in freshwater. Lakes or streams. Not in the saltyocean.
Axolotls are born then turn into a tadpole then when they have reached 18-24 months they are sexually mature and can reproduce by mating.
an axolotl is an amphibian.axolotls are amphibious, they breathe through gills but can survive on land.
People don't know about it because it isn't a comon species
yes they are carnivores
Well the smallest axolotl is your dads pen1s and the biggest axolotl is your mums cameltoe
the axolotls don't even bite at all.
An axolotl already is a type of salamander. You might as well askabout how to turn a Pitbull into a dog.
French also uses the Nahuatl word axolotl to describe it.
Axolotls have four legs that they use for swimming as well as crawling. They can re-generate these up to eight times, and although sometimes at crooked angles, they usually have full flexibility and usage.
Axolotls in the wild are a brownish colour, which helps them to blend in with the riverbed that they live in. The white axolotls with red eyes are mutant albinos and are very rare in the wild. They find it very hard to camouflage.
Axolotls eat 5oz. a day or less.
yes axioltls breath air well my does so dont fill the tank to much  that it cant come up to breath
By trying to prevent pollution of the Waters where it lives. Bypreventing the introduction of invasive species.
Only to things small enough to look like a meal for an axolotl.
10-15 years If looked after properly, they can live for 10 to 15 years. They can live up to 30 years of age.
yes they do because they live in it all though fill a tank about halfway to ensure it can breath
they have to or else the larvae will die
Water. Axolotl is the immature form of the salamander ambistoma.  It's of special interest because it can become sexually mature  without transforming into an air-breathing creature (the condition  seems to be related to a lack of thyroxine). This is an example of  neotony.
Axolotl need another one to reproduce, therefore meaning sexual.
Axolotl Facts Pronounced: ACK-suh-LAH-tuhl Origin: Mexico City Albino: Origin Reared in captivity Temperature: Keep in Unheated Aquarium 50-68F *No higher Attitude: Frequent biter of tank mates Issues: Will eat gravel Security: None needed Foods: worms, insect larva, crustaceans, fish,...
No, after about a month and a half they leave their children and let them go.
Kindom: Animalia, Phylum: Chordata, Class: Amphibia, Order: Caudata, Family: Ambystomatidae, Genus: Ambystoma, Species: Ambystoma MexicanumThey are mole salamanders that live in Lake Xolchimilco, Mexico but are owned widely in captivity.
Their limbs are not strong enough to support them out of water.
Yes, everything mates. Axolotls usually mate around spring, when the water is coolest in their natural habitat
Axolotls are not dinosaurs. Axolotls belong to a group of animalsthat's older than dinosaurs.
is axolotl a vertebrate or an invetebrate
The axolotl also known as the Mexican walking fish is VERY rare because most of them have died in the open because they are so small and harmless :)
While the axolotl (a form of salamander) is technically an amphibian, adults do not metamorphose into adult air-breathing forms. The axolotl remains aquatic and gilled unless the thyroid is stimulated artificially.
Any time I think
You can tell its an axolotl when you see its big, feathery gills. They actually come in many colors, including olive green, gold, black, brown and pink. They, like other salamanders, hatch with no limbs and then grow their limbs. Unlike most salamanders they undergo a process called neoteny in which...
No , any amphibian can't survive , live and reproduce with out water .
To do what exactly ! Reptiles lack the cranial capacity to (a) understand human language, (b) interpret commands and (c) remember what, if anything they've been taught ! Ugh! Axolotls are amphibians, not reptiles, my goodness! Anyways, I'm not certain whether or not they can be "trained" to perform...
they need a lot of care, they need to be fed up to 17 times a day and you have to make sure you allow them to come outside of their tank (coz they have legs) and they need a run around instead of a swim all the time. Also, once a month you have to cut their tails off and let them regrow in the next...
young tiger salamanders look excactly like them at first
White fluff is most probably fungus, and an animal that doesn't eat means that it's ill.
You can, they will eat shrimp readily, but make sure uneaten shrimps are removed, becease they rot very easily.
Axolotls are very interesting animals. They are like salamanders. They use to live in Lake Chalco, until that place got drained. They still live in Lake Xochimilico. They are awesome!!!
It has the smooth skin and egg types of amphibians.
No but most of them live in Mexico
The axolotl hopes that the man will write a story all about the axolotl. The communication took place in non-verbal ways but is successful as the reader does read a story all about the axolotl.
Axolotls typically live for between 10 to 15 years, although some have lived for well over 20.
Yes. All axolotls are amphibians.
The Axolotl is an aquatic animal, that is found in Mexico. It is also know as a "water monster", and is related to the tiger salamander. Unfortunately, the Axolotl is an becoming an endangered species.
It's possible the food is too big for it. Try switching to smaller food items and see if that cures the 'problem'. Most animals will be able to gauge the correct size of food for themselves.
Axolotls live near Mexico city, but that is only where they originated from. Its not common to find any in the Basin of Mexico any more. If you are looking for one they are not found at at Petco or other places were you might find amphibians. Its a good try. Lake Xaltoco is what the lake is called.
If theyre eating live food they just suck it in.They don't really attack.
Axolotl breathe using gills. Oxygen is absorbed from the water. Carbon DIoxide is released into water via diffusion.
Axolotls are amphibians.
Axolotl are amphibian     Kingdom:  Animalia     Phylum:  Chordata     Class:  Amphibia     Order:  Caudata     Family:  Ambystomatidae     Genus:  Ambystoma     
They crawl into discarded Corona beer bottles with all their friends for a rousing game of "axolotl in a bottle!"
Yes. Yes they are. Yes.
IT might lose a limb but it can grow it back
No, they are amphibians, so they have skin.
Yes... like most animals, they do move around.
The axolotl is an amphibian. Ambystoma mexicanum is their  scientific name.
No.    No - they are a harmless species similar to a salamander. Wikipedia has a good article on the species (see link)No, axolotls are not poisonous.
http://www.answers.com/library/Dictionary-cid-2217092   = axolotl (ăk'sə-lŏt'l) =
No, axolotls are amphibians.
Weight: 2.11 to 8 oz (60 to 227 g);
A sexually mature adult axolotl, ranges in length from 15-45 cm(6-18 in). You usually find them about 23 cm (9 in) long.