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Sanitization and Germs

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Although it is impossible to eradicate every germ around you, there are things you can do to help make surfaces in your home and workplace less hospitable to a variety of germs. Germs pass freely to and from surfaces, and this category will enlighten the curious and aid the phobic with various tips, tricks, and methods of deep cleaning and sanitizing.


It depends upon several factors:    a) The size of the load (the larger the load, the more detergent  will be required)   b) How dirty the load is (the more dirty, the more detergent is  likely to be needed)   c) How hard your water is (the harder the water, the more detergent  is...
Bubble, and foam are just a result of the chemical and physical  reaction between the detergent and water, while shaken.   Typically, the bubbles are proportionate to the concentration of  detergent, but not always so. Some bubble up more, some less.   In short, the amount of bubbles isn't a...
Some types of sanitation are:    Washing our bodies to keep them clean and as free of pathogens  and germs as possible  Using bleach to sanitize surfaces  Using toilets for elimination and flushing them into city  sewers or septic tanks  
Because poly ethenol is a water soluble plastic. And in hospitals, the staff want to avoid contact with hospital laundry which might be infected. So, these items are placed in poly ethenol bags so that when washing begins, the bags dissolve in water and the laundry is washed.
The Bissell Steam Floor Mop removed about 85% of deeply imbedded dirt from our "soft" Italian marble floor tile; the tiles have random "grooves" which have collected 11 years of micro-dirt; the steam mop, when held over one especially "deeply" dirty tile for 30 seconds removed nearly all "filth"; I...
In 1933, this discovery was introduced in a detergent called dreft but it could only handle lightly soiled jobs. The next goal was to create a detergent that could clean heavily soiled clothes. That detergent was Tide®.
Answer#1   Use regular unscented 5.25% household bleach. Read and follow the safety instructions on the bleach container's label. Never mix bleach with ammonia or any other cleaner. Wear rubber boots, rubber gloves, and eye protection. Try not to breathe bleach fumes. Open windows and doors to...
to know the stability of colour of the fabric or yarn
They likely would have used carbonates found in rocks or just  regular water.
If dishes are not sanitized some serious health problems can occur. The germs from the dishes will be transferred to your mouth then travel through your body and make you sick by infecting you. The sickness will then spread around your body and hurt you in the long run. You might be infected with...
You clean marble with a wet cloth.....well obviosly u clapped out clowns...
That depends on how big your container is.
  Depends on the brand, but generally you will need to turn off the water supply, unscrew the supply lines from the valve on the back of the machine. On most brands, you will have to pop the top of the machine. there is usually a 5/16 screw holding the valve in place. Remove the screw,...
You're better off tossing all your wooden spoons. Originally maple was used to made wooden spoons, as it's pretty much the only antimicrobial wood there is, nonreactive and sturdy, and wouldn't scratch bowls or pans. Good butcher blocks are made of solid maple. But wooden spoons now are made of...
A wooden spoon is made of wood so a tree must be cut down. After the tree is cut down we have less oxygen because plants give off oxygen. With less oxygen a fewer amount of people are able to live and some poor animals such as squirrels or birds will lose their home. Less shelter means less...
To sanitize is to clean. That's the general term of clean. To disinfect is to remove germs. To sterilize is to keep germs off, like by keeping an object in alcohol for a long period of time.
From a pink shop.
Honestly a polyester shirt won't shrink because it is  designed not to shrink. Sorry :( 
== Answer ==   yes hand saitizer can kill you.   it won't kill you if don't use more then once.   if you use it more then 3 times wash your hands with soap and water.
Because otherwise when you have a period it will stain
Tide Detergent has not been banned from the US .. if it was we wouldnt be using it today.
Answer . When you washing machine is in the spin cycle the agitator should rotate along with the drum of your washing machine and that's normal. There is no way it could be going up and down and will only appear that is is agitating while on spin.
The best things to do is to first prep the stains with a stain remover. This can either be a gel, spray, liquid, ect. Follow the direction of the product you choose. Then wash the sheet on a cycle suited (white, colors, delicates, ect.) for it with a detergent and stain remover. Repeat if necessary....
Germs are found on all surfaces. Even in your body! The only place where there are no germs are in quarantined areas that are REGULARLY sanitized.
  == Answer ==   Yes you can use. But if the front loading washers, if used with the right detergent are a great investment. You’ll save a lot of electricity and money as a result. Plus, front loaders are more sophisticated technology and hence arguably have been cleaning technology than...
Spraying plain water can help diminish the smell of cat pee in a  flowerbed. Mixing one part vinegar with two parts of water will  also help eliminate the smell.
The best way to clean mold is with bleach and a scrub brush since  bleach kills all forms of mold. Make sure to wear gloves and have  proper ventilation to avoid irritation.
  ==Answer==   Turn the item inside out, to help keep the color.  Use cold water so it will not shrink. Add any other items that are denim. Use a little more than a half cup of laundry detergent for a small load. Avoid washing with anything else besides denim, since the color may...
Removing stains depends on what created the stain. Look for directions on removing the type of stain you have, but these instructions are a good starting point. First get as much of the stain up as possible by blotting or scraping. Then rinse the stain in cool water and pretreat it. Wash the...
no it is not accually
Hit a rodent with a piece of porcelain will usually kill it. Not sure you have the right term in porcelain.
Toilets tend to have a foul smell when not cleaned. This is due to  the fact they are designed to dispose of human feces.
Mostly different kinds of chemicals mixed with this kind of stiff gel.
Answer . Use an ordinary lint brush
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The best answer I have found is to sprinkle baking soda all over it, leave it overnight and then vacuum it up the next morning. ~K~ or spray frabrezzz on it it work i use it xx
It may be possible to remove most of the trace of permanent marker  by tracing over the mark on the doll with a dry-erase marker. The  dry erase marker will help erase the permanent marker. The same can  be used on dry erase boards that have been marked on with permanent  marker.
Answer . No. It is well worth buying what they call a 'wet/dry shop vac' and can be found in Walmart, Zellers and hardware stores (not that expensive). It's like a vacuum cleaner and will soak up the water (also great for cleaning out fireplace soot and rubble or dust from sanding something in...
I'm not sure of the exact amount, but I know you would need ALOT of money to buy that much bleach.
The parks contract a cleaning services team for its bathroom maintenance.
They are completely different products. Clorox is bleach and Tide is a detergent. Clorox (unless its Clorox2) bleach is very harsh and will eventually eat away at the fibers of most fabrics. Tide is a very good laundry detergent that works well to get out tough stains without doing any damage to...
  == Answer ==   They don't suds up as much.   You can use regular detergent in a HE washer, just use about a third to a half of what you normally use in a regular machine.    Hope this helps! 
Well Actually. Tide Removes 84% stains And gain Removes About 40% Stains. So tide Detergent Removes Stains The Best. Thats Your Answer. Tide Is The Best Detergent. Also OxiClean Removes Stains The Best. Oxiclean Was Rewarded For The Best Stain Remover In The World. But Technically Tide Is Better.
  It depends on what you mean by clean. If it is a health hazard they can get in trouble.
Getting latex paint out of clothes Ammonia will get latex paint out of anything. It actually dissolves it so soaking would be in order if it has been dried on for some time. Scrub it ever so often to help the ammonia along.Do it in a well ventilated area as the ammonia gives off fumes. Be aware of...
IT contains ethynol. Ill let u search up what that is and what it does to the body.
Bluing, as it relates to firearms or metal in general, is a permanent surface treatment under ideal conditions. Poorly maintained bluing will fade or flake off. Bluing is a "form of rust", an oxide layer on the outside of the metal. You can remove it using various abrasives, but yes it is permanent.
No it is a base
  Instructions     Baking Soda   1Rinse the brief thoroughly with cool water.2Sprinkle the brown stain with baking soda. Scrub the baking soda into the stain with a soft scrub brush.3Rinse the briefs in cool water and launder as you normally would.    Bleach   4Rinse the...
I found that the most effective way is by sanitizing your day-to-day object with spray every night before you go to bed, like door knob,sofa,etc. and also use hand sanitizer (not scented, regular as more acidity and kills germs better.) *hope that helped*
you can qet rubbinq alchol and keep rubbinq and it comes right off
  I am clown that face paints; I have come across small moon bounce cpompanies that are not cleaning their moon bounces. They are stating that they do not want the clown/face painter to face paint. Since they are not cleaning their moon bounce after each use. Af a child goes into a moon bounce...
To clean mold off a moon bounce, you would need vinegar, nylon  scrub brush and cleaning rags. The rags can be soaked in the  vinegar and then scrub down the moon bounce. If the mold doesn't  come clean right away, the nylon scrub brush can be used for extra  cleaning power.
First, there is not insuite but there are en suite amenities when talking about homes. En suite is French and means connected so when describing laundry on site or on suite you are discussing whether the laundry is actually in the rental area (en suite) or outside the rented area but still on the...
ok, lipbalm i believe is sort of a waxy substance... and the way i remove candle wax from my tablecloths is by putting the fabric between sheets of paper towel or any absorbent paper and going over it with a hot iron. the heat melts the wax and the paper absorbs it out of the fabric. change papers...
No. But if you were to ingest it in large quantities it will do some major damage.
  place the curtains in the freezer, after several hours the wax should crumble when done.
  how does vinegar disinfect
  If you lick hand sanitizer, you should rinse your mouth with water. It won't kill you if you just lick a little, but you can die if you drink a lot of it.
Certain Dri shouldn't stain clothing if used properly at night and shower in the morning, so that the residue is gone.
You can remove Tiger Balm from clothing by washing the clothing in  hot water using 3/4 of a cup of white vinegar in the wash along  with your regular detergent. You can also use Tide Stain Remover to  remove Tiger Balm from clothing.
It is good for both hot and cold washes. I have used Foca for years and have been very pleased with it.
It makes people intoxicatedAlcohol affects every organ in the body. Alcohol speeds through the body and is rapidly absorbed by the stomach and small intestine and into the bloodstream.Alcohol is metabolized in the liver. However, the liver can only metabolize a small amount of alcohol at a time,...
 == Answer ==   I don't know what kind of car you have, but if the headlights work in either the dim or bright mode, but not both, I would suspect the dimmer switch. If they don't work at all, the headlight switch is probably the culpret, unless of course both bulbs are burned out, which I...
with high speed rotation of drumspeed can be "seen" with this:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/washspeed/id588527777?l=it&ls=1&mt=8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFl9HOf2nwQ
There are two tablespoons in one fluid ounce. However, fluid ounces cannot be converted into dry ounces.
Along the lakefront or river there can occasionally be a smell of fish but otherwise the city itself has no particular smell. There is often a good brisk breeze as in Chicago, which keeps it smelling pretty fresh.
Use oxey clean spray on it, it gets stains out of almost anything.
Certain inks may be toxic.
Paper towels are made of the same materials and the same process as paper. Materials such as wood and plant substances are mashed together until they have made small plant fibers. The plant fibers are made of a chemical called cellulose, which makes wood strong. Once the fibers are pressed into...
alcohol is someting u drink how would it kill germs idiot.   Answer2: 91% alcohol you get from the drugstore and the supermarket  is excellent for killing germs. Most of the hand sanitizers have  65+ percent of alcohol. Stay away from those hand sanitizers with  triclosan.
Sterilization is the process of destroying microorganisms from food, medical instruments, etc.
Most soaps don't directly kill germs. They dissolve oils and dirt and loosen them from your skin so they can be washed down the drain, and with them go the germs. That is, if you wash your hands correctly. See the related question below for proper technique.
The part of the blood that kills germs are the white cells.
Alcohol is effective at killing most pathogens, which are rarely  able to become resistant to it. It is cheap and easy to make an  evaporates quickly.
one spun veneger & sodium carbonet soak in 14 hr
Follow these steps: Find the store you want to shop for grocery's at.Find a magazine or newspaper with coupons for the store you've got in mind.Cut the coupons for the items you wish to purchase.Go to store.Find products you want, ask an associate for assistance if you need help locating your...
I think what would happen is that the cloth would not keep it's colors after washing since salt makes the dye stick to the cloth.
While alcohol cleans many things it may also harm many things. The gasoline may melt your carpet depending on it's chemical makeup and the alcohol may also melt your carpet. Gasoline odors will eventually go away but if you add alcohol to it, it may prolong the odor and makes for a potentially...
Alcohol is an ideal antiseptic because it achieves its goal subtly through coagulation, rather than through some active means like active poisoning or dissolving. Throwing acid on an open wound would only be successful at removing the contaminating microorganisms at the expense of a decent chunk of...
Yes there is. ~~~~~~~~~~~~` where?? don't just give stupid answers to questions.
Try hair spray. I've also heard of using rubbing alcohol but haven't personally tried it.-- CarolCleanicity Founder
http://msds.walmartstores.com/ put in the numbers under the  barcode
  == Answer ==   linen will shrink A LOT!!! in the dryer, but i think it is fine getting wet and air drying
I would call poison control or Emergency services such as 911 (000in Australia, 111 in New Zealand). Drink lots of milk and call the ambulance ASAP! DO NOT VOMIT - it will make the bleach reach your bloodstream faster.