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Economics is the study of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services whether in a city, country or a single business. Questions about supply and demand and economic theory are welcome here.
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It was a hands off policy where big business wanted no government interference in their dealings. This led to the monopolization of many industries. John Rockefeller benefitted from this deal.
The European Union is quite extensive. Member countries of the EUare . Austria . Belgium . Bulgaria . Cyprus . Czech Republic . Denmark . Estonia . Finland . France . Germany . Greece . Hungary . Ireland . Italy . Latvia . Lithuania . Luxembourg . Malta . Netherlands . Poland . Portugal . Romania ....
A Corporate Sector is a section of society consisting of Companies/Industries/Business Houses. They are the industrial development side of our society. They contribute to National Income Generation, Infrastructural Growth and Development of the Economy. They represent the Producer side of...
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The money supply is commonly defined to be a group of safe assets that households and businesses can use to make payments or to hold as short-term investments. For example, U.S. currency and balances held in checking accounts and savings accounts are included in many measures of the money supply.
Prisons cost tax payers $32 billion a year in 2005, which each inmate costing $22 thousands a year. An individual sentenced to a life term averages $1.5million in cost. States are spending more money on prisons than education. Over the course of two decades, the amount of money spent on prisons was...
What is an unplanned economy
In 2008, the US national average price of a gallon of regular gasoline was $3.27
First off we have the 6 steps of the Consumer Buying Process: -Problem Recognition -Information Search -Evaluation of Alternatives -Purchase Decision -Purchase -and Post Purchase Evaluation. All of these steps can arguably be interfered with by an Entity for a desired result, but I...
The reasoning behind the Disability Benefits program, is to grant a monthly check to those people who are "no longer able" to perform the duties required to hold their job, or work due to some medical issue. But Unemployment Benefits should be paid when a person finds themselves without a job, but...
Living in poverty (lacking the basic necessities such as food,shelter, employment) is usually detrimental to the physical andmental health of individuals and families. Some, however, havefound ways to improve their way of life, often with help fromcharities, public agencies, and philanthropic...
The best action to take here would be Government action. Any time a company or companies band together with each other in order to take a monopoly in a market, it goes against the Antitrust laws that forbid collusion and promote the free market economy. This type of Monopoly is illegal and if it is...
*(Cheating in any game is a sure way to get other players not to play with you.) Only the banker can secretly cheat in Electonic Monopoly because he has control of the card-reader. Adding an amount (swiping your card with +) two or more times instead of once will inflate your balance. One...
the factors that are holding back Romania's economy communist policies.
it was neither, it was becauses of somthing going on in wall street
Because there is not enough money to support all of the people working there so the people lose their jobs.
He's not. The employer is the one who pays the state unemployment taxes.
Because it didn't effect titian or France it affected the United States more than anything
what are the disadvantages of informal group
1. The benefit to each individual is less than the cost that each would have to pay if it were provided privately, and 2. the total benefits to society are greater than the total cost.
Economic profits are not costs of production since the entrepreneur does not require the gaining of an economic profit to keep the firm operating. In economics, costs are whatever is required to keep a firm operating.
When you think about elasticity and inelasticity graphically it always helps me to think of that the end result will be. So I will walk you through my thought process. If supply is inelastic, then no matter the price, supply will always be the same. If price is on the y-axis and quantity is on...
When faced with inflation, suppliers prefer to hold on to goods that will maintain their value rather than sell them for cash that loses its value rapidly.
if you do water inflation, it should come out. for air, youll fart it out a lot, but if you inflate a lot, it may stay that way a while, but not, like, forever, no.
I would like to start something to help people I know in middle class. People i see with their homes being advertised as foreclosure. I want to be able to step in , stop the foreclosure, help them , reeducate if needed about how to handle money. Start a movement of helping our fellow man.
Fresh eggs were about .27 per dozen. - Source: Survey of retail prices in Morris County, NJ (October 1-15, 1910).
1. Savings bonds. 2. Treasury Bills. 3. Printing Money. 4. Federal FireArms LIcenses (ATFE) 5. Ham radio licenses (FCC) 6. Every other licensing fee charged to citizens by governmentagencies.
(science) economique.
There are numerous examples that can be seen in everyday life ofcompetition in the marketplace. One just needs to take a shortdrive down a main road to see Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks within ashort distance of each other each vying for their potentialcustomers hard eared dollar for a cup of coffee.
\n. the higher unemployent is the low income for who those have no job,less income creat less spending in economy,less spending cause the low production and low profitable at the firm,the low profrit can make firm do shut down then they craeted more unemployement agian
Four factors, land, labour, capital, and entrepreneurship, are commonly recognized. However research has shown that a fifth factor, technology should be added and is becoming more important in today's economy.
The command economy is a key feature of any communist society. China , Cuba , North Korea and the former Soviet Union are examples of countries that have commandeconomies.
Individuals can help end global poverty by supporting poverty-reduction organizations like, The Borgen Project. The Borgen Project believes that leaders of the most powerful nation on earth should be doing more to address global poverty. We're the innovative, national campaign that is working to...
When a business grows, its affairs become more complicated in most cases. That is because the business is dealing with more outside entities. This impacts the relationships it has and makes it more complicated.
how the business adapts to challenges in the macro enviroment bylobbying,hedging and bargening sessions. and what is its links tomacro enviroment
With the old laws in South Africa one had to be 21 years of age to be a senior citizen but as laws changed a person now must be 18 years of age to be considered as an major.Therefore a 18 year old person may conclude into contracts aswell as get married without the acknowledgement of the parents.
the advantage of monoplies business is that businessman only earns profit.
According to the Michigan Employment Security Act, you only qualify for unemployment if you quit your job because of an action (or lack thereof) of your employer that a reasonable person would be unable to tolerate. You must first inform your employer of your concern and give them the opportunity to...
The OPEC Member Counties are: Algeria Angola Ecuador Iran Iraq Kuwait Libya Nigeria Qatar Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Venezuela
The role of entrepreneurship to the economic of Tanzania is to helpboost knowledge and tourism in the country in recent years.Entrepreneurship has increased mainly due to young females andselling goods made at home.
At December 2010, the Belgian GDP was 471,11 billion $. Use Google (GDP BELGIUM) for up-to-date information.
There are different measures that can be applied to improveproduction. You should ensure that you hire the right people andgive incentives to the employees. Proper training and complimentsto those who deliver will improve production.
Before the war we were one of the major grain baskets of Europe, with a GDP exceeding that - for instance - of Denmark. During the Communist regime the leaders tried to prove we could do anything and everything, so we tried our hand at all sorts of industrial branches, many bankrupt now. Our...
No, but it is also not to their advantage to do so. Unemployment insurance covers the cost of the paid money so it costs the company nothing extra. The penalty for lying on a Government document is heavy. They would be ahead to allow the collection of benefits. Additional information: The ...
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The IMF acquired the majority of its gold holdings prior to the Second Amendment through four main types of transactions. . First, when the IMF was founded in 1944 it was decided that 25 percent of initial quota subscriptions and subsequent quota increases were to be paid in gold. This represents...
Yes, you can collect both, but your unemployment will be offset by any disability benefits you receive. You also have to be ready, willing, able and actively seeking full time employment to qualify for the unemployment compensation. See the Related Link below for more details.
An advantage of being a financial advisor is that it is generallygood pay. A disadvantage is that it can be a high stress job.
1.756 trillion in 2006
The states generally base their unemployment tax rate to employers according to the size of their payroll and their employees continued employment. A large turnover rate of employees will generally increase their tax rate. This is one of the reasons some employers deliberately misclassify the...
The US national average retail gasoline price in 2009 was $2.35 pergallon. This equates to about $2.61 per gallon in 2015 dollars.
First you need to look at the tax return you have completed. Did you earn over $3000? if YES- You do not need to do anything. You qualify and will receive your payment. if NO- you will need to file an amendment to show the income of over $3000.
No, but you may be able to get specific types of help paying rent, utilities or for food on a case by case basis from various agencies. Better to seriously obtain a survival job of any sort until you find one that fits your abilities.
You are usually eligible to receive unemployment benefits even if you were fired so long as you were not fired for "gross misconduct," the definition of which is determined by the state unemployment agency and seems, in Texas, to include "work-related misconduct, neglect, or mismanagement" according...
Government of Pakistan always set a minimum price level of wheat to support the farmers from disheartening. Means that if the farmer is getting less price for its wheat crop in the open market. He may sell his wheat to government of Pakistan at a high price which set by the government.
quantity supplied is less than quantity demanded
The Consumer Price Index (CPI) basically measures inflation. The CPI takes a basket of goods and sees how much each of those goods costs. A change in the price of this basket of goods produces a change in the CPI. The CPI is representative of the prices of all goods in the economy for the United...
the fair trades aim is that to help the farmers from ghana more happy
The HDI combines normalized measures of life expectancy,educational attainment, and GDP per capita for countries worldwide. It is claimed as a standard means of measuring human development -a concept that, according to the United Nations Development Program(UNDP), refers to the process of widening...
A developed country has everything it needs to survive in the world . A devoloping country is a country that is working its way up to one of the thriving country, like the ones today.
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You need to explain the reasons for the move and why it was necessary (to be with a spouse who was transferred, military relocation, etc.)
A developed economy refers to a country that has a high level of economic security and growth. This is usually determined by the Gross Domestic Product or GDP, industrialisation level, infrastructure, and the general living standards.
Roughly 100 million out of the 300 million Americans.
make the work place a more friendly and well meaning environment
A: Judaism, as we know it today, evolved over a period of centuries, from the polytheistic religion that we now know the early Hebrews followed. There were several key points in the development of Judaism, but no single, identifiable beginning. An early economic factor was the influx into...
cultural globalization is something to do with globalization
The dictionary defines economics as "the branch of knowledgeconcerned with the production, consumption, and transfer ofwealth". You can find 100s more definitions and their authorsonline.
Simplifies representations of the real world
To collect unemployment benefits you must be ready, willing, and able to work. If you are not, you may fare better applying for disability benefits, if your problems are documented by a health professional and pervasive enough to qualify you. Many states will not provide unemployment benefits to...
This reference is in the Biblical parable of the talents. Three individuals are entrusted with different amounts of money (talents) while the master is away. When he returns the one entrusted with the least amount states he feared the master because he is a hard man... The statement references a...
Male Householders, no spouse present with no related children under 18
Louisiana, Mississippi, and the District of Columbia
...Remain the same or decrease, but not increase.
can be produced only if there is less production of some other products.