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noo, he wass actually prettyy weakk wen he was masked, it was cuz of his bro the undertaker he seemed stronng , hee iss muchh stronger noww thoo ANSWERED BY DX SUCK IT! =P
its absolutely wrong according to 2015 highlights masked kane(demon  kane)is better that cooperate kane
He did but as of October 2010,he is in tna.
Page is the fastest Diva.
Whenever wwe go on tour there.
Wrestlmania 27 tickets go on sale November 13.
Matt is madly in love with a girl named Rachel and Rachel may like him back but Matt has to get the guts to go and ask her out. Cuz i know that Rachel is madly in love with Matt too. So c'mon Matt and ask the girl out! :) <3 <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
ORDER OF ENTRY 1: Dolph Ziggler 2: Evan Bourne 3: C.M. Punk 4: JTG 5: Great Khali 6: Beth Phoenix 7: Zack Ryder 8: Triple H 9: Drew McIntyre 10: Ted DiBiase 11: John Morrison 12: Kane 13: Cody Rhodes 14: MVP 15: Carlito 16: The Miz 17: Matt Hardy 18: Shawn Michaels 19: John Cena ...
By wrestling for the WWE
Recovering from Surgery and for the record as of last night he is back.
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No, Randy orten got disqualified coz of the rest of The Legacy, but Randy orten might have won if it wasn't for Dibiase and Rhodes.
It has never been revealed if CM Punk has any children.
You have to unlock his face in SURVIVAL MODE.
The WWE has switched to a PG format for all of its shows so that more families will watch. More kids and more families equals a lot more money for the WWE but at the same time it alienates fans like me that want to see blood and hardcore matches every night.
Haven't been watching have you they havent'
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Yes, search matthardybrand
No he is not he is dating Michelle McCool and Lillian is married.
No.She's Not Working For WWE Anymore.
They didn't break up in order to break up with some you have to date them and Cena and Mickie never dated in real life.
1 Dolph Ziggler2 Evan Bourne3 CM Punk4 JTG5 The Great Khali6 Beth Phoenix7 Zack Ryder8 Triple H9 Drew McIntyre10 Ted Dibiase (Jr)11 John Morrison12 Kane13 Cody Rhodes14 MVP15 Carlito16 The Miz17 Matt Hardy18 Shawn Michaels19 John Cena20 shelton Benjamin21 Yoshi Tatsu22 Big Show23 Mark Henry24 Chris...
Well it was a very shocking rumble this year. Edge made his debut back to the WWE entering the rumble in the 29th spot. He won the rumble eliminating john cena. Beth phoenix even entered in the 6th spot and eliminated the Great Khali. I think edge will challenge shamus, but we will have to see....
The Rated R Superstar, Edge.
Giant Gonzales has passed on, so I don't think so.
Edge, after throwing John Cena over the top rope to get the  victory. 
  no she is in ecw homes
Edge won!!! Edge won!!! Edge returned to the wwe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Edge won the royal rumble entering in the 29th spot. He made his debut back tonight and will probably challenge shamus for the champion. Overall it was a good match would have liked to see john cena win or triple h, but that is the way it goes. Hope this helps you!
hbk he will end streak he has done so much for tho wwe he deserves glory again he never won the undisputed championship on the other hand undertaker did hbk needs to end the streak besides hbk hasn't won a world tittle in 8 long years remember all good things must come to a end it is time for hbk to...
  i don't know but i heard that he won that match
Jeff was having a hard time in WWE so he decided to take a break for a bit and now he is currently working with TNAFeb 2010 - No he is not working in TNA, he can not legally sign with anyone until his legal issues are cleared up!
Shawn Michaels has two children with his second wife Rachel. His  son, Cameron, was born in 2000 and his daughter Cheyenne was born  in 2005.
No, its his theme song "Metallingus" by Alter Bridge.
mickie James,Candice Michelle and Victoria :):):)
Yes, very few of them do, but yes. Here are the only ones that come to mind that are 100% official: Matt Hardy - youtube.com/MattHardyBrand Shawn Michaels - youtube.com/followshawnmichaels Mr Kennedy/Mr Anderson (TNA) - youtube.com/secondpower2 Most of the wrestlers have twitter though, you can...
the undertaker weighs 299lbs
No he doesn't anyone claiming to him is a fraud
There is no Women's Champion
The World Heavyweight championship. In 2010, Edge came back and won the Royal Rumble. He chose to face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.
  Rest In Peace by Jim Johnston on RAW: Greatest Hits-The Music   Rest In Peace by Jim Johnston on RAW: Greatest Hits-The Music   Reat in Peace by Jim Johnston on RAW: Greatest Hits-The Music
12 times, 10 time WWE champion, 2 time World Heavyweight Champion
mess around with other peeple
To raw then gets traded to smackdown
Yes she is. Miz is married to his longtime girlfriend and former  WWE Diva Maryse Ouellet on  February 20, 2014, in a private ceremony at the One and Only Ocean  Club in the Bahamas
Randy, daughter of Jack Paar is NOT thinking mean things like the answers.com comment about her.
Sheamus, Lagacy came out and distracted orton then sheamus hit orton with the kick
Rick Flair was the first ever WWE superstar.
He has two daughters Aurora Rose and Murphy Claire
The Songs Is Called Burn it to the Ground By Nickelback
becues he failde in drog test
Yes they should. I think if kids can be trusted not to copy the moves they see on tv it will be fine. Their parents should watch it with them. They can fast forward it at bad or scary parts.
At Royal Rumble 2010 Sheamus defeated Randy Orton by disqualification after Cody Rhodes interfered.
The Undertaker, January 31st, 2010. Royal Rumble
If you mean from the very beginning he made his first appearance in 1995, the same year he debuted. Raw started in 1993.
yes because the ones who use to be he allies turned on him and he now care about the fans.
you could try youtube, it might just have the highlights and there might be a couple of clips on wwe.com give them both a try and see what you get. i watched it by the way and it is awesome :)
no he's coming back at all he is just taking a break from wwe hope Jeff comes back he is wwe crazyist
NO , JOHN CENA has NEVER DATED MICKIE JAMES !!!! only in a wwe storyline on raw a few years back has she ever kissed him
  == Answer ==   She was born February 25 1982 in Ottawa Illinios.
what is the real name of torrie Wilson
As long as he is alive, he will never fully retire.
  Firstly, the band is not monster mash, but its monster magnet, and the song is called "Live for the Moment"
Shawn Micheal's, is a wrestler in WWE.
No you have to be 18
The charismatic enigma is Jeff Hardy, who is currently awaiting trial for opium trafficking.
Yeah, he won the Royal Rumble last night, so he's headed to WM XXVI
(2010) yes john cena is stronger than edge.