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TNA Total Nonstop Action

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This category is for information regarding TNA Total Non Stop Action - a professional wrestling promotion owned by Jeff Jarret.
They mostly sell shirt apparel at the events. There are usually around six or seven different shirts to choose from. They also sell toy action figures at some events but not all.If you are watching a show in the United States or Canada then it will be some merchandise from here:http://www.shoptna...
no but rob van dam is goinis to tna
Probably. He just got a new daughter, and therefore he's taking a break. Maybe he will have a comeback with HBK? :)
no he has not left tna. he is currently seen on tna in segments backstage where he apologizes to aj styles, matt morgan, d-lo brown, and devon. he wants another chance in tna
It is simple really because he has not signed a contract and can not sign one with anyone until his legal issues are cleared up.
If Jeff escapes a jail sentence WWE will sign him right away. However TNA is anxious to sign Hardy so it will be interesting to see what happens.
never but he did say when his career ended again he said im not gone forever im just gone for now well on youtube.com type in Jeff hardys last match it will say at the top Jeff hardys last match part 3 and that is what you whant so ya .
Dixie Carter is the presidant of TNA, and she owns part of TNA!(She owns more than Jeff Jarrett)Panda Energy LTD is a company that owns a tiny bit of TNA!
Bobby Lashley wrestled for the armed forces
TNA Impact! is on at 9pm on SpikeTv Also on bravo Saturday nights at 9pm
you grab them then jump on the ropes then jump off
It's Stevie and Dale oliver composes it. I don't know who in the hell sings it
i actually think that TNA is better as you can see the knockouts have more wrestling time but then again wwe is also great to watch as its entertaining.
Yes it is true. Mr macmonh fired him because he cuaght Jeff with drugs 3 times so he fired Jeff :(
He wrestled his first match for TNA at Genesis 2011 defeating Rob van Dam
vince doesn't own TNA nor is he interested in buying TNA
Still the twist of fate
dixie is the presidant of tna and no she has no family members in wrestling
Dixie Carter, her family owns 71% stock in TNA.
Other than who? I suggest taking a look at Tna's website : http://www.tnawrestling.com/stars/superstar-roster
I'ts a bit old now as many of the superstars have now transfered and new ones have come.
it's Taylor Lautner !
Network Interprises,Inc.
As of October 2010,it is Change me by phather,sun and the holy ghost
the TNA reruns used to be on Saturday mornings at 9:00am on spike tv and now its on Thursday nights since TNA moved to monday nights!not anymore
Wow! if this isn't just another battle between wrestling fans of 2 different companies. You guys should be attempting to answer the question and not fighting with one another about which company is better. I get so tired of seeing those things on the net. It's no wonder people with a brain stop...
no he will stay for a couple of months and geo to wwe
Yes, Jeff Hardy went to TNA.
Yes, Jeff Hardy is in TNA.
Yes he came to tna on 2010
he will fight february 13th
  he might be if you see in the rafters
Every Thursday Night on Spike TV at 9 o clock on channel 30 or you have time warner cable hd box 479
No, i very seriously dout it Vince Mcmhon is very rich but TNA is a very diffrent company.There is no chance that TNA defeats WWE in a Monday Night War. Most of the TNA are wwe castoffs or former wwe stars WAY past their prime. Plus the WWE has a lot more money than TNA and money was the only thing...
The cost for a TNA pay per view will varry. It will depend on the  pay per view, as well as whether you order in standard definition  (SD) or high definition (HD).
People like:Booker TScott SteneirAbdul BashirLaurenAlicia Flashand so on!
he hasn't exactly returned but when he appeared it was his original Modest by peroxwhygen
Wolfpac Theme (instrumental) by J.Hart
he has won the NWA heavyweight title 3 times in TNA and has won the TNA heavyweight title once
Ric Flair went to TNA so he can start a TNA version of WWE's evolution. AJ Styles, Beer Money and Kazarnian. Beer Money is Batista and Falair, Styles is hhh and Kazarnian is last but not least, the Randy Orton of Fourtine.They can also be reminded of WWE's Nexus.
she is dating AJ Styles
Karen angle Kurt angles wife but not enymoreJuly 16, 2008Karen Angle is not AJ's girlfriend nor has she ever been in real life. That is a storyline. In real life AJ is married to Wendy and they have two sons.
Go to a wrestling school near you. Get trained and if your lucky and TNA wants you they'll sign you if you show your wrestling record!!!
no he will never come back.
TNA is not WWE there is People in TNA how do not like Vince like  sting it is owned by Robert Carter and Panda Energy Dixie Dad is  Robert Carter. Jeff Jarret along with his dad Jerry Jarrett stated  the company. in 2002 Panda Energy took over  Yeah right Sting doesn't like Vince that why he has...
i know Jeff hardy from the back of my head i love him the reason why he is not wrestling in tna and its so obvoius he still miss wwe he don't want to betray his brother Matt right after they just united he and Matt want the hardy boys back espeacilly Matt he is not really winning like he use to he...
  Lots and lots of steriods!
You can not watch tna pay per views for free you have to pay 50 or 60 dollars why do you think it is called PAY per view a different person says: actually that's not compleately true you can goto hooters on baileys pub and grill or green turtle to watch
No Jeff Hardy is not going to stay in TNA. He will be back to WWE at Wrestlemania 26
it was immortal cos he was told by sting beforehand
Big show the wwe wrestler.He weighs 484 pounds(220 kilos) and stands 7 feet tall.Big daddy V weighs 1 kilo more
you never know i mean he just came back in 2010 and has hardly been in a match so you never know but i don't really think so because AJ styles is the champion and Ric flair can interfere
Yes, Kurt Angle quit WWE and is currently working for TNA (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling).
Yes, TNA is a wrestling company.
Impact! is now on Challenge TV at 10pm every Tuesday (following the USA Thursday airing). PPV's will be aired on the Wednesday after the event (Sundays). Challenge is on Sky channel 125, Virgin 139 and freeview 46.
wwe because they have more wresler and tna have 20 12 something like that
The current TNA Champions are: TNA World Heavyweight Champion - Sting defeated Jeff Hardy on TNA Impact! Aired on tape delay on March 3, 2011. Date won - February 24, 2011. TNA Television Champion - Gunner Defeated Murphy and Rob Terry in a three-way match on Impact! to win the vacant title. Date...
He is the Executive Share Holder of TNA!
because tna paid him enough money and i thank its stupid because of his big goodbye. i hate tna!
Please see related link for all the TNA employees.
If you mean his entrance music then as of october 2010,it is this one Sleeping Giant by Ten Fold