Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are noted for their heavy customizations that bring about the chopper style of motorbikes. Distinguished by their frame, suspension and engine, Harley-Davidson motorcycles may belong to one of the five model families: Touring, Sportster, Dyna, Softail, and VRSC.


2006 Harley alternator regulator schematic . wiring diagram for a 1996 harley softail
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To drive a scooter, you can be under 16, as long as it has no more than 50 cc engine. To drive a real motorcycle, anything above 50 cc, you have to have a class 6A, and have to be 16 or older.
I bought the service manual for my bike. It explained in detail everything I needed to do. If your going to buy the manual buy it online it's usually cheaper.
on the right side botom near front of rear swingarm (follow the tube down)
Remove the Phillips head screw at the rear of the seat. Next, remove one of the saddlebags by opening bag and turning the two cam screws , then lift bag up and out. This will give you access to the bolt securing the passengers seat strap. Once the strap is removed the seat can be removed giving...
calypso red,black,skyline blue,birch white and police silver.
I have a 65 XCH Sportster. The front tire size is 100/-19"under this it says 3.25/350 57H The rear is 110/90-18" I think it says 9.75 4.25 18". I believe these are stock for the year. Newer are different.
any harley dealership or reputable bike shops that carry harley parts. you will need the bushings and bolts and fluid also. It doesnt pay to just replace the seals. While you are there change it all. It is inexpensive. you also need the correct tools to seat the seals without damaging them. If you...
97 softtail takes 3 quarts of oil in oil bag 11/2 in primary.
If your problem is that you cannot stretch the spring enough to reach the holes on the kickstand as well as the small hole under the motor, you might try taking the kickstand off by removing the 1/2" bolt from the top of it, thread the spring into both holes and now you should be able to get the...
\nYou don't check it cold, check it hot and it should hold 3.5 quarts...and on the stand or level doesn't matter....warmed up engine and anywhere on your dipstick is good.
remove clutch cover on left side of primary cover " hold in on cover while unbolting" as to not let the spring fall or move and keeping rubber gasket in place, "bike must be standing level - not on kickstand" oil should cover bottom of clutch basket! oil should be replaced every 10,000 miles. clutch...
On mine, the oil stick cap has a wide and a narrow notch on opposite sides. Line the stick up so that the notches match properly. Press down a little and turn clockwise as you push the cap in. WHen it seats, press down a little and the button will click into the down position.
\nSitting on bike, left hand rear part of drain pan. The plug closest to the center of the trans side cover is the transmission (24ozs) drain plug
Answer . \nYour current carrier should be able to research that information for you.\n. \nIf you still have a mortgage, the mortgagee should also be able to check their past records.
i have an 08 fxdl and my heavy breather leaks out too. people tell me the orings aren't strong enough to keep the oil from leaking due to the amount of heat. its darn annoying if you ask me! I'm coming to the conclusion that its poor design!
Depends on what size ci. Originally they took a Champion #3 or #4, from Harley, and sometimes they used a #5, which is a "cooler" plug.
1 quart. Make sure you drain that old oil first!
If I'm not mistaken a 2004 Dyna Wideglide has an 88 C.I. motor. Harley does not list or advertise horsepower on any of their engines. I have a 2008 FXSTB Night Train with a 96 C.I. and stock it ran about 63 - 67 HP. So I would imagine a 88 incher would be running about 58 -60 HP.
You can take it to a battery place and they can test it under a load.
No. My 2002 Softail (Deuce) will start in gear, clutch in or clutch out, if the ignition is turned on.
Depends on the model. Check your manual.
there is a Allen screw on the side case fill until it begins to run out.
Mine held 2 quarts! Contrary to most specs saying 30 or so ounces.
It depends how much money you spend in improvements...
the oil tank is located under the seat check thebottom of the oil tank in the middle on the bottom and if you cant locate it there follow the hoses that come off of it and you canpinch the hose loosen it and then put the loosened end of hose into something to catch the old oil , then let it all...
Before starting.Use a heavy cable.Touch one end to the post on the voltage regulator marked field(fld) and the other end to the post marked battery (bat) .You should hear a click. Polorizing is complete.
No, but find out the requirements for the motor. Most normal motor oils don't meet manufactures requirements for wear protection.
Aluminum is offered as an option. My FXSTB has a steel chrome wheel but the spokes are zinc plated. The problem with zinc plating is it requires weekly care to prevent the zinc from being damaged by road dust, brake dust, and debris. Hope this helps
on the bottom of the oil pan
With Paperwork With the correct paperwork, yes. Also, if your garage is locked, put in the code or push the button. Otherwise, some garages are connected to your house somehow, try to get in from wherever your garage is connected. Further, there has to be someone at home to receive the search...
pull the primary plugs out of the primary case on the lefthand side of th bike,there should be two.fill the primary with 20/50 oil .the bike should be held upright.when oil starts to come out of the lower primary plug,stop adding oil.when the oil stops coming out of the hole (dripping).it is full ...
It was after 1930 when motorcycle riders were being thought of asoutlaws, and using the skull and crossbones as their emblem. Thecompany needed to change this image. Willie G. Davidson came upwith the "skull and wings" logo. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3963945
Trust me on this one: 29 lbs in front and 36 lbs psi in the rear.. I have a 2002 1200 Sportster Custom and religiously check the tire pressure.. Keep upright!
under the seat!. under the seat!
It has been made in one form or another since 1928. You can get an owner's manual at the Browning web site.
ANSWER: There is a tube underneath the engine right in front of the rear tire with a plug secured by a clamp. Remove that plug and let the oil drain into a containor. Replace the oil with fresh in the oil reservoir on the right side underneath the seat.
I don't know why it happens, but I am very happy to hear that someone ELSE besides me has this situation. I guess we are not nuts after all.
Adjusting the throw-out clutch adjustment is a snap with a small screwdriver. . Gene adjusted the clutch cable tight to afford a user friendly clutch. We used the coin gauge for demonstration, then we decided to remove the derby cover (27 mm Torx screws) to adjust the clutch pushrod. We were...
One the other side of Insterstate, dow the road from MountainMotorsports Conyers, GA
Harley-Davidson was created in 1903. It is only one of two motorcycle companies to have survived the Great Depression. The founders were William S. Harvey and Arthur Davidson.
The two founders of the company. Go to the HD website and you will find a company history that tells you more than you ever wanted to know about it.
on some models you can remove the stop bolt on top, and pull thestand all the way forwars. the spring should just slip on in thatposition.
use an Ohm meter to check the bulb for continuity and a volt meter to make sure that it is getting voltage in order to light up
Yes - as long as it is using the same size intake manafold.
Answer . From the sounds of this question, you are going to need more help than I can give. The plug is located at the bottom of the oil pan, and you need a wrench to remove it. Are'nt you even worried about the oil filter?.
Answer . Look at the rear or side of the oil pan
good instructions in the manual. I just removed mine to have it welded.
\nMy experience with failed Harley radios: I removed the radio and the dealer exchanged it with a working model. The Harley shops don't work on them, also, it depends on the malfunction. If you are lucky, perhaps an outside electronics shop might work on it. Don't remember what the cost was.
Open up your seat. At the back of it is your fuse box. You shouldsee a diagram on the top of the fus box showing you which fuse goeswhere. Just under this, tucked in from the side, is a 40 amp bigfuse. This is the maxi-fuse.
The main reason was to rubber-mount the drive train.Thus the hyme joints.
It is important to have a diagram when making a change in the brakelines. A diagram for the 1997 Expedition 4wd brake line can befound in maintenance manual of the car.
857. according to www.harley-davidson.com dealer locator by state all 50. 2007.. This number can change as there are new dealerships being built.. Dealer locator is at http://www.harley-davidson.com/DE/LOC/en/DealerLocator.asp?LL=en-US&AD4=USA&bmLocale=en_US&locale=en_US&bmLocale=en_US
Answer . Underneath the car.
If it's running lean or if you're using low octane gas.
The cost of the Sportster varies according to the age and features. A Sportster 883 L starts at around $7,500 while the Sportster 1200 begins at $9,800.
Harley Davidson clothing is unique because it is a trademarked brand, and as such can not be copied by other manufacturers. Harley Davidson also offers a distinct style which is easily recognizable and identifiable from other brands.
Not all carry the product logos, but most Harley Davidson products carry a product number or have the brand name tag attached.
Harley Davidson collectibles vary in price on eBay, depending on the specific item. These collectibles can range from a few cents to several thousand dollars.
Harley Davidson is a company that specializes in motorcycles. The Softail bike is a bike that includes shock absorbers and springs that are on the back wheel to help the rider avoid the shock of hitting bumps.
Affordability depends on the type of clothing for the Harley Davidson brand. A men's denim jacket for example is priced at 52 dollars. An extender is 16 dollars.
Buell Service Manuals are copyrighted and owned by the former Buell Motorcycle Company, and are now under ownership of Harley-Davidson Inc. As such there are no legally down-loadable Buell service manuals except for the online version of the 1996/1997 Buell Lightning Service Manual. That particular...
Harley Davidson offers group riding classes, as well as skilled riding lessons. They are offered throughout cities in the United States for a small fee.
There are many popular models of Harley Davidson Motorcycles, but there are some models that really stand out in popularity. The Sportser,the Softail, the VRSC, and the Dyna Glide are the most popular motorcycles.
As it is related to my bike, by pressing the station select button on the right hand grip will change the radio from AM to FM moving the same button fwd will advance the stations and moving rearward will change the station in the other direction.
Yes, Harley Davidson makes officially licensed leather jackets for toddlers. The company also makes other apparel for kids as well. This would be shirts, pants, hats, etc.
The Harley Davidson are a motorcycle brand. The brand have exude words like independence, strength & freedom. Their boot benefit mainly are gear for all type activity
With points, 25, with electronic ign, 40
Sites such as the official Harley Davidson site would be a good place to start for someone who is looking to purchase accessories. Other places that a person may want to check out would be sites that are dedicated to selling motorcycle accessories who also have Harley Davidson items available.
Harley-Davidson jackets may be purchased at a Harley-Davidson store or online at their site. They also may be purchased at various other online retailers such as EBay.
eBay offers great prices on Harley Davidson patches. Some of the cheapest patches that can be found on eBay start at about $16 and increase in price from there.