Motorcycle and ATV Maintenance

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Motorcycle and ATV maintenance is important to keep them running. Regularly changing the engine oil is recommended in addition to checking the air filter and ensuring all electrical contacts are solid.
Tighten it until it strips and then back it off a quarter turn.
Yes, most parts should.
You can get a wiring diagram for a Harley Davidson golf cart atvarious Harley dealers. You can also find it in the owner's manual.
\nWith stock gearing 65-70 mph
four stroke motorcyle oil
go with jms performance that guy is amazing
On the left frame just forward of the foot rest
If its bogging out at low revs it is most likely a clogged up idle jet, you need to take apart the carburetor and clean out the idle jet but while your at it you might aswell clean the whole carb. search on youtube 'how to clean a motorycle carb' and it should give you step by step instructions. As...
Kawasaki does not produce a street legal drifter.. Above answer not true! This person must only be familiar with Kawasaki snowmobiles.. Kawasaki produced the 1500cc Vulcan Drifter in the US from 1999 until 2005. An 800cc model was available from 2000 until 2006. Kawasaki does not release production...
How do you remove the gas tank from a 2007 1200 sporster?
Tools: Flat screwdriver Needle-nose pliers Wrenches/Socket (to install bracketry) Utility knife Plastic zip-ties Here is a picture of the front of the LS3 with no modification aside from an intake. I will be using the bracket next to the fuse box to mount the can. First step:...
Very doubtful, you might find a couple of things that would cross over. Your far better off to stick with parts that are made for your bike.
If you look on the case next to where you put tranny fluid in, it should tell you. There is no engine oil in a 2-stroke(as it is mixed in with the gas). I am assuming you are asking about the trans fluid.
well maybe,, depends on which model ur talking about, sportster, softail, touring, etc..Not every rim would fit on every bike.. most, if not all, wheels from 89-99 bikes are different than newer 2005 wheels,
You might need to replace the kick start gears
Did you lose your car keys or are you looking to hijack a car? ;)
The procedure is as follows: Insert the key into the ignition switch. Without pushing down, turn the key as far in the counter-clockwise direction as you can. You should hear a click sound from the front end of the seat. The seat is now ready to be removed by lifting on the front portion of the...
it goes like 50mph or higher
Baja Designs makes a dual sport kit for an 05 MXC, however do your homework before buying one. If you are planning on tagging your bike, not all states are friendly to this idea, check to see that you can tag it before purchasing a kit. Also remember that the MXC has a different transmission than...
192 with speedohealer. Mods were a PCIII and Muzzy exhuast. I couldn't say stock. This was done with gps speed recording device.
.038 to .043 for the 96cu. I alays run at .040 and no problems yet!
I have a sportster and it doesn't have a drain plug. It has a drain hose that is located under the engine and is connected to the rear pipe mount on a stud with a small hose clamp. Loosen the hose clamp and just pull the hose off the stud and the oil will drain. Don't forget when replacing the oil...
Right underneath the gas tank lies the Carburetor, there you'll find the idle screw. It's a big fat screw with a spring.
recently bought a 883 up. to 1200 with no manuel. need to know what kind of oil i should use and where to add this oil. also where is the oil drain plug. thanks
The oil filter is on the right hand/front side under the oil cooler lines. Remove the three Allen bolts and the oil filter element is in there!! Behind the drain plug, at the bottom of the case.
The 300EX requires 1.65 quarts without oil filter change and 1.69 quarts with oil filter change. Complete engine rebuild require 2.11 quarts.
Answer . On the right side of the bike (if you were sitting on it) there is a cover that is not cover by the plastics, this is the clutch cover. On the clutch cover, there is a dip stick to check the oil level, this is where the oli goes.
2.6 if you are just replacing the old oil 3 to 3.5 if you have just rebuilt the engine
Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R/ZX636R range from the mid 90's to now and traditionally every 2 years a minor/medium model update was done and every 4 years a completely new design. As such, the HP and performance has increased over the years. I can give my own experience as an example, Kawasaki claims the...
br9es, br9eg, br9egv, br9ev, rn2c, if it fould all the time something else is wrong
20 thousandths,.020 on a feeler gauge.
yea, it came out a while ago.
It's hard to start it if your sittin at the puter
Yamaha dealerships can assist with any questions relating to abike. The company can let a person know how to find out the yearand model of a bike owned. The dealership usually assist with anyrepairs as well.
65 to 70 mph stock
look under the frame of your bike just in front of the rear should be able to locate the drain line with a bolt or something as a plug and a screw fastener holding the bolt in the tube. simple take a flat head screw driver to release the tension on the fastner, remove the bolt, and make...
It is underneath the seat just behind the fuel tank and forward the battery. There are two round openings in a piece of plastic. This piece is removed and the filter is below.
By 1liter concentrated coolant oil and mix with 3liters of water and fill the expansion bottle up to the maximum level
Make sure your computer has no viruses
My vn1500 had a round sight glass on the lower right side of the engine. The bike should be sitting up straight (get a friend to hold the bike to be safe). The oil level is correct if it covers half the glass.
It will hold approximately 2 quarts. Honda recommends GN4 10W40. A better alternative is Amsoil synthetic 10W40.
There isn't a definitive way. I would suggest to remove the intake valve adjuster cap ( the one on the top, near the carb/intake ) start the engine and you should see oil pumping around the valve spring. However, if the engine runs I would not expect you have an oil pump problem as the engine would...
No the banshee has 2 cylinders. The warrior has 1 cylinder also banshee is a 2 stroke motor.
Honda recommends a 20:1 ratio for the older 2 stroke engines. The best premix oil you should use is Honda HP2 for this ratio. Use a ratio-rite ( available at most motorcycle shops ) to ensure a proper mixture.
This is an older unit and a variety of problems could cause this ranging from low compression, weak spark, blown crankshaft seals, carburetor issues ect. your question would need to be more specific to really give a better answer.
If you're buying the oil yourself, you'll need to purchase 5 quarts of 5W-20. The actual engine capacity is approximately 4.6 quarts. If your getting the oil changed buy any service provider, (i.e. the "quick lube"), they should know these numbers in their sleep. Just make sure they show you the...
all blasters are interchangeable . not true in 2003 the added hydro brakes and a new hood. the axle will fit tho but . most of the parts are interchangable execpt the rear axle and carrier and the breaks and hood
YES. The blaster is alot faster
Depends on the gearbox, the sprockets and various other compents but probably not much over 100mph if it gets there at all.
AMSOIL Series 2000 20W-50 Racing Oil Best there is, changed about every 30hrs.
Remove passenger seat, tool kit from the storage area under the tail section. There are 2 black knobs approx. 1" diameter that hold the taillight into the tailsection. Unscrew both knobs and remove them. wiggle the taillight and it will fall out and dangle by taillight wiring. this will expose the...
Purely depends on the condition of the bike and wether or not the buyer is a collector. but it could be anything. i sold mine for £6000, it was in an ok condition.
Depends on the model. Please be more specific.
Answer . \nThis may help, from another forum:\n. \nMy 300TE has started to lose power steering fluid. The reservoir drains over about a month, you can see the fluid on the base of the steering box :( . Is there a seal I can replace easily, or am I up for a lot of £££? I'm reasonably competent...
Drain plug is under the frame, under the engine. Reach under and find hole about 3/4'' in diameter.
it depends on the depth of the water and the size of you ATV but you should be able to go though some water
The lower the amperage, the deeper the charge, but also the longer it takes. Use the 2 amp if you have the time.
i have owned mine since 1996 its a standard full power with exception of a pro stock 4-2 system it gets about 27-45 to the gallon depending how much you use the v-boost i usually average 97 miles to a full tank before hitting reserve (bearing in mind its a 13ltr tank)
Best guess is about 200cc. Little bit more or less depending on engine design. Displacement does not directly translate into HP. Bad best geuss...5.0 =158cc and 190cc is a 6.75hp
Remove the seat.. Remove the battery.. Replace the battery.. Replace the seat.
it depends on who is riding . but the bikes are the same hp.
It is located on the side of the engine, above the rear brake pedal. Should have 3 small screws to loosen and the cover will come off. Be careful not to damage the O-ring on the inside of the plate, and make sure you put it back when finished. I also recommend getting a K&N washable filter. After a...
Oh man in order for me to get the filter out i had to unbolt an oil line right below it and also unbolt the canister of my exhaust near the back of the bike an apply a slight pressure down wards while someone else wiggled the oil filter out. it was quite a pain.
Since HP and displacement are not directly related, I can only say that it is probably in the neighborhood of 200cc.
no they changed they bolt pattern after 2002. from 99 - 02 they are the same style
no! use only motorcycle oil. automotive oil will not protect the clutch on a motorcycle and synthetic oils for cars are not designed to protect the clutch either.
no, but rm85 graphics will
Not sure on an official valuation, as obviously with a trials motorcycle damage can vary a lot, and overall condition plays a huge part. Working on an average condition 14 year old Sherco 250 - I'd ask for around £700 Poor condition - £2-500 Good condition - £750 to £800 Not...
40:1 also yamalube smells the best
Likely low battery- the click is the starter solenoid trying to pull in, but not enough current to turn the starter motor. If it will start with a jump, either battery or charging system needs attention.
Check the wiring to the cylinder - check the pick-ups on the flywheel - start checking your coils and your CDI boxes. You can switch the wires from the good side and try it on the bad side to see if it works. If it does then you know that part is good if it doesn't then you know which one is bad....
all you have to do is hold the reverse override and you will have 4x4
You have to drop one of the forks.