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Yes, here is a list of examples in no particular order (please add to this list): Deborah Queen Esther Huldah Golda Meir Hannah Senesh Diane Feinstein Dana Bash Nina Beth Cardin Nicole Feld Arna Poupko Fisher Meryl Frank
totter in Tagalog: gumiray-giray
It means "the [feminine, singular] to dress" It's gibberish.
I think it means: Do you want a blowjob? but I'm not 100% sure if mamanda means blowjob.
Afrikaans = skat   Albanian = thesar   Arabic = كنز (kanz)   Armenian = գանձի պես պահել   Basque = altxorra   Catalan = tresor   Chinese = 宝藏 Bǎozàng   Danish = Skat   Dutch = schat   Estonian = aare   Filipino = kayamanan   Finnish = aarre  ...
Deric is an English loan name in Italian. Specifically, the English loan name is a masculine proper noun. It traces its origins back to the Old German name Theodoric. Its original meaning is "ruler of the people." The pronunciation is "DEH-reek."
when he co-sgned for meafianzo - vouch
cha bidh mi a dhiochnaicheadh thu    comment:   'S gu bràth mi dhith cha dhì-chuimhnich.   (And I will never forget my homeland.)                    
It means 'dogs' it has a circumflex (^) over the 'w'.
The heart is 'le coeur' in French. The brain is 'le cerveau'.
The word latin in the English language would be Latin.
tu es le / la pire tu es le pire joueur de guitare du quartier > you are the worst guitar player around the block.
la menthe (fem.)
Happy birthday 'Happy Birthday' in Chinese is '生日快乐'. In pinyin it is 'sheng ri kuai le'.
The word 'ren' may be used in mean 'pure' in Swedish. 'Pur' may also be used, but may be a bit dated.
No. Tradition holds that it started around 2000 BCE, but archaeological evidence goes back to 1600 BCE.
You can say "¿Dónde puedo conseguir identificación ahora?"
我的怪朋友 (Wŏ de guài péng yŏu)
don't spill or throw this food
'en avance' is the French for in advance.
the samoan word for miracle is: Vavega
Scotland is Alba; Australia is Astràilia.
The regular window looks like a perfect window.
The Irish word tóraí means 'pursuer; seeker; hunter. Historically it came to mean a 'bandit; outlaw; robber'.
Irish: a seacht Scots: a seachd
La meilleure nourriture jamais restaurant.
your country = Votre pays
Literally, "alofa o lo'u ola"
狩りの神 /ka ri no ka mi/ is translation of 'God of Hunt' into Japanese.
" Of your friends " is one English equivalent of the Italian phrase Di tuoi amici . Specifically, the preposition di is "about, of, regarding". The masculine possessive adjective tuoi means "(informal singular) your". The masculine noun amici translates as "friends" in the sense of either...
German:Noun:a native or inhabitant of Germany, or a person of German descent [mass noun] a West Germanic language used in Germany, Austria, and parts of Switzerland, and by communities in the US and elsewhere . It is spoken by some 100 million people. Adjective:relating to Germany, its people, or...
小狗 [xiǎo gǒu]
Happy Friday = Hau'oli Pō.ʻalima [how'ohlee po-ah-lee-ma]
it means ocean water I know because its my name
In Chinese Cassidy means Sack religious girl.
  Schon von Beginn an war Checker Pig sehr aktiv im Radrennsport. Die "Grinsende Sau" war Kult in der Rennszene. Nicht nur "Offroad", sondern auch auf der Strasse und auf der Bahn, wo Michael Hübner Weltmeister und Jens Fiedler Olympiasieger auf Checker Pig wurden.   Scroll down to related...
" Magnificent " is an English equivalent of the Italian word magnifica . Specifically, the Italian word is the feminine form of an adjective. The pronunciation is "mah-GNEE-fee-kah." The masculine form, magnifico , is pronounced "mah-GNEE-fee-koh."
I think you mean Mach' Dir keine Sorgen über all dies which translates as Don't worry about all of this
It's written 坊 /bou/. It's the kanji for 'boy, & priest, as in 坊主 /bou zu/ which means both 'monk' and 'young boy'. As an honorific it's used to show endearment and familiarity towards a young boy. Often used to make a nickname for a kid by other children.
"faire du sport" is the French equivalent to 'play sports'
" Hello, Beautiful! The beautiful romance !" is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase Ciao, Bella! La bella romanza ! Specifically, the greeting ciao is "bye, goodbye" or "hello, hi" depending upon context. The feminine adjective/pronoun bella means "beautiful". The feminine singular...
"Lioness" in English is leonessa in Italian.
Grandmother = Großmutter Granny= Oma.
intricacies in Tagalog: mga kaguluhan
== Answer ==     Sanitas, -atis (f)
  == Answer ==   pê-ræs-kê-vey-dê-kæ-tri-ê-'fo-bi-yê
The word deam means goddess. Latin- deam (Accusative Singular of dea, deae, f) English - "goddess"
ボビー /bo bii/ is Japanization of the name 'Bobby/Bobbie'.
getting drunkon a benderinebriated
It would be 'montana-shuu,' written in Japanese as: モンタナ州
Ayin (עין) means "eye" in Hebrew. It is also the 16th Letter of the Hebrew alphabet (ע).. More information about the letter Ayin . Ayin is the sixteenth letter of the various Semitic alphabets, including:. Phoenician ʿayin = 𐤏 . Hebrew ʿayin = ע . Aramaic ʿē = 𐡏 . Ugaritic 'Ain = ...
Literally "you I love ma beautiful" whoever said it did not conjugate their verb ( amo ) correctly
Negozio is a literal Italian equivalent of the English word "store." The masculine singular noun also may be translated literally as "shop" and loosely as "deal," "negotiation" or "transaction." The pronunciation will be "ney-GO-tsyo" in Italian.
Vae Lapo'a. Big feet - "Vae tetele (Big)". "Lapo'a" is "fat".
I'm not sure what you mean by '3 star', I'll take it as a name (of a place etc). It would be 'Surii sutaa e youkoso'.
estaba jugando no es para que tu gritesI was playing (or joking) no need for you to yell
Tagalog translation of TOLERATING: kinukunsinti
Spelled like that, it is probably two syllables, like "pas-sed". This is borne out by its use in verse lines in some early plays such as "And passed sentence may not be recall'd" from Act 1 Scene 1 of The Comedy of Errors or "Make thee beg pardon for thy passed speech." from Henry VI Part II Act 3...
Yukinojou is a Japanese name written 雪之城, if to be assigned a literal meaning it would be 'snowy castle'.
A Latin equivalent of the English noun 'license' is copia , in terms of 'license' as official permission. Another is licentia , in terms of 'license' as unwarranted freedom. The Latin equivalent of the English verb 'to license' is potestatem dare , in which the noun 'potestatem' means 'power' and...
Emilia is a rare example of a name that's spelled exactly the same in Hawaiian as it is in English.
baraak Allah u laak waa baraak 3alaayk waa jama'a beynaa kumm feel khayr
Bonne journée (bone zshore-nay)