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Literature includes written works of an imaginative, journalistic or scholarly nature. Language is a system of spoken and written symbols by means of which people can communicate with each other. We invite you to ask and answer questions about languages and literature; including pronunciation, grammar, definitions, examples, acronyms, abbreviations, etc.
Some tropical fruits taste bland, while others have a more  enjoyable sapidness.    The sapidness of plantains and bananas led to their wide  cultivation in Latin America.
5 days after christmas, sadly in his sleep.
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== Answer ==   It's a book that was written by Arthur Golden. There was also a movie made from the book as well.   However I would not use the book as a reference to Geisha's and their lifestyle since there are so many inaccuracies in the book. It is a Very good book though.
futatsu wa hitotsu ni naru
gender roles are roles that can be performed boys and girls while sex roles can be performed because of being male and female
anu ano ang dahilan ng alitan
Yes. Any verb can be used as a noun to refer to an specific instance of the action. It can also be modified to be used as an adverb by changing it to "protestingly."
Almost at the middle of the page there is a man being carried on a throne, above him are two men the key is between them.
같이 가자 [gatchi gaja]   literally: "together go let's"
travels at different speed and length
yes he did it was hathor but some think notI appreciate commets :}
Author (just say "author unknown"). Name of website (underlined) Name of institution responsible for the site (company, etc.) . date of copyright or posting or last updated. web. date you accessed the site <the web address>
He tried to escape jail and was running towards the gate and the jail officers shot him 17 times
flying saucer = fliegende Untertasse
different reactions from weak acids and conjugate bases changes the behavior in the buffer
Spain is 9 hours ahead of Seattle, WA, USA
Various circumstances that need to be acknowledged or thought about
Recollect the Face of Me is an example of a conjunction poem. The  poem was written by a woman named Rebecca Hazelton.
This is a pretty stupid question to be asking considering the obvious answer is goku, Kratos is cool, i love the Game's but have you been watching Dragonball (Z/GT) Kratos would get murdered in an instant, i don't even think kratos would phase goku..
According to my edition of the play, Juliet does not say lines 137-138. Clearly your edition must have different line numbers. Juliet's lines which surround it, and especially those which follow, deal with the themes of love and death, and love and family strife found in the Prologue. But they do...
Balinguyngoy :)
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the author the scent of earth
The Arctic Circle marks an area north of the Equator, and the  Antarctic Circle marks an area south of the Equator, where there is  at least one 24-hour period annually of no sunrise or sunset.
The word none is a pronoun meaning not any one. It can also be an adverb meaning to no extent.
Yes, she did. She fully accomplished her goal after she died
si kevin durant yata e !!
No, influenza is a concrete noun.
1. Ion-ion dapat bergerak dari sel yang satu ke sel lainnya 2. Mengganti ion-ion positif dan ion-ion negatif yang kekurangan dalam masing-masing sel 3. Untuk menetralkan
basically same but sonar uses ultta sonic waves and echo uses sound in air
It depends on the year you were born not the month.
1. teknolohiya 2. prodyuser 3. nagtitinda 4. kagastusan 5. presyo ng ibang produkto 6. subsidiya 7.panahon/klima
Killer Bee, a shinobi from Kumogakure(Village Hidden in the Cloud). Younger brother of 4th Raikage
Rumble can be a verb or a noun. It is a concrete noun (a noun that can be experienced with one of the five senses, in this case sound, hearing).
Moscow, Russia is 8 hours ahead of New York, NY, USA
As far as I am aware Margaret Rutherford
YOUNG DICOT STEM:-SUPPORTING TISSUES are1- Parenchyma tissues2-Schlrenchyma tissues3-Collenchyma tissues4- Turgidity of walls of tissuesWOODY DICOT STEM:-SUPPORTING TISSUES are1-Cork cambium2- Vascular cambium
The plural of colleague is colleagues. This follows the basic rule  for forming most plurals: just add an "s".
How are charities and governments helping to improve Shanty Towns?Over time the conditions in shanty towns may improve. In many LEDCs, local communities, charities and government departments are working together to improve conditions in squatter settlements. Improving conditions in a squatter...
sir my project is HR-recruitment in php but i have no metter for study can send me documentaion me HR-recruitment. BUT FIRST SUCK ON GOT EEMM
Chuvash translate to afrikaans
  To learn important things such as how to spell words such as 'foundation' and 'university'.     Joking aside a foundation course is to allow someone with insufficiency UCAS points to get into uni to complete a one year course thus allowing then access to their chosen course.
Rudyard Kipling was the author.
The simple past tense of see is saw: I saw the movie. The past  participle is seen: He has not seen the movie.
sino sng pinuno ng enerhiya
yes! the books give more detail and better explanations for what is happening.
The difference between A105 and A106 is dependent upon the  reference from which it is derived. In many situations A105 is one  less than A106.
ano ang pagkakaiba ng sawa sa ahas
There are three degrees of adjectives (comparison).   1. The Positive Degree (i.e. simple, for one or more things)   2. The Comparative Degree (compares attributes of two things)   3. The Superlative Degree (compares attributes of more than two  things)    The Positive Degree: This...
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ano ang makukuhang sustansya sa mangga
The adjective relating to Mongolia is Mongolian
Mark (Latin/Roman) is "dedicated to Mars". Mars was the Roman god of war. Below is link.
captain hook and the pirates
syempre! KARUNUNGAN.. Guada.. ang karunungan ang susi sa pagkakaroon ng karangalan..
sabihin mo naman
Incident has three syllables. It is divided (for purposes of  hyphenation) as in-ci-dent.
Laurent had no mate until he left James' coven (the American nomads) and followed Carlisle's suggestion to go to the Denali coven (tanya and her family) where he met Irina and became her mate. That's why irina reused to fight with the cullens and turned them them in for creating a immortal child...
So that people can have a style
  there is a lot of different stuff in it and, stainless steel is used for fridges, and carbon is used for pipes
(1) Determiner: a, an, the, some, his, those (2) Sequence: words first, second, hundredth, next, last (3) Quantifiers: one, two, many, much, few, little, some (4) Impression: beautiful, awful, amazing, stupid (5) Physical Description:-Size:big, little, small, huge -Age:old, young, middle-aged,...
ito ang tawag sa pagpatay sa higit 6 na milyong hudyo sa utos ni Hitler
ang awa ay nasa diyos dahil siya ang tumutulong at nasa tao ang gawa dahil ang tao ang gumagawa ng mali o kasalanan
簡單的話 - Jiǎndān dehuà   Basically, "words that are simple".
Mababang Paaralan ng Abad SantosRizal St.,ParanaqueMarso 15 .1999Gng.Paula ReyesAdoracion Flower Shop12 Rizal Avenue,MnilaGng.Paula Reyes: Mangyari lamang pong padalhan ninyo kaming sumusunod na Bulaklak na aming kailangan sa pagtatapos sa Sabado,Marso 21,1999: 2 Dosenang gladiohang dilaw 1 Dosenang...
semitic nations descended from a common father, Abraham
"Not at my desk " is the right one.