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Literature includes written works of an imaginative, journalistic or scholarly nature. Language is a system of spoken and written symbols by means of which people can communicate with each other. We invite you to ask and answer questions about languages and literature; including pronunciation, grammar, definitions, examples, acronyms, abbreviations, etc.
To write a anecdote story you will need to think of a lesson your parents or guardian have taught you. Once you do that you can write it out in a little story or paragraph.EX: The time my parents told me not to lie, or not to steal, or maybe even taught you your manners.
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Most people do not realise that she was well read regarding poisons  etc, she had an analytical mind and read extensively, picking up  stories from newspapers and magazines.
The word for welcom is bienvenida.
 Tourism product is a group of components or elements brought  together in a 'bundle' to satisfy the consumer's need. A  tourism product is anything that can be offered for attraction,  acquisition or consumption. It includes physical objects, services,  personalities, places, organizations...
  == Answer ==   black plague 
the amulet has a purple gem with gold and silver.
it is not a demon form it is potion found by orchimaru with different fluids in it
you should always explore the world if you can.
There are a lot of good tutorials on youtube for this, but I  recomend getting a free trial of Adobe After Effects
There is no collective noun for accept. The word 'accept' is  a verb.    A collective noun is a noun used to group nouns for people or  things in a descriptive way.    Examples of collective nouns are herd, as in a herd  of sheep or bouquet, as in a bouquet of flowers.
kumonista ay Hindi na aktibo.
... You Don't. Coz He's A Vampire And Would Kill You... P.S. Dude... Edward Cullen Is A Fictional Character...
  Lucky you. We just were studying greek mythology in school. Hercules god-like power is incredible strength.
yes he did live with family members some have heard
Well there is ALOT of different ways my name is maddison , but i like to use maddie it can be spelt like maddie like i spell it or maddy or maddi eathier of them is A VERY good way to spell it :) thank you :)
Miss Jean Brodie symbolizes fascism in terms of her relationship with her students, particularly the Brodie group. Her eloquence, sophistication, and supposedly advanced techniques of teaching are met with disgust and adoration. However, despite her seemingly sophisticated attitude, Miss Brodie has...
Beautiful is an adjective.
Poets of the Heart, Poets of Life, Poets of the Stage
"an-fáilte" should be "an-fháilte" "you gcónaí" should be "i gcónaí" "Do an fháilte i gcónaí mar" means "your great welcome always because"
ang imprastraktura ay ang mga buildings na dinadaanan ng buwis :)
He also wrote sonnets and long narrative poems.
There's Hal, Leo, Mimi, Conker, Freda, Jolly and Merry there the ones I can think of
Thomas Carlyle (4 December 1795 - 5 February 1881) , Scottish satirical writer, essayist, historian and teacher.
It takes place of a noun, so its a pronoun
The 5 parts of a personal letter are: Heading - This includes the recipient's address and the date (in some cases, it's OK to just write the date) Greeting - the act or an instance of welcoming (Dear.......,) Body - the main text of your letter Complimentary closing - The closing includes a short...
There's no concrete difference between the two servers. Here is a  list of the few differences that I was able to decipher:   1) WL is developing more rapidly than WAS   2) WL is more user friendly than WAS   3) In some cases WAS is slower than WL   4) Classloading is esasier to...
it's " shamaal" & written as " شمال
Krypton comes from the word kryptos, which is Greek for "hidden one".
Not that I am aware of , he preferred to write and voice  expresively his views
    There are many leaves on that tree.   (pl. of leaf)subject     She always leaves extra cookies out.   (verb)         A spell was cast over the land.   subject     She didn't spell November correctly.   verb
He did not become a god, he was born as one.
the second book in the twilight saga is called New Moon.
attitude is some thing that depends on mind of a person. altitude is some thing that says about appearance of a thing. for example height.
The word "firstly", meaning "initially" or "finishing in the first position", is an adverb but and is not considered to be proper for use in formal English. "First" is the preferred word.
Well first kamu harus faham perkataan ini. kalau kamu gagal kamu harus pakai google translate supaya menolong kamu memahami perkaan ini.
Ang sanhi ng digmaan ay yung pananakop ng ibang bansa ng walang pahintulot sa mga nakatira doon.Alitan, pag aagawan ng mga kayamanan.
Umunlad ang ekonomiya ng Pilipinas noong dekada 1950 at 1960, ngunit nagkaroon ng kaguluhan noong mga huling taon ng dekada 1960 at mga unang taon ng dekada 1970 laban sa mapang-aping diktatoryal ni Pangulong Ferdinand Marcos na nagdeklara ng batas militar noong 1972. Dahil sa malapit na...
Chewbacca and Mario
Nausheen as a name means sweet, pleasant  agreeable.
"A little more than 108!"
mot = word  "Un mot" = a word 
croissant! it's a French word so it is spelt the same in French as  it is in English! :)
Nitrogen fixation is a biochemical process that transfer atmospheric nitrogen (N2) into NH3. The former is bio-unavailable, while the later one is bio-available. There is no analogy process for phosphorus.
Anorexia Nervosa is a devastating disorder whose name was first established by Sir William Gull in 1873 and is of Greek origin: a (a, prefix of negation), n (v, link between two vowels) and orexis (appetite), thus meaning a lack of desire to eat.
amanat means trust or keepsake
Sa araw ng mga puso ay simbolo ng pagmamahalan ng bawat isa. sa araw na ito ay ipinagdiriwang nila ang kanilang pagkakaibigan o kanilang pagmamahalan sa isa't isa. ito rin ang araw na nagpapatawaran sa bawat isa.
this learning package is intended to suplement your classroom learning while working independently.
No. A synonym of sewage is waste, which is a homophone of waist.
My name is Brooke - "Me llamo Brooke" (may yawm-oh Brooke) You could also say "Mi nombre es Brooke" (mee nome-bray eys Brooke)
anagrama lamang ito ng kanyang apelyido
Henry The V and his wife.
Education FriendshipLoveNatureSelf-Relience
Not enough players wish more stilled played
  What is the difference between the light dependent and the dark reactions of the calvin cycle?
The collective noun is a set of crockery.
they are in swimsuits in one of the shippuden endings.
vous avez des beaux yeux (is more usual)
  Why not? The reason for continueing reading a book involves understanding the characters, the situations and so on. Exactly when a book was written may not matter.
I think you may be looking for a general classification - these are all the "Romance" languages, meaning "derived from the Romans".
La misma ropa que en la calma, ya que la ropa Prospero se adapta y se puede llevar en cualquier tipo de situación. (The same clothes he wore all the time, since the clothes he wore were designed for every situation.)The Tempest is a play which encourages the imagination of costume designers....
lagi ka Hindi pinapansin lagi ka nya binabaliwala
example of setting a trap for your memory say you're walking to class and suddenly remember that your accounting assignment is due tomorrow. switch your watch to the opposite wrist . now you're "trapped".every time you glance at your wrist and remember that your are were supposed to remember and...
  Preludes - An Analysis   Written: Aug 16 '01Pros:This is poetry that sings. TS Eliot was a master of the language. Cons:Eliot was often purposely obscure, showing off his education. The Bottom Line:Hope wrapped in Despair. TS Eliot was truly a modernist. Preludes, one of the early poems in...
juanes live in key Biscayne Florida he actually lives a block away from me
probably the attrition rate has increased a lot in recent year so you can work on this topic.
What is importance of auxiliary verbs in sentences
force- is when you force something to move from one spot to another
The past tense of rebuild is rebuilt. It follows the  same conjugation as the verb build, which has the past tense  built.
  My scintific word for v is vortex
Lord Capulet's reaction of Juliet's death was that he was shocked and grieved over it but got over it. Lady Capulet's e'action was that she was shocked and also grieved over it but never got over the death of Juliet
You have spelled it correctly: descend. The noun form is descent.  The opposite--going up--is ascend.
Quoted from Atticus in To Kill A Mockingbird
A card catalog is something that used to be used in library  systems. However, most of the time, libraries now used computerized  card catalogs. A subject catalog would be filed alphabetically  according to the subject of the material, rather than the author.
That is the correct spelling of the word "jewelry" (uncapitalized).