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Literature includes written works of an imaginative, journalistic or scholarly nature. Language is a system of spoken and written symbols by means of which people can communicate with each other. We invite you to ask and answer questions about languages and literature; including pronunciation, grammar, definitions, examples, acronyms, abbreviations, etc.
NO i cannot answer the freakin sentence
Crackling and popping
maybe....suzanne weyn is talking to her publisher(scholastic)
Charlotte Bronte. Charlotte was the 3rd child, Emily was the 5th.
A wide shallow metal container used for cooking is a pan.
Translation: Anta Ghaadeb (انت غاضب)
You can look goth by wearing a lot of black.
He plays Carlisle Cullen the father of Edward Cullen. So yes he does.
its not what does a lepaerchaun live in... its where! . a leperchaun lives at the end of a rainbow of course! . goodness, you silly chap!
Books cost a lot in 1800's compared to how little people earned.Small softcover books sold for 25 cents and hardcover books weresold for $3.
Translating "Hey What is Up" to Spanish is "Hola, que tal? "
Elizabeth had just learned that Darcy had separated Jane and Bingley from marrying, and he hadn't denied it. He was also constantly alluding to how rude her family is, which offended her, and of course, Wickham had lied to her that Darcy was an extremely cruel person.
Goal (as in Soccer) -- Gol! Goal (as in an achievement) -- Meta, logra
With regard to surety, the creditor can look to the surety forimmediate payment upon the occurrence of a default by the principalobligor or debtor. However, where an individual is a guarantor, thecreditor must first attempt to collect the debt from the principaldebtor/obligor before demanding...
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had 5 children. 2 with his first wife, Louisa Hawkins, names Mary Louise and Arthur Alleyne Kingsley, and 3 with his second, Jean Elizabeth Leckie, Denis Percy Stewart, Adrian Malcom, and Jean Lena Annette.
the rhyme scheme for all of them except the last are A B C B last one rhyme scheme A B C D
It means "to walk."
DOS is a command line interface, and Windows is a graphical interface.
There is only one synonym for the word many that begins with an o.This synonym is oodles of and some other synonyms include numerous,a lot of, and plenty of.
One's the Disney version (fairy), and the other is more mythological (faerie also called faery).
a wig is called 'une perruque' (fem.) in French
Try this http://www.astarmathsandphysics.com/gcse_physics_notes/gcse_physics_notes_units_and_conversion_factors.html
Those letters spell out the word "Prospector" My tip for these is to write out all the letters in a circle. As an example, let's say you have the letters S, A, C, and T. Write it out on a piece of paper like this... S A C T Now look at the letters. Just try combining them in your head...
Grendel tormented Heorot for 12 years before Beowulf defeated him.
Four: English, French, Italian, Spanish. Her major in college was in French literature, and Spanish/Italian are similar to French so she was able to write and speak them as well, though less fluently then her French and certainly her English. She spoke fluent French since she was a child. It...
Señor is the equivalent of "Mr." but can also mean "man". It is used with a last name. "Don" is an honorific, used to show respect(for the person or the rank), and is used with a first name.
Yes, song titles are capitalized. Titles of all kinds of creativeworks are capitalized.
It's slang for a hand gun of any type. A tuli (hand gun) is not registered, though. ie : "Nobody wants to mess with this dude because he has a tuli on the waist line."
They probably mean somebody .
Aidoneus, Aides (meaning, like Hades, the unseen), Pluto (the rich one), Ditis Pater, Dis Pater, Dis(all meaning the rich one), Orcus (killer), Polydectes (the receiver of many), Clymenus (the Illustrious), Eubulus (the giver of good counsel), etc. He is the "one of many names".
A sole proprietorship has one individual owner. A partnership is made up of 2 or more owners.
well you just said it correctly!
The man sat the table pensively gazing at his notes.
First years were required to bring the following: a wand, subject books, a standard size 2 pewter cauldron, a set of brass scales, a set of glass or crystal phials, a kit of basic potion ingredients (for Potions), and a telescope (for Astronomy). First-year students will require: . Three sets of...
His own evasive actions against a horrible fate cause Theban King Oedipus' misery. Specifically, Oedipus grows up considering himself the much beloved only son of King Polybus and Queen Merope of Corinth. Then he's hears the rumor that he isn't the biological son of his parents. He's confused...
That is the correct spelling of the US state, Wisconsin.
No, the is a demonsrative adjective called the definite article.
It is when he speaks of looking at the light for one last time that Oedipus hints at how he hopes to punish himself in "Oedipus Rex" by Sophocles (495 B.C.E. - 405 B.C.E.). Specifically, Oedipus makes the statement at the end of the Theban shepherd's eyewitness testimony. Oedipus realizes that the...
Dreaming Black Boy is a poem written by James Berry, discussing racism, which leads to isolation and the effects it has taken on a boy.
If the similarity is close it should be mentioned and referenced.
sometimes if it is a question.hoped it helped
The swine was related to the prodigial
There is no alphabet in written Chinese, but a collection of tensof thousands of characters, if not more.
Angel's exact quote is "ooh, Papi, ese huevo se quiere sal," which when literally translated means "Oh, Daddy, this egg wants to salt itself." ("Papi" is a reference to Jesse/Collins' stage costume for this number, which was a tee-shirt reading "Papi.") However, as someone stated earlier, Angel...
'Small' translates to 'Klein' in Dutch. Small-Smaller-Smallest - Klein-Kleiner-Kleinst.
An educated guess is a guess based on evidence or knowledge you already have. The formal word for one is 'hypothesis'.
316 three hundred and sixteen
300 reading pages of the story but 316 in all
The noun father has the adjectives fatherlike and fatherly(fatherly is also the adverb form). The verb 'to father' has theparticiple 'fathered' which means created as a father (begat).
Because Stephenie Meyer wanted her work to not copy off of others , and so she took the myths of some mythical creatures.. (werewolfes vampires ect.) and made them her own myths...
Teppy is an middle aged man who walks with a limp and is greedy and live in a dirty house he like man and i donut care. Tate is a rich man who adopted Beppo and is a good friend of Teppy. Beppo came from a poor family and was adopted by Tate who he called "his old man".
personal protection equipment
On Manuel's birthday, his friends threw him a surprise party and invited the entire school, making it a very auspicious day, indeed!
The Main Antagonist is Greg, himself. It is because Greg's actions is what prevents greg from being successful. Ex: The worms, and he gets himself kicked off of safety patrol.
Yes, she does. Her sisters name is Blackfire (a.k.a. Komand'r) who is evil. and she also has a brother named Ryand'r.
You may say 'akachan.'
NO! The first eddition ever published was in 2007! It would be 3 years old now.
At the incident scene, who handles media inquires?
There aren't really any similarities there are just diffrences
By making a proper sacrifice for the god/goddess.
Picayune means small, petty, or trifling. An example in a sentence might be: Dolores complained so often about things like who got the most cookies at snack time that eventually, people began to ignore her picayune rants.
i believe it means 'i want to see you all the time,' but im an English speaker learning spanish so you may want to recheck that!
séduisant, séduisante
No Richard wisker (who plays Liam o'donovan) is single :D
That is the correct spelling of leukemia (cancer of the blood or bone marrow).
Silver Days is a young adult historical fiction book written by Sonia Levitin.
Uncle Remus aka Joel Chandler Harris
There are several ways of answering this question, but the main basic reasons are because: a) People are willing to purchase Rosetta Stone at what the company charges, b) The company needs to recover costs involved in making the programs (not just programmers, but also linguistic specialists) and...