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Literature includes written works of an imaginative, journalistic or scholarly nature. Language is a system of spoken and written symbols by means of which people can communicate with each other. We invite you to ask and answer questions about languages and literature; including pronunciation, grammar, definitions, examples, acronyms, abbreviations, etc.
it helped by saving time and making everything easier
in Mount Olympus.
The noun 'basketball' is a singular, common noun; a  general word for a type of sport or a type of ball.    The noun 'basketball' is an abstract noun as a word for a  sport or a game; a word for a concept.   The noun 'basketball' is a concrete noun as a word for the  ball used to play the...
Aspiration is the noun derived from the verb 'aspire.'
In English the Japanese word Seizonsha means Survivor.
שלך בברכה (Ein be'ad ma) or בבקשה (bevakasha)
Is my thesis clear enough that you could explain it to someone else after reading my essay?
oops, meant to say "3 ducks in a row" in Can you see what I see Night Before Christmas
yes the definition is as i quote "relating to or denoting an approach to the study or description of a particular language or culture in terms of its internal elements and their functioning rather than in terms of any existing external scheme. Often contrasted with etic ." and the plural form means...
Rotate is the corresponding verb to rotation.
Gate and hate, grand and hand, gear and hear (or here), hop and glop
There are some possibilities, including words that sound alike: weight - measure of heaviness wait - to delay (e.g. wait for a second)wade - walk into shallow waterwater - predominant liquid compound on Earth
Yes, it is also a noun
Yes. A male is a boy and a female is a girl.
Synonyms are just words of similar meaning. Because athletic  is a word that has synonyms, athletic is also a synonym for  each of it's synonyms.   A group of synonyms is like a group of friends in that way. Just as  each friend in the group can claim all the others in the group as  friends,...
chapter 3 is about a war against the Utes battling tall boys warriors. when tall boy left the long nives came along and told them to give them peace and if not the would burn their homes down. the long nives asked where were the warriors and black bear said hunting
The part of speech that asks: how, when, and where, are adverbs.
A biotic factor is something done by living things.
stupid extremely unattractive
Ang mga dinastiya ng Tsina mula sa pinaka una:Dinastiyang Hsia- Pinamunuan ni Emperador Yu; tinawag na maalamat dahil walang records na nagpapatunay na ito ay nag-exist.Dinastiyang Shang- walang kinikilalang namuno noong taong 1500 B.C.E; nauso ang paggamit ng Bronze.Dinastiyang Chou- nagsimula...
The Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood in Oregon was used for the front exterior, but all the interiors as well as the back of the hotel were specially built at Elstree Studios in London, England. The management of the Timberline requested that Stanley Kubrick not use 217 for a room number (as specified...
Cowboys is the plural form of cowboy
Pidgins are more direct results of colonization. When you have an  indigenous population and a colonizer who speak distinct mutually  unintelligible languages, a simplified version of language mixing  words from both languages is much more effective at communication  than the more complex...
yes. it can be used to express action (Hand me the remote, please)
I think you mean collide, right   Its meaning is crash together with violent impact.
2nd December 2011 so basically tomorrow :DIt is already out.
régulier, régulière
One of the fi rst things that Miss Caroline tells the students is that she is from Winston County, which the students know seceded from Alabama and sided with the Union during the Civil War. Lee has Miss Caroline use a different method of teaching than the other teachers in the school. The reader...
Montresor wants Fortunato to be drunk so that he will be unable to  fight back when sealed into the tomb. Montresor does not want  Fortunato to be aware of his plan to kill him.
  == Answer ==   Rotorua's main income in the past and recent has been tourism
The river and a bee was talking very free.................... the bee then swam down into the river and the river ate the bee
"Vous etes l'amour de ma vie" means "you are the love of my life." The second part cannot be translated however because "iti" is not a word.
Monkey = Manuki; pronounced Mah-noo-key.
In the phrase "that word I just wrote" the word "just" is an adverb  (just now, immediately beforehand). In other usage, it is an  adjective meaning fair and equitable, with the adverb form  justly.
Sarcasm intends to hurt and bite while pretending to be a compliment. The above remark appears to be a direct opinionated insult.
water-resistant -- résistant à l'eau -- "ray-zee-stah[n] ah loh"
Prohibited drugs cannot be had under any circumstances, regulated ones may be had with the permission of a doctor under certain circumstances.
Fruits Basket doesn't come on tv anymore, they canceled it, but it used to be on the Funimation channel. Funimation is 262 for Verizon Fios, but its different for other companies. You can watch it English dubbed in parts on youtube, or buy it on itunes :) (also, the manga is a WHOLE lot better, so...
The word is spelled sensation.
Con migliori auguri in Italian means "With best wishes" in  English.
Pack is a regular verb. The present tense conjugations are I pack,  you pack, he/she/it packs, we pack, they pack.
there are 39 chapters and 380 pages in this book
One good shot to the challenger's jaw will leave him defenseless.The castle is not yet defenseless, Mr. Prime Minister!
Contract is a homograph. It means a written or spoken agreement and  to decrease in size, number, or range. It is a synonym of deal and  tighten, which are homophones of dele and titan respectively.
Al tells Mr. baumer to forget about Slade because Slade doesn't know how to read. Also, Slade doesn't care and he still won't pay his bill.
From Charlotte's Web..... Its also from Demolition Man.
Because when he saw the jewels on the handle Sir Bedivere didnt have it in his heart to throw it away.
  If you mean the wedding vows it is Corinthians13:4-8.. I looked it up myself for my vows.. hope that helps
Translation: Tíos y tías (tíos)tío: uncletía: aunt
Jesus shared the illustration of the "Good Samaritan" in answer to  a man who inquired of him, "Who really is my neighbor?" Jesus had  previously stated the it was necessary to love one's neighbor in  order to obtain everlasting life. The individuals in the  illustration were not reminiscent of...
Tropical and Sweltering
I am as ornery and stuburn as an old donkey
While Eliot's poetry most certainly has concurrent themes and imagery, there is no 'right answer' to this question. Perhaps it is Eliot's own consideration of Love, hence the title, and the imagery throughout of an inability to say anything coherent ("That is not what I meant at all./That is not it,...
There are many ways to improve this sentence. Here are some  possibilities:    Sleeping in the rain caused Joey to develop a cold.  Sleeping in the rain was the reason Joey developed a cold.  My friend slept in the rain and caught a cold as a result.   Note that all of these examples...
The only words that rhyme with breathe are teethe, seethe and sheathe and none of them mean to breathe or are synonymous with the words 'the same'.
Epistolary Novel The novel does begin trying to be an epistolary novel but that is quickly dropped and it becomes a triple frame story.
It is a book listing, in alphabetical order, all the words of a language, and giving their meanings
Well, they both followed strict codes, bushido and chivalry. They both protected themselves with body armor. Samurai and Knights both used lances and swords in the early medieval times. Both their jobs were to protect and serve the lord. -Hope that helped:)
Articolo in Italian means "article" in English.
3 branches of government of power were they divide
That when someone gives up on you doesn't mean you should give up on them.
A thematic topic of this story is wisdom and inexperience.
It's "paddle faster, I hear banjos". You'll have to watch the movie Deliverance to understand it...
Sometimes the difference is in the way it is presented and sometimes in the way it is received.
Weakness is that experiments aren't really good they don't do much they just make people die!
Imagine is a verb, the corresponding noun is imagination. The plural of imagination is imaginations
Here are example sentences using the word medication:   They switched Robert to a different medication after he experienced  a bad reaction to the first.   The medication was in liquid form, measured and delivered with a  small dropper.
Finn, Griffo, Gryphron, Griff, Gryfindor, Grey-fin, Griff-lin, Griffy, Griffironi, Griffiti, Grim man, Good Grief!
prolonged releaseEtymology: Gk, pro, before, longus, longa term applied to a drug that is designed to deliver a dose of a medication over an extended period. The most common device for this purpose is a soft, soluble capsule containing minute pellets of the drug for release at different rates in the...
Sorry, but your question seems to be incorrect. There is no  word like ilsyar Please recheck your question and do get back to  us.
  what is the difference in thr following words.   outstanding in an examination.   excellant in an examination.
Boasting usually doesn't lead to good things
Jailbreaking on iOS is essentially removing the restrictions that  Apple imposes on apps, allowing them to do more advanced things  (the Android equivalent of this is rooting). Unlocking a device is  removing the carrier restrictions on it, allowing, for example, a  Verizon model phone to use an...
In twilight Edward has two sisters: Alice and Rosalie. In the before they found Alice or Rosalie, Edward had to pretend to be Esme's brother.How could you not know this it is in the books!!!!!
The past participle, discovered, is the most used related  adjective. The derivative adjective discoverable is rarely  seen outside of mining geology.