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This category contains questions relating to the published celebrity relationship of known celebrities. Rumors, innuendo, or slander are not allowed, only those published facts from the media. Please give reference.
  Apparently not. Jeff Allen was born in Saulk Village, Illinois in 1956.* There is no record available to indicate Tim Allen ever resided there at that time.   *Source: http://premierespeakers.com/jeff_allen/bio
Drew Roy`s Girlfriend At The Moment Is Taylor Mcburney She Is 21
As puberty starts, children may start to feel confused about their sexual identity. They usually settle their orientation by age 16.
Yes he did.He got arrested for starting a riot at a concert in New Jersey because this clothes store was dissing Papa Roach so he got mad and made the crowd destroy the store.
he says that it takes hours!!but just try to put lots of hairspray & blow dry it!and some gel(: and just try Nikki sixx hair...he said he got it from him(: hope this helps!!
yes, i think so because they so nice with each other. They see lovely with together but they are not couple to apana rasta saf hai.
2009 came and went without anyone finding out the answer to that question
  according to DTBH official twitter @dogbountyhunter that question will not be answered by official sources. nobody knows, except for those that tend to gossip and often get it wrong. we have had saddoes claiming to be his gf, but nothing proven
Kiely Alexis WilliamsAdrianne Eliza BailonNaturi Cora Maria
\nProbly and hez a noooob at cod 4 lol
  NO, it's just a rumour.............. koo hye sun is for lee min hoo only!!! NO ONE ELSE COZ THEY ARE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER............................LOVE IT
There is no pic of this girl on his twitpic. Also his myspace says he's single. But check out Christine Dolce's recent tweets. They both twitter flirting like crazy! Not to mention she posted this photo of his living room only 7 hours ago! Here's her tweet: Yea what now??? http://twitpic.com...
no.. they are just good friends.. i think Koo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho like each other, there   are rumors in Korea that they are a reaL Life sweethearts but they both denied it and said   that they are just very good friends.. and i think that Kim Sang Bum and Kim So Eun are   compatibLe .....
Jermaine Dupri, has one daughter, Shaniah Cymone Mauldin. Pam Sweat is her mother.
Daren Kagasoff was born on September 16, 1987.
  Currently, they are. However, Mandy will be attending divinity school in Dallas in September and Jason will be working on promoting his album and quite possibly, a tour.
No Joe is not Bisexual unless said otherwise by him.. he may be gay though!!! lol no offence joe lovers!!! yea i think he is becuz how he talks and how he acts yes he did say it from his self!
  It is Michelle in the picture. There are no pictures of Chris actually ever being with this Marguyrta. I don't believe they are together it seems more like wishful thinking on someone's part. There seem to be quite a few of Ami and Jordan but not a single one of Chris with this so called love...
Jim Hutton (1934-1979), the actor (not the hairdresser).   He played "Ellery Queen" in the 1975 TV series.    See IMDB for a complete list of films   Hellfighters (1968) .... Greg Parker   The Green Berets (1968) .... Sgt. Petersen   Who's Minding the Mint? (1967) .... Harry Lucas ...
according to most gossip sites they are. I do hope it is true. If it cant be me, glad its her lol
  no he is not
In 1994, 15 year-old R&B artist Aaliyah released an album (as well as a song) titled "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number." This song fueled existing rumors that she had become involved with an older man. Within the year, Aaliyah married 26 year-old R&B artist R Kelly, although on their marriage...
Of course, they are. They are a strong couple and have brought each other to a wonderful place. Neither of them had it easy growing up and Will kept his head about him throughout his career. Jada got mixed up in some bad news while up and coming and Will pulled her out of that bad place and now they...
No Wylie Draper was not married when he passed away. But he was engaged to his longtime girlfriend Nikea Reynolds.
Justin Bieber's crush is Beyonce. He thinks that Selena Gomez is cute but then he thinks Beyonce is a hot and she is super good at singing and acting. But he is dating catlin beatles.BeyonceRihanna
hes dating a really hot redhead he met at a movie theater with his friends.
his daughter goes to my school, Charli, and he is married
Yep-actress Missy Yager
  Taylor is dating someone but he is having some trouble because everyone thinks he is one of those snobbie kids.
Kristen stewarts boyfriend currently is robert pattinson, so no.
yes! i saw it on a video they both have the same couple ring
According to interviews, Emma Watson's favorite game is hockey. She  actually plays in a woman's league in her spare time.
Kat Von D is Christian. Her Family is Seventh Day Adventist and She grew up as a Seventh Day Adventist.
  At the end of 2007.
I know both of them personally and while he may seem like he would he really has not. He is the exact opposite of the persona he portrays. He's all about family.You and his long time girlfriend "his wanna be wife" need to get your heads examined! I know personally that he cheats on her. Ask me...
No, he is not.
Now when you say Nat, by whom do you mean?   no he only goes out with 13 or 14 year olds
Did Mr. Gill have a girlfriend?   Why and how did this rumor of Johnny Gill ever get started?   even though it was denied was ever proven he was not?
Chris Brown's full name is Christopher Maurice Brown. christopher maurice brown
Lindsay LohanQueen LatifahLeonardo DiCaprioJennifer LopezLucy LiuLuke WilsonLance ArmstrongLisa KudrowAngela LandsburyL L Cool JLady GagaJay LenoLance ReddickLang LangLara Flynn BoyleLauren BacallDavid LettermanLaurence FishburneLaurie MetcalfLeBron JamesCyndi LauperLea ThompsonLily TomlinAdam...
  One Celebrity that's name starts with the letter "J" is Justin Timberlake.
I know her name is Mary M. not for sure of her last name but I know she's from Chicago
yes to Rubina Satriani
yes and her name is Peyton Cox she goes to buckner elemantry ill marry you any time honey its in oldham county come pick me up any time hottie.love u babe. love Peytonsorry Peyton but i highly doubt that chris brown would ever go out with you
According to fitness and WWE sources, Chavo Guerrero can bench  press around 400 pounds. Guerrero has never been known for his  massive size or physique. Instead, Chavo has been heralded for his  mat based and aerial wrestling skills. As a former WWE Superstar,  Chavo has wrestled all over the...
No.He's dating Sleena Gomez
She makes around 1.5 Million a season of the Hills. She also gets paid to show up at events (approx. $100,000 a night). She also banks from endorsing the cosmetic line Mark. More detailed information: TRANSPORTATION LC tooled around Laguna Beach in a Toyota Forerunner in high school, and upgraded...
  Only Oli Sykes is.Atleast I think so.....
Gabe Saporta, obvs. *I mean* William Beckett is currently engaged to Christine Bandy. >.>
  Adrienne is currently engaged to Robert Kardishian Jr.   Kiely Williams is not currently dating anyone.   Jessica Bensons dating status is currently unknown as of now, she has not been seen in spotlight saince 3lw`s video 'Feelin' you' for there latest album, which will not be coming...
Yes, I went to the concert and noticed that. They covered her up with a black sheet and took her backstage. During the part she was just dancing, and if you saw how long it takes to switch, change makeup, change clothes, fix hair, she could use the time. For crying out loud! Give her a break people!...
The fictional character of Harry Potter is depicted asheterosexual. Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who payed him in the movies, is alsoheterosexual, and he is a huge supporter of LGBT rights.
Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born on January 16, 1979 in Brooklyn, New York. she was know as a R&B singer,dancer, actress and model. At age 12, Aaliyah signed with Jive Records and Blackground Records by her uncle, Barry Hankerson. when she was 14 her first CD (Age ain't nothing but a number)...
If you google Tyler Perry's production the Payne family on Cassie's info. page it states that she is married to LaVan but doesn't say how long.. If you google Tyler Perry's production the Payne family on Cassie's info. page it states that she is married to LaVan but doesn't say how long.
Stacy kiebler is not dead.
Jacoby Dakota Shaddix was born in 1976. He and Dave Buckner founded  Papa Roach in 1993. Beginning at 17, Shaddix began working menial  jobs until he quit to devote all his time to the band. In the  recorded facts, there is no mention of military service, and with  such a timeline, it is...
chad Morgan is karlys brother
  He was born in Singapore. He's technically lived in several different places, like Midland, Texas...Michigan...Indonesia...and many others.
Sometime in 1970 or 1971 - she was 40 years old in May, 2011.
  Yes, he is
Pete Wentz married Ashlee Simpson in May of 2008.  
  In the season of IloveNewYork 2 TailorMade wins so him and newyork is together for the time being     In the season of IloveNewYork 2 TailorMade wins so him and newyork is together for the time being  
  yes, apparently they're expecting their 2nd child in august...
He has a sister named Aisha Epps, supposedly Shareeka Epps is his siter too. He also supposedly has a brother but I dont know his name.. He has a sister named Aisha Epps, supposedly Shareeka Epps is his sister too. He also supposedly has a brother, who was in was in his earlier rap group with him...
yes, they are currently engaged and are set to be married next year in the springtime.
He said on Larry King Live that he had campaigned for Al Gore when he was running for office. I suspect that he is a Democrat, but I can't truly state that for sure. Oh, well, still love him though.
  southern ape or handy man are the choices scientists are disagreeing on
While many of her fans believe she is a lesbian primarily based on her personal youtube videos, it has not been confirmed or denied by Tyra B. herself yet.
no. it's all for publicity. nothing but a publicity stunt.
Janet Jackson secretly married her long term boyfriend Wissam Al Mana in 2012.
Who did Jamal Bryant have an affair and baby by. Do anyone have any pictures of her?
no she is married to a man and has two children. :( i was hoping so she is so sexy. and she played in a few movies focusing on lesbians.
Marisol Deluna is an American fashion designer.
Baelyn Neff He's dating a American model called Deveantia (Feb 2009)
Isabella. He has a stepdaughter named Alexia as well   o so he do not have kids some day he will have kids by the girl
John Foster   UPDATED Answer:As of Jan. 2008 she says she is single. Her and Jon broke up.    UPDATED answer:She is now dating One Tree Hill co-star Austin Nichols.
Her birthday is April 24, 1987.