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Belize is a central American neighbor of Guatemala and Mexico. As a former British colony, it is one of the few Latin American countries in which English is the official language. Contributors typically seek answers about the country's ancient Maya ruins; English and Scottish buccaneer past; extensive cave system; jungle and wildlife reserve ecotourism; and tourist attractions of safe fishing and water sports.
Belize have an united democratic party
Belize has a Mixed economy.
    Belizean Dollar, pegged to the US dollar, with one Belizean Dollar to US 50 cents.
Belizean currency comes in both dollars and coins. Their dollars  come in values of two, five, 10, 20, 50, and 100 dollars. Their  coins, on the other hand, come in values of one, five, 10, 25, and  50 cents, as well as one and two dollars.
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The Chinese first came to Belize when it was still British Honduras, and they were brought there as indentured servants. More recently, in the 1990s they came to take advantage of an immigration program in Belize where you could gain citizenship by investing money in the country. Many opened family...
The Name British Honduras was changed to Belize in 1973.
The country of Belize was formerly known as British Honduras.
Beans, rice, and corncacao, corn, grapefruit, oranges, papayas, bananas, rice, and sugar
No. The capital of Mexico is Mexico City; Belize is a country bordering Mexico.
If you meant "old" name, it was British Honduras
It really depends on how you look at it. Some people here, such as the president, are rich. Some people come in at middle class like here in America, and some people ARE poor. But you can't say if the country is rich or if the country is poor. It could be in between-you just can't say either one.
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Yes, Belize is a country located in Central America.
it's Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy
Belize is shaped like a rectangle that extends about 280 kilometres (174 mi) north-south and about 100 kilometres (62 mi) east-west, with a total land boundary length of 516 kilometres (321 mi).
the English. from England.
The capital of Belize now is Belmopan, however I do not know the previous capital, sorry!(You spelt previous wrong by the way!)
Belize is a country in North America.
The national animal of Belize is the tapir, also known as mountain cow.
A volcanic island is forming in the ocean near Belize.
The National colors of Belize are blue and red. Her is the flag:
no belize does not have earthquakes
I went last summer and it was really nice (low 80's) near the ocean, but the farther inward the hotter it got
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Belize, as the former British Honduras, is the Central American country in which English may be replaced ultimately by Spanish as the dominant language.
Do you mean Corazal Town, Belize or the village in the Phillipines ?
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Looking at the demographics of the population, I would say yes, itshould. Given that only about %5.6 speaks English as a firstlanguage, and %50 speaks Spanish as a first language, it would makethings a bit more fair in the schools. However, given the number of people who speak Kriol, English...
British Honduras was the former name of what is now the independent nation of Belize and was a British colony on the east coast of Central America,
no one only queen Elizabeth is head of the state
\n. \nAbout 58% of inhabitants are Roman Catholic. Only 7% of the populace are\nAnglicans; another 6% are Pentecostals. Other faiths and denominations\ngenerally have fewer than 10,000 members each. These include Methodists\n(4.2%), Seventh-Day Adventists (4.1%), and Mennonites (4%). There are...
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Belize is southwest from Cuba.
The distance from Belize City, Belize, to Kingston, Jamaica, is 752 air miles. That equals 1,211 kilometers or 654 nautical miles.
Belize is southwest from Cuba.
The proper spelling is Placencia, and the pronunciation is Plah-sen-see-ah in the Belizean accent and Pluh-sen-shuh in Standard English.
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The people of Belize benefit because money is injected into their  economy. A disadvantage is the fact that they may be displaced when  tourist decide to move in.
South of Mexico. East of Guatemala and North of Honduras. It is a Central American Caribbean Sea country. Second longest barrier reef in the world.
Its a multiracial country.
Yes, elections are held in Belize. Belize is a democratic country governed by a constitutional monarchy with the Governor General as the head of State and the Prime Minister as the head of Government. Elections are held every five years for constituencies (which then decide the party which will...
The Rt. Hon. Dean Oliver Barrow was the Prime Minister of Belize in 2010. Barrow became the 6th (4th unique) Prime Minister of Belize on 2008 February 8 as the leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP). Barrow entered politics in 1983 as a city councilor for Belize City. He then entered...
yes there are trains in belieze that's wat they for transportation
No, Belize is not by Jamaica. The Caribbean Sea separates Belize, on the eastern coast of Central America, from the island of Jamaica by over 700 miles (1,126 kilometers or 608 nautical miles).
It is " República de Honduras " (meaning Republic of Honduras = Depths ).
No. 3 of the members are from Panama, while 1 is from the Dominican  Republic.
Central America :)
Belize was the British Colony until 1962 and is now an  independent nation within the Commonwealth.    Belize has the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world.  It is the second smallest country in Central America.  It's the only country in Central America to have English as an  official...
Belize - 247,197,772,800 square feet.
Belize is bordered by Mexico, Guatemala, and the Caribbean sea.
the amount of people that live in Belize are 344,700 people!300647 is what was estimated in 2008
the first people of belize were the maya then the baymens
What is the driving distance between Guatemala City and Belize City?
'Race' is a sensitive word that best serves the purposes of prejudice. You can read more about Belize and its unique status -- language, culture and more -- among South American nations, below.
Belize. Formally British Honduras.
Belize City is a city located in the country of Belize. The  latitude of Belize City is 17 degrees, 29 hours north. The  longitude is 88 degrees, 11 hours west.
The actual driving distance is about 250 miles which can be done in around 5 hours. As the crow flies it's probably about 150 miles.
In Central America between Guatemala, Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. See related link for a map
Well i have been there and its VERY dangerous but part of it is pretty. You can go to bacab and ride horses and hear a big cat roar on an island while riding horses.Bacab is kind of like a water park but not realy.It has a small waterfall that you can sit under.It's a great spot to hang out!
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Belize is exactly two hours ahead of California.
Belize is home to private waterfalls, jungle canopies, hiking trails! Some of the popular tourism places are the Baron Bliss Lighthouse, Garifuna Museum, Hawksworth Bridge, House of Culture, and St. John's Cathedral, and a lot more!
Honouring our history celebrating our culture uniting for peace
yes she is a hero of Belize.
The National Prayer of Belize was written by the then Premier - and  later First Prime Minister - of Belize, George Cadle Price. It was  adapted from a Prayer for the Church and Civil Authorities that was  written by Archbishop John Carroll on November 1791.
No it is not. Belize has a total area of 8,867 square miles or roughly 23,000 square kilometres, whilst Guatemala is larger by virtue of being 42,043 square miles or 108,890 km² in area.
In order of Largest - Smallest: Mexico,Nicaragua,Belize
Officially Belize is considered to be an English speaking country. However, as the Latino population in Belize continues to grow, a lot of Spanish along with Creole can be heard throughout the country. In all honesty, Belize is a huge melting pot of many races. therefore one would hear many...
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