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The Republic of Lithuania is a North European neighbor of Poland. It is a major biotechnology producer, and has the world's fastest internet upload speed. Questions typically refer to the country's ancient descent from Ice Age settlers of 10,000 B.C.E.; economic successes in high technology and value added production; educational achievements and multilingualism; and neolithic musical traditions.
You can see the palace of the Grand Dukes, the museum of genocidevictims, Gedimina's Castle and Vilnius Cathedral.
In early Middle Ages it was called The Grand Duchy of Lithuania (Lietuvos Didžioji Kunigaikštystė), from 1569 to 1795, after forming a commonwealth with Poland it was called the Commonwealth Republic of Both Nations (Abiejų Tautų Respublika in Lithuanian, Zeczpospolita in Polish) After the 1st...
Lithuanians play basketball, tennis, football and winter sports.
Possibly Zydrunas Savickas - one of the strongest men in the world and Virgilijus Alekna - one of the best athletes in the world.
ar tu uzsiemes? (for a male) ar tu uzsiemusi? (for a female)
Užsiėmęs (if you're talking about a male) Užsiėmusi (about female)
He was half Lithuanian, because his mother was an immigrant from Lithuania.
The country of Lithuania is located in Europe. The surrounding countries are Russia, Poland, Belarus, and Latvia. Some physical features are the Baltic Sea and the Neman River. The climate is moderately continental. The summers and winters are moderate. The natural resources are peat, and arable...
city in a country that borders lithuania, latvia, and russia is minsk in belarus
1991 17 September Lithuania was admitted to the United Nations.
You must live in Lithuania for a long period of time. ~10-15 yr. Btw, you must be married to any lithuanian citizen and must decline of being other country's citizen.
Geriausi linkejimaigimtadienio progal!
In August, 1991 Russia formally recognized Lithuanian independence, but only in August, 1993 The last Russian soldiers left Lithuania. So, it's 1991 - 1993.
Yes, it is known as "Mažeikių nafta", now controlled by PNK Orlen.
The main reason is that the Vasa dynasty granted a lot of privileges to the nobility of the Commonwealth, and later, the only way one could become a king was by signing a document which expanded the powers of the Sejm (Parliament). By the middle of 17th century the Sejm was much more powerful than...
Yes, it is a country in Europe.
It's "Sveika, brangioji, pas mus viskas gerai, o kaip tu?".
All. Lithuania is a completely independent nation.
Because, in 17th-18th century it was shared between Prussia, Austria and Russia. After that, only a bit full of Lithuanians (in other places there were Belarussians, used to be Prussia, became new countries before that...) declared independence. Also, Kaliningrad used to be Lithuanian, and it had to...
Kuzdesiu sala is the Lithuanian equivalent to the title of the movie 'Shutter Island'.
Kugelis (kugeliai) - represents a pudding made from potatoes *The most important product in Lithuania is the bread made from Rye It replaces the Wheat bread and it is known to be healthier. *Potatoes, cabage, beets, and cucumbers are known in the dishes- cabage being most common in soups. *The...
Since Lithuania has been competing as a separate nation at the Winter Olympics, no athlete representing Lithuania has won a gold medal. When Lithuania was competing with the team from the USSR, there were 2 Lithuanian born athletes to win a gold medal. 1) Algimantas Šalna, born in Vidiškės,...
Elijaus knyga is a Lithuanian equivalent of the title to the movie 'The Book of Eli'.
Vilkolakis is a Lithuanian equivalent to the title of the movie 'The Wolfman'.
Ghost is an English equivalent of the Lithuanian word 'Vaiduoklis'.
Depends on what you call hot or cold. The temperature in the Summer is usually about 22 degrees Celsius, during winter it is about -10; -15 degrees Celsius, depending on the year.
Before Lithuania was the country it is today, it was part of a major empire. This empire was the Soviet Union (USSR). It was an empire created by the country of Russia after the downfall of their previous empire. The Soviet Empire then broke up into about 15 countries, one of those being the modern...
Lithuanian mountains are quite low. According to the weblink below, where a list of named mountains can be found, they are all below 300m in height. The highest "hill" (rather than mounatin) is Juozapines Kalnas, with an elevation of 294 metres.
In 2016, there were 2.872 million people in Lithuania.
Currency in Lithuania: litas (LTL)
Two major cities, actually - Kaunas and Vilnius. Vilnius is a capital, enough said. And Kaunas is a city with a great infastructure, highest density, and many industry places. Also, there is Klaipeda, it's the only port in Lithuania.
protesed against those bloody soviet Russian bastards
If you mean a seaside beach then there are two major ones: Palanga and Nida. The first one is more popular, noisy and cheap. The second one is smaller, located in a national park and very beautiful. Both are a bit more then 300km from Vilnius. Apart from the seaside beaches you could go to one of...
Lithuania has never been a part of Poland.
Lithuania is a considerably reasonable country with money.
Answer: Lithuania....
Lithuania is an independent democratic republic. The President is elected for 5 years by the direct vote of all citizens. The President appoints the Prime Minister who is head of Government. He also appoints Ministers nominated by the Prime Minister. The President signs and promulgates laws issued...
Probably the white stork. Lithuania has more than 11000 pairs of them, it's the highest known density of this species in the world.
Lots of forests, paddocks, cropfields, several hills, but mainly plain.
LTL stands for Lithuania's currency litas (1 EUR = 3.4528 LTL)
The slang word for grandfather in Lithuanian would be "diedukas". Pronunciation - deeah-dwo-kahs.
You need to be MUCH more specific. Please post a new question with the bill's date, seal color, how worn it is, and whether there is a small letter near the date. Note that $1 bills with the date 1957 are only worth about $1.25, and anything from 1963 to the present is worth $1.
Lithuania is Semi-presidential republic, so there are three main leaders: The President - Dalia Grybauskaitė The Prime Minister - Andrius Kubilius Seimas (parliament) Speaker - Irena Degutienė
Jūsų brangusis. If you refer to a person, Mano brangusis.
No. I'm Lithuanian, and this doesn't sound like anything Lithuanian. Probably it's Polish. Or even from the middle Europe countries, such as Czech Republic, and Hungary.
It would be a fair guess that 100% of people who are capable of speech in Lithuania actually speak Lithuanian.
Belarus to the Southeast, Baltic-Russia to the Southwest, Latvia to the North, Poland to the South and the Baltic Sea to the West.Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast).
In Lithuanian language "you are very beautiful" is "Tu esi labai grazi" (for female) and "Tu esi labai grazus" (for male). Pronunciation: "Tu esi labai grazi" - "To esi lahbai grahji" (for female). "Tu esi labai grazus" - "To esi lahbai grah-joos (for male).
The major religion in Lithuania is Catholic, about 79%. There is also a healthy population of Russian Orthodox members. At least 15% if not more.
  Malcolm Glazer, owner of Manchester United Football Club, is of Lithuanian descent.
they export industrial tools, safety clothing.
It's difficult to count the words of any language with accuracy because there is no universally accepted definition of what a word is.Most estimates state that Lithuanian has between 60,000 and 160,000 words.
Before war it was president Antanas Smetona. During the war he fled country when Lithuania was occupied by Soviet union, then by nazi germany then by Soviet union again.
It bears a resemblence to Indo-European language, an ancient language which is considered to be a mother-language for all the contemporary European languages. It is strongly believed, that Lithuanian language has the highest amount of connections to the Indo-European language from all the European...
The only answer to the English safe travels translated into Lithuanian is - saugaus Kelionės.
seas lakes and rivers and different countries
Lithuanians are crazy about basketball! There will soon be a movie about Lithuanian basketball, called "The other dream team." You can view the trailer of the film in the related links section below.
Lithuania declared independence from USSR in 1990 and lived forever and after.
  I believe the word for Grandfather is "senelis".
Lithuanian is a national and ethnic identity, referring to someone from the country of Lithuania. Religiously, most Lithuanians are Catholic Christians (about 80%). Pentecostal is a Christian religious movement, referring to someone who believes in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and visible...
Yes. LT also stands for Lithuania.
That's because not everyone has them
Its not possible. You have to go to your nearest Embassy if you abroad.They don't do passports on line. First you must prove that you are Lithuanian. Being born in the country does not automatically make you a citizen. Although there are several ways to obtain citizenship if you have had IMMEDIATE...
It's a name, a Lithuanian name for woman. Its origins are from the word "ugnis", that means "fire". (Also, the actual name is written like this: Ugnė)
The Polish-Lithuanian-Teutonic War or Great War occurred between 1409 and 1411.
The distance from Vilnius, Lithuania, to Baku, Azerbaijan, is 1,503 miles. That equals 2,419 kilometers or 1,306 nautical miles.
None. But, there is a part called Uttarakhand , which is using Sanskrit, the one of the oldest languages of the world, and it has many similarities to Lithuanian.
Lithuania is not a pointless country. All countries exist by right and none are pointless, no matter what their size or power. There are many small countries that have little impact on the world, but none of them are pointless.
Only one. Lithuania uses Eastern European Time (GMT +2).
  I am from Lithuania, but I have never heard such a name "Sonczisz". It might be pronounced similar to "Šančiai". Then it's not a town. Šančiai is a part of Kaunas city.
Basketball, BBQ, TV, basketball, drinking, watching tennis, because we're winning, basketball, trolling on the Internet.
(Some of the letters in this text are written irregularly due to there being no symbols like that on the keybord)KlaipedaPanevezys Kaunas AlytusUgmerge ...And many others...
To have a job, cook, clean, raise kids while they watch tv and basketball. Pay for everything, do the yard work, don't be needy, be submissive, do all the things that he wants sexually. Be his slave, but he will probably cheat on you anyways. Best advice stay away from Lithuanian men.
With the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. Germans and Russians "shared" the lands. Germany got Poland, and Russia got Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
They were, enough said, "rebels" of the Soviet Union. As the first country that got out from them, Lithuanians used to fight the bigger bear brother in other places, such as basketball. Many people used to work in kolkhozes (collective farms), where they used to grow food to the people that live in...
The First mention of Lithuania came from 1009.But in medieval Europe only Christian countries used to be recognized and Lithuania was "baptized" in 1385, then the country create the personal union with Polandand became Europe's greatest country in 1569 (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth), the union...
Northeastern. It is located by the Baltic Sea.
Geras (adjective for a male) Gera (ad. for a female)Gerai (adverb)
There are loads of places to hang out with friends. Go to Maxima (Huge Shopping Center/ Shop) They are all over Lithuania and there are plenty of things to do there. I would recommend going to a water park, Lithuania has Awesome Water Parks ,trust me e.g. Vichy vandens pramogų parkas, Druskininkų...
First time: 1918-02-16 Second time: 1990-03-11Both times from Russia. These guys just can't get enough