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Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an Islamic, absolute monarchy country occupying the Arabian Peninsula in southwest Asia. It is the third largest Arab country by land area. With vast oil reserves, the kingdom is the world’s largest oil exporter.
Well, At the time of his birth and before the Holy Kaaba was very respected by all people and mostly Arabs which is why they came there every year or so. And so at the time of his birth people didnt know he would be a prophet so they didnt come specially for his birth. They were already there or...
over popularity, poor government, farming, agriculture, not enough food, industries.
Saudi Arabia have a sandy rocky landform
Because Mecca is where the religion on Islam (or Muslims) was  origionated, in Mecca, Saudia Arabia. They pray 5 times a day,  facing Mecca.It is also the place where the prophets were born,  Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was born there as well, he is the last  prophet and he is our leader
It is around 5 hours 25 minutes to Jeddah from Kochi via Saudi  Arabia non-stop flight.
For 1 adult 1 child departing JFK in New York to Riyadh, King  Khaled International Airport Saudi Arabia, round trip flying  economy will be approximately a minimum of 1,500USD
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Saudi timing is +3 GMT.
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) called people of Mecca to  prevent themselves from worshiping Idols as partners to Allah (God)  and to worship the one and only one God (Allah) with no partner, no  father, no son, no companion, and no resemblance and to believe in  Muhammad as His prophet...
Mus'ab ibn Umair, may Allah be pleased with him.
The flight was called "the migration" which is al-Hijra / al-Hegira  (الهجرة) in Arabic.
Because the people didn't listen to Muhammad [pbuh] about the truth which told by Allah's to command them. Mohammed was expressly threatened by many Meccans for upsetting the balance and ordering them to abandon their faiths for his. They were not interested in renouncing their religions.
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to perform hajj (pilgrimage) and to pray at the site of the kaaba
ARY QTV ( Islamic Channel ) Try on Sattetlite :intel 10, @ 68.5 deg East Transponder #4 Frequency : 03864 MHz, Symbol Rate: 19890 polarization : horizontal (if not, you may try on Vertical ) depends on your LNB fitting.
Mecca is a city in western Saudi Arabia. It is considered by  Muslims as the holiest city. It is the birth place of prophet  Mohammed.
  The Empty Quarter
Saudi Arabia is a country, residing in the Middle East, although New York is in fact a state in America.
No, Saudi Arabia is southwest Asia, not in Africa. The Arabian peninsula is across the Red Sea, E and NE of thecountries of northeastern Africa.
The flight time from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia to Frankfurt in Germany is approximately 5 hours and 33 minutes. The approximate distance is 4328.42 km. Which is approximately 2689 miles. Please note that the flight time and distance are approximate. Several factors such as weather conditions could...
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50 grams gold biscuit rate in saudia arabia
Ahle hadees are very bad. they don't respect sahaba Raziallaahu anhum.they say that those who follow the ImamS like Imam abu hanifa,imam shafai,imam ahmad bin hambal,and iman maaliki rahimahullah they are called mushrik.But very interesting thing in Saudi Arabia, all Saudi arabians follow imam ahmad...
SAUDI Arabia is a country in the Middle East. Muslims (followers of Islamic faith) go to Saudi Arabia (at least once) in their lifetime to pray at the house of Muhammad.
There are thousands. In Mecca alone there are 20,000 plus mosques but I doubt that there is any precise count for the whole of Saudi Arabia.
It is per God command in Quran to face Kaba in Mecca during Muslim praying. Kaba is the first building raised on earth for God worship.
Yes. Absolutely. Under King Abdullah, Saudi Arabia adheres to a punitive justice system in which young teens can be sentenced to death and defendants tortured. Women are more oppressed than in any other country-they can't even seek medical care without a male guardian's permission. Although...
Muhammad PBUH worked in Mecca before His prophecy as :1. Shepherd2. Merchant
There are a wide range across Al Khobar I suggest looking in thelocal directory near your home for a listing
before 2000 bc
Life In Saudi Arabia Before The Discovery Of Oil Was Bad!! :[[ They Had No Water.They Had To Look For It!! It Was Deserted And They Had To Walk To Place To Place!! Sad Right!!!??
It is about 1,230 km / 760 miles
There are several steps to the Hajj. 1. Pilgrims enter the state ofconsecration for hajj when they reach the borders of the generalarea for hajj. 2. When they arrive in Makkah, they generallyperform tawaf, walking around the Kaaba seven timescounter-clockwise, and then they offer two rakats (units)...
Good question!   In the beginning, the Muslims prayed facing Jerusalem, as did the Jews. Even Christian churches used to be constructed so that the congregation faced the east as they prayed.   One day, while Prophet Muhammad (God bless him and grant him peace) and his companions (God bless...
cause before there was no horses or cars before they use camels to take the milk and he can hold lots of stuff and he can saty without water or food for one week
The physical geography of Saudi Arabia is basic desert, some hardpan, and in the southeast - the Empty Quarter - a vast featureless, arid desert with huge dunes. -Only the bravest will cross this, even in vehicles
Yemen is directly south of Saudi Arabia.
No, they are Arabs. And if you paid a bit of an effort and looked  to a map you would've found that India, where Indians come from, is  like thousands of miles away from Saudi Arabia.    However, there are a large number (millions) of Indian, Pakistani,  and Bengali guestworkers living in...
Kilometter Dammam to Ras Az Zawr
Restrictions are the same as in most of countries, but the penalties are very tough. The most important restrictions which usually has issues to follow for some of the non Muslims: Alcohol drinking is not allowed at all (indoor/outdoor).Pork (trading/eating).Pornography (Trading/viewing).Usury is...
most people eat dates
No, there are no pyramids in Saudi Arabia.
The purpose is to fulfill the duty Allah has commanded all to fulfill. The Hajj, or pilgrimage is the fifth principle, or pillar of Islam, and is undertaken to commemorate Ibrahim and his family, who founded Makkah (Mecca). If Muslims have the halal money, and are competent to make the journey, they...
it is ordered by Allah and our prophet also did it, it is considered as the house of Allah and the same is in 7 heavens n the angels do the same.
Arabia is a large peninsula more than 1,000 miles long.
Mecca (or Makkah) surrendered without fight. Prophet (PBUH) forgave all of them and didn't take any revenge against any of the Meccas who tortured Muslims and deprived them from their money and properties before they were obliged to immigrate from Mecca and who fought him and his followers after he...
The country supplies a lot of crude oil to the world and the U.S.A.
Books that are deemed to be inappropriate for the culture of the Kingdom
its a kingdom that means no president
Saudi Arabia is among the world's largest producers of oil.
we rule you drull
Revelation of Quran in Makkah (Mecca) was over a period of more than 12 years while Prophet Muhammad was in Mecca (Makkah).The holy Quran which Muslims believe the final revelation started when Prophet Muhammad was 40 years old and it ended when prophet was 63 years old. A total of 23 years.
kaba was made a long time ago when ALLAH told his prophet to build it here kaba is not only in the middle of mecca but it is in the middle of the whole globe
Saudi Arabia has contributed to the construction of hospitals and schools in poor countries most of them in Africa, Yemen, Pakistan, Indonesia, Haiti, etc. Saudi Arabia is a major shareholder in the World Development Bank and the Islamic Development Bank for the development in the whole world
No, Islam is the source of all laws in the Kingdom
The annual pilgrimage to Makkah - the Hajj - is an obligation only for those who are physically and financially able to perform it. Nevertheless, about two million people go to Makkah each year from every corner of the globe providing a unique opportunity for those of different nations to meet one...
That's a very weird question, and it's really not easy to answer. I would say Barjas, he is a very bad guy known by hurting people. and that made the name, when mentioned, bring so many bad images to the mind.
Muslims go there to fulfill their religious duty. Pilgrimage is a prayer and every Muslim is obliged to do it once in life given he can afford both financially and physically (health).
this web page lists all the numbers in Riyadhhttp://www.pizzahutsaudia.com/location.cfm?Loc=RD
It's called: The Red Sea. The majors cities in west coast of Saudi Arabia on the red sea are: Jeddah, Yanbu, Jazan and Rabigh where the new King Abdullah University is located. Are you just a sixth grader looking for the answer to a homework assingment? I know you are. I'm an eighth grader >=...
Saudi Arabia is 3 hours ahead of United Kingdom
The Ancient Arabic units of measurement were widely used throughout  the Ottoman Empire, taking up most of the Arabian peninsula.  Measurements ranged from an assba (finger-length, approx. 2.25 cm)  to a marhala (village-length, approx. 46 km). Cubits are among the  more familiar names from the...
Saudi Arabia is a force of stability in the world
  Soccer and Golf. Golf balls are red instead of white because you can see red better in the desert.
I believe Islam started in mecca but the Muslims were pushed out to Medina where it started to gain support, then they returned to mecca and eventually took control.
Good Morning and Good Afternoon are the expected greetings from an English teacher. However if you want to greet the class with their own language you can say: As-salamu A-laikom which means Peace upon you all.
The Red Sea. And the canal between the two continents, Asia and Africa is called: Suez Canal or Swiss Canal, and pronounced in Arabic: Qanat-el-sowais.
Islam is the main religion in Saudi Arabia.
For daily gold prices in the Kingdom, see the link belowtoday gold price 24carate gold per 10gram
The culture of Saudi Arabia requires conservative dress from both  genders. Part of the national dress of the country is known as the  gutra.
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