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Slovakia (Slovak Republic) is a landlocked country in Central Europe and has a total land area of 18,932 sq mi. It became an independent state on January 1, 1993, with Bratislava as its capital and largest city.
Slovakia is located in the central Europe. Borders with Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria.  
They both have a "little state" complex. Slovaks are quiet (and well.. not many people know about them) because of it, but Czechs are pretty much loud and make fun of everyone who live in country that is bigger than Czech republic. For example - USA, Russia, China, Japan... But both Slovaks and...
,,Čo robíš?" when you are talking to one person, informal. ,,Čo robíte?" more people,informal. ,,Čo robíte?" one person,formal.  
In capital Bratislava and in large cities:Regular Family: 3 bedrooms flat with 70 sqm or 4 bedrooms family house with 120 sqm and smaller plots from 250 to 800 sqm.Singles: 1-2 bedrooms flat from 30 sqm to 50 sqm.In villages:Family houses from 120 to 250 sqm and large plots from 1000 to 2000 sqm.
The official name is Slovak Republic
Slovakia's capital city is Bratislava.
Hungarian, about 10% of the total population
Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, central Europe.
[Yahk-say-mash] That's the phonetic way to say "How are you?" "what's up?"
the end = koniec (ko nie ts)
Slovakia is located in the continent of Europe . It's located in Central Europe, bordering with Czech Republic,Austria, Poland, Hungary and Ukraine.
it used to be called Czechoslovakia, which split in 1993 into Czech republic and Slovakia
The national bird of Slovakia ia a Pheonix
no slovak is not the richest country. luxumberg is the richest country in the world
Prekliaty ostrov is a Slovakian translation of the title to the movie 'Shutter Island'.
The Tatra and Carpathian mountain ranges.
Slovakia has never hosted the Winter Olympics.
The highest mountain range in Slovakia are the Tatra Mountains. The  highest point on these mountains is Gerlach Peak which is 1,500  kilometers tall.
We are called Slovakians. (in English)
Most people there are Christians (Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Protestants). Very few people practice the Jewish faith there I believe.
We eat everything, but mostly: chicken, pork, rice, potatoes and national food called Bryndzove halusky. Try it !
Vlkolak is a Slovakian equivalent to the title of the movie 'The Wolfman'.
Do you mean for the semi-finals hockey game or overall in the olympics? If you mean the hockey game, then Canada Won. (WOOOOOOOOOO!!!) If you mean overall, then we totally beat Slovakia, their in like 18th place with 3 medals, were (Canada) in 3rd place with 26 medals including 14 gold!
There is no reason for them to be ... These countries were never members of the Soviet Union and traditionally they have faced westwards and not eastwards.
Slovakia won 1 gold medal at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, that by Anastasiya Kuzmina in women's 7.5 km sprint biathlon.
Area of Slovakia is 49,035. Mississippi is the closest of US states with its 48,434.
Slovakia is Parliamentary republic.
They use Creakese (which is basically just coin money) And Labiks (Which is note money)
It´s spelled "starký" and pronounced /stʌrkiː/.
it´s same as in English
  Some of the landmarks in Slovakia are, High Tatra Mountains, Castle Spis, Trencin Castle, Kezmarok, There are dozens of wonderful places in this very beautiful country. I recommend visiting there and seeing them for yourself.
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No, Canada beat Slovakia, 3-2, in the semifinals. Slovakia then lost the bronze medal game to Finland, 5-3.
It´s spelled "úsmev" and pronounced /uːsmeu/.
Slovakia is a country.
We read letter as we write them, not the English way.Baby means girls (or also more Grandmas). We pronounce it: B-uh-b-eeIf you thought Baby as a little child or how you call your lover, we pronounce it the same way as you: B - a - b - y.
The Prague Spring of 1968 is closely assocated with Alexander Dubcek.   One of the key slogans was 'socialism with a human face'.
ja spim (I) ty spis (you) on/ona/ono spi (he she it) my spime (we) vy spite (you plural) oni/ony spia (they as boys or girls)
To sleep is "spať" ja spím ty spíšon/ona/ono spímy spímevy spíteoni/ony spia
1994 Winter Games in Lillehammer. Slovakia sent 42 athletes to the 1994 Winter Games to compete in ice hockey, alpine skiing, cross country skiing, ski jumping, nordic combined, luge, and biathlon. They won no medals.
Yes, Slovakia sent 49 athletes to the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City to compete in alpine skiing, cross country skiing, figure skating, short track speed skating, biathlon, snowboarding, bobsleigh, nordic combined, and ice hockey. They won no medals.
if it means deserts, Slovakia doesn't have any.
They speak a different language, Slovak.
The basic monetary unit is 1 Koruna or Crown (CZK) 20CZK=1USD.
No, Bratislava is not in Russia. Bratislava is the capital ofSlovakia.
The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava
Czechoslovakia split into two countries: Czech for the Czechs and Slovakia for the Slovaks.
It´s spelled "hokej" and pronounced /hɒkeɪ/.
In Slovak, to vo a sad sa ds means this is sad in a ds.
There is no "official" or "unofficial" national animal of Slovakia. Nor there is consideration to adopt some. In Slovak poems you may find bear or eagle of Tatra Mountains as the symbols of Slovak land or several typical Slovak features, but this is rather my personal opinion.
Slovakia is a country in Europe.. It was created in 1993 in the "velvet divorce" when Czechoslovakia decided to break up into two separate countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Czechoslovakia used to be a country in the middle of Europe. This country split into two separate states, the Slovak republic (Slovakia) and the Czech republic.
Mas chut means do you like in Slovak.
ako sa mas? if you mean how to say how are you
iron ore and copper is all i know!
It´s spelled "brat" and pronounced /brʌt/.
The nation of Czechoslovakia has qualified numerous times and has been in the finals. As Slovakia they will be in their first world cup this year in S.Africa.
it is the capital because it is the heart of all the cultures in slovakia. it is also the home of slovakis art museums and tourist attractions
Anything you can see from animals like skin meat etc
Yes, it is. There are over 2500 towns.
There is no such thing as a "national motto" in Slovakia.
    It was established in January of 1993.
No seas or oceans surround Slovakia.
there is no official symbolism for the colors on the Slovakia flag.
air pollution from metallurgical plants presents human health risks; acid rain damaging forests in Slovakia.. i found this on a website somewhere. hope this helps you somehow. Its funny because i am doing a project on the very same thing; Environmental problems in Slovakia and i can't find ANYTHING....
The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava, and the latitude andlongitude are as follows. Latitude = 48.15º N (48º9'0" N) Longitude = 17.12º E (17º7'12" E). Answer Bratislava: Latitude: N 48° 8' 54.9492" Longitude: E 17° 6' 27.8928"
I believe the area of Slovakia is about 49, 035km²
Surprisingly, the Slovak republic.
Litkama means nothing in both languages.corect is LYTKO,that mean CALF.so maybe you mean BY CALFS,but corectly is LYTKAMA, not LITKAMA.
No, Bratislava is not in Austria, although it is right on theborder of Austria. Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia.
Eiffel Tower in France Stonehenge in UK Acropolis of Athens,Greece Colosseum in Italy Aphrodite's Rock in Cyprus are some famous landmarks in Europe.
No country is. Two countries are. What used to be Czechoslovakia isnow two separate independent countries. They are the Czech Republicand Slovakia.
The country of Austria . You missed out one country from your list, Austria is also bordered by Liechtenstein.
Go to Slovakia and find out
Some natural resources fo Slovakia include brown coal and lignite, small amounts of iron ore, copper and manganese ore, salt, and arable land.
In Slovakia they speak Slovakian. In Slovenia they speak Slovenian. In border areas there are some people who speak other languages, for example Hungarian.
Hillel Slovak was born on April 13, 1962.
Hillel Slovak was born on April 13, 1962.
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