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With five sub species, the Ostrich is the world's largest living bird. Its long neck and heavily feathered body make it easily recognizable. Once only seen in Africa, they are now grown in captivity in over 50 countries. The Ostrich belongs to the Ratite family, which literally means flightless. Browse around this category to learn more about them.
Not much of a real answer, but they're not endangered, that's for sure.
egg dahil di magkakaroon ng chicken kung walang itlog ajajaja
The predators that ostriches have usually go after the eggs forfood. These would include vultures, mongoose and jackals. As theostriches grows, they gain other predators such as hyenas,cheetahs, lions, African wild dogs and leopards.
Well one diffrence is that penguins live in antartica and an ostrich lives in africa.
Ostriches are not found native or naturally in Mexico but are keptas farm animals for their meat, feathers, and skin. Some escape andcan be seen 'wild'.
an ostrich can jump up to 22 meters long
Usually 1 year. 2 at the most. Call this number 714-907-6892 I grantee it is Selena Gomez's.
The Ostrich hase the largest egg in the world
NO. They don't put there heads in the ground, it is a fake fable.
the gazelle and ostrich hang out with each other and when ever predators are near warn each other, the ostrich has bad sight, but great hearing. the gazelle has bad hearing, but good sight. they help each other in the race for survival . this is the symbiotic relationship btw (between) an ostrich...
they used their beak to hunt their prey
\na group of ostriches are called a flock you spelt ostriches wrong so it didnt work how u planned it to work\n. \n. \n. \n. \n . ostriches :)
You can capture ostriches when you are lv.55, at pet island.
Depends if the egg or the ostrich came first
An ostrich is an omnivore, so it is not. Though they mostly eat plants, they do eat insects and small animals such as lizards.
It runs away, or kicks them with its strong legs. Lone ostriches have been known to kill lions with their kicks. ostriches protect themselves by lying very close to the ground in an attempt to hide. If this doesn't work they will use speed to run from predators. It is not true that they bury their...
Yes it does, but not so it can fly. Therefore, it is referred to as a flightless bird.
an Ostrich's defence is to run fast, an ostrich can run up to 50mph so it can escape its enemy. and another defence is to peck and hit the enemy with it's long beak.
The mass of a ostrich is 130kg.
Yes they eat both plants and small insects
ostrich is laying eggs in the dirt....
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ostridges are africian so NO lol although they may have had rheas .. a south americian 'large'(smaller than ostridge and umus) flightless bird. as they are still in use today for plumage and are edible Charles Darwin enjoyed eating them
Yes unless it is a Wolf. But ostriches can kill a lion in one kick. So if something had to kill one they would have to get a good start. Because there kicks are strong but not as strong as other animals...................problably.
Keep the ostrich warm also cuts through the air to help them run faster
Ostrich has long neck and huge
The Ostrich is the biggest flightless bird on the earth. Because of it's size it has to constantly eat to give its body enough energy, to carry on through the day. So it's diet of course needs to be a healthy one, and because this animal is a herbivore, it's diet consists, of plants, and water....
ostrich can't fly because there to heavy, they are called a flightless bird like penguins.
It can get up to 5 to 6 feet tall ( 1.8828m)
The Ostrich kin would be called an emu, a somewhat smaller cousin of the ostrich
Ostriches can't fly
A cheetah is faster than an ostrich it can run at speeds up to 70mph (112 kph). An ostrich on the other hand, can only run up to 60kph.
Everything Went Black by The Black Dahlia Murder. I honestly don't see why this was tagged with Justin Bieber or ostriches. Regardless, there you go.
Yes they can, an adult can leap over a fence of 1.5 meters...but they tend to be a little dim...the best comparison from an ostrich in the wild is: huge, aggressive think of a velociraptor with the brain of a hammer. In Namibia I heard of farmers seeing cheetahs driving Ostriches in the farming...
There are no ostrich-like birds in Argentina. The closest bird is the rhea , which is a member of the ratite family, to which the ostrich also belongs.
Me for one. Had ostrich tenderloin last night. Delicious. If no one told you what is was you would think it was beef.
Ostrich eggs are bigger than emu eggs. Ostrich eggs are about the size of a cantaloupe or rockmelon, whereas an emu egg can be compared more to the size of a grapefruit. An average emu egg equates to about 8 chicken eggs, while an ostrich egg equals between 18 and 24 chicken eggs.
It has a long head and a fat chubby circular body
The ostrich is quite common, not endangered. This world's largest bird is listed as "Least Concern".
It has no teeth so it needs the stones as gastroliths to grind the food up in the ostrich's gizard.
The ostrich is reputedly able to do that.
50 miles per hour 50 miles per hour That's actually incorrect. Ostriches can "run up to 40 miles per hour (information available at http://www.ostriches.org/faq.html)."
Its when you grow your neck and cant fly
Ostriches have endoskeletons, their skeletons are on the inside.
Depends on what type of eagle,but mostly yes
They can sprint up to 43 miles (70 kilometers) an hour and run over distance at 31 miles (50 kilometers) an hour.
Emus are known to lay eggs 13.5 cm in length and 9 cm in width. Compared to the Ostrich, Ostrich eggs on average are about 15.4 cm long and 12.9 cm wide.
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An Ostrich is a large flightless bird.
Ostriches live in savanna in southern Africa.
A male ostrich, is called a cock.
an ostrich cant fly but an eagle can
Groups of ostriches are called herds or flocks. Ostriches generallywander around in groups of five or less, they are considerednomadic.
The ostrich is the fastest bird on foot, traveling in short intervals at up to 65 k/ph (40 m/ph).
The ostrich is the largest living bird in the world.
The kangaroo has the ability to kick a$$ so I think that kangaroo might win, the ostrich just runs fast and does nothing, really. The kangaroo can jump in big distances too! but why should an ostrich and a kangaroo get into a fight anyways?
It is the fastest flightless bird, speeds of 50/60 kph have been recorded.
6 to 9 feet tall and 2 to 3 hunder lb
There are many different kinds of sparrow. All are flying birds.
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Answer . It helps that both the gazelle and the ostrich live in open plains, and that they are not a threat to each other. By staying close to each other they can help warn if there is a predator approaching. That is, more eyes watching out for predators helps keep both of them safe..
No. Although they are classed as birds, they are among the very fewbirds that can't actually fly at all. They are members of a groupof birds called ratites. Ratites have wings but the bones in theirchests do not have the capacity for flight muscles, which is what abird needs to fly. The rhea is also...
Ostriches weigh the heaviest eggs of any bird, so ostrich eggs are heavier.
The zebra has great senses, and the ostrich has great eyesight. Together, they are capable of warning each other of predators.
One common feature all flightless birds have is to have the strong legs so that they may run on the land fast and may cover the discrepancy of not being able to flight. Also, most of them have strong physique to get protection from their enemies.
The automobile saved the ostrich population by letting the citizens be introduced to cars instead of riding the poor and helpless ostriches. In the olden days, ostriches were a means of transportation but now in modern day times ostriches are no longer used as transportation but cars are. Therefore,...
When ostriches hunt, they eat small animals such as lizards. They mostly eat plants, though.
Texas to Beijing,local farmer's market.
Monotremes; the only surviving ones are the Platypus and the Echidna, only found in Australia.
To protect their eyes from the sand and sunlight.
Feeding on vegetation
Originally - Africa. Today they are farmed pretty much all over the world where climate allows it.
Ostriches kick powerfully. Just one kick could kill a lion.
This makes them look like the head of a very large animal instead of a ... This memory will stay with the predator, who will avoid that type of .... It eats milkweed in its larval stage and lays eggs on the poisonous milkweed plant. ...