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Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald are the exciting third generation of the Pokemon gaming series which takes place in the Hoenn Region.
You have to go to eterna city and see a guy named Obama in the Pokemon center.He will ask you to find his friend hillary Clinton so you will find her to the right of the pokecenter at george washingtons house.After u find her go back to Obama,talk to him and he will do the Obama dance and give you a...
You can catch Deoxys at Birth Island. However, unlike otherlegendaries in the game, you can't catch it under normalcircumstances. You have to use an Action Replay/Gameshark to beable to access Birth Island and catch Deoxys.
u can only go in once to meet Wallace while kyogres and groudons fight
If you passed a big white rock with dark blue water on the way to the underwater place to fight Team Aqua go there. You dive underwater, you find a yellow cave and you go through and youre in Sooptopolis City. By the way in that dark area when you come up, if you go fishing there with the Good...
The Deep Sea Tooth and the Deep Sea Scale are both used to evolve Clamperl into either a) Huntail or b) Gorebyss. . - Badminton
the answer to this puzzling question is that ...................................... First you need to go to the SEVII ISLANDS and search for the hidden sapphire gem ....................................... believe me ! finding it would be even harder than catching mew ...................................
No, White Herbs are consumed after use, so are one-use items.
sky pillar after you reach sootopolis hes lvl 70 he knows rest,fly,extremespeed and dragonbreath be prepared hes weak to rock moves
You cannot find Dratini in Pokemon Ruby, but you may trade something for it from either of the previous two Generations. . - Badminton
The Go-Go Goggles you win ater you beat the 4th gym leader
Sure can just trade one from firered or leafgreen.
there is no cinnabar island in sapphire. cinnabar is on firered and leafgreen. also in Pokemon yellow special pikachu edition ^_^ don't forget that dude...
Skarmory can be found on Route 113, in the ash-grass area. Skarmory is extremely rare, so you may be wandering looking for one for a while. Slugma and Spinda can also be found there, so when you find those you know you're in the right place. Catching Skarmory can also be a challenge. Bring lots of...
Spheal can be found in shoal cave.
the rare Pokemon in hoenn are: groudon kyogre raquaza latios latias regirock registeel regice jirachi deoxys' here is the hoenn pokedex -(hope this helps) there are loads of rare Pokemon in emerald. the rare Pokemon are latios, latias, deoxys, groudon, kyogre, mew, maybe...
Lileep only evolves at level 40.
Answer . you can only aquire one from the game corner as a prize. and you can get one in the safari zone if you are very luck you will see one in the first patch of grass you see when you first walk in the safari zone
Once you beat Team Magma on Mt.Chimney after you meat them in Meteor Falls. You go down Mt chimney to where you came except there is an exit with an old lady offering lava cookies for $200 that heal all status (good deal) Theres many trainers on the way and i suggest you have an acro bike to bunny...
In the top-left corner of Dewford Island, you will see the entrance to Granite Cave. Go through the Cave (you may need flash, just talk to the hiker at the entrance to the cave), and talk to Steven, giving him the letter that's in your bag. He will thank you with a TM, steel wing. Then leave the...
gameshark but they don't work buy at risk!!or if you have wii or gamecube get Pokemon XD beat it and trade at PC with basement turn on gameboy get ready save turn off then save Pokemon XD and turn gameboy on use gameboy as controller!!
You can only find him/her on ROUTE 119. There are only 6/about 400 tiles you can find it in.(Tiles are the peices of area your character stands on.) The 6 tiles are changed randomly depending on the "trendy saying" in Dewford town. When you find a tile that has FEEBAS in it, you can use your OLD ROD...
Don't use it on kyogre, groudon, or rayquaza, as you can save before fighting them and do it as often as you like, most people would probably use it on Latios or Latias. Though I got a mirage ticket and used it on mew.
Answer . First, you need to beat the Elite Four. Then go back to One Island and talk to Celio (Bill's friend) in the Pokemon Center. He'll tell you to find two gems: the Ruby and the Sapphire. Go to Mount Ember. If you went to Mount Ember before beating the Elite Four, you remember there were two...
You will need HM strength, which you can get in Rusturf Tunnel. Touse it though you will need to beat Flannery in Lavaridge Town.
Yes, it learns Fire Spin, and you can also teach it Flamethrowerand Fire Blast.
Think about the pokemon's type and appearance, that helps me decidea nickname for my pokemon. Blaziken is a bird so maybe somethingbird related with its type like Flamebird or Blazebird.
\n. \n How to Get the Deep Sea Chart \n. \nThe only way to get it is to go to a live event or use an Action Replay or Gameshark.
in hearthrome city
No You need to trade it from sapphire or emerald
They are distributed through event's. I'm pretty sure they're over so your going to have to wait until the next event.
Simply trade a scyther from firered while it holds metal coat to emerald you will receive a Scizor.
You have to type in a funny phrase when the box comes up.
No, Darkrai is not available in Emerald, not even through cheatingdevices
Answer . I cant remember but i think you have to trade it or something.
You have to trade it from Pokemon ruby or sapphire. You cannot get a Torchic in Pokemon Leaf Green. The game is played only in the Kanto region, and since Torchic is in the Hoenn region, you cannot get torchic in Leaf Green.
U have to mix records with your ruby and Sapphire games
Volbeat doesn't evolve.
you can find brick break in sootopolis city in a house where there's a man and a kecleon
Shedinja is just a normal bug type pokemon with nothing special..the game doesn't CHANGE if you dont have or have that pokemon..but yes..it is considered a rare pokemon.
go to mr briney and take the boat to slateport. go into this tall brown building and talk to dock. (just walk straight in and walk straight up and dock is there in front of a table) then go to the museum above it and fight the magma/aqua grunts. then its pretty straight forward work it out yourself...
In Emerald you catch a Teddiursa in the Safari Zone and evolve it.
Go to Mauville town and there head to the right side..u will see a bike shop.There you can purchase a bike.You have two choices..Acrobike and Machbike.
You can obtain this move through an event called JR Kyushu Event..but its hosted only in Japan.Although..Altaria has this move.
to get spoink u must to jaged pass the place near lavaridge town to get there u must go up the cart thing when u get to the volcano go down and youll find some grass go there and u might find spoink there
If you are talking about the starters..then,U are able to pick from Torchic,Treecko,Mudkip.
The first pokemon gym is a Rock based gym and its leader being Roaxanne.Its the easiest gym to beat :)
You cannot find a dragonite as sapphire is based on the Hoen region and dragonite is found in the Jhoto region.Although..u can use gameshark codes to find dragonite as a wild pokemon. B67EB1994491FC62 this is the code..:) have fun
By winning the lilycove lottery, and in team magma/ aqua (depends on game) hideout next to mossdeep
There are various places online that you could get tools to hackPokémon Emerald for free. You could also try using Action Replay.
You can't. The game is set permanently in the Hoenn region, and does not allow you to travel to other regions like it does in Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. You have to play in the Hoenn region only, and no other region.
it has to be either these three: Arceus,Mewtwo or Regigigas
Answer . you have to donelode it on to your gamboy.
Connecting to Emerald as the same conditions as to Ruby andSapphire. You must have completed the 7 Islands (Giving Celio theRuby and Sapphire).
how to evolve golbat 1:if you have it in a luxury ball it will take less time 2:have it hold a sooth bell 3:get its friendship to maximum 4:level up and it evolves
Okay I'll explain,first of all Speed form is the form of Deoxys you get in Pokemon Emerald,his forms alternate depending on what game you trade him to in Fire Red he's Attack Form,in Leaf Green he's Defense form,in Ruby and Sapphire he's Normal Form,and in Emerald he's Speed form.But in Ruby and...
It's really simple: You just go in the middle of the cave.
i don't think you can but i could be wrong
You cannot get a Gallade on Pokemon Ruby. But you may get one in Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl.. - Badminton
Unfortunately you could only get Jirachi as part of a Pokemon event, which is now over. Sorry!
wtf! dimwit... catch rayquaza in sky pillar, groundon in terra cave, and kyogre in the submarine place.
First you must find a yellow shard those can be found underwater on the route west of mossdeep city once you find it go into the house on that route and give the shard to the guy he gives you a thunderstone.
Surf on Route 125, north of Mossdeep. There should be a cave. Snorunt is on the only icy floor, which I believe is the bottom floor of Shoal Cave. You may have to walk around a bit, but eventually you'll find him. Hope this helps!
THERE ARE NO SUCH THINGS AS THE POKE GODS. Pokemon like Pikablu, Charcolt, Mewthree, etc, were rumors and nothing more. Pikablu was the original interpretation of Marill, before more information came out on Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Using a Gameshark to tweak the game to generate...
Unfortunately the only way to get a Flygon in Pokemon Ruby is by catching a Trapinch and evolving it into a Vibrava and then a Flygon.
You learn surf when you get to the secret house in the safari zone.
Before I tell you how to, note that it only works in the ORIGINAL pokemon gold, silver, crystal, red, and blue. 1. Go To A PC, most likely in a pokemon center, and get onto bill's PC, or someone's PC. 2. next, go to change box and change it to an empty box. put the pokemon in with the item it...
May's torchic evolved into combusken during the 358th episode of the 7th season of Pokemon.
You can't go to the moon in any Pokemon game including Ruby. You can't go to the moon in any Pokemon game including Ruby
This cave is only accessible in pokemon emerald version to make it appear first you must become the pokemon champion at the pokemon league afterward talk to the scientist on the top floor of the Weather Institute which is located southwest of Fortree City. Anyways after speaking to him he will...
Use Golbat's Mean Look so he can't escape lower his hp then put him to sleep and keep using Ultra Balls not master ball as your character thows the ball press a button repeatedly fast and as it shakes. For unknown reasons this increases chances of cacthing. Save before you try but this is...
Go into the safari zone near lilycove city. You need to catch a bunch of pikachus and at least one of them will have a light ball. (If you cant catch a pikachu or its really hard to you want to put a pokemon with static or electric powers in the front of your party. Go in the first patch of grass...
There are 8 total tricks to be done. 1. Tree Cutting Maze 2. Switch Maze 3. Rock & Door Maze 4. Strength Maze 5. Quiz Maze 6. Lever Maze 7. Push Maze 8. Slip Maze
In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, whenever you get the radar app you get whenever you get the national dex, go to Route 230 and use it in the normal grass patches.
Try this lineup: Sceptile: Leaf Blade, Leech Seed, Dragon Claw, Swords Dance Gorebyss: Surf/Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Psychic, Rain Dance Metagross: Earthquake, Meteor Mash, Shadow Ball, Agility Salamence: Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Brick Break Electabuzz (From Fire-red):...
The Root Fossil for Lileep. The Claw Fossil for Anorith.
u need to have rayquaza. goto ever grande city goto the victory road and fight 8 larions and after 1 minute u find shiny Pokemon in route119
You can`t it`s imposible exept in Emerald. I've heard that in Emerald after you get the diploma from the game designer in the Lilycove Motel you go to a PC in any center and a Johto Pass will be there.Then go to the cruise in Lilycove and she`ll take you to the Johto Region.I read this somewhere...
You can not get drifloon in generation 3. You can get one in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum east of Floaroma Town I think.
Team Aqua's leader is Archie. He will battle you on some occasions. One good example is a battle with him in Mt. Chimney and Mt. Pyre.
go to regigigas and press a several times then turn it off. dont save
u can. the max no. of Pokemon u migrate in one day is 6 so think wisely
Unfortunately, you can't. ~MoNgOoSe
To find driftloon u have to wait until Friday then go to the valley windworks and driftloon should be floating out side I hope i helped :-)
go near some water first,go to start menue get ya rod clik use or register n ya away