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From crosswords to Scrabble, many games involve word strategy in some way. Ask questions here about popular word games.
Answer . There are pieces of scanning software that will recognise text and convert it to words in a rich text file, however its pretty unlikely that they would work with hand written text, unless it was super tidy. Worth a try if its heaps of text though.
Continue Continuum Continuous Continual Continental Continent
Some words that can be made using the letters of "the gunpowder plot" are: . Prolonged . Roughened . Toughened . Whereupon . Dethrone . Downpour . Ploughed . Pottered . Together . Uprooted . Denture . Grunted . Prudent . Whopper . Prophet . Thunder . Deport . Petrol . Opened . Holder . Denote ....
There are around thirty options that match that description: . Audio . Bucko . Buffo . Bunco . Bunko . Burro . Buteo . Curio . Cusso . Dumbo . Duomo . Fugio . Fungo . Guaco . Guano . Guiro . Gumbo . Gusto . Hullo . Jumbo . Junco . Junto . Kusso . Mucho . Mucro . Mungo . Outdo . Outgo . Punto ....
i think it is trim.i found it in dictionary.com. i am answering my own question.
Words that have tay in them: mainstay, stay, outstay , bobstay, backstay , forestay , headstay , homestay , jackstay and overstay.
foe . for . fog . frog . fore . ore . gore . ref . fer That's all I could see..
The anagram is "fundraiser."
Regardless of where they traveled, this was always the center of gravity. Answer: THE LETTER V , empty, river, tamper, placed
vandelisim try your best i am not the smart one here:)
The longest possible word is RADIOSONDE, which is ten letters long and is a unit of measurement for weather balloons. There's no word that can be made with all of those letters.
The word is erasable. It means ableto be rubbed out.
Gary Zimmerman - NFL Hall of Fame member played for Minnesota Vikings and Denver Broncos 1986-1997
SUGGESTIONS eon, eons, ego, es, egg, eggs, guess, go, goes, got, get, gets, gone, gut, guts, gun, guns, gin, gins, gust, gusts, gusset, guise, guises, gong, going, goings, gongs, gusseting, gussets, gusting, guessing, gout, I, ion, ions, in, ins, into, it, its, ingest, ingests, inset, insets, ingot,...
The only single seven-letter English word which can be made with the letters EPCATLR is plectra.
rims . rim . terror . rise . tore . tome . mist . mister . sit . site . rite . rites . rots . rot . mote . motes . store . error . errors . mite . rem . rems . sore . sir . rome . term . terms . ire . tires . tire . mire . mires . sire . sot . tom . toms . sort . rose . rest . rote . roster ...
Words I can make with the letter is the word 'terror' are: . err . error . or . ore . retro . roe . rot . rote . to . toe . tore
Uniform - so the missing letters are U, F, and R.
LONGER ergo, ego, eon, gone, go, gore, gel, lo, lone, long, longer, loner, Leon, lore, Leo, leg, log, lorn, Leno, no, nor, noel, Nero, one, on, O, ore, ogre, ogle, role, Ron, roe, re, Reno
The word is England .
Apron, bacon, bison, colon, demon, felon, lemon, moron, nylon, onion, rayon, spoon, union and wagon are 5 letter words. They end with the letters on.
One Letter: A I Two Letters: Aa Ab Ah At Be Ha He Hi It La Pa Pi Ta (slang) Three Letters: Ace Aha Ale All Ape Ate Bat Bet Bit Cap Cat Hip Hit Ice Ill Lab Lap Lei (foreign) Let Lie Lil' (slang) Lip Lit Pal Pat Pet Pie Pit Tab Tap Tea The Tie Tip Four Letters: Able Ache Bail Bait Bell Belt Beta ...
There is no anagram (too many R's). The 4th R is supposed to be an E, so that irarlreug spells irregular .
The letters 'vergocae' can be unscrambled to spell one word. They can spell the eight lettered word coverage.
The noun: Onomatopoeia : Generally, the formation of a word from the associated sound. This is using words that imitate the sounds they are associated with. One example is the word 'buzz.' . The adjective: onomatopoetic/onomatopoeic
Some words for 'hold back' are: . conserved . constrained . detained . hampered . hindered . hoarded . limited . preserved . reserved . restrained . restricted . repressed . stockpiled . stored . suppressed . withheld
in contrast to, in opposititon to, opposing, versus, facing
unconscious, engineering, anaesthetic, unification
Do proper nouns count? If so, Aragon.
Lots! Ablaze Adzing Adzuki Agnize Amazed Amazes Amazon Assize Azalea Azides Azines Azlons Azoles Azonal Azonic Azoted Azotes Azoths Azotic Azukis Azures Azygos Baizas Baizes Banzai Bazaar Bazars Bazoos Beezer Begaze Benzal Benzin ...
2-letter words an, as, ka, na, no, on, os, so 3-letter words ask, ass, azo, kas, koa, kos, nos, oak, oka, ons, ska, son, sos, zoa 4-letter words anon, asks, azon, kaon, koan, koas, koss, naos, nona, oaks, okas, ossa, sank, sans, skas, soak, sons, zonk 5-letter words askos, azons...
Thieves, as in Ali Baba and the forty thieves. Baseball teams can have 40 players. Winks - to sleep is to catch 'Forty winks"
smile, isle, miss, slim, mile, less, is
Isoprene neoprene copremias copresent isoprenes neoprenes.
The top words that do rhyme with caoimhe is diva and caoimhe is my name it means peace in some foreign countries. Caoimhe also rhymes with Beba which means baby girl in spanish
loon nolo hon hun loo lox lux noh noo oho ono ooh oxo lo no nu oh on ox uh un xu
Words with the same ending are regulate, deregulate, and ungulate (hooved mammal). Close are demodulate, simulate, stimulate, and accumulate.
There are 61 options! one more letter would help you narrow it down a lot. . Alpine . Amping . Append . Arpens . Arpent . Aspens . Capons . Copens . Coping . Daphne . Depend . Depone . Dopant . Doping . Duping . Expand . Expend . Gaping . Gipons . Hoping . Hyping . Impend . Imping . Impone ....
There are no 6-letter words that can be made with that combination, there are three 5-letter words though: . lunes . pules . pulse
The ISD code of India is 91.
That is the name of the mouse in the children's story, The Tale of Despereaux. (Kate DiCamillo, 2003)
Elegant, estatic, enthusiastic.
Word. The first letter is w, the second letter is o, the third letter is r and the fourth and last letter is d.
Some seven letter words with U as the sixth letter are; . alumnus . amateur . amorous . antique . anxious . applaud . arduous . baleful . baroque . bashful . bathtub . bilious . breakup . brusque . bulbous . cadmium . calcium . callous . careful . coconut . contour . cookout . copious . cranium ....
There is no word that can be unscrambled from those letters, the words that can be made are: delt tret del eld led let red ret ted tel tet de ed el er et re
There are a few but I only remember con and day.
The stone carbonado is also known as black diamond.
Rendering in simple terms, means 'colouring'. :)
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The real answer depends on the word, because some 5-letter words have only a single combination to make a real word. If you are not worried about the five letters making a real word, then your possible options are 120 words. 5! = 5*4*3*2*1 = 120
2-letter words aa, ah, ay, fa, ha, ya 3-letter words aah, aha, fay, hah, hay, yah 4-letter words ayah, haaf, haha 15 words found.
There is no single English word that meets the criteria. You can make two words: newsless eight.
This could be a field or a stadium .
There is no way to say "necessary evil" for there is no such thing. All evil is evil and has no justification in our lives. Evil is the opposite of good; it consists in disobeying the laws of God. Everything which is fostered, inspired, and spread by the power of the Evil One is in its nature evil...
I believe you mean 13 S in the USF: The answer for that would be 13 Stars in the United States Flag.
CTBOERAUOSCTSH 1. sects; 2. brats; 3. shuts; 4. Boers; 5. bores, 6. sober; 7. brush; 8. crush; 9. catch; 10. batch; 11. crash; 12. brash; 13. trash; 14. share; 15. trace; 16. brace; 17. crabs; 18. beast; 19. baste; 20. caste; 21. cause; 22. tract; 23. tubes; 24. stubs; 25.cubes; 26. boats; 27....
zed, zoned, zooid, zagged, zapped, zeroed, zested, zigged, zinced, zinged, zipped, zonked, zoomed, zooned, zygoid, zebroid, zincked, zincoid, zizzled, zonated, zippered, zebrawood, zigzagged, zincified, zinkified, zombified
No, sadly it is not..... But it should be!
You can use a Y to make the word joey (a young animal, a young kangaroo)
GCTHLPE get, gel, help, hep, leg, let, pet, peg, pelt