Anguilla is a British overseas territory in the Caribbean. The country is made up of many small uninhabited cays and the main, eel-shaped island of Anguilla. Contributions typically raise questions about Anguilla's economic base in fishing, offshore banking and business, and tourism; unwelcome susceptibility to hurricanes; and welcome exposure to the north east trade winds.
None. It is a Caribbean Island.
13.02 (births per 1000 persons)...
It is a British Overseas Territory.
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The national dress of Anguilla was designed by M. "Mutty" Connor of Blrowing Point. The colours are the sam as those in the Anguilla National Flag (Blue, White and Orange).
The chief minister followed by the governor (the governor is assigned by the united kingdom
Anguilla's main industries are tourism, banking , boat building and salt
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British Overseas Territory with limited self-government
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it has a democratic government
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In the Caribbean.
Anguilla's nickname is 'tranquility wrapped in blue'.
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The Valley is the capital town ofAnguilla.
Anguilla covers an area of 102 km²
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The Valley is the capital town ofAnguilla.
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Anguilla is part of the North American Numbering Plan, telephonecountry code +1 , along with theUSA, Canada, and various other islands. Anguilla uses area code +1 264 , chosen because 264=ANG onthe telephone dial. Calls from the US and other NANP locations to Anguilla are dialed"one plus," the...
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Yes, Anguilla is fairly close to the Cayman Islands.
Anguilla nickname is AXA
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Christoper Clumbus gave the Island its name in 1493 because it resembled an eel, or if you say eel in Italian it would be anguilla.
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The Viceroy Hotel in Anguilla has a number of amenities, including; a Sea Center on Meads Bay, Scuba diving and Snorkeling expeditions, golf green, a shopping boutique, a multi-level rock climbing wall and a water area for children to play in, to name a few.
The Valley is the capital town ofAnguilla.
Flag of Anguilla was created in 1990.
Live in Anguilla was created in 2007.
Republic of Anguilla was created in 1967.
Anguilla Bank Anole was created in 1864.
Anguilla was created in 1980.
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Anguilla is 34 square miles, about as big as Mahwah, NJ.
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Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport.
No. Anguilla does not have a PM. We have a chief minister. Osborne Fleming was Chief Minister from 2000 - 2010.
The name of the Anguilla airport is the Claytin J. Lloyd International Airport, formerly the Wallblake airport. See related link below.
It is the Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport.
William Allistair Harrison.
The Zenaida Dove is the national bird of Anguilla.
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No. It is a British Overseas Territory.
No, it is a British Overseas Territory.
The coral reefs and beaches.
The capital city of Anguilla is called The Valley. (Anguilla is an island possession of the UK in the northeasternCaribbean.)
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