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Quack! If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck or swims like a duck, then you are in the right place. We know wild and domestic ducks, farm ducks and pet ducks.
Yes, if they have a steady food source.
Looking at an adult duck's plumage can help you decide.  Female ducks generally sit on the nest, usually on the ground.  Nature, very sensibly, gives female ducks camouflage to protect  them, and their nests from predators. Their feathers are generally  a nondescript brown or grey, so that they...
  Yes Feb 2000 had 29 days and the year 2000 was a leap year.
it had a population of 58,740.
Chicken coop, henhouse, chicken house.
It can float indefinitely, or until it is punctured and water fills  the inside, then it will sink.
The timing of egg hatching in Cryptotympana facialis was examined in relation to short-term weather conditions. The brief underwater submergence, once a week, of dead twigs bearing cicada egg nests resulted in high hatching rates both at 25 °C and under outdoor conditions protected from rainfall....
They have big, webbed feet to swim easier and faster.
Duck eggs that have baby ducks inside can only last around 60 hours in the cold without being incubated. If they have no baby inside they can last a long time. Up to a few weeks. But if the egg is left to long then it will go rotten. Check first to see if the egg is fertile, if so transfer to an...
Actually it is spelt PLATYPUS!
  The is a page on wiki that tells a lot about Cornelius Coot but no mention of his father's name. Only his ancestry dates back to the Mayflower. Link to that page is below.
  50 duck size horses, strength in numbers.
I think that they can since my mallard and my cayuga duck did mate and have ducklings.
Look at a product called "skamper ramp" and see if that will fit your needs.
they both can fly both are birds bothcan be brown
This depends on what kind of ducks you have. Some of the basics are quacking, swimming, mating, eating, pooping, making loud noises, and waddling around. Certain ducks are better than others at these things. I have noticed that call ducks are especially good at quacking and making noise. Runner...
there would be an egg in the ocean. A fish might eat also. 
Yes all ducks can quack I THINK!
i have heard that ducks live for 2 and over to about 7 years
As many eggs as she will sit on
No it is illega. take it to an animal refuge center.
Muscovy ducks. look them up.Came from South America to Florida.Now  they are showing up all over ponds,lakes and such around the US.
In warm climates anytime is fine. In northern climates where temperatures drop to near or below freezing most hatches are planned for starting in mid march for hatch in April or Easter time.
鴨 "ngaap." The "ng" (which sounds like the "gna" of "gnarly" which  a bit more of an emphasis on the "g") sound is much softer than the  "aap" sound.
  == Why Ducks Attack Each Other ==   Males are usually the ones that attack each other. Why, you ask is because they are trying to impress other female ducks. 
L.A. (Los Angeles) is along the coast of California. L.A. is near  and under Glendale. If you don't know what the coast is..... it is  the part of California that is aligned by the ocean (aka the  Pacific Ocean).
Duck eggs are formed inside the female and fertilized inside the  uterus. The eggs are then laid by the duck via a vaginal canal  through an orifice called the vent.
Probably not. I dont think they even feel jealousy, but you never  know XD
The female's job is to lay the eggs, or brood them. So her coloring has to match with the environment where she is so she can sit on her eggs in secret. The male wood ducks job is to distract any predator that get to close to his mate. This rule goes for all wild ducks.   (2) Most female poultry...
Ducks have an attention span.
Natural Instinct   ---------------   A duck uses its sense of smell and its vision to locate food.
Yes, ducks sleep at night.
sorry if this is wrong but i DON'T THINK SO!!
Buzzards eat small animals (voles, mice, frogs etc) and worms. The also eat carrion - dead animals.
Not normally. If you take a look in a nest where the eggs have hatched the shells are usually in a zillion pieces in the bottom where they have been crushed by the adult and chicks while the chicks dry before leaving the nest.
Male ducks are called drakes and females are called ducks or sometimes hens
Never. Rabies or hydrophobia is purely a mammal's disease.Well this is what I read anyway.
In all Mallard-derived ducks, the female makes a loud quack,  while the male's "quack" is very soft, whispery, and raspy.   The "QUACK!" sound that most people associate with ducks is made by  the female. Muscovy ducks are more quiet than Mallard-derived  ducks, and the males hiss. 
A duck needs the obvious, food, water, and a shelter. It should be fed about twice a day and always have plenty of water, to drink, and swim in. It needs some kind of shelter to block itself from the cold, or heat.
"It takes 28 days just like any other kind of egg or just like chicken eggs." Duck eggs are not like chicken eggs. Chicken eggs take approximately 21 days to hatch. Duck eggs, depending on species, incubator temps, and humidity levels, take between 25 and 35 days to hatch. Best bet is to do a...
  The Ducks played in the 2002-2003 season Stanley Cup finals against the New Jersey Devils, losing in seven games. They also played in the 2006-2007 season Stanley Cup finals, defeating the Ottawa Senators 4 games to 1.
Answer: Alcorn was the man who Odd Ducks program enrich the jobs at standard decoy. When alcorn take over the business from his grant father it not very good position so he take some changes that are very much impact on standard decoy. He knew things needed to change. Output hadn't fallen, and the...
No, the jet stream is over 25,000 feet high. Ducks can't fly that high.
if they get shot in the air above water, they can dive down under water and grab aholt of weeds and stuff under water with their strong sharp teeth and drown themselves.
there is no way to make them hatch faster the have to go in their own paste
  == Answer ==   yes u can, ducks can be pets almost anywere in north america, best 2 get a young, to addapt 2 your inviroment
its a herb
One is carved in a rock that is beside the bend of the dirt road on page 16. One is the shape of the pond and the last in on the sign that says Duck Pond Inn.
Young ducks (after egg-hood) are called hatchlings, then ducklings,  and females are called ducks. However, to specifically  identify the female of any fowl, it can be referred to as a  hen.   Male ducks are called drakes.
One view: It actually depends on the age of the embryo in the egg.  An older embryo will warm the egg and the egg will stay warm  longer. If you feel of the eggs and they are losing warmth, she has  probably abandoned her nest. She knows the age of the chick and how  long the eggs can be without...
in computer u have to move mouse up and click left,down and click right. but your mouse mat can be to small when doing it so use table or so and click alt when u want to see when u have to move your mouse down.
  You should take them to an avian vet. go to http://aav.org/vet-lookup/ to find one near you.
Incubation Period Hatching Period Days 1 through 25  Days 26 through 28 Temperature 99.5° Fahrenheit 98.5° Fahrenheit  Humidity 86% 94% Turns Per Day 3, 5, or 7 Stop Turning
With water and soap!!! der. Just how you would clean anything else!
The thickness of the shell is not determined by the color. The age and health of the bird determines the quality of the shell. As a hen ages, her reproductive system cannot maintain peak shell making capabilities. Her system will no longer utilize the proteins and calcium she eats the same as when...
Initially they are black in color, but progressively lighten to white by the end of the season
There is not any statistics regarding how fast a ducks wings may  beat. This may vary on species of duck.
  The duck does take care of the eggs for the most part but there have been times when the drake will sit on the eggs as well to give the duck a break to go feed.
  The egg is made with the embryo inside the body but the duckling inside the egg develops outside the ducks body.
small weak or old ones can be eaten by pike. any duck could get caught on a fishing line. having their bread taken away by a seagull!
thousand and thousands
no Answer: The person above me in a way is right and wrong. Right because when anyone touches an egg of any bird, the mother will not come back, therefore leaving the eggs to be broken or eaten. Wrong in a way because the human touch does not affect the egg or the baby inside it in anyway. If the...
Anne Frank, if you read her diary, then it will say that she had to write an essay with the title of that for talking too much in class. It also became a story she was proud of.
2 to 5 days usally but only having two percent chance to live they will be white if dead.
yes,some duck willmeltburncatch on fireso be caution were you use duck tape
No chickens and ducks do not belong to the same species. Whilethere are similarities like the fact that they both lay eggs theyare not the same species.
  A goses is a patient within three days of dying; the physiological indicia of this state include constriction of the chest and emission of a death rattle. So goses may eat anything of his choice. No restriction of food items unless we have a solid reason that the patient has to live up to a...
when a baby duck hatches you try to keep it warm and have it as a pet if you want, but if you DON'T want it sell it for $300 or $200 BECAUSE they are too cute and new born so they would not be so cheap like $100 or less that's stupid!!!! I ALSO HAVE A BABY DUCK EGG!!!!!!
Ducks are omnivorous; waterlilies provide shade and shelter, an environment which encourages aquatic plant life and small aquatic creatures, both of which ducks eat.
either 5 inches or 4 cinches
you are aloud to shoot as many ducks as you want as long as they are the correct species e.g. mallard and they are in the correct season to shoot. I've shot 231 mallard ducks back in October 2010 with my shotgun it took me 1.5 days .
Historical fiction
ABSOLUTELY! I just bought my first duck two weeks ago and since I've been spending hours with him every day, taking care of all his needs, he now thinks I'm his mother. He literally "calls" me and has a way of "talking" to me through his little "cheep cheep" sounds. He always responds to my voice...
An egg hatcher is another name for an egg incubator. They are bothstructures that keep eggs warm in place of the mother, so the eggswill hatch.
  Ducks will eat grains and alfalfa pellets. You can get duck feed at your local feed stores. They have a variety of mixes.
The Duck Get F*ck
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