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Remote Control Devices

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A remote control device is commonly an infrared device used to control electronic devices such as televisions and DVD players. It is usually powered by AA or AAA size batteries.
You can't. You must use the Phillips DVD player remote.
you have to know the specific code for the dvd player you are  using... it should come in the instructions that came withe the  controller, or search online the code for it if you don't have the  instructions! Hope it helped!
  MP3 players are small, portable devices that digitally store music.  MP3 players come in all shapes, sizes, and  storage capacity's. Most MP3 players are just flash or hard  drive players. This makes it easy to delete or add content to these  devices as they do not need to be installed...
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go to their website an dchekc out their trouble shooting area they  usually provide that information if you know your product name and  number
you use the mini screwdriver that came with it and on the  propeller should be a screw on top and you unscrew it and pop it of  with the tool that came with the air hog and apply the new one and  make sure its on tight and then screw the screw back in and then  your done. 
  Direct Code Entry:     Turn on your TV.   Press and hold the SET button for approximately 2 seconds.   Press the TV button.   Enter the 4-digit code number.   Press the SET button.   Code  Search:     Turn on your TV.   Press and hold the SET button for...
Am afraid you have to read the manual.since I cant link the manual  just use google on the name and find the manual ther if you dont  have it in your hand   might be that you were not afther
It is hard to analyze without seeing the garage door, but likely  this is a mechanical problem due to the cold. Metal that cools  shrinks, so it is possible that the garage door, components, such  as the chain are stuck.
I would suggest cleaning the remote sensor on the TV set. if there is dirt buildup on it that will block the IR signal from entering the sensor unit.
  11144, 11240, 11331, 11610 for directv, the last one works perfectly for my 537H tv
There are hundreds of codes for the Newstar universal TV remote.  The codes for the Alleron television is 051. The codes for Audiovox  is 053. The codes for Bradford is 053. There are many websites that  offer these codes.
To program sentry remote controls for gates, one must make sure all of the software is compatible with each other. One must also make sure the programs support each other.
Remove cover on module, find switch labelled pgm or operate.
Charter tech support gave me code 01877, which worked for me!
coby tv remote tf dvd 3297e
Working Code for Emerson LC320EM9 !!! The following code worked for me... 1864. I have an Emerson LC320EM9 32", and a SuddenLink Cable box, with a Motorola Universal Remote, that came with my cable box.I was about to give up hope, that there was a code for this TV, but found this one online...
At the same time, press and hold the green button on the right side of the motor unit, and press the remote button. When the lights, (not the green light, but the side lights) flash. Release both buttons.
what is the code to program a Sony TV with a philips universal  remote
Go to Carrier documentation site:. http://www.residential.carrier.com/apps/finddocs/form.jsp?b=c. You will need to know the model number of your A/C unit
  These remotes can be found @ Walmart or Superstore for 8 dollars, a little more than what it costs 2 replace the batteries!   == Answer ==   You can contact the Philips Customer Care Center at 1-888-PHILIPS for the proper codes for your remote.  
on My 2004 rodeo with a delphi remote you sit in the car put the ignition to on so all the dash lights up close the door then press both buttons on the remote for a few seconds got this answer from a main dealer worked great.
Spent hours trying to find the code myself -- 4029 should do the trick! Here's a tutorial in case you need it, I've slightly re-written the instructions to help you. 01.) Power on the device to be programmed (Sony HT-CT100 Sound Bar). 02.) Point the remote control at the selected device. 03.)...
Well if your garage door has a sensor to make sure nothings in the way check the sensor. There may be something in the sensors range so it wont let the door close. The sensor is usually a small box at the bottom of the door with a red laser coming out of it, though you can only see the laser right...
We will need to know the brand of your TV and the model of the remote to know what code to give you.
0000 not working another master pin
its your  actuators you can buy this part for about 800 but you should ask  some one at your part store for best brand to buy. Also, buy a  guide book on your model car to learn about the door panels which  are not the hard to deal with   From Blustg: The door actuators are held in from the...
  Electromagnetic waves are generated through frequency oscillations which usually involve a coil of wire or in an extension such as a transmitting antenna. Lasers are light, formed in a coherent beam and generally don't exhibit electromagnetic waves.
On using biological controls such as pheromone traps, the possibility of development of resistance is avoided. Moreover, the bio insecticides are eco friendly ( using chemical insecticides causes alkalinity or acidity of the soil. )
You can buy a better battery, if you have 2 batteries you can connect them by going to youtube and write how to put 2 batteries on my rc car,it will show you.i hope it was helpfull!
how do program 2005 Toyota Prado remote control
remote to what?
`i want to program my lg remote(CIRCA 2008) TO MY OLD MAGNAVOX dvd  PLAYER?
Some possibilities are 720, 566, or 538.
necesito el codigo de un ge 24914 para programar el vcr y tv
1. Mmanually turn on the device (TV, DVD, etc.) 2. Press and hold the CODE SEARCH button until the red indicator stays on, then release the CODE SEARCH button. 3. Press and quiclkly release the desired mode button 9TV, DVD, etc.). The red indicator blinks off once. 4. Press the CHANNEL UP button...
Zenith Codes:002113114115176182189245248274
Hybrid devices are combination of two devices with unique characteristics. for example::--modem mobile phones are hybrid of camera, phones and media player.
Using the remote, press 3, 1, 9, 7, 5, 3, followed quickly by the mute button. This should bring up the standard menu.  Can that work with The Pl7125c107 & if not which remote....Cause I try it nothing wat did I do wrong...
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Answer . \nhttp://www.nissanpathfinders.com/remotes.htm. Answer . These remotes had notoriously cheesy internal clicker switches, which tended to fall off the PWB & were only repairable by a competent TV technician. Get a new remote (available online for as little as 7$) and reprogram the...
my remote control rm-j70 is lost. where can purchase another one.
It was changed they added a battrey 
I assume you mean you want more than one keyless entry pendant to work the same van. If the pendants are the same make and type, it should be possible. Consult a local Chevy dealer.       You can find out from the manufacturer online how to program them. It has to do with the brand of...
  Found this link for the AT&T 200C Remote control: http://www.anvari.org/cols/Useful_Users_Manuals/200C_Remote_Control.html
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0015, 0205, 148, 0207 0039 0546 0294 0401 0248 0067 0586 0463 0442 0392 1067 0384 0611 1934 1354 2012 0236 0393 0289 0392 0193 0441 0581 0401 0066 0294 0376 0465 0683 0066 0713 0401 0248 0636 0448 0761 0123, 1273.
remote control codes for samsung blue-ray on time warner cable remote control
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try 0335 not 100% sure tho [Edits] They seem to have different firmware installed, but the Bush remote code work for my Digilogic DSTB1000 (from Tesco.) This works : 21284, also try these : (2)1284 (2)1743 (2)0642 (2)1811 (2)1672 My remote demands that I use a '2' in front of the code...
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What is the codes for a quasar tv with a phillps universal remote
http://myremotesetup.com/EasyZapper/New/Main.asp?WebProcessAction=Start&ReturnUrl=%2FEasyZapper%2F%2E%2FNew%2FProcSpice%2Flanding%2Easp&ClassId=PrSpice%2EProcSpice&RelativePath=ProcSpice%2F#   This Company has a compatable universal for Aveis, but it costs  $79.99
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The Sanskrit word for electronic device: विद्युत्पत्र उपकरण   vidyutpatra upakaraNa
  codes for 5a01
The car itself requires four batteries. There is a compartment in the undercarriage of the car where you must put these. You will need a screwdriver. The remote also requires a battery, which needs to be put in the back of the remote. Hope this helped!
I've got a little black rca remote, and sanyo tv code wasn't in the manual. Found it manually "052". our other rca remote had 1048 for our sanyo tv. \n. \n. other codes for sanyo are.. \n. 3digit codes: \n. 004, 017, 021, 039, 048, 049, \n. 056, 057, 058, 073, 080, 107, \n. 162, 169, 180, 196 \n....
  I faced this probelm and unlocked my TV. Key in your TV code to the remote. Press the + channel key repeatedly. This worked for me.
The code is 8003. It took me forever to fiind it. Well for an hct hdtv hpp-42hcb television the code for a universal remote is 8003.
Check online on the Samsung website, they will have manuals for their products there, Gook luck. :D Rick3yBoBBy
It works perfectly. HD quality is same as India.
If your power button is torn of you could put tim foul implace of where the power button would be anf the try to find something thats like a pencil or something like that and if you mess with it and if you're lucky it might turn on
Well homemade might be a little difficult but if you buy one for parts or repair you could find out what the problem is and fix it.
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The code in the Comcast sheet that came with the remote is 10180. It does not work. Craig says tha 16222,10073,10180 and 11822 might work. They did not.I found the code 11823 will allow the power button to work but not the volume and mute button. Bill
It seems so. Any way it is electromagnetic wave which could be modulated with digital pulses.
  '98 - '02 Isuzu Rodeo and Trooper and Honda Passport(with factory keyless entry) Instructions for programming.   1. Get in car and make sure all doors are unlocked.   2. Open driver's door and leave open.   3. Put key in ignition.   4. Turn key to 'on position' (dash lights on, but...