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Seahorses are named for their equine-like head and prefer to live in sheltered areas such as coral reefs. Seahorses are one of the few animal breeds where the male gives birth rather than the female.
Seahorses are mostly endangered because some people use them for medicinal purposes.   because people like catching them for souvenirs and they also like drying them.   Chinese also catch them because they use them for medicine.
Seahorses eat plankton and tiny crustaceans such as small shrimp.
No, they live in the sunlight area
Besides the fact that the babies are much smaller, there is no external difference between the two.
I believe it's the Lined Seahorse according to Sarasota Bay's  Website. sarasotabay.org
Yes the female seahorse can't have babies!!
they are microscopic and pretty
Basically, the seahorse's only defence is to camouflage itself, which also has a meaning of blending in with it's surroundings so that the predator can't see it.
Keep the Seahorses in water.
Yes seahorses have 3 fins. One is the dorsal fin and I don't know what the other 2 are called. Type your answer here...
Unlike with humans, the male seahorse gives birth to the babies.  Since it has the fertilization pouch, all a female must do is  deposit the eggs in there.
Sea horses look like horses but a sea horse is a fish and a horse is a mammal.
A Very small structured adult sea Horse, with Large Eyes Dis-proportioned to their Bodies. Their Behavior patterns are as expected with most Offspring; They stick to Their parents Closely,l But unlike other offspring, They are closer to their Father.
They live in large seagrass beds, saltmarsh and margrove areas in the australian coastal waters. They camaflouge in seaweed, to hide from there predators. They swim with 3 types of algea Macrocystis, Ecklonia and Lessonia.
Banned Pipefish commonly refers to Doryrhamphus dactyliophorus. This species is not endangered.   There are not many species of pipefish that are listed as endangered, currently 47 are on the IUCNs red list, however there are hundreds of species of pipefish.
crabs, larger fish, and man that catch them to eat
small fish,shrimp and plankton.
Blennies reproduce by laying eggs and reproducing sexually. They  lay eggs inside the caves they live in and will guarded it until  the young hatch.
Seahorses are very weak swimmers so they are VERY hard to feed and have a hard time running from predators or aggressive fish. They often are very slow eaters too. My seahorse would try to attack food in stealthy manners. Their fry also rarely live.
All male seahorses carry children rather than females.
1 so they cannot mate anymore and they will die soon
COMMON NAME:seahorseKINGDOM:AnimaliaPHYLUM:ChordataCLASS:OsteichthyesORDER:SygnathiformesFAMILY:SyngnathidaeGENUS SPECIES:Hippocampus spp.
sea horse population graphs
No, they have a backbone.
These animals live in a mediterranean forest:   Amphibians   Common toad    Birds   Common cuckoo African fish eagle American black vulture Andean condor Eleonora's falcon Golden eagle Honey buzzard Kestrel Lammergeier Peregrine falcon Red kite Sparrowhawk Malleefowl Pheasant...
Sea horses do in fact eat small shrimps! They also eat very small  fish and plankton. They're not very picky, it seems, since they  just eat anything that's small and living.
Sea horses eat their food through their snout. Sea horses eat  continuously as they do not have completely functional digestive  systems.
they live near bits of coral their colour so they can blend in
  Apart from size, baby seahorses have all the features of the adult seahorses from the moment they hatch.
It help the seahorses to swim, keep their balance and even mate!
seahorses use their tail and fins to swim.
No, they are kind of like marsupials and have a pouch for their eggs
You can go to a pet store or try buying one off the internet.
They do it to have babies of course and to not be lonly without a child that they made
i think the horse live up to 35 years
Horsea is the seahorse Pokemon.
Seahorses are fish that live underwater and breath with gills, and  have fins.
It is considered a fish because it is cold-blooded, has fins to help it swim and gills to help it breathe in water. Because they breath water not air.
confidence and grace
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The Male sea horse don't have babies. The Female does. She laies the eggs in the Male's pouch and the Male proctects them until they hatch then he lets them free!! Yay!!!
I think you mean cooker spaniel I'm not quite sure but you might want to look at www.animals.com It will give you info on that animal thanks!! :) -Horses101P.S. Horses101 is my signutureit has nothing to do with cooker spaniels!!! <3
  == A Seahorse looks like this... As you can see, they've got a curved tail and long noses. They can be loads of different colours. ==
If they are tired
The deepest I've ever heard of a sea horse being found was just today off the NC coast at 109 Ft. In fact I was checking to see if that's common when I found this page. According to the ID books they're not usually found deeper than 40 Ft.
a seahorse does have a pouch
no there are diffrent types
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Because humans use them for medicine and treatments. Many use them to put in there house to observe. Others just fish them for fun and kill them for decorations. That's why there are 600 left in the world.
where do sea horses live
A seahorses is a fish that has a long, tube-shaped mouth that looks something like the snout of a horse.
sharks because they eat fish
Simplest answer: Go onto "Google Images" and type in the search box, "sea wall" and yippee! Look at all the sea walls that you want!
SeahorsesSeahorses are found in seas along temperate coasts and in the oceans of the tropics. They are a kind of fish (Hippocampus) that likes shallow tropical and temperate waters all over the world. They typically live at a depth of 60 to 70 feet below the ocean's surface, but some live a little...
I dont know but I do know that the horse breed "Mustang" means "Stray Beast"! I hope I helped! [[User:Horse Expert|Horse Expert]] 20:41, 17 Apr 2009 (UTC) Horse Expert
i dont think so becuz they should eat like a family
  They basically are a leafy sea dragon is more yellow or brown while a weedy sea dragon is a reddish color.
Yes. As a lobsterman fishing in southern Maine, I have caught one in my trap. Also over the years, a few other lucky lobstermen have also caught them. They are very rare, and I only know of about 6 or 8 of them being caught in the last 20 years.
No. Seahorses are found in shallow tropical and temperate waters. They are distributed in the Eastern Atlantic from Great Britain to Morocco, Africa and the Mediterranean.
No, not at all. The males provide the females with their sperm so that the females can have fertilized eggs. After that, the females hand all their eggs over to the males for safekeeping. So the male is not pregnant, but holds all the eggs, and appears to be pregnant.
The big-belly seahorse is the longest seahorse species in theworld. It can grown up to 35 cm in length.
in seahorses the female lays the egg and the male looks after it till the female return .  
Unless you're talking about fishing for seahorses, then just about nothing besides transportation.
vertically and very slow
there are about 35 different species: Seahorse - Facts & Links - Names . Seahorse Names . Types of Seahorses ~ SCIENTIFIC NAME / COMMON NAME . Hippocampus abdominalis - Big Belly Sea Horse Hippocampus aimei - Freshwater Sea Horse Hippocampus algiricus - West African Sea Horse ...
100 or more depending on the size.
sea dragon and pipe fish
It defends itself by camouflaging with surroundings.
You spelled the wrong there. It should be their. Yes, all sea horses change their color for affection.
The blow bubbles to talk to each other
you shouldn't KILL THEM!
  no, seahorses have ring like armor; but no scales.
  BadCat from conservative-alliance.oli.us, responding. Our forum has a nature section and I was just preparing to post on this curious little creature when a search for a decent pic lead me to this question. The Leafy Sea Dragon is found only in the shallows off the southern coast line of...
they are warm blooded.
kingdom:animalia phylum chordata class:
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The predators of seahorses can include crabs, stingray, different  types of fish like tuna. Human also harvest them for medicinal  purposes. Seahorses are tiny fish that have the scientific name of  Hippocampus.
No. Seahorses do not migrate.
how heavy are kudu seahorses
Seahorse eggs are not often seen as they are deposited directlyinto the male's pouch after fertilization. The offspring emergefrom the pouch as live young.
Being devoured by larger predators.