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Greenland is an autonomous nation within the Kingdom of Denmark. It is part of the North American continent situated between the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans and east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.
The Danish Krone is the currency of Greenland.
Yes. He founded two colonies there.
The island nation that lies southeast of Greenland is Iceland. Thecapital of Iceland is Reykjavik.
Yes there is lots of shelter in Greenland.
Greenland sharks live in the Artic
Greenland is mainly populated by indigenous peoples. People have been in Greenland since prehistoric times. They did not see any reason to leave, obviously, as they established a culture to fit their habitat. Greenland also has a large population of Europeans, as Greenland has been under European...
Greenland's population is about 57,000 while Mechanicville, New York's population is about 5,000. Greenland's population is about 11.5 times the size of Mechanicville's.
The ice is extremely thick, I believe getting to 3km thick at the thickest
In denmark we have a temperate climate, that means that in winter it is cold, and in the summer it is hot, but it also rains a lot etc. I don't know how accurate my explanation is, but then look it up! (Temperate climate)And right now, it rains in denmark. Which sucks!
Although it is much greener than Greenland, there is a lot of ice in and around Iceland. Although naming the large subcontinental island "Greenland" may have been an attempt at deceptive promotion to the Vikings, it does have greenery along the coasts, more than some areas in Norway or northern...
Greenland was a Danish colony until 1953, but became its own country in 1979. Then, they established a full self government in 1981.
its about 450 miles north from Greenland
1953 In 1721, Norwegian priest Hans Egede, under the auspices of the Danish king, went to Greenland to "rechristianize" the Norsemen that had settled there many hundreds of years earlier. The only problem was the Norse were long gone, having long since moved on to greener pastures. In any case,...
Greenland is part of Denmark, and Denmark is part of the European  Union.
  See etymology at the Wikipedia link below.
Greenland is part of Denmark.
Greenland has a higher elevation. Greenland's highest mountain is 3700m high, whilst Australia's highest mountain is 2228m high. The lowest point in Greenland is the Atlantic Ocean, which is of course sea-level, whilst Australia's lowest point, Lake Eyre, is 15 metres below sea level.
64°10′30″N 51°44′20″W
  == Answer ==   Parliamentary democracy within a constitutional monarchy is greenlands goverment.
It is a parliamentary democracy (Parliament of Greenland); which ispart of the Kingdom of Denmark.
No, not all parts of Greenland. Along the coast would be less icy.
Yes, there are about 57,000 people living in Greenland.
People live in Greenland because they either were born there are migrated there. Indigenous people have lived in Greenland since prehistoric times. Many Europeans have migrated to Greenland over the past few centuries due to the European rule of the island.
Rivers: Rhine Main Donau Oder Alster Elbe Canals: Rhine-Main-Donau-Kanal Mittellandkanal Rheinseitenkanal
Sort of. It belongs to Denmark, which is a Nordic country.
You call them a Greenlander.
Greenland is smaller than the United States. Greenland has a total area of 2,166,086 kilometers2 or 836,109 square miles and the United States has a total area of 9,826,675 kilometers2 or 3,794,101 square miles.
no Greenland doesn't have a country inside of it because Greenlandis a country
yes of course as with every where else. The waters surrounding greenland are very rich and so there is a huge number of marine mammals ranging from large numbers of walrus, to many species of whales. Musk oxen are found on greenland (over 3000) as are polar bears, reindeer even a growing number of...
Mainly birch trees.
you pronounce the capital Nuuk as Nuuk with a long u or u's just strectch them out \\
Greenland is located in the Arctic so what could this country be? Rich or poor? Well this big, far-north island is filled with mostly Inuit people and since they're from Greenland they are called Greenlander people.(I'm serious. Greenlander is the actual truth. I am not kidding. That's what the...
It varies from sea level up to over 10,000 feet.
For the Water Tribe, the producers filmed the Waterbending scenes for the Northern and Southern Water Tribe in Ilulissat, Greenland.
Yes...sort of. Greenland is a huge island (2 million square kilometers) in the North Atlantic Ocean, and therefore not physically connected to Denmark, but it does belong to Denmark. So, yes, it is a part of Denmark in the same way that Hawaii is a part of the USA and Newfoundland is a part of...
i think it is in the tundranot suresorry... :P
If you ask for the currency of Greenland, it is the Danish krone.
Coffee Club Island (Kaffeklubben Island in Danish) is a small island off the north coast of Greenland, important only for being the "closest land to the North Pole." According to the Guinness Book of Records it is only 708 kilometers away from the geographic north pole.
The Kingdom of Denmark owns Greenland. Greenland is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark.Greenland has its own home rule and self-governance, but itsdefense, foreign affair and finance are still the responsibility ofthe Danish government.
The flag of Greenland is red and white, the same as the colours of the Danish flag. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/94/Flag_of_Greenland_(bordered).svg800px-Flag_of_Greenland_(bordered).svg.png
mostly the fishing industry since fish and fish products are their main export
According to a 2007 estimation, the populaton is around 56, 344. In all honesty, however, the population is probably larger than that now.
Since over 85% of the population of over 55 thousand people are Inuit. I imagine they mostly eat things like seal and whales. The rest probably eat things that they import mostly from Dutch Europe.
Perhaps the most important aspect of Greenland's wildlife is its marine life. It is abundant and is largely responsible for the development of the country's popuation. During the late summer and early autumn whales swim close to the coast and are sometimes seen in the harbours. There are many...
Nuuk is the capital and largest cityof Greenland. The population in Nuuk is approximately 17,000.
Yes people live there. The only place without perminent residents is Antartica. Scientist live there for short periods of time.Greenland has people living along the coast where the ocean current keeps the climate more mild. Inland is extreme cold, and almost unlivable.
  836,330 sq mi or 2,166,086 sq km
The correct term is Kalaallit Nunaat , meaning 'Land of the people' . .
Kaffeklubben is the name of the tiny island north of Greenland that is the most northern piece of named land in the world.
Actually, Greenland is no longer a province of Denmark but anautonomous country that is part of the Kingdom of Denmark.Autonomous meaning it is self-governing but it is still a part ofDenmark. So, more accurately, it is a territory (the largest in theworld by area) of Denmark.
Highly impossible due to minus degree whether.
because it is not big enough and not enough people live on it
Most kinds of transport are used. Cars, buses and trucks, boats (few), and airplanes. Air travel is by far the most popular and widely used.
It has been considered 3rd world on some maps, but i don't believe  so, due to Denmark having it.
Australia's land area is greater than that of Greenland. Australia is the smallest continent and Greenland is the largest island.
Greenland's vegetation is mainly categorized as tundra. Plants consists of sedge, cotton grass and lichen. There are a few trees. there are seven land mammals including arctic foxes, ermines, lemmings, muskoxen, polar bears, reindeer and snow hares. the surrounding water bodies are homes to seals...
Nuuk is the capital city of Greenland.
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Eric the red discovered Greenland.
Greenland can't be an M.E.D.C. since there is hardly anyone livingthere, and no international trade routes to speak of either.
Two of them are Canada and Denmark
Yes. Greenland is the communist heartland of the North Atlantic. Most of the towns and villages that dot the coast are run as communes. Many former Soviet communists fled there after the collapse of the Berlin Wall.
They could be called "Greenlanders" or "Danish".
Type your answer here... because greenland is above the Arctic CircleEvery place that's less than about 1,620 miles from either the north pole or the south pole has one occasion during the year when the sun stays up for more than 24 hours. The closer you are to one of the poles, the longer that...
Greenland is not composed of any nations. It is an autonomous country (somewhat like a territory) of Denmark.
greenlands exports are mostly fish, coal, lead, sheep, uranium, zinc, molydbenum, and cryolite
Canada claims Hans Island which is disputed between Canada andDenmark because of its location in the middle of an internationalstrait.
They live they use walrus's teeth as weapons and they also eat it.this is all i know if i get more info i will put it.
Oceania is a region in which are found many countries, each with its own official languages. There is not one set of official languages for Oceania.
Greenland is land that hasn't been built on and brown land is ground that's been built on
Latitude: N 71° 42' 24.9696"   Longitude: W 42° 36' 15.4908"
He was searching for new lands to colonize.