Somalia is a republic on the Somali peninsula in extreme eastern Africa. This 246,200 sq mi republic is home to approximately 9.36 million inhabitants as of 2010. Somalia’s largest and capital city is Mogadishu.
Juba and shabeele
Ethiopia is much bigger than Somalia Ethiopia has a land area of 426,371 square miles, whilst Somalia is only 246,201 square miles. The population of Ethiopia is approx 79 million, whilst Somalia is approx 9 million.
east coast of africa. it looks like the number 7
An anniversary is a period of remembrance. In Somalia this is aperiod to remember thier prophets.
it's about £40,000. To build a basic school. $56,745 dollars.
The listen Music , Dance traditional folk dance, jokes and laugh their humor.
thousands of different native plants grows in somalia. I don't know what it's called in English, but the largest tree called (Geed Gob) in Somali language, it means in English (Gob tree) I have not seen or heard if it's also exist in other countries. it makes small yellow edible fruits called ...
Yes, according to some people stationed there at the time, all the bodies including Gary Gordon's at the second crash site was recovered by the CIA who went in there after the Battle of Mogadishu. It was a horrible site. Out of all the bodies, Gary Gordon's was the most mutilated out of all of the...
Yes but you cant use it because of the war. and they have alot of oil since 1970-2010. Yes, allot of it. One of the most in the world becuse of the location of somalia, Near The Arabian Peninsula oil and the Uganda/Kenya oil
the flag of Somalia is blue and have a star on the center. the blue color originated from the united nations and it represents the blue sky of Somalia. the white color of the star stands for African freedom. and the five sides of the stars represents the five regions of Somalia. they are: British...
The first United Nation Operation on Somalia (UNOSOM I) was carried primarily by United Nation officials in attempt to provide and secure humanitarian relief within Somalia, as a reaction to the eruption and escalation of the civil war. The primary objective was to monitor the first ceasefire of the...
Not trying to be rude but it not in a good state right now my Allah help it
2+2=4 but 2+3=5 if you did not know that
Dont know they have a lot of somali skinny legs coming out nowadays!! astakfurullah!! may god help them go to the right path!
No, Somalia is an independent country - as is Uganda
they have black lips and dark southeast Asian look to their skin
They Have No Government Period.
The coat of arms of Somalia was adopted on October 10, 1956. The leopards which support the shield and the white star were also found on the arms used during the Italian administration. Formerly, the arms of Somalia from June 8, 1919 featured a shield divided horizontally by a wavy white line (Smith...
arid land means dry land and Somalia get arid land is because they don't get a lot of rainfalls and water.
Somaliland has numerous natural resources such as uranium, iron ore, tin, gypsum, bauxite, copper, salt, natural gas, likely oil reserves. On top of that Somaliland has 740km Coastline and rich marine resources. So yes Somaliland is very rich if these resources are tapped into.
Somalia has Regions not States and they are 18 Official because Somaliland is still part of somalia and don't have recognition. otherwise it would be 13. ---Somalia--- 1. Juba Hoose 2. Juba Dhexe 3. Gedo 4. Bay 5. Bakool 6. Shabele Hoose 7. Banaadir 8. Shabele Dhexe 9. Hiiraan 10. Galguduud 11....
lol ok yea somilans are not blak i heard that they have arb and spanish and Chinese blood in them
it used to be a great country, but when the war broke out it became really bad!
lions are in large numbers in Somali including Somalia and southern Somalia the reason why people don't think lions don't exist in Somalia is because it is a middle of a civil war and nobody can take pictures of them. nile crocodiles live in the Somali rivers. there are also a large number of...
Catch a boat. you can comfortably fly to anywhere in Somalia from Dubai, Nairobi, Djibouti, Jeddah, Kampala and per my own views, i will not advise anyone to travel to Somalia by boat unless it is a submersible. one can also travel to Somalia by road from Addis Djibouti and Nairobi and from...
Because it is a protrusion from the main bulk of Africa
In somali you say mukulal for cat. Or Shopto
Somalia was occupied by ITALY , briefly, in the 20th century..... Somalia existed before it was "discovered,colonized and freed" by the Italians....therefore the independence question is irrelevant
Mogadishu is the nations capital and the largest city in Somalia.
it means they only eat meat.
he first president of somaliland was abdiraman ali tuur 1991-3 Dead wrong.The first president of Somaliland was the late Mohamed ibrahim Egal.The 5 day head of state June 26-1st of July 1960.
There are many tribe in Somalia but the most common tribes are: 1. Daarood 2. Hawiye 3. Dir & Isaaq 4. Digil & Warsangeli.
actuallly no Somalia is not a Arab country because they do not speak Arabic the speak somali an Arab country could be like Dubai Arabs rule that country so tecnically Somalia is not a Arab country it is in the big country Africa
It probably isn't, but they aren't trying. Somalia has been without a government for years. Different parts of the country are under control of different war-lords and factions. The official government, supported by the UN, controls little more than part of the capital. They do not have the...
If you mean Somalia it is located on the North East coast of Africa
It's on the East Coast of the African continent. Somalia forms part of the region known as the "Horn of Africa" See related links for maps
the richest man 2011 in Somalia is mohamed haji ismail
Livestock, hides, fish, charcoal, and bananas are Somalia's principal exports. Sugar, sorghum, corn, qat, and machined goods are the principal imports.
Ma'asalama - that's in Arabic..most people use this because many Somalis are Muslim and that is a common Arabic/Islamic parting.
Not sure what unit you were in..etc but here is the list of servicemen that were awarded it from the secretary of the Navy when I was there 7 years after it all took place
Well it depends on the familly. If there are a husband and wife on the farm then there are 2 animals on the farm. If there is a child then there are 3 and so on and so forth.
3300 km or 2062.5 mil
i think 12 milion or les then.
they are for carnivals
"Mogdisho" which also known as "Hamar" is the largest city and the capital of Somalia. Before the civil war that erupted in Somalia in 1991 which devestated the whole country especally the city of Mogdisho , one of the most bueatiful cities in Africa, the pearl of Indian Ocean once.
It came from either Ethiopia, Kenya or Somalia. But I put my money on Ethiopia.
Approximately 500 miles long (about 800 km). Pirates have ventured out some 400 or so miles from the shoreline.
The Government, and people of Somalia of course.
You're screwed. Not even ninjas have managed it.
Alot of activities like. Football and different sort of sports. Schools in different grads like intermediate, primary and secondry. Even universities and some high schools. That is the main ones bt i m sure u find more if u ask the somali experties.
About 15% of the government's budget is spent towards education.
no its not a state
The ethnic group in common with Eritrea and Somalia is the Beja people.
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No, The Civil War In Somalia Ended. Now All We Have To Do Is Build Our Country! Pray For Us :)
i think it its a somalian family
Quruxbadan -or- quruxsan
Aden Abdullah Osman Daar
the last president of Somalia was siad bare
Somalia is at the boarder of Africa. It's seaboard stretches 3,025killometers so Somalia has the total area of 637,657 square kilometers (3,980 square miles of water). Somalia extends about 2,366 kilometers (1,470 miles) that is shared with Djibouti, 682 kilometers (424 miles) with Kenya, and 1,626...