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The practical application of knowledge, especially in a particular area, is called technology. Advances in technology affect every area of our lives. This category is for questions about technology and includes everything from how to remove a scratch from a CD to applications of electronics to what polyester is made from and more.
1- recognition of need. (what you what to do?). 2- define the problems. (what might stand in your way of completing your project). 3- find alternative solutions. (this is the creativity step!). 4- analyzing your solutions to find the most suitable. 5- evaluation of your solutions. 6- START WORKING...
write your email then press save
The scientific meaning for Plasma is a TV hanging on the wall
You can *design* your icon with Illustrator, but since icons themselves are made from pixels, you will want to export your illustrator design into Photoshop, converting it into a gif. Creating an actual .ICO file (that includes multiple size variations for different settings) is best done with...
Directories is a term not frequently used any more. The term more commonly used today are folders. They are the same thing however. Back in the days of ms-dos, files were stored in directories.
Answer . my 1994 s10 has manual mirrors, windows and doorlocks but when i removed the door panels to replace the outside mirrors (AGAIN!) I saw that I am already wired for the electric stuff, i just have to pay more $$ for the electrical version of the part and plug it in!. try going on ebay,...
You cannot access the App Store on your iPod Touch without being connected to a wireless router (Wi-Fi connection).
of course - just Google Microsoft office and as long as you havent used it before on the same computer, you should be good - or just get a bootleg copy!
When you first start out, you make your character, get a little cash, and then scroll down and you'll see on the left hand side of the screen a button that says "My Place". Click on it. Then it'll say (if you don't own a house) "You don't have one yet. if you'd like one press here" and so you press...
After steel is shaped by forging, machining or casting inherent stresses can weaken the article. Normalizing reduces these weaknesses by re-aligning the 'grain' of the steel so that it follows the new shape of the article manufactured. Normalizing steel results in it being strengthened and more...
FORTRAN, Assembler, to name two. Effectively, any language that allows you to reference symbols before they are declared.
If you are talking about computer fans, then BIOS should have it. To get to BIOS, you must restart your computer, then before windows starts up (during POST) press 'Del' repeatedly.
No. If a new mode of transport is not yet ready, American astronauts will catch a ride with other space agencies such as in Russia or Japan. Eventually we will have a new transport vehicle. The international space station is just that...'international' and it is not uncommon for one agencies...
The Earth's magnetic field is like a magnetic dipole, with one pole near the north pole and the other near the south pole.
PCR stands for Program Clock Reference. It is used to sync the audio and video.. The PCR keeps the system clock synced. If the system clock starts to rift, it is rectified using the PCR value.
explain address decoding technique
it is made out of paper
Either that, or you have to have at least 5 million total experience points. Long before reaching that level you should find your name in the hiscores.. \n
Can a 2001 Suzuki Vitara 2.0 Engine be swapped with a 2001 ChevyTracker engine?
There is a website that you CANNOT make your own WORLD but there is a website that you can have lots of fun on- its called Moshi Monsters ! Or go on myownmoshi.weebly.com to find out more !
If you buy the Special Edition Version of the "Flyleaf" album, there will be a card inside that will tell you the number.
It all really comes down to opinion but if you want a phone with a qwerty keyboard and a touch screen, the genio slide is the best option for that.
So they can talk to their friends. I think they don't need it. They use it for emergencies.
One way to demodulate an amplitude modulated signal from its carrier is to build a peak-follower. This could be a simple RC filter with a diode at the input. The voltage across the capacitor would charge to the peak value of the carrier (envelope), and then discharge through the resistor. The time...
To convert HTML into PDF, you could try some PDF Creator, but you'd better try the PDF Creator first, then you would know if it fits your need well. Thanks.
This article is about the metal joining process. For the cooking technique, see braising.. Brazing is a joining process whereby a filler metal or alloy is heated to melting temperature above 450 °C (842 °F) - or, by the traditional definition in the United States, above 800 °F (427 °C) ...
On an iTouch, there is a sumbol near upper right corner that is two arrows pointing right overlapping. Hit that so that it is not blue. If you have a normal iPod, it is your fault my answer won't work because this question was under the "iPod Touch" category.
A person can gain admission into Malaysian University by applyingfor entrance. The school will pick people who will be a goof fitfor the college.
Visual technology deals with the visual representation including photography, printing, video.
SQ01 : Environment --> Languqgue comparison. Put source and target language to be translated. Choose 'Query' and put your query name with appropriate user group and press change button. . Click on the text you want to translate and press F2. Translate it and save.. Good luck. mameepoko
Yeah, actually. Pet stores have them. They make great cat toys. I think Petco has them, as well as Petland Discounts. And Pet Stop on Columbus Avenue between 87th and 88th has them.
What type of file are you trying to save? Where are you trying to save it to exactly? Can you save other types of files to the same location? Can you save your file to a different location? Please describe to me exactly how you go about saving it when the problem occurs.
yes it is called monochrome press up on the d-pad to change the color settings
No, The Toslink optical transfers method is thru the use of light, the 3.5mm jacks carry information thru metal condoctors (wire).
There are exactly 234728 people that like the ipod nano. How should we know!?
\n. if u have a i tone software in your software u can get a formating option to formate so you can easily for ur iphone over there
it is under the building where the superhero is standing
Well these are just my opinions but you might just might agree. Yahoo- When you put in contacts it has a choice of putting a bunch of info about the specific person. Has "Trash","Inbox","Drafts","Sent","Spam", a calender and notepad. Gmail- Is meant to be "Google Mail" you can decorate your ...
32 channel * 64 Kbit/s = 2048 Mbit/s
Not for asynchronous transmission. The stop bit is needed so that the start bit can be recognized as such. The start bit is the synchronization event, but it must be recognizable. The start bit is always a 0, and the stop bit is always a 1, which is also the idle state of the line. When a start bit...
Well, it depends.. (1)Gmail.com (2)Yahoo.com (3)outlook.com (its the same as hotmail and live.com mail.) (4)mail.com (5)zoho mail.com
To remove Wordpress from a Dreamhost hosted website you need to log in to your Dreamhost account. Click on the Free Software/One Click Installs option and select the...  Upgrade or remove previously installed software - Advanced mode This will list what software you have installed. You can...
yeah all! except jack swigert(command module pilot) died of cancer afterwards
A famous bridge is all over around the world u just haev to tpe ir saofsdf
Can a sender and receiver use asynchronous transmission and agree not to use any stop elements?
Well no body can really answer that question except for u because both have almost the same features but u know ipad is more expensive and u should only buy an ipad only if u wanna use it in a comfortable place and if u wanna carry a big bag with u then okay buy ipad but if u want almost the same...
There is not a correct answer to that question without more information. First it is important to realize that bigger doesn't mean better when it comes to speakers. The important factors are the listening styles. What are you listening to? do you like tight accurate bass or loud deep sloppy bass? ...
Nothing. It is free to upload and download on YouTube.
yes $800 it sucks man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is not an answer but i have it jailbroken and have backgrounder and ifile so i can hack into but i cant figure out what to change and if you know how to walk through walls and get on roofs please tell me...
You can NOT contact them, that is their whole scam in a nut shell. You order their garbage and when it doesn't show up, or breaks you can't call them or return the sh*t. YOUR BEST BET IS TO STAY AWAY FROM BRADFORD EXCHANGE TRUST ME I'M SPEAKING FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. THEY ARE THEIVES.
you wait or change the settings
go to the bottom of your desktop and look for the bell shaped icon. look on the right side. click it and drag the shape on the line down
AT1-AN1 means to subtract the contents of the cell AN1 from AT1, but I am not aware of any specific meaning of AT-AN in Excel.
It can remain in hibernation as long as you want it to. There is no time limit.
You fit a screwdriver bit in a 1/4 socket.
they are like that becasue its decaying. they are like that becasue its decaying
about 1 kilcks per yotosecond
well there are bittorent, thepiratebay.org frostwire bearshare but they are illegal and can get fined good luck
a small program that invokes operating system when power is switched on. That is boot loader. boot is a boot strapping process that is one program pulls may complected programs when power is switched on.
WikiAnswers is a question and answer site where questions are asked and answered by regular, ordinary people like you. Miranda Cosgrove herself most likely never looks at the questions about her in the Miranda Cosgrove category. And she certainly doesn't answer any of them. So, please do not ask...
yuh can just use some spit on a piece of cloth nd rub it on the screen, and all the nasty stuff comes off... unless yuh have problems with dust being in the cracks of the screen(edge of screen..or whatever) just get any type of playing cards nd stick it in the crack nd slide that stuff out :] relle...
No, the filename is not stored in the inode; the inode contains things such as a pointer to the user, date/time stamps, number of links to it, etc.
they come about when to night was dark
Qualitative research is generally based on different paradigms (pozitivist, post-pozitivist, constructivist etc.) but Quantitative research is generally based on pozitivism (or newer version of it is post -pozitivizm, for example critical realism).
1-touch the red light 2- Tap the angry face 5 times 3- tap all the grey ninja stars 4- Touch the button that has an "N" on it 5- Touch the top right cloud 6- Wait till the next question (DO NOT CLICK ON THE WATER DROPLET) 7- Pop the baloons from right to left 8- Drag the bubble to the...
Resistors limit the flow of electrical current in a circuit.
no u cant i wish u could but u can get married
because alternators which is used in generating station are desiged for 50 hz heigher or lower fequencies are not possible
first upload and save the pictures onto your computer when u are about to post them click the upload a picture button and from there you can retrieve your pics and post them
There is no real evidence of where he went to elementary, middle,or high school but we do know he went to Trinity college and thentransfered to Peterhouse college, both in Cambridge, massechusetts.
Im sorry but theres no pro peller hats now it only comes when rock hopper comes
You have created a dead short in your circuit somewhere. Since you didn't say what you did to the switches, I am guessing that instead of just connecting the switch input to its output, that you instead connected a hot wire to ground. Withe the breaker left off, open the switch box or boxes and undo...
There are a few things you can do to resolve the isse. * Restart regularly * Delete programs you never use * Limit how many programs load at startup * Run fewer programs at the same time * Turn off visual effects * Check for viruses and spyware * Disable services you don't need
In April of 1981, US astronauts Crippen and Young returned to earth in the space shuttle Columbia which used wings to get them home, but the Columbia and all other space shuttles were launched with rocket power. A winged orbital spacecraft to take off and land by itself was canceled because it was...
CEO stand for == > Chief executive officer There Jobs may vary for functionality opf position with the Office or work environment they are within.
Yes it's free , i use it all the time . . . . the connection or whatever it is is crapy... it's fuzzy on a lot of stations
they change back by defeating all of the alien's) and in a la mode they have to beat the saint rose crusaders
Right now you can't get red paint on a the april's fools party because the red paint came long time ago like in the beta testing if you mean the paitings at the dock, then you can't get red paint because club penguin made the arts in the dock, so it maens you can't make your own red paint at the...
A file shredder, is a program to completely remove a file from a hard drive or any Magnetic and Solid-State Memory device. But what does actually do? It overwrites the portion on the hard drive that was previously allocated to the designated file with carefully selected patterns or junk data...
fine- grained : Loading and storing registers coarse-grained : call SYNCHRONIZED method in Java
This question is not clear. To find cells that contain currency, you can search for the money symbol (e.g. $).
Normally the second switch in a bathroom is the control for the bathroom's exhaust fan. The exhaust fan removes bad odors and humidity from the bathroom, and is on the ceiling of the bathroom.
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