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The practical application of knowledge, especially in a particular area, is called technology. Advances in technology affect every area of our lives. This category is for questions about technology and includes everything from how to remove a scratch from a CD to applications of electronics to what polyester is made from and more.
No, I don't think so. I have been looking for a while and I have not come upon any other website to play this on.Hope this helps!
a girl named maryan guled is real
it uses series40 version 6.
With a satellite dish, a satellite receiver, a digital TV tuner card, you can watch satellite tv shows on your pc. It effectively replaces the set-top box with higher quality and flexibility. The signal will be more stable and you can have more initiative.You might use the TV tuner card, such as TBS...
  You can set Tamil songs as caller tunes. But it depends on your service provider. Most of the these service providers offer Tamil caller tunes.
Diagram of a system unit(back view)
DSTV is a South African satellite television service. Currently it does not offer onlline viewing options for its programming although subscribers have access to the web site which offers a range of clips and other video content. The web site is linked below.
yes,i wish to join marine engineering,.after finising my B.E mechanical engineering..
A transformer is something that can change.A power transformer is something from the Transformers films.   AnswerA 'power transformer' is simply a category of transformer type. It is used in transmission systems as opposed to a 'distribution transformer' which is used in distribution systems.
yes, u can search for WLAN networks in u nokia n97 mini
There are various types of databases available in the marketOracle database belongs to Oracle CoporationSql Server belongs to Microsoft CoporationMysql belongs to MySQL AB (founded 1995, acquired by Sun Microsystems 2008)Sybase belongs to SyBase
Atmel posts the datasheet for their AT89C51 and other microcontrollers on their website (see link below). That datasheet specifies that the Atmel AT89C51 is operational for an oscillators in the range 24 MHz to 0 Hz (fully static paused). However, during initial flash programming and verification,...
Every object is an instance of some classes. You and me are 2 instances of Human class. Sometimes developers get confused about class and objects. Developers see the code how an instance will behave from the class definition, and "thought" the class is the object, or the object is the class. It is...
Start to 92500 to my pcs
Search Engine Inclusion tells you if your web page has been indexed by the various search engines. Placement on the search engines requires submission to each search engine individually.
You're right. Without proper search engine optimization, there is a possibility that your website will get banned. I'll tell you why. As you may know, SEO includes article submission, directory submission, and many other new techniques like podcast submission and video distribution. There is an...
You can indeed - due to the high fat and sugar content in a treacle sponge, it will not stale quickly. Thus it can be made in advance.
It was a promotion by Virgin. If you entered a code a from another user and topped up with a certain amount then the person that gave you the code got free minutes.
Few steps before edit blogger templete otherwise you lose many  things.  Take backup and follow step by step procedure. to edit template  in blogger you have to go in template section using drop down menu  and go to edit. 
Focus, Study, and do your homework. if you do well enough you should get good grades ^-^
It is software for managing appointments and looking after times and dates that things are being done.  This helps busy people to get themselves organised.
There are many web hosting sites with different rates. Instead of choosing a web hosting site of developed countries (like USA), it is better to choose web hosting site of developing countries (like India). The rates at developing country is less compared to that of a developed country. Almost all...
You have to be at least 13 years of age.
you cant get unlimited permit on cityville, your friends have to send them to you.
yes there will be a season 5 of winx club and it is supposed to air sometime in late 2012
"Jpeg" and ".jpg" are the same thing. The only difference is that most people prefer to say "jpeg" rather than "dot J.P.G."
The angel smiley in msn messenger.
Of course it is, One(crazy pervert) person sent me things and i just blocked him and reported him and his posts.
  == Answer ==     Eating non-food items like laundry starch is a normal human behavior referred to by professionals as "pica." People have been know to eat everything from mud to tire tubes to laundry starch. Think of a stereotypical pregnant woman craving pickles and icecream: it's...
You can do this by selecting the sequence of images you want to animate and then using the Matlab's function called "im2frame". This will result in a video.
ya it does take videos =] <3
go to the top rope. and then DDT
Carbide Ui is the greatest software to make theme designs. The .nth theme extension refers to Series 40 Theme Edition.
No it does not. The Blackberry Curve will be released late in '08 with the Direct Connect feature, but as of right now it is without it.As of the 8350i, the Curve does have nextel Direct connect
digital machines indeed a part of great transformation in social life. previously when digital machines were at the nascent stage people used the analog machines. this analog machines behaves with continuous input both in time as well as magnitude. so when an error is made out in the process, it...
While WiFi may seem like really fast internet, it's actually a fact  that pluging your Ethernet cable into your PC is faster than WiFi,  if you don't believe me. Put your Internet modem about 10 feet away  from your PC, see how fast your PC is, then move back by your PC  and plug in a Ethernet...
  I would assume they mean E-machine but I've never had a problem with them. Computer Repair Company Owner
throw it or try to break it by pulling apart its top bit and bottom bit. use your anger.
#include <stdlib.h> int **array1 = malloc(nrows * sizeof(int *));for(i = 0; i < nrows; i++)array1[i] = malloc(ncolumns * sizeof(int));
  Here is a tip how to fasten your down loads   -do not open any websites with videos   -download the download accelaratorplus   -leave your computer to down load
Well, if you look down near the store, there should be what looks like a can of cat/dog food. Click that, and when you put it on a basket, it turns into a baby bottle. Then you just click the basket and it will feed it.
UAE has this international educational city under development right? So I think they would be already prepared to accept international students with credits and degrees from internationally accredited universities. Now if this Hill University has accreditation then it would get accepted.
Avl tree is self binary tree in which balancing factor lie between the -1 to 1.It is also known as self balancing tree. so BF=h(T(left sub tree))-h(T(right sub tree));
yes the password is youregay
Use the remote that came with your receiver to control the volume. Your Logitech Revue or Sony Internet TV can be connected to the receiver with HDMI or optical digital connections.
tell him you will be very helpfull around the house for a month and he doesnt even have to get you a birthday pressent
it got stuck in the mud
no only at the back and its good fone but the video and camera quality is not good
Venessa Villanueva and they had 2 children, but got divorced in April 2008
There is free engraving from the apple online store, but I think you need to order it online.
Vocaloid is not a person or a group that you could write messages to. It is a singing synthesizer technology used in many software products also called a Vocaloid. Vocaloid, at its core, is an instrument, like a piano, or guitar. No one person or group controls the music and music videos you see on...
  == Answer ==   A computing platform defines the hardware and software that makes up a computer system. It is in general accepted to be synonymous with all the existing machines that are eligible to be called as a Computer.
you cruel cruel person... and im guessing FB doesnt have a "delete someone elses facebook account" button... so i guess you cant
If you want free plugins, you should look for DirectX and VST plugins. There a lot of free ones (although most of the good ones you'll have to pay for).
Your question does not make sense.
To ring a mobile in Britain, dial your international access prefix (depends on the country you're calling from), then the UK country code 44, then the UK mobile number without the leading 0. Mobile numbers in the UK are in the range +44 7400 through +44 7999. Landlines in the UK are in the ranges ...
I have also been contacted by this program for a vacation. Did you take their deal? And if so what happened?
The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) is a non-commercial middleware system for volunteer and grid computing. You are probably referring to its management console.
well you can become a member for 2 weeks...or make it yourself NEVERfall for money cheats ever
With DISH Network you will be able to find The Science Channel on channel 193.
Yes it has. And i think you should use the apple usb cable with an ipad but not all the cables fit.
Anything is possible if you spend enough time and money, but the practical answer in this case is no.
Depends on the corruption, if it's a hard drive issue then between $60 and $200 depending on the size you want. If it's a virus related you can usually get good software for free trials to clean it out of the system. (IE AVG of McAfee) It could be the RAM or the processor that has the corruption...
You can go to James blunts official site and email them for it there
B2B stands for business to business. Some businesses only provide products or services to other businesses. B2B is frequently used as to describe different types of transactions and services between two businesses.   Selling   B2B selling applications allow a business to sell to other...
There are several ways to do this. Either you can do the old-fashioned way and buy a brush to change your pet or you can find the mad laboratory where you can change what your pet looks like as well as their species once a day.
Download it from Minecraft's home page, or go directly to the download link found below this answer.
Depending on the type of pulley system you have (Fixed/ movable/ combined pulley) using either of these will give you mechanical advantage. The different pulley types are designed to even the weight of the object your pulled out, this will enable you to lift heavier objects with a lighter pull
No, of course not. If anyone wants to get into a building badly enough, they will get in. Normally with units,apartments offices they would require an escape lever, meaning external lever locked which can be unlocked by key, then internal lever free to open at all times in case of fire. To answer...
After the War Australia had with Turkey in Gallipoli, all the dead soldiers bloods went straight into the ocean, so the water turned red. At night when they looked into the water they saw the reflection of the moon and a star on the blood so they done that the Turkish Flag.
Edison tried to make it.
It's just a mediocre simile. All you need to know is that the boy was nervous.
Here Are Your Choices:Live with it and hope you don't need anything from them later on.You can reload on a previous save or the autosave from before you killed the friend.Those are about the only choices you have :(