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The practical application of knowledge, especially in a particular area, is called technology. Advances in technology affect every area of our lives. This category is for questions about technology and includes everything from how to remove a scratch from a CD to applications of electronics to what polyester is made from and more.
In 1957, Sputnik was the first rocket-launched space equipment to enter " outer space. " Unfortunately for the United States, it was the U.S.S.R. that took this huge landmark first step into the stratosphere, causing Americans to re-consider their assumed status as the world leader in all technology...
It depends on the voltage and power factor. If you were using 240 single phase, you could divide 10KW by 240V and get 42A. Then you divide by power factor, lets assume a typical value of 0.85, and you get 49A. Now, 49A on 240 single phase is a bit unrealistic, though doable, so lets look at 480...
flow chart is the diagrammatic representation of an algorithm
A double pointer in C or C++ ... int ** ppi; ... simply means that ppi is a pointer that points to a pointer that points to an int. When defining function-parameters, another way of declaring this is ... int * ppi[]; ... which means that ppi is a pointer to an array of pointers that each point...
You don't need a shell script for that; use either 'whoami' or 'id'
Websites are created in order to give information about something, to express someone's opinions about something, or to advertise something.
Yes, it is called 'More' (1998), by Mark Osborne. See the related link listed below for more information:
Examples: recv, read, fread, gets, fgets, scanf, fscanf
I believe you mean the Habbo address?
Degree from accredited college or university. The basic skills required are an inquisitive nature about how things work, strong math skills with calculus and differential equations, writing skills are important if you hope to get your ideas across to non-technical people or for journal articles if...
Portsmouth changed its area code from 01705 to 023 during the year 2000. At the same time, the six-digit local numbers in use in Portsmouth were prefixed with '92' to make them eight digits long. For example, (01705) 822251 changed to (023) 9282 2251. Southampton also uses the area code 023 and...
You just need to make sure its not cloth its made of like plastic because i havea razer and they use lazers and on cloth it will not work too well. Also make sure that the pad is very large.
It sometimes does not recognize what you are saying. It also get background noises which may effect the voice recognition.
There are to many of them to write down here.
Yes it is floating. In Hindu scirptures, it states that Rama was building a bridge from India to Sri Lanka and to do so he used these rocks. These rocks are apart of a floating bridge. Adam's Bridge.
Because if you built in somewhere that's not very windy its not going to turn, so it will not produce any power will it..
Currently, all 3D televisions need glasses but the latest one are now only a few grams in weight. Active glasses are almost as light as passive glasses so there is no need to put up with the reduced resolution of LG passive 3D just to get light glasses.
Small electrical transformers typically are stored in a cool, dry environment to reduce insulation deterioration. Large transformers are typically stored in a similar way, however they are usually only stored for short periods are demand for large transformers is very high and power companies...
The most common form of 'Hacking' users accounts on websites, or  computers is simply to acquire that users password. It is  reasonably simple and unglamorous, very unlike anything seen in the  movies.   The other way is can be achieved is to exploit venerabilities in  the system to bypass...
There are a number of manufacturers who offer glasses to be clipped onto spectacles or to sit over them. If a television manufacturer doesn't have them, there are many third party suppliers who should be able to help.
ATX-250-12Z is a model number to a 250 watt PC power supply manufactured by Bestec and used in some HP computers.
The advantage is that it is cheap to produce electricity with the sun. The disadvantage is the "CLOUDS, or no sun. No sun, no electricity.
A writ of execution is defined as a order from the court empowering the sheriff, marshal, or other appropriate law enforcement agency to levy upon the assets of the debtor in order to satisfy the judgment.
The font type is what it looks. There are quite a lot of them. Font size is the size of them.
    Though many industry leaders have very different views on details, most people agree Web 3.0 is merely the future of the web. Although web 2.0 was originally a marketing term, it has come to describe the current state of rich web applications.  
Through hardening Process & Polymer quench 20% - As quench  Required hardness - 35 - 40 hrc.
Yes, the one that comes to my mind is a song called "Tell On You" by Bif Naked. Here are the lyrics: are you finished? i could no longer move my arms. the only thing left in the room was the silence: can you still hear the breaking glass when it hit my face? even the mice were laughing at...
<html> <head> <title>asp</title> </head> <% dim f1,f2,f3,c f1=0 f2=1 response.Write(f1 &"<br>") response.write(f2 &"<br>") c=1 while(c<=10) f3=f1+f2 response.write(f3 &"<br>") c=c+1 f1=f2 f2=f3 wend %> </html...
n type and p type semiconductors only similar in its base element (Ge,Si). In doping process, it will become two separate characteristics
The macbook air super-drive is basically a disk drive(like the ones you find in other mac laptops). You can use it to play dvds, cds and games.
You need to know the power factor, the phase angle, or the KVA in order to determine KVAR from KW. Power factor is the cosine of the phase angle between voltage and current, and is also the ratio of KW over KVA. Once you know one of those other things, you simply consider that reactive power...
first you need to download a bittorent client.. go to utorrent and download the latest version of utorrent.. it is the software that will run on your computer and you can download almost everthing with this.. now go to torrentz or any other torrent website like extratorrent download your required...
The Hard drive or disk, is the actual system you are using. In my case it is Windows 7 Ultimate. On most computers it will be be your D drive, and should never be tampered with, unless you are qualified to do so, as you can cause severe or terminal damage to your system. It is sometimes refered to...
the difficulty is the fact that you must program your computer to run an over ride every 10 minutes followed by a system security check then you must erase all your documents and add trojans (viruses, dont use the bad type of trojans)
As a Web Developer I advise my clients to pay for their Domain name for more than a year at a time if they have selected a name which may be popular and if they believe they might forget to renew it each year. However, I combat this issue by making sure the Domain Holder has my correct email as Web...
Programming mistake detector !
In the 1970s and early 1980s, Panasonic and Sinclair Research released the first TVs which were small enough to fit in a large pocket; called the Panasonic IC TV MODEL TR-001 and MTV-1. Since LCD technology was not yet mature at the time, the TV used a minuscule CRT which set the record for being...
It took roughly three days to reach the moon.
1.viruses ( can come together with the software), 2. computer crushing, 3.system instability, 4.you computer becoming slow ( program uses up alot of resources e.g space and RAM), 5.harking ( malware can be sent together with the software.) just to mention a few.
It could catch a Virus. It could get stolen.
Go to the pet shop and behind the house you will see a note. Then click on the note.
where i can get a new laptops in installment in hyderabad monthly Rs. 2000
You could try masterunblocker.com it could work
Gimp can open a .PSD file directly, and save it out as it's native format - the .XCF
they have lost the use of eggplants and monkey wrangling
The easy thing to do is on your browser type in Eisenhower dollars, click on images then search. You can do this for any coin
Apple's industrial design for the last several years has been performed entirely in-house by Apple's Industrial Design Group, led by Jonathan Ive.
the reason why we translate is that source code may be in assembly( low level language) or high level language and the only language computer understand is 0s and 1s which is binary code so the program written in either assembly or high level language must be convert or translate to binary and...
cc means copies to. Here you put a list of e-mail addresses you want to get a copy.   It just basically gives you space to put more people to send to.
Ideally all three phase currents will be equal. There may exist some voltage imbalance from the power source, which will result in unequal currents.
Tell someone about it, don't hide it. If you're being bullied on a site that seems dangerous or in a chat room GET AWAY from there.
That depends on the temper ( heat treat). For anneled condition (T0) it is 8000 psi and for T6 condition, which is usual specification, it is 35,000 psi. It is in between those values for other tempers between T1 and T5
The first commercial computers were punch card machines from Bull. Here you could stack punched cards on the second floor. IBM delivered these machines to Hitler so he could tally the Jews and round them up more effectively. The IBM 360 and 370 had to be kept in special cool rooms, where air...
Place a shorting block across the secondary conductors.
The technically correct answer is none. no energy will be created or destroyed, only converted from one type to another.Kinetic energy from a 100 lbs force can be transformed into electrical energy using a generator, however. 100 lbs of force is equivalent to ~445 Newtons, or 445 Joules/meter.So, if...
A LAN provides network services and access to applications for users within a common organization.Each end of the network is generally connected to a Telecommunication Service Provider (TSP).Local Area Network it cover small geographic area like home, office and other grouped of building.
Credits come up and after the credits the menu comes on.
If you have a projector TV then it would depend on it's connections. A PS3 will connect with an HDMI to a HDTV projector style TV with a HDMI input with the single cable. If you are not talking about a Projector style TV this may not be possible If your projector has an HDMI input and HDMI...
Because it orbits above the atmosphere which is responsible for the optical perturbation of longtime exposures.
It requires 31 address lines for 2 GB of memory.
To switch from real mode to protected mode in the 80386, set the PE bit in the MSW in CR0, and then immediately execute a JMP to flush the prefetch queue.
    When you activate an iPhone using iTunes, you will be required to sign up for an AT&T calling plan to unlock the iPhone. There is a minimum required plan to sign up for service with AT&T. You will also want to add AT&T's unlimited data plan, as accessing visual voicemail as well as...
1.chocolate 2.basketball 3.tiger 4.pizza 5.Halloween 6.red 7.The Lord Of The Rings 8.Kanye West 9.rihanna 10.New York 11.DJ hero 12.spinach here are all the answers for the animator quest. By tetra123
Go onto iTunes on your Computer and look at your Purchase History.
Using a drive plate on a lathe requires removing the chuck and the drive plate is attached in its place onto the spindle.
Things with shiny surfaces reflect light :)
it's simple- run a scan using your antivirus. after the scan, the virus should be in your quarantine room, where it can be safely removed from your system.
I need to code for nokia c3, turn up in Albania but I can not be used due to amuneni code you help to write the address emaill rensi.rock @ hotmail.com please
A plug, switch, relay, circuit breaker, contactor, transistor, whatever. What opens or closes an electric circuit is a switch.
Multitasking is a method for multiple tasks to share a single resource, like a CPU. This is usually accomplished in software via special programming.    Multiprocessing is the use of multiple CPUs in the same computer and the method of splitting tasks between them. This is usually done with...
it an old one. I think it was the one with the doorbell.
No, its only available on android phones
Contact the Support Team, They should show you how.
  == Answer ==     "I" before "E"
I used to do this a lot when i wasnt a member and it worked everytime so all you got to do is click right below the chat bar and then click up at the top by the sign and then hit the home button really fast..... this is a really hard glitch to do if it sends you home keep trying but you have to be...
Backend = software running on a server connecting to databases, mainframes, or simply just doing stuff. Frontend = the part a user interacts with. It might be an applet, web page, Swing application, or just about anything that can communicate with the backend.