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The practical application of knowledge, especially in a particular area, is called technology. Advances in technology affect every area of our lives. This category is for questions about technology and includes everything from how to remove a scratch from a CD to applications of electronics to what polyester is made from and more.
\nThere have been 9 Apollo missions to the moon that carried a total of 24 men. Three of those men flew twice to the moon. . \nOf those 24 men, 12 have set foot on the moon.\n. \n. Not much people land on the moon is about 5 per year
Here are some opinions from our contributors. . The world was created as a form of entertainment. The world can be compared to an amusement park or a cyber game. The participants are all in it for the thrill of the ride or game. . So that people can live on it. . It was created so that...
There are 2 different job descriptions which may answer your questions 1) Electrical Engineer - Generally associated with large-scale electrical systems and electrical power. Deals with things such as power generation and distribution. 2) Electronics Engineer - Generally associated with small...
How about: The Udder One, any breed with her name after- LaMancha Hortence, Alpine Annie- Goats Rock, Capricorn, Satyr, Capricious, Goat Lover,
as a current student of SPD I would like to warn people againstthis instituation. For the extortionate fees one would expect toreceive a significant amount of quality regarding the facilitiesand teaching in general, however I have found not only thestructure of the courses absolutely archaic and the...
It stores its information in the bios Download cbrom for your version of bios for example here for award bios http://www.rebelshavenforum.com/CBROM.html . Install and run cbrom_32(version) with parameter /D Displays al the file names. cbrom32_149 gtgn105.bin /D - (cbrom crashed but still...
he invented the radio telegraph system
food coloring and flower
Are Robins the sign of spring
It enabled books to be printed quickly and inexpensively, making them available to commoners...NovaNet Answer more individuals were able to sing and play musical instruments AND FOR ALL THOSE THAT ARE ON A+ IT WOULD BE THE ONE CROSSED OUT
Answer . 3200 milliamp hour capacity . -3 (3 cells - sometimes listed as 3S) . 15c means the battery can be discharged at 15 times the capacity (3.2 Ah x 15C = 48Amps) . 11.1V - nominal voltage (this corresponds to 3 Lipo cells - 3.7 Volts per cell)
Physically the two fiber types differ in the diameter of their cores, the light-carrying region of the fiber. This is signified by the numeric nomenclature. In 62.5/125 fiber, for example, the core has a diameter of 62.5 microns and the cladding diameter is 125 microns. In terms of performance, the...
New battery in the key fob may have lost it's memory if the battery has been out for a while - go to Volvo and pay megga bucks.
by living in a biodome, with food, oxygen and water.
you can't. Jupiter is made of a combination of different gases it's not solid. . There is speculation that Jupiter contains a core of solid hydrogen. But if it does the pressure is so high there you would be squashed by it.
You can send private messages (known as PMs) or comment on the person's profile. You can also talk to them by going to the forum and creating threads. You can also go into towns and virtual Hollywood and skittles world and talk.
no..im pretty sure there weren't phones until the 1920s...that's when people started using electricity
what are the internal diseconomics of scale operation. what are the internal diseconomics of scale operation
the command is not available it is used in windows.its means at time execute command
Because the supply voltage is common to each branch of a parallel circuit, each appliance receives its rated voltage which is necessary for the appliance to operate at its rated power. This is the main reason. Another reason is, should one appliance fail, then -unlike a series circuit- the other...
it will have a negative effect on plant growth because when a milk curdles, the bacteria starts to grow and will kill the seedlings.
Apollo 11 in the Lunar Module named "Eagle" .
Bret Hart did not retire because he got too old. he left for personal issues with vince McMahon and he wrestled for wcw before retiring, get it right! Answer he got to old Answer maybe he diddn't want to die like his brother Owen.
The biggest invention in 1950 was the credit card. The first creditcard was introduced by Diner's Club in 1950. Other inventionsduring the 1950s include super glue, diet soft drinks, and the oralcontraceptive the pill.
A painted exterior will maintain it's appearance for years withminimal touchups and cleaning. A stained interior will last no morethan two years without re-application.
yes he invented the eletric washing machine
well i have the enV 1 and you can if the enV2 is any better then you probably can but i am not sure
The only free pure wihite-theme for E90 I could find is in this page: http://3lib.ukonline.co.uk/tipse90.htm. The direct link to the theme is here: http://3lib.ukonline.co.uk/find/white_revisited_13.sis. Have fun, -zenzei
When an electrical switch is in the off position, the circuit isinterrupted. When the switch is on, the circuit is open andcomplete.
Actually, Google was made not in November but September 27th, 1998.
Derek "Lanzer" Liu
\n. \nThe new nano-chromatic costs $149.99.\nit also costs alot!
No one knows exactly why scissors were invented. The earliest knownscissors appeared in Mesopotamia 3000 to 4000 years ago.
The boat maker supports you with the actual gross weight of the ship . then calculations of the cargo + fuel are determined .
The order of the planets from the Sun are: Mercury , Venus , Earth , Mars , Jupiter , Saturn , Uranus , Neptune , and Pluto ( which is also called the Dwarf Planet ). Pluto is no longer a planet but a Dwarf Planet. Pluto was highlighted as a dwarf planet ecause its so small and cold.
Most commercial cleaners will not effectively remove water spots. If the item really is glass, use white vinegar to wipe the spots off. This should dissolve the water spots quite effectively. Simply apply with a soft cloth straight from the bottle. Rinse with plain water.
Differential heating creates high-and-low-pressure areas, creating wind.
You can buy the Motorola Phone Tools software from Motorola. I have included a link to their online store for your convenience.
Regolith is the stuff (soil, sand, loose rocks etc.) that sits on top of the solid rock formations of the earth (or any planet or moon)
No exact date is given on the companies' history page. March 1996was the date Larry Page and Sergrey Brin started Google. Theypreviously worked together on a search engine called Backrub.
Yes you can upgrade any version of Office to a later version.
Yes, Panama is a classical isthmus.
Im here to answer this:. no one knows because we may not have your try but il try and answer anyway I think that some one is playing a prank on you and you dont no OR you must have gave your old remote away before and it must still connect with your tv well i hope this helps
Beat King Boo in The Merry-Go -Round level after you get the cage from the courtyard.
Incandescent light bulbs (those with a filament inside them) use a tungsten wire inside a glass envelope. Tungsten is used because it has a very high melting point so it can glow brightly without melting. The gas inside the glass envelope is used to prevent burning and so extend the life of the...
i use program VidCrop.
Sometimes signals from different wireless devices might conflict. But usually a wireless mouse cannot confilct with a wireless network adapter (however, it's possible). You have read the manual for the mouse and check on which wavelength it operates. After you have read the manual you will know the...
A media card reader is a slot in your computer or an accessory you can connect to a computer that lets your computer read, edit, etc.. the files on that card.
You should call AOL and let them know you reported the person by mistake. If you don't, the TOS violation will stay on their record for no good reason. While you have them on the phone, tell them you want to receive IMs from them again and they will be able to re-enable it.
What causes greenhouse gasses? I dont know why do you even ask?
A computer virus is a small program that infects a computer without the user permission. It attaches itself to other files and quickly multiplies. It is strongly recommended that you use an antivirus program on your computer and that you keep it updated. This will prevent any infection and clean...
You download and install the usually free emulation program on acomputer, configure the program and control interface, then load agame file to play a game. Each type of emulator will have it's ownway of doing things, sorry for being so general with the answers.
yes but you can only do it threw a certain computer but just be your penguin its still fun!! Here and there he will come on and you can meet him but not all the time. have fun on cp!
No. Zipping and unzipping an MP3 file will not affect the quality of the MP3. However, if you are trying to compress the MP3s, you will probably not save much disk space because, I believe, MP3s are already compressed.
Constellations are groups of stars that are associated by the human tendency to identify patterns and assign labels to them. In that sense, they are as real as ethics, nations, justice, and political parties.
AT&T is the largest provider of local and long distance telephone services in the United States. Also provides internet connection.
Mach 5, 5 times faster than the speed of sound!
Panama and Colombia, if you consider Central America to be part of North America.
One barrel (42 gallons) of crude oil, when refined, yields approximately 19.6 gallons of finished motor gasoline. The remainder of the barrel yields distillate fuel oil, residual fuel oil, jet fuel, and other products.
Defrag simply compacts and organizes files and folders on your hard drive. The problem arises because of the way data is stored on the hard drive. When you delete a file, all you are doing is removing the index, of where the data is really stored. When you then save stuff, reference is made to the...
Answer . PSPs which are able to run homebrew could use a port of "BOCHS" to run basic operating systems on them. However a PSP is far too slow to run any operating systems at useable speeds. PS2s can run linux, if you buy one of the old kits and a USB keyboard, but again it would be slow. PS3s...
Answer . The price of a standard Windows laptop computer can vary from $500 to $3000. If you want to search for a good one, I can give you the link for a good computer components store. For Canada: www.tigerdirect.ca For US: www.tigerdirect.com
1. Four equal or user defined sized text boxes can be made with the help of the 'Text Box' utility in the 'Drawing' toolbar. Enclosing lines of each box can be made visible or invisible by right-clicking on the border and going to the 'Format Text Box -> Colors and Lines' option. Experiment around,...
A wave period is the time for one complete cycle; therefore, aperiod is the same as one wavelength
Where are the good wrenches now. Do yourself a favor and buy a Honda or Toyota. Peace
bebo is rubish and it doesnt work ok !!!!
12187 S. Polo Dr. City, State -------- Return Address Fairfax, VA 22030 May 26, 1998 -------- Date The Tiny Tots Toy Company -------- Inside Address 15456 Pyramid Way College Park, FL 33133 RE: Tiny Tents -------Reason Dear Customer Service Representative: -------- Salutation I...
When you get to the big block of trees go left, it will show a sign about the lake up there, go past the lake and take a right and your there!
The M-113 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) was constructed in 1960 and was fielded in Vietnam in 1962. It was converted to an ACAV in the mid-1960's; by adding armored shields around the .50 caliber machingun and TWO M-60 machinguns port & starboard rears, plus a short strip of "belly armor"(for land...
It was the first international human space mission.
Contact your local Red Wing shoe store to speak to arepresentative. They can also give you contact information for arepresentative to their corporate office.
strong patented spring mechanism switchblade from Germany >>>. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=B458T3x90Vw
The four inner planets are all compact, mostly solid and made primarily from rock and metal. They have either one, two or no moons, and no rings.
Technology can make life easy. Example of this is computer and internet.
Alva J.Fisher invented the electric washing machine
Your print cartridge is most likely defective. You may need to takeout the cartridge and put a new one in.
Inkjets pull paper up from the feed tray. The cartridge emits inkinto nozzles that print on the paper.
No space shuttles have exploded in space. Challengerdisintegrated during launch and Columbia during the re-entryprocess. Neither were in space at the time. challenger and Columbia . +++ The Challenger shuttle itself did not explode. The explosion was ofthe massive booster rockets lifting it into...
They collected soil, rock, and core samples. They took pictures and video. They set up science experiment packages. They explored.
This is not a program, it's real people. Don't complain, at least they're trying.
Each game or website has a different way to clear bulletin boardmessages. Often, you can simply click on the message and choose thedelete option.