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Currency Trading

FX currency markets where international currencies are traded through the use of swaps, futures, spots, options and forward transactions


Well, most brokers have a dual charging process, you can choose topay a commission to execute through an ECN but spreads will be insome cases reduced to 0, they can't be eliminated all togetherbecause the prime liquidity provider requires a cut too. Thepresence of too many middle adds to the cost....
In 1951, the geographical region shillingreplaced the rupee within the urban center colony and territorialdominion, which became the South Arabian Federation in 1963. In1965, the geographical region Currency Board was ending, and alsothe South Arabian dinar replaced the shilling within the...
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1) reining volatile conditions in global market and economies donot rovide suitable conditions. 2) india being import oriented economy with imports dominatingexports by large margin. 3) fall of oil prices along with reduced prices of indian importshas led to increase in foreign reserves. 4) India...
On the 1st of January 1983 the GBPUSD exchange rate was 1.5800which is not bad considering that the exchange rate is now 1.2540 .Pity I can show you but I have a chart going back to 1953
The participant in the Forex market are: Central banks (such as the bank of England and the Federal Reserve) , private hedge funds, governments, and then you have the speculators and individual traders. The best part of the Forex market is that the individual trader gets pretty much the same...
1 Brazilian Real = 2,750 Cruzeiros
Well......! Every countries needs to keeps some foreign exchange or so calledFOREX. The main purpose for keeping FOREX are for export andimport, tourism industries and the most important for balancing ofeconomy. SDR is that currency issued by the IMF to facilitateinternational liquidity. SDR in...
The Forex market is a conglomerate of all the trading activitiesinvolved in the financial trade by the world-wide traders, brokersand financial institutions linked through the global network ofcomputers.
i think the top three things the vikings traded were women, slaves and food!
SBC Global is an internet provider from at&t.
There are many differences and similarities. Pakistan is much smaller than India in terms of population and area. Most Indians and Pakistanis dress differently from each other. They each eat different foods and follow different cultures. But there still are similarities, for example, the majority of...
There is no need to hire a Forex trader. Almost all the brokersoffer PMA accounts.
YES.....It was in the year 1971 that Jammu and Kashmir Bank was granted the status of a 'Scheduled Bank'. Five years later, it was declared as "A" Class Bank, by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). As the years passed on, the bank started achieving more and more success. Today, it boasts of more than...
The fractional unit of the Indian Rupee is the Paisa/Paise. . 100 Paisa make a Rupee. . As at 16Oct09 46 Indian Rupees is equivalent to a US Dollar, making a single Paise worth 0.02 US Cents.
SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank FinancialTelecommunications. Established in 1973, it provides safe andsecure financial transactions for its members.
Ilisted below some barriers in canada. General Establishment Restrictions Canadian Crown Corporations.
There are a lot of Forex brokers in the world, there are hundredsof them. However, they all differ as for the services they provideand their reliability.
As at 15Feb10 USD10 was worth GBP6.38
Conversion rate fluctuate daily. Please see the related link below
Forex trading service provider and Dynamic Programming Solutions Corporation MetaTrader is one of the most popular platforms for trading in Forex today. One of its important features is that the software platform is programmable. If you are a trader looking for ways to fully or partially automate...
As of the 13th of February, 2010, 1 USD = 1.12536574 AUD. Hope this helps.
Yes, unrealised gain/ (loss) should be reversed in the followingyear to bring the balances to original/ historical amounts.Subsequently, at the time of settlement of a liability/ collectionof a receivable, the actual/ realised gain/ (loss) is booked in theyear in which it incurred. When you track...
Can you give me an estimate value of confederate T67
No all securities are not traded in US currency. The stock is traded in the currency that the country uses.
Large weights to carry large values. Difficult to trade quickly ( liquidity ). Difficult to hide from robbers. More easily counterfeited or copied.
Central banks use reserves in 2 ways: . 1) They acquire (buy) foreign currency, often US Dollars, with their currency to keep their currency relatively weak and so enhance exports. This is what the US is acusing China of doing. . 2) They use their foreign reserves to buy their own currency and...
If about four million forex transactions a day, then m aybe about 2 million people.
Yes, FEB 2010. Depends on the rate between your own currency (what country are you in?) and the Australian dollar. I had to buy some Australian dollars with British Pounds this week - it cost me a lot more than a similar purchase this time last year.
You need to have a good understanding of the currency markets especially the majors, USD, JPY, EUR. You need to learn what technical analysis is and how to read the charts.
Currency Exchange Most banks will do for you, but if you go to a bank, they will be trying to make a large commission on your simple exchange, You would be much better of going to a company that does that as their profession. I have recommended time and time again, check them out bendixfx.com...
Carlos Slim Helu, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mukesh Ambani and Lakshmi Mittal are the world's top 5 most wealthy people in the world.
I think it is suspicious....it could be a scam.
Everytime when we do forex trading buy or sell we need to pay somecommission amount for forex brokers... its depend upon theliquidity providers
it really depends on the current exchange rate. currently, the exchange rate is approximately 43 PhP to 1 USD. so 100 PhP is about $2.30usd. it may not seem like a lot, but given the standard of living in the US, a developed country, is vastly different compared to the Philippines, a developing...
This would depend on; 1) How big a loss you can suffer and 2) How much profit you are targeting and how much you can afford toloss
My research is incomplete, but here is what I've found so far: In 1949 the pound was devalued to $2.80. In the early sixties there was downward pressure on the pound. In 1967 the pound was devalued to $2.40. Information obtained from Wikipedia.
It mainly depends on the broker you choose to trade with.It varieswith each broker according to their account types.WhereasGreenvault FX provide minimum one USD for MT4 classic and minimum5000 USD for MT4 premium.
The risk is the chance of having a loss by carrying an asset (something you own) or a liability (something you owe) valuated per a foreign currency ( a currency different than the one of your country basis). For instance: consider you live in the USA and borrowed some years ago 1 million Euros...
I like FXEdge. But whatever you choose be careful and realize not even software can predict the future.
Please see related links. Any good newspaper or news website will give you an accurate figure.
Forex is risky and you can lose money... like on any other field, when their is big chance to win there also chance to lose. As a first step I would recommend you to learn the Forex market and start on demo mode on virtual money (most Forex platforms suggesting demo mode).
The currency currently used by Cambodia is called the riel.
The goods, services and investments, when accounted for theirprice, it will be different in the currency values of differentcountries. I will need Canadian dollars to get Canadian maplesyrup. In order to obtain Canadian dollars, I will have to providea currency in return, which will be the currency...
35 pounds is 58.99 dollar..
Currencies always roll in pairs. To determine what is the rate of USD first you need to decide against which currency. For example: EUR/USD, USD/CAD etc'
how much is the currency exchange rate of philippine peso to u.s. dollar
the foreign exchange rate is determined by the supply and demand of the market. If the demand of a certain currency pair is greater than the supply the price will rise and vice versa.
It depends if you're looking at the price of La as a pure metal, an oxide or a whole host of other available compounds. Current prices are hard to find as the rare earth elements typically trade on spot price.
yo if ur from Canada try Canadian tire! it will help!
Lagging is a term used in forex that is used in retrospect. For example, if there is a major news announcement speculation will grow on whether it is good or bad news.. accordingly the currency can gain or lose it's value. Once the news is announced after a while the currency corrects it's price....
They trade in various currencies/ if the currencies fluctuate they may lose lots of money because they calculate on an exchange rate and it varies! Remember - they deal in millions at a time
There is no way to tell you this because this changes minute by minute ... you can go look at a forex trading website such as http://www.samstownecenter.com/merchants/financial/fxclub.php. This site will be able to keep you up to date on what Yen is worth in the US
John Agyekum Kuffour Addo kuffour
Leverage as it relates to financial markets is the ability to profit on a financial instrument by putting up a portion of the full amount. This portion is generally known as "Margin." Some investment instruments allow for a deposit of "Good Faith" or Earnest Money to "control" the investment...
Mexican pesos (MXN) qualify as such. Other currencies will not beaccepted as legal tender at any given business, so even if youbring other currency (Euros, dollars, British pounds) you will haveto exchange it.
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Yes a Euro is worth more than a US dollar; the exchange rate is 1 Euro = 1.34 US dollars
Forex is a very risky business ,why stress yourself for a stratergy that millions of people have tried and failed.it is a caution in one of the forex trading siters that forx is not for everyone,hte market and exchange rates are too unstable and you cannot control that. While forex is indeed...
The evidence suggests that Great Zimbabwe was at the centre of an international commercial system, which on the continent of Africa, encompassed settlements on the East African Coast such as Kilwa, Malindi and Mogadishu. But this trade network also extended to towns in the Gulf, in western parts of...
Companies enter the foreign exchange market to facilitate their regular transactions and or to speculate
The buying rate & selling rate in foreign exchange market.
the rate in the market at which transaction can be made.
The major cause has been investor distrust with the UK economy.
currently 80€ *1.21 = 96.8$
The mark has been not used since Germany adopted the euro in 2002; at the time of change it was worth about 50cents. Deutschmarks are no longer legal tender in Germany.
Foreign exchange rate determine with various factors like 1.GDP- Gross Domestic Product 2.Policy of the country like Monetary & fiscal policy 3.Per capita income 4.IIP- index of industrial Production 5. Infrastructure 6.PEST issues 7. Currency exchange laws of the particular country. 8.Demand flow...
as of today that will give you $962.00 plus the fee that the bank will charge you, the rate changes every day.
Trading forex is legal and for most cases is not different from trading stocks (though you should check the law in your own country). There are some firms that present themself as forex brokers and are involved in illegal activity. Check if the broker is legit before opening an account!
If you know how to trade and if you can consistently make profits then forex can become a permanent business. There are many traders who offer managed accounts and their only business is trading forex.
When a country exports goods that other countries want to import, that makes their currency valuable. The balance between imports and exports affects the exchange rate. Since this is also a matter that concerns investment, people will be more likely to buy a currency based upon their confidence in...
Well the best thing is to start learning forex trading trends through using forex demo account. Forex demo account is free to install and trade, you can trade with virtual money this will help you in understanding forex market & its working in a better once you get thorough with trading concept. You...
Forex trading is open only on weekdays, at Saturday and Sunday Forex market is closed.
Yes, one can choose forex trading as a job. But he or she should be competent enough to know the working of forex trading or stock market . There are lots of money in the forex and one can choose it as career.
the currency in Albania is lek named after Alexander the great leke or euro. leke is used more commonly as far as i kno cuz when i went to visit my family everything was sold in leke. but im guessing that the euro is used more for the buisnesses that other countries have. but overall the leke is...
Fund managers manage multi accounts of the clients that aremirrored to their master account. They trade on behalf of theclients with their master account. Through the proportionalallocation of funds, they share the benefits of their tradingexpertise with the clients.
Forex trading start at 20:15 GMT on Sunday until the market close at 22:00 GMT Friday.
The countries that are officially using American money (USD) are: United States Panama Ecuador El Salvador Philippines Puerto Rico Northern Mariana Islands U.S. Virgin Islands American Samoa Guam
The forex market in Europe opens at 20:15 GMT on Sunday and closes at 22:00 GMT Friday.
The bid is the price that the buyers are willing to pay. The ask is the price that the sellers are willing to pay.
By buying and selling currencies of different countries. Ex: Let us say today 21 Dec you buy 1000 Singapore dollars from India @ the rate of Rs. 34 per dollar. One month later on 21 Jan you see that the sing dollar has appreciated to Rs. 35 per dollar, you go ahead and sell the Singapore dollars...
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how much is 2000 hai nghin dong to a indian money