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Planet Uranus

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Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun and the third largest planet in the solar system. It is the only planet in the solar system that spins sideways. It was the first planet discovered using the telescope.
Very slowly. Current technology can not get a human to Uranus(alive).
Triton, proteus, Nereid, Larissa, and Galatea, according todiameter
Uranus does have dark rings, though they are very faint. They aremost likely composed of rocky debris or carbonaceous material.
No. The planet only appears blue due to all that methane in the athmosphere.
If you just went to the planet and came back without venturing downbelow you would need funds for the ship itself, food, water,oxygen, fuel, and also keep in mind they'll be gone for over 2years.
no the planet is made of gas so no landforms are on it
Yes, Uranus is considered unique in that it rotates in a directionperpendicular to the rest of the planets in our solar system. Itspoles are located where our equator lies, and its equator passesthrough where our poles lie.
The spots are generally thought to be tall clouds of frozen methaneice crystals stirred up by severe storms on the surface pushingcolumns up into very high clouds reflecting the light from the Sun.
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Uranus has hurricanes, tornadoes, and severe thunder storms.
Its not possible to land on these planets as there is no real surface. They consist of gaseous atmospheres that get thicker and thicker as you move towards the centre. There is no defined surface.
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\nVoyager 2 is the only spacecraft to visit Uranus.
Uranus is a gas planet. You would weigh about 62 pounds at the point where the atmospheric pressure is about equal to earth's. The closer to the core you go, the more you would weigh.
Uranus has a blue-green color as does Neptune
:) Slightly more likely there than on its dark sister, Neptune. But the possibility is remote. The most likely spots for life in our solar system are probably Mars and Titan (which is Saturn's largest moon). Short answer: no. Long answer: hell no.
The 3rd and 4th largest moons of Uranus, Umbriel and Ariel, are practically the same size. However, Umbriel is slightly larger (1169 km versus 1157 km) while Ariel is thought to be denser and have a higher mass, about 15% greater than Umbriel. Both were also discovered on the same day, October 24,...
Uranus is about as old as the other planets in our solar system, roughly 4.6 billion years old..
The planet Uranus was discovered in 1781 by William Herschel.
Like Venus, Uranus rotates on its axis in the opposite direction of all other planets, including Earth. However, unlike Venus, where the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, the sun appears on Uranus to rise in the south and set in the north. This is because the planet is tilted in such a way...
The average temperature of Uranus is -353 degrees Fahrenheit. Thetemperature can range from -315 degrees Fahrenheit to -371 degreesFahrenheit.
Not that we know of. We have never found any signs of life on Uranus.
You should bring warm clothes cuz its normal temp is -195 degrees celsius
The planet Uranus has 27 known and named natural satellites, while the Earth has only one, the Moon.
Its rotational axis is perpendicular to its revolution about thesun.
Uranus is from the Ancient Greek ouranós meaning "sky,heaven".
You would weigh 128.9 lbs on Uranus.
William Herschel discovered them both on January 11, 1787.
Uranus is an ice or gas giant and does not have a surface but an atmosphere. gas Uranus does not have a surface. Going down into it you woulf findyourself descending through the atmosphere is it gradually gotthicker. As the pressure increases the atmosphere sgraduallytransitions from a gas to a...
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The planet Uranus does not have any rings. Only Jupiter, Saturn andNeptune have rings around them and those rings are made up ofgases.
i know this isnt the answer to this problem but saturn is the best planet out of all . then it is jupiter , neptune , uranus , earth is cool as well , then mars and the other can suck eggs
Uranus is named after the ancient Greek deity of the sky Uranus, the father of Cronus (Saturn) and grandfather of Zeus (Jupiter).
No, you would not be able to walk on uranus. The person above is abosultely wrong. Everything with mass has a gravitational force. Uranus is much more massive than Earth, so obviously there is more gravity. I dont not know if it has 'too much' .
The cloud tops are very cold, as low as -200 degrees Celsius. There is no true surface, only a gradual increase in pressure to a dense fluid of water and ammonia. Uranus has very strong winds as well as clouds of ammonia and water. Storms seem to be rare. That is about all that is really known.
-218 degrees C. -360 degrees F
Uranus spins clockwise,but it's kind of weird 'cause it's tilted 99degrees. OH YEAH! I'M AWESOME!
The mass of planetary objects is extremely easy to compare toearth, because the mass of earth is used as a unit of measurementfor such things. Uranus, for example, is measured as 14.54 Earthmass.
Other than the fact that are both planets, that both names end in -nus , and that we cannot visually see the actual surface of either one, the two planets are extremely different. They do "appear" to have one other thing in common. They both rotate clockwise as seen from above the plane of the...
i think there is snow on uranus but i dont know for sure
it was discovered accidentaly by William herschel in 1781.
The traditional pronunciation is Yoor ay nus, but that sounds rude. When the planet was on the news a lot because of space probes approaching it to find out information some newsreaders opted to pronounce it Your un us because it doesn't sound rude. I personally use the traditional pronunciation...
Uranus has an average orbital speed of about 6.81 kilometers per second.
it has nearly 0.0001percent of water
1,783,939,400 miles from the sun
Weather update for the planet Uranus. For people living there please protect yourself from the freezing athmosphere that will freeze you in place along with 500 mile per hour wind and intense blizzards year round.
There are different ways to say "Uranus". I personally say it(YUR-ah-nus), but it can also be said (yur-AE-nus). It doesn'tmatter how you say it, but the second way is more popular.
4,495,060,000 kilometers l.l . 4,495,060,000 kilometers l.l
Yes and no. Ice comets travel through space. Given time, there will be an ice comet that will be traveling through Uranus, in other times, there won't be one. Ever wondered how Earth got it's water? That's right, ice comets crashed into earth, melted, and turned to water. After millions of years you...
Uranus is a gas planet. You would weigh about 88.6 pounds at the point where the atmospheric pressure is about equal to earth's. The closer to the core you go, the more you would weigh.
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A year on Uranus, would be approx 84.07 Earth years.
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Uranus is the 7th planet from the Sun and is the third largest. Asof 2014, it has 13 known rings, all very faint; the brightest isthe Epsilon ring.
it was flipped on its axis almost as if it was hit by an object long ago...
the length of earths year is 365 days, tho its not really hahaha
Uranus hasn't been under a police check yet so astronauts do not no what to think
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The seasons on Uranus would likely be late fall and winter, since it is so cold.
There are many daughters of Uranus and Gaea (because they were the titans). Rhea, Phoebe, Mnemosyne, Themis, Theia, and (maybe) (she was a god, not a titan) Aphrodite.
We don't know yet, but it may be a core of rock.
It takes 84.3 Earth years (30,667 Earth days) for Uranus to goaround the Sun once. 84 earth years.
Nobody from Earth . . . The surface of the planet Uranus is not one you could "land" on, anyway.
Here are all diameters of the planets. Pluto is no planet anymore. Mercury 4,880 km Venus 12,104 km Earth 12,756 km Mars 6,794 km Jupiter 142,984 km Saturn 120,536 km Uranus 51,118 km Neptune 49,532 km Look for yourself. 51118 km / 8 = 6,389 km - that is close to Mars.
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Narnuse, Planktonia, Chuklin, these are all real names of planets your teacher might not know them but they are
it has an atmosphere higher than the other outer planets
Uranus is what we consider to be an outer planet. The five, not four Outer planets are: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. However, this question can be answered in another way since it's been left wide open. Uranus is apart of the ringed planets. There are four planets that contain Rings:...
Nearly 22 thousand planets the size of Uranus can fit inside the sun, provided they are squished together instead of stacked like marbles. The volume of Uranus is 6.83x10 13 km 3 , whereas the sun is 1.496x10 18 km 3 . Simple division shows that (given the inexact and tenuous nature of their...
yes but not all comets stars and other stuffises
Uranus is a gas planet. You would weigh about 59 pounds at the point where the atmospheric pressure is about equal to earth's. The closer to the core you go, the more you would weigh.
Yes it looks teal or green and you can usally see it at 11 o'clock pm near the bottom of the moon.
you can hear nothing
Around -200 Degrees Celsius on the "surface"
i guess no. it has no solid surface but maybe the core is. why not try to land a probe to see if it is possible.
it was married to earth and their son was saturn. uranus was a god who loved earth before saturn exist
Uranus didn't die. The heavens are still in the sky. Just look up at night and you will see all the star where they should be.
Yes, Uranus is known to have at least 13 distinct rings. (see related question)
September 23, 1846. It was discovered by mathematical prediction by Johann Galle, meaning that's it's whereabouts was predicted through gravitational effects of other planets.
i want the anwser Comment: Unfortunately there isn't an exact answer. These planets orbit the Sun at different speeds and the distance between them is always changing.
Uranus is the third largest planet in size, but fourth in mass (Neptune being more dense), with mass equivalent to 14.5 times that of Earth. Although "weight" implies a gravitic measurement, Uranus has an approximate mass of 8.7 x 10 25 kg or 80 sextillion (80 billion trillion) tonnes.
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Although both arer gas giants, there are many differences between them including atmospheric composition, mass (Obvious), Moons, Gravitation, and the infamous "Red Spot"
The weather on uranus is very COLD.