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Learning Tips and Study Habits

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Learning tips provide ways to manage and improve the memory. There are several tips that can help a person improve his/her learning skill. Note taking/writing, observing, and active listening are some of the most common methods used for effective learning.
the best way to memorize a song is to get up early in the  morning.eat apple and than memorizing song , it is a better from  memorizing in evening.
According to the ancient Greeks the art of persuasion was more  honourable and civilized than the use of force.      Critical thinking is important to persuasion because you need to  think critically to determine why your target audience believes a  different course of action etc is...
No your just stressing them out more give them enough to study but not so much that they won't do it
There is no 'easy way' to learn anything. There are, within some subjects, aides that help you remember certain things concerning that subject. It is also a fact that some people find certain subjects crystal clear whilst other find the same subject a muddy stream. There is no satisfactory...
To reinforce what you have learned in class. To practice what you have learned in class. To do work by yourself, your own research, your own thinking.
A medley of songs or music or anything. A mixture.
There are no studies on this, but some kids do like learning and  enjoy doing their homework correctly.
Homework gives students necessary practice in thinking, writing, comprehending, and problem-solving. As well, reading assignments and practice problems helps students develop self-skills so that they can apply the same steps used to find a solution to new situations in life. For example, all the...
the glucose levels would get you more active and help you memorize  more, but not a reason to over consume
Yes… a perfect score can raise your grade from an 85 to an 86 or  even 87 at the most.
Asking questions about yourself as a student.   Making sure you take all the right notes. Make sure you are paying  attention. Look over your notes every day!
 keep a homework notebook where you write down all of your  assignments in one place and keep any homework papers your teachers  hand out  if you have a phone keep reminders  make sure you have a monthly or weekly planner - or one of  those big calendars with squares you can write all your...
first of all you should have studied the subject a long time after you get the syllabus. if you have a text book you can refer to the reviews or the summaries of the chapter which you want to study. after that you should refer the keywords and do the exercises, you should write the the fill in the...
I wouldn't say anything about it unless someone asks about it, and take it home the next day. If the teacher asks, just tell them the truth. If you never leave stuff at school, they will just say it's okay... :)
There are so many things that could prevent you from learning. Mostly, they are things that cause you to lost your focus. To name some:   # Personal issues. If you got in a fight with your best friend, you might have trouble focusing since you keep thinking about it.  # Too hot/too cold in the...
yes , by that i dont mean the basic stationery such as pencils ,  scissors etc
When you are in school your teacher expects you to listen and not  cause trouble. If you think you know the subject that the teacher  is talking about listen anyways. Do your work and try not to cause  trouble. I know this can be hard because of peer pressure but your  teacher will realize it if...
7 x 54 = 378
its bad unless the wood to make the paper is planted or recycled again if its on a computer then electricity is needed so it has to be made and that can damage the enviroment
The most straightforward way is to hear and speak, and also read, that language.The mastering of written languages often involves tedious conjugations and word rules. An easier way is to become fluent in the language verbally, so that the special tenses and variations are easier to appreciate. A...
Homework is by no means bad for students. Most of the knowledge and skills you'll need in life, you aquire by yourself. It is important that you start early by studying on your own, solving questions and gradually find your way to learn without the help of others.
  My math teacher gives homework every single day of the year My L.A, social studies and science teachers only give homework if work isn't finished in class My spanish teacher gives about one assignment a week My Larin teacher gives lots of homework.
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You need to learn how to pay attention to things, how to memorize, how to apply what you know, how to solve puzzles and problems. See the related link.
Check out some of the Related Questions for help memorizing.
You're seeing the words and pictures as well as hearing theinformation, plus you're doing something when you click on thevarious links and icons.
If you don't have this in your school then you really should buy aplanner. You can tape your schedule in your planner and record yourassignments. Also, Studying is a major important step in passing6th grade. Try to study for ten minutes a day rather than cram fora test.
Yes. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fought for civil rights so that teacher could give kids homework.
Active reading skills are beneficial for critical thinking skills,  by helping develop strong communication and problem solving skills.    Strategies associated with reading actively helps you recall and  apply the information you have read.    The word "ACTIVE" is an acronym for Asking ...
Passive listening is giving someone your full attention and not  saying anything back to them. You do not use any body language when  you are listening passively.   It is more of being in the mindset of accepting things what the  other has to say because as long as you are ready to question...
"I am sorry Teacher, I was too lazy to do my homework." Honesty is the best policy.
by developing a desire to do so
write ten sentences that list and discuss your movies, be sure to punctuate titles and quotations correctly refers to the rules at the beginning of this section if necessary
Get Organized. Before you start on anything, you need to have a system. Have one Homework Notebook where you write down all your assignments - this way, you don't have to hunt around and wonder what your homework was. Also, have one of those calendars with big squares so you can write down all the...
Physiologically, critical thinking happens on the left lobe of the brain and creative thinking on the right. Critical thinking involves linear logic, like math. It is a way of getting from point A to point B. There is only one right answer to each starting point. Creative thinking is not linear. It...
Easy: Do your homework, don't bring any weapons in your room, and lock all of the doors and windows.
Reading adds to a language rich environment. We learn by hearing -- as children hear you read, they pick up the words, the grammar, and the way of speaking.
Examination failure occurs when students and trainees fail to  attain a pass mark in an examination. Students can redeem  themselves by passing supplemental exams.
School is suppose to be teaching us. Not making students do school works as a HOMEwork. Home should be a resting place for us.
depends on the individual, generally yes
For remembering a long list of unrelated items like a grocery list, the best way to remember is to use a mental image mnemonic like a loci or peg list. Loci: put one item in each part of a familiar location inside your mind, then take a mental walk. For example, you could use your house - put milk...
By making some lame excuse to your teacher.
Mnemonics   Memory Palace   Story links
maybe 90%. I do not know because I like it very much.
Becuase you are working at home as well as at school and it lets your teacher know how well you understand the work, because at school she has to think about all of the children.
Kindergartenteachers should not be allowed to give homework because  Kindergarten students are real small so they won't know most  answers to assignments.    I disagree. I am in a teaching Psychology class and studying about  how K children need to be interacting closely with you and with ...
By listening for words that the speaker puts an emphasis on. Try to find ways to group different subjects together. Use a digital micro recorder, you won't miss anything and you will have a digital copy for review any time you need to go back to it. Panasonic makes some that come with the software...
from a maths teacher or off a textbook
The seven diatomic elements are: . Hydrogen . Nitrogen . Oxygen . Fluorine . Chlorine . Iodine . Bromine The easiest way to memorize them is to make a Silly Sentence like H ave N o F ear O f I ce C old B eer, using the first initial of one element to make a new word.
no, exam pastpapers are what really matter
The easiest and the best way is to memorize every country on the map w.r.t its location. For exapmle, if started from Asia the memorize each country adjacent to other and carry on and consequently you will be able to memorize all the countries on the map. Source: http://www.datadubai.com/
yes 5-6 graders should get only about one hour of homework
If you think about it any use of paper, unless recycled, destroys the rainforest.
you need to do your homework to understand subject and the material off school
I go to the university of phoenix. Since taking my first 2 classes i was worried how I would study. I did not buy books and didn't want to print every word out. I use the SQ3R techniques. I survey the on-line material I have to read, make questions on what I surveyed and answered them. The 3 R's are...
Groups are 11, 12, 1, 2; 3, 4, 9 and 10; 5, 6, 7 and 8 so you draw your lines:from between 2 and 3 to between 10 and 11and from between 4 and 5 to between 8 and 9.
Answer . Practice them in groups of 8 or so. Once you have the first one memorized, do the second one. Then practice saying them both together. Keep doing this until you have them all the way to Revelation. This is how you memorize them, but to keep them in your memory, you will have to keep...
You will probably get a demerit. Worse, you may not discover that you do not fully understand the lesson on which the homework was based.
Homework is essentially like a book you read it and read it then you get tired of some parts and others you enjoy but sometimes you wonder why the book is so much.
Well if you have a printer at home use that! or you can just go to your library/ICT room at school and politely say can i print of my homework which you could of either put it on a memory stick or emailed it to yourself they wont mind!
Nope! First of all your spelling sucks, so I really doubt that you understand the concept of anything. Secondly, your homework helps you practice what you learned, so you can quick to answer a question on a test. If you don't want to do your homework, drop out and be dumb for the rest of your life.
yes it can. Its usually not heard of in elementary or middle schools except the usual "homework is to have lots of fun", but in high school you can get summer assignments for some classes. I have had them so its not impossible but I think its just reserved for advanced classes. usually AP or collage...
Nobody. Cheating is wrong - it's stealing someone else's work and  lying about doing your own. WikiAnswers is not going to help you do  something wrong.
the climate of ___ is unique.
The best "punishment" for not doing the work is their grade. You need to make it very obvious that they are the ones who are in control of their own studying, and that if they don't work hard enough to pass, you are going to be sad when they fail, but you are not going to step in and do any of the...
You don't really need a whole song to remember the definition of one word. Make up a silly rhyme or short sentence instead. An idiom is a phrase that seems to mean one thing, but really means something quite different. You can't figure it out just by defining the words. You could make up any rhyme...
  It is because they want you to have the great knollege and skills and be a bright young student and as you pass it down to the next generation they will never forget about it!
Taking a little break and walking around does several things: . Exercise gets the blood circulating through your brain . Exercise releases chemicals that improve your mood and concentration . Taking a break rests your brain a bit so you can go back and start again
Sometimes, if you let it. There are two ways to deal with boring  work that you'd rather not do - you can let it get you into a bad  mood, or you can decide to stay in a good mood and just get the  work done and over with. Your choice.
Here are some tips to help with stress: . Breathe! Taking deep breaths not only calms you down, but it gets a burst of oxygen to your brain which will make studying easier. . Take it slow. Break your studies down and do a bit at a time -- you might try doing 15-20 minutes, then standing up for a...
Some studies suggest that a little extra stimulation in class could help boost performance. For example, taking notes on colored paper has been proven to improve handwriting of children. If the child is distracted because of being bored, talk to a teacher about giving more challenge (not just more)...
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Multo's (Mercury) very (Venus)easy (Earth)method (Mars)just (Jupiter)start (Saturn)us (Uranus)naming (Neptune) planets (Pluto)
There is no excuse for homework should and must always be done
yes and a well known one that goes over most subjects is shmoop.com
It depends on where the kid lives or where his or her school is like. some schools give out less homework than others.
MimingClipping your toenails/fingernailsWriting a novelDoing homeworkDoing taxesExercisingReadingConduct a staring contestUsing the restroomShaving
That mnemonic is some variation of My Very Energetic Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas - Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.
Only at wiki.answers.com!    (commercial paid for by... well, nobody actually..... we're all  volunteers!)    Click on the Related Question for more information on homework  websites.
There are different methods for taking notes, but some are better  than others.
You are mistaken - they do believe in it or you wouldn't still be  getting it.
at recess or lunch or, like we do in montreal, in the metro or bus. I would carry easy homework around with you so if you have spare time in one class you can do homework.
I can't answer the question as you didn't say when you want tocompare it to - How much has homework increased or decreased SINCE_______.
Here are some reasons to study geography:    Anything you study makes you smarter!  It's useful to learn about the world you live in and where  everything is  Learning about other countries helps you to understand and  tolerate other people instead of fighting or hating them  Learning...
Here are some tips to help you un-learn bad habits so that you can replace them with healthier habits.   * Become aware of the habit - once you realize that you are doing something that has become a bad habit, you can begin working on ways to stop yourself from doing that.  * Set up a reward...
Because it is fairly easy to make a mistake while trying to solve a math problem people generally use pencils instead of pens for math courses. If you are a student, I suggest asking your teacher or professor what he/she will allow you to use. If you can't figure it out before your exam be sure to...
A statement can’t be both true and false at the same time and in the same way. 
Although "homework" can be many things, most homework is repetition of what is learned in class. The purpose of homework is thus in many cases to help students learn the subject by repeating it's content, as well as helping them to acquire good working habits at home. However, this is what is...
Homework is not a punishment. It's a part of the school process  that is designed to help you remember what you're learning better.
Homework is good for children because it helps us to understand more about the subject we are doing in school and also helps to practice our weak sub for example maths.