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Ask questions here about shotguns produced by various manufacturers such as Lefever Arms Co, Iver Johnson Arms, and Harrington & Richardson.
This is truly going to be a matter of personal preference and fit. Generally speaking, however, most clay shotguns have longer barrels and interchangable chokes, and often a Monte Carlo style stock. If this is something exploratory, consider the following lower-priced guns:CZ Canvas back 12g 28",...
More than one JC Higgins 12 g semi. and more than one set of instructions. You did not give us a model number.
Your browning semi auto shotgun which was made in 1993 is valued at between 450-650 dollars,depending on overall condition,and a good bore.
It throws out a wall of eather lead or steel pelts in a vairing aray of gropings depending on the choke in ur shotgun
Yes. Website: Double Barreled Shotguns, High Grade Shotguns Dates of Production
  Post the maker's name and serial number.
i have a 12 gauge Black Bridge single shoot shot gun the serial number is A649620 CAN YOU TELL ME HOW MUCH I CAN GET FOR THIS
The maximum range of shotguns that they can only shoot up to 50 meters to 125 meters away.
Due to the range of shotguns and rifles that shotguns have more useless range than rifles. Shotguns have very poor bullets due to close range weapons. They can only shoot at the maximum range of 50 meters to 125 meters away while rifles can shoot at the maximum range of 800 meters to 1, 400 meters...
  == Answer ==   about $350 without acc's   == Answer ==   about $350 without acc's
Answer . MISSISSIPPI VALLEY ARMS CO was a tradename used by Shapleigh Hardware of St. Louis on shotguns made by Crescent Fire Arms Company, 1893-1930. A .410 would be unlikely to have been made by Crescent before WWI.. Answer . \n1903
I have a Springfield model 87a. 22 short an long rifle automatic. It was made by j. Stevens firearm co in Chicopee falls mass USA. Can I get a parts catalog for it an when was it made
Parker brothers shotguns were made from 1866-1934,Remington took them over in 1934 and the plant was moved to Ilion,New York in 1938.There were 4,500 transition guns made from 1934-1937,and there were 1,600 parker shotguns made at the Ilion plant before production stopped in 1942.I hope this answers...
If we are talking about a Browning auto-5 shotgun in 16 gauge?Then the serial number that you provided indicates that your shotgun was made in the year 1950.
Most firearms have the model number/name stamped on the receiver or barrel of the firearm in question.
  There is just not enough info. here. What model is it? I can do some elimination work and rule out M # 12's, 97's, 24's, 25's because either the mfg. date or the s/n do not match up. This assumes you have the mfg. date correct. I BELIEVE that this leaves us only the Model 37 and the Model 50....
My records indicate that your Parker GH grade shotgun was made in the year 1888.
Try Numrich gun parts corp.They may be found on the web.
I would pay $1,000,000   Why would you pay that much?
  == Answer ==     You can find a firing pin for a J.Stevens "Crack Shot" Model 26 by contacting Cardinal Promotions Inc. at email address: CardinalPromotions@mchsi.com
your A H fox Sterlingworth shogun should be marked as far as the gauge is concerned.I would look on the barrels or on the receiver after you take the barrels off.As far as the age of your shotgun is concerned,that can be determined if you supply the serial number of your shotgun.
I can say that Browning started having shotguns made in 16 gauge in the year 1909.Winchester started having the model 12 shotguns made in 16 gauge in the year 1914.so I would surmise that the time frame of 1909-1915 would be the correct time frame for the introduction of the 16 gauge shotguns.
Lots of info available. Wm Moore was a London gun-maker pre 1870's when he went in partnership with Grey. Many Moore shotguns are Belgium knockoffs. Belgium barrel proof marks will have a crown and elg or some form of elg. There is a website that shows proof-marks of the different countries. The...
There are a number of factors that can influence the value of a  Franchi SPAS-12 shotgun. The folding stock is more desirable than  the fixed stock version, especially if it still has the "hook." The  8-round magazine is more desirable than the shorter magazine. The  cross bolt safety is more...
Answer . Actually, yes it is. Before 1969 many firearms had no serial numbers. I have two different models of JC Higgins bolt action shotguns made in the 50's and neither have serial numbers. Strange but true!
  depending on the make, age,and condition that shotgun could be worth nothing up to $3000.
In order to answer your question correctly,I would need the maker of the shotgun,model number or name,and the serial number to determine the correct answer.
Your A.H. fox sterlingworth shotgun which was made from 1910-1942 will bring between 300-600 dollars for a shotgun showing between 10%-50% of its original finish remaining.you may add 33% to the above prices if it has auto-ejectors,75% if it is chambered in 20 gauge,50% if it is chambered in 16...
Yes. Some shot types are more lethal than others, but any shotgun can be lethal.
  == Answer ==   About the only thing certain is if it has no serial number it was made in 1968 or earlier. If it has a serial number it MAY have been made later, or maybe not. If you have a model number, most can be cross-referenced to the actual manufacturer's model and sometimes this...
Part of the sn that tells you when made. In this cased 1992.
1940 through 1946, with the exception of 1942 due to war relief efforts.
I don't know if this will help because my gun is a Flues. On the flues with the bottom of the receiver off. I layed the receiver upside down on my bench. I put the spring in and the hammer on top of it. I then cut a small peice of wood the width of the hammer that was about 1 inch high off of the...
These range in price from 130-200 dollars,depending on overall condition.
It was never documented when Crescent Firearms made these single shot .410 gauge shotguns.It should be noted that these shotguns were made with a 12in.barrel.Under today,s laws these short barreled single shot shotguns are considered illegal if they were not registered with BATFE and be subject to...
Thompson Center should be the company that you are looking for.
For a good estimate, the year and model would be necessary. Guns like this typically go for $100-$400 depending on condition and features.
how much is an Ithaca model 37 shotgun worth in fair condition
  Follow the instructions from the manufacturer.
It's probably a Browning. That's the only popular company for double-barrelled shotguns that use a stag on their emblem, that i can think of.
  Depends if it is a single trigger or has two triggers. Single selective trigger shotguns usually are worth more than double trigger models . New stocks are available for 85 dollars . I bought a double barrel with a cracked stock fifteen years ago for 75 dollars,the stock is still cracked ....
The price will range between 230-300 dollars for a shotgun having between 60%-90% of its original finish remaining and a good bore.
The value is between 240-350 dollars,depending on overall original condition being between 60%-90%.
12 gauge double barrel dual hammers on top serial #370943,how old is it,will it be safe to shoot
FYI - My son left my LC Smith Ideal Grade, with 32" barrels, at the shooting range last weekend. ...any chance you may have found it? I'm offering a reward!
  == Answer ==   It would have been sold through Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Company of Chicago sometime between the 1890s and 1950s.
There is one located in Area 69, Big Smokes Crack Palace, and one spawns, along with other weapons, once you have collected all 50 horseshoes.
Bridge gun company
It depends on condition. I just sold one that was functional but worn for $125. In great shape, you might realize $300.
They never did. Winchester makes a paper shell and they all still make brass shells.
Besides the serial number,I would need to know the model name or number and the maker of the shotgun in question to give you a correct answer to your question.
The marking is "Cruso", the 'c' is part of the rooster. Cruso is a brand used by Hibbard, Spencer, and Bartlett, a Chicago based wholesale hardware house. They sold products to local hardware retailers. The Cruso guns were contracted by HSB to companies like Crescent, Stevens, Savage, etc, who made...
  Most likely a turn of the century inexpensive store brand firearm. Usually not worth more than hanging above a fireplace.
  My son just paid $70 for a used one at gander mountain
There isn't a 220P. There is a 220F, which is bolt action, and a 220B, which is single shot and breaks open. It will state on the barrel if it is 2-3/4" or 3". 3" will fire either. You can load a 3" into a 2-3/4" chamber, but you should not. Both guns will handle all modern 12 gauge ammo, as long...
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In order to answer your question correctly i would need to know what type of firearm you are asking about(shotgun,single shot pistol,revolver,semi-auto pistol,etc.)The model of your firearm,and the caliber.All of these help in identifying what model of Webley and Scott you have,and the time frame of...
  == here is a bit of help ==     from what i have researched it was made by savage. the savage model number for it is 96/96y   i have seen them priced any where from $70 at 75% condition to 120 at 95% condition.
The Harrington& Richards model 48 topper shotgun was made from 1943-1956.While I am not aware of any serial numbers by year of manufacture that are available to the public.I can say that they may be out there.The value of these shotguns range in price between 60-100 dollars.
With the serial number that you have supplied,it sounds as if you have a N.I.D.model Ithaca double barrel shotgun made in either 1928,or 1929.The Initials N.I.D.stand for the words New Ithaca double While you have not provided a detailed description of the shotguns overall condition,including the...
  Sounds like a store brand name. Usually inexepensive and not worth more than hanging on a wall.
Numrich Gun Parts is the default. You can often find cheaper parts at other vendors. Search online with the model and "parts" and you should find several sources.
the most affordable i have been able to locate was listed at $24,500.
This needs more information. Such a gun would be a percussion weapon, and possibly converted from a rifle, assuming 1846 as a mfr date. Get photos and post them on one of the antique firearm fora.
i have recently picked up a Boito .410 single shotgun it is break barrel where the trigger guard is the release for the barrel it is a Brazilian made shotgun imported to the U.S from the early 60's to mid to late 70's i seen a couple of these guns online but none near the beauty as mine has ivory...
Indeed this possible, most shotguns come with little iron bars which a lether strap can be attached to them which creates a shoulder sling.This is the most effect form of transporting a shotgun ;)
put the bulit in than pull the tricker back
Don't know who answered that, I deleted it. Of course at least $200 if it's at all decent/working at all, the rest depends on condition, condition, and condition.
  == Answer ==   What other markings are on the gun? We need to know at least the manufacturer or retailer to identify it. If you don't also have a model name or number, describe the action (single shot, pump, double barrel, etc). If it has any value as a collectable, you also need to...
  == Answer ==     Any where from $50 to $125 depending on condition.
The revelation model 350a is a single shot brake barrel 12 gauge shotgun that was mass produced by Stevens, and is actually a model 94. Its value ranges from $25 in poor condition, to $150 in mint condition. The gun has no collector value because it was produced in mass quantities.
If you mean an authentic antique, it would be by examination of the metal, tool marks, etc. Most of the originals were damascus or twist steel, which has a very unique grain or pattern in the metal.
Most hold ammo in tube under the barrel. Make sure firearm is empty then unscrew the end cap on tube/magazine. Plug should be there.
some more information about the gun. It is a 22 rifle and single shot. The MR and OG and what looks like a caligraphy D was on the under side of the barrel. I also saw another set of symbols that were hidden by the wood handle. A crown with a symbol that looks like a chemical beeker. The gun I...
Crescent, and the successor company, H&D Folsom, used over a hundred different names. However, THAT name is not one that shows up in my references. Royal Western was a high grade shotgun- and many companies used similar names to cash in on their name. Like Barker, instead of Parker.
They are not typically dated. Most of them made before 1968 will not have a serial number. Since then, it is required by law (in the US). You can date it by the serial number and referencing several charts in manuals and online. Older ones are usually dated by either proof marks or specific style...