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Ask questions here about shotguns produced by various manufacturers such as Lefever Arms Co, Iver Johnson Arms, and Harrington & Richardson.
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I have a Beretta (ASEL) with a crossbolt. I believe it is a Greenier but also know of Kirsten making a similar style. Ed
The number that you listed for your Western Field shotgun is the serial number,not the model number.We would need the model number to give you some idea of the age of your shotgun.
Answer . I'd try Numrich Gun Parts at the related link >>>>
$400 https://www.proxibid.com/asp/LotDetail.asp?ahid=195&aid=47757&lid=12247313
The Marlin firearms company produced pump action shotguns from 1898(the Marlin model 1898)all the way up to 1985(The model 120 Magnum shotgun).during that time span Marlin made 17 different model pump action shotguns.
The Model 5000 was the first 12 gage made using the case hardend steal receiver. It had steal that looked like a rainbow and most look as goos today as the day it was produced. They were first produced around 1921. It was later changed to the 5100 in 1931 and then to the 311 after WWII and was...
It kicks pretty bad if your small. I have one i got a pad which helped alot. It kicks because it is so light. The shells aren't cheap either.
The Marlin model 24 pump action shotgun was produced by Marlin firearms company from 1908-1915.
drug store.I would try Numrich gun parts corp.They may be found on the web.
No way to answer without a detailed description and pictures.
That depends on the manufacturer. Different brands can havedifferent lengths of serial numbers.
There isn\'t one set price for how much an 1800\'s JW Hawkins Double-Barreled shotgun that is 100 percent authentic made before Wells Fargo took over the productions. The amount would vary based on collectors, if there is a market for them, and how much someone is willing to pay. You can take it to...
Your serial number indicates 1939, what condition? range $100.00-$500.00. They were made from 1929 - 1936 approx 65000 total made one grade only (field) but could pay for 4 addional items single non selective trigger, auto ejectors, rubber pad and double ivory beads. 12 gauge being the most common.
I have a 12 ga. double barrel side by side shotgun made in 1936 and a while back I saw it in a book, it was worth about 1800 so I dont know if that helps or not but its a start
The Marlin model 24 shotgun was produced by Marlin from 1908-1915.
That all depends on the gauge of your Fox model b shotgun.These shotguns will bring between 250-800 dollars depending on gauge and if they have between 60%-90% of there original finish remaining,and a good set of bores.
Mossberg and sons made your Western field model 15K.The Mossberg model 80,or the model 83 both apply to your model 15K shotgun.
I do not understand what you are asking about?Please repost your question.
There is a decision to make, and no one right answer. Check this out... The two barrels should have different "chokes", that is different designs compressing the shot when exiting the barrel. Typically one would be "full choke" the other a lesser "modified choke". Depending on the range to the...
I would look to 2 suppliers for your Mossberg stock.The first would be Numrich gun parts corp.the second would be Havlin sales.Both of these firms may be found on the web.
Not answering the value, but yes you can find a magazine for them. Check cabelas.com as I saw some in their local store.
Unfortunately, there is no way to quietly check that a National Firearms Act firearm has been registered with the BATFE. As a TAX document, it is not public information. You may wish to have your attorney contact the BATFE for a search for registration documentation. IF the firearm has an overall...
Answer . according to some gun books that I recently looked at the gun is worth $168.00
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Your model 58 .410 may have a safety after all. Look at the end of the bolt and see if there is a 'notch' that the 'knob' of the bolt can be pulled and turned until it catches in the notch. I have had several guns designed this way; but, yours may not be. Go the Numrich Gun Parts Corp. website and...
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$500-$550 in the best of shape, and down from there....
NO!!!! 45 Long Colt may fit in the bore, but centerfire pistol cartridges run higher pressures than shotgun, and it could lead to a catastrophic failure.
NORIS appears to have been a firearms manufacturer in Spain who imported shotguns and rifles into the US during the 1960s.
If your Winchester model 1912 pump action shotgun,which was made in the year 1914 is a standard model model 12 shotgun with no cutts compensator attched to the barrel and has a original finish of between 60%-90%.Then you may expect to get between 275-475 dollars.
Yes, as long as it has the right choke for slugs (cylinder or improved cylinder), the vents will make no difference to the slug, and will reduce recoil slightly.
Answer . It is difficult to date these accurately. That model appeared in Stevens 1912 catalog, but I am not sure when it was discontinued. Best guess would be no later than the early 1930's when Stevens was absorbed by Savage Arms.\n. \nwww.countrygunsmith.net\n. \n. \n. \nI do know the Patent...
By your ques I take it that 9943 was on the watertable and that it is the serial numberand it equtes to an Ithaca Crass 1889, as for your 212 number you stated in your ques that would equate to a 12 ga grade 2.
http://ithacagun.com/pdfs/serialnumbers.pdf should help you out.
This would be a 2nd Model PREMIER 3rd Variation, made between 1909 and 1913. The actual patent date is OCT. 8 1895. Value depends upon condition. Excellent $250 to 260 down to fair $100 or less. With blue finish add 10%; .22 rf add 20%, premium addition also for longer than standard 3" barrel.
Answer . \nThe "New York Arms Co." was produced by Cresent for Garnet-Carter Co., Chattanooga, Tenn.. Most likely H&D Folsom Arms Co. who purchased Cresent in the late 1890's, as this was one of their house brands as they called, which were offered through hardware wholesalers and sporting goods...
Yes. Winchester made the 1897.
I bought a M2000 last year in New Zealand and one of the five chokes it came with has skeet stamped on its side. So I believe the answer is yes, it just may be called something different depending where you are.
Answer . Is that the serial # or model #? I have one marker 19HF on all separate parts. My thought was that is the model. But my other id # is 5000, so what are the odds we have the sane gun model 1oo units apart?.... Answer . Value is $150-$250 depending on condition. Less if it is broken...
Yes.The westernfield model 550AB and the Mossberg model 550AB are the same firearms.
With the serial number that you provided,your Winchester model 1897 pump action shotgun was produced in the year 1903.
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Impossible to answer with the given information.. Who made it, what gauge, barrel length, type of action, overall condition, etc.. need to be provided,. Could be worth 10-10000 USD. It all depends on the details...
Answer . Manual, Schematic and Parts List available on-line from John Stimson's website at http://www.histandard.info/ .... click on Manuals, and scroll down to find 'Guns Made for Sears' , click on type and model; download and print, as PDF. Numrich Gun Parts sells many such Manuals for less...
i have a victor ejector serail 554328 the name "american gun compan newyork" is a house or sort of brand name for cerestant arms its worth in between 80-200$ dollars depending on condition and what not there made between 1880-1930 and if your going to shoot it use a smaller shell than usally as the...
The J.C. Higgins trade name was used by Sears, Roebuck & Company of Chicago from 1946 to 1962 on firearms and other sporting goods. Arms bearing this tradename were manufactured by a variety of American gunmakers. The 16 gauge was made by Marlin, the .410 by Harrington & Richardson. The .22 by...
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Yes, but the transfer will have to be done with an FFL.
With the serial number that you provided,your Ithaca hammer less double barrel shotgun was made between the years 1904-1907.I could not asses a value of this shotgun without a brief discription of its condition.I will say that most shotguns of this age and make will bring in the neighbor hood of 400...
this particular gun would most likely run between 12,000 to 18,000 depending on the condition and the gauge of shotgun.
There are many shotguns nowadays that are made for use with scopes, these have special rifled barrels, and are not cheap. They are used for hunting turkey and big game with slugs. This particular weapon was not intended to have a scope, and to alter it to accept one would be unsafe. If you want a...
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If you want us to look it up for you, it'd help to include make and model. But in general, there are books you can buy that correlate serial number ranges to years of production, and if the book isn't available/too expensive, most gunmakers are pretty friendly and will look it up in the factory...
http://www.atf.gov/ - This is the BAFTE website. You can research there. Depending on whether you are talking domestic made or import, the answer will vary.
Answer . \nThe guns Hercules guns made by Stevens and sold by Wards were made around 1910 to 1940
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No one answer- since the need for a license is determined by state laws- and there are 50 different states- 50 different sets of laws- and that is just in the US. Other nations have other laws.
What year was riverside, 12 gauge, single shot ,model 548 made
There is no one size fits all description.. Depending on exactly what you have, the procedures will vary.. One thing that will be constant for any and all - MAKE SURE THE WEAPON IS UNLOADED!!!
Very rare gun . Two were made as presents of Caddo Chiefs in Louisiana. Given as presents by the government.
Charles Daly's current line of shotguns are manufactured by K.B.I. in Turkey: http://www.charlesdaly.com/faq.asp In the past, Charles Daly has sold shotguns manufactured by Miroku of Japan. But current production shotguns are Turkish.
While Parker shotguns VERY collectible, the value of ANY gun is based on make, model, and condition, Parker made several different models, and condition drives a LOT of the value. Afraid you will need a hands-on appraisal from dealer that knows double guns.
50-75 dollars,depending on condition.
30-75 dollars,depending on overall condition and a good bore.
Looks like an 18" or 20" double barrel side by side 10 ga. shotguncalled a coach gun because of its use by Wells Fargo agents ridingshotgun on it's stagecoaches for protection.
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The ELG in an oval indicates it was made in Belgium (Liege) prior to 1893 (unless there is a crown over the oval, then it was made sometime later), and approved for black powder ammunition.
Is there a model # on the bottom of the trigger guard.. Is it ingraved? A sidelock?. What gauge is it? 12 or 20 gauge?. Call Joe at area code 832 and # 721-5900 for help.
I would start my search at Numrich gun parts corp.They may be found on the web.