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Savage Arms and J. Stevens

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Founded by Arthur Savage in 1894, the company specializes in manufacturing rifles, pistols and their associated ammunition. It became the largest firearm company in 1920, with the acquisitions of J. Steven Arms and four other manufacturers.
  It could be anywhere from 30-100 years old and worth 50-300 USD
Your savage/stevens model 86d was made between 1936-1943.
  == Answer ==     707 gun shop inc. in Myrtlebeach,S.C. has a working parts gun.   contact them at 843-650-7468 ,10 am to 6 pm mon-fri.
I would start with numrich gun parts corp. and then look at E-gun parts.com.
Answer . \nThis shotgun was produced in 1950 or 51 and was made for only few years then came out under "fox" brand in th late 70's
  == Answer ==   This is probably an 1894 Favorite. Depending on condition, it is worth $125(poor) to $400 (excellent). A drawback is the scarcity of .25-caliber ammunition.
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  == Answer ==   I'm not sure what you want to know. A "shotgun" is a long-barreled firearm that fires many small pellets instead of one solid bullet; "20 gauge" is the diameter of the barrel; and "single barrel" simply means it has only one.     Do you perhaps want to know what it...
Google 1917 eddystone, then find the link for us military rifles then type in your serial number you can get the month and year of manufacture of the rifle action. it should be July 1918 for the serial number you provided. don't know much about price. hope this help a little
I would try E-parts.com,or numrich gun parts co.both can be fpound on the web.
The Stevens model 67L was last made in 1989.Their value is from 100-200 dollars.
your Stevens model 84C was produced from 1936-1945,with a total production of 99,500 guns.
if made 1968 or before it wasn't required to have one if it does it will be clearly marked on the barrel
You just unscrew it off the barrel
I would start at numrich gun parts corp. and then try E-parts.com on the web.
The price for a fox model b in 410ga is going for between 550 dollars in 10% original condition up to 1075 dollars for a nice specimen in 98% original condition.
Your Stevens model 200 shotgun was produced around circa 1910.
They are going for between 165-310 dollars,depending on the amount of the original finish left and condition.
A knowledgable gunsmith told me that mine was worth about $150. Mine is in ok condition, would rate it 6/10.
  == Answer ==     my be 1000000 $ or 5000000 $ or 10000000 $   == Answer ==   Maybe, but you'll sell it a lot quicker if you only ask for what it's worth. $25 if only good as a parts gun, $75 if in nearly-new condition. If it's 100% like new, you might find someone willing to pay...
  No, they were discontinued in 2005. As a side note the 411 was not manufactured by Steven/Savage Arms, but rather Stevens/Savage Arms contracted with Baikal Arms of Russia to manufacturer the 411. Stevens will be introducing the replacement model for the 311 and 4111 in July of 2009, the MSRP...
  Stevens Model 66 bolt action rifles were manufactured between 1930 and 1948. They were inexpensive meant as a starter rifle for a youth. Mine doesn't even carry a serial number on the receiver or barrel, so, it might be tough to pinpoint it's actual age.   In Good condition would probably...
If your 300 savage is a savage model 99? It was produced in 1951.
I would say between 250.00 - 300.00 but like anything it is worth what ever you are willing to spend
The savage/stevens model 94 single shot,shotgun is worth between 40-95 dollars.
Check with numrich gun parts corp. or look at E-gun parts.com
The fox model BSE was made from 1966-1988,The current value of the fox BSE in 20ga.is between 475 dollars for one in 60% original finish up to 900 dollars for a fine specimen in 90% original finish.These models had a single trigger with selective ejectors,vent rib,beavertail forearm,select walnut...
would try numrich gun parts corp. and also try E-gun parts.com.
I would start at numrich gun parts corp.on the web,and also try E-gun parts.com.
You do not say whether you have a 22RF,or the 32RF caliber.The 22 should not be to hard to find,but the 32RF would be more difficult.Gun shows are a start,and look to the web for some old ammo makers they may have some.Good luck!
  == Answer ==   If it has both the Stevens and Savage names it was made sometime after the mid 1940's. If it has no serial number, it was made before 1969.
Your savage/stevens model 67 was produced in recent times having finished production of this model in 1989.
The savage models,221,222,223,227,228,and 229 were similar to the model 219,except these models were supplied with a shotgun barrel.(each model listed above represents a different gauge and barrel length).I would try numrich gun parts corp.or E-gun parts.com.
Try numrich gun parts corp.They can be found on the web.
My grand father pass a way left me a 12 gauge shot gun and i wanted know more about it there is letters on barrel they zy27 can you tell me what year it is what price it would be now
I would try the numrich gun parts corp.They can be found on the web.
the savage/stevens model 86 was produced from 1936-1943,there were 82,500 made during that time.
$350.00 to $700.00 Depending on condition...
You need a Weaver Side Mount #2 (which is the base). Weaver also make 1" side mount rings that mount onto this base. That's what I have on my .222 Savage 340.
Check with numrich gun parts corp.they can be found on the web.
These are worth between 50-100 dollars.
  The Stevens 67 is similar to the Stevens 520, which is discussed in the Gun Digest Book of Firearms Assembly and Disassembly Volume 5 (revised). This book can often be found on Amazon.com or eBay.
  I just bought one for $100cdn at an auction.
== Answer ==     I have a double barrel over under 20 gauge savage arms model 420. I know absolutely nothing about this shotgun except that it shoots great. I am currently researching faqs right now and if i come up with anything i will let you know...hopefully if you hear something you will...
your savage model 1899 was produced in 1905.
  Since Savage made three different semi-automatic pistols in .32 ACP it is lucky that they used a continuous serial number system.   S/N 214891 should be a model 1907. There were some 14 versions of the model 1907 in .32 ACP made starting in 1908 and ending in 1920. Based on the serial...
Hmm -- is "2144891" the correct S/N or was it correct in the previous question, where it was "214891"? The answer changes considerably.   Savage made three different semi-automatic pistols in .32 ACP and used a continuous serial numbering system for all three. The last Savage .32 ACP pistol made...
the value,s are between 140-200 dollars.
Your savage model 99H was produced in 1911.The value of this rifle in 22 savage high power is going for between 450 dollars for a specimen with 60% original finish up to 1100 dollars for a fine specimen with 95% original finish remaining.
I have the same gun wondering the same thing!
the savage model 72 is worth between 70-145 dollars.
I can say that the Stevens model 311 has not been produced since 1989.
Your Stevens shotgun was produced from 1978-1985.
these are valued at between 30-90 dollars.
  == Model 49 ==   Depends a lot on the condition of the rifle. If in good condition I usually see these selling for about $125.
  If it came with an accutrigger from savage then yes. If not you will have to install an adjustable trigger one can be purchased from midwayusa and if you follow the directions you will have no problem installing it.
  Stevens Model 56 Made 1933 till 1945, 97,500 made. from Gun Trader.
The extractor for a model 170 Savage Arms 30-30 can be purchased through Numrich catalogs. You can also find this part in the Brownell's catalog available at many gun stores.
What is current value of Valmet/Savage model 330 o/u 20 gauge. Great condition.
  == Answer ==   I looked on gunbroker.com and saw one for an opening bit of 425, and have seen them before for about the same price
  == Answer ==   The reference books only say that they were "various." There may be a mark on the barrel that would indicate the choke. If there is a number, like 18.1, that may indicate the choke size. A gunsmith should have a gauge that will measure it. Probably wouldn't even charge...
your savage model 311 double barrel is valued at between 130-275 dollars depending on condition.You can add 20% to those fiqures because it is a 20ga model.
The answer is no. Stevens is in name only as a part of savage arms company.I would look at numrich gun parts corp.they are on the web.
Still need a serial number to supply you with the correct answer.
It sounds to me that what you have is a shotgun that was made by the crescent firearms company,they made many shotguns under hundreds of store names for hardware,and general supply stores from 1880-1930.
According to the stevens reference files the gun was made between 1936 - 1945, approximately 100,000 were made. As far as value?
Try doing a web search on "replacement stocks".
The serial number on all Savage automatic pistols (model 1907, model 1915, and model 1917, all in .32 and .380) will be found just under the barrel at the front edge of the frame. Early model 1907 pistols will have the s/n on the bottom of the frame, while later model 1907 and all other models will...
I have disassembled the entire gun and can't locate a number. One source says, there were no registration numbers issued, before 01/01/69.
  == J. Stevens Model 54A; 410 Gauge Shotgun ==   I just purchased a model 54A single shot bolt action 410 shotgun at a flea market for $70. Have no knowledge of actual worth. It was a nice looking gun and I've always wanted to add a 410 gauge to my collection. Your question does confuse...
These shotguns would have a flaming bomb arsenal mark on the gun.They would also have United states property marked on the shotgun.
Your savage model 99 was produced in 1923.
I would try numrich gun parts corp. They can be found on the web.
Answer . around the 100$ to 150$ range. Answer . 100 to 150
  == Answer ==   In answer to the question :   Was Metropolitian Arms double barrel shotguns made by Savage?     From what info I can find at this time , they were manufacture'ed   by the Crescent Firearms Co. from about the early 1890's to the 1930's.   Then it was...
I work in a gun shop for a living & I had one given to me. its pretty old. but it still shoots. It shoots .22 short, long & long rifle, It has a five round detachable magazine. depending on condition it is worth about $30 to maybe $100 or so. if it is beat up and rusted / cracked stock (poor...
  == Answer ==   Nowhere in the US unless you are dealing with someone in the back alleys. Any smoothbore using fixed ammunition with a barrel less than 18 inches or an overall length of 26 inches is illegal to possess unless it was originally manufactured in that configuration AND...
  A 30-06 is a Rifle not a shotgun You must have a pump 30-06 rifle not a shotgun and do you want to sell it ?
I have seen them for $150-$300... they were the working mans shot gun...
The Savage model 220 was available in 12 gauge,16 gauge,20gauge,28gauge,and 410 gauge chambered barrels,with a barrel length of between 26 inches-32 inches.
  == Answer ==   The value depends on several factors such as who made it (many were handmade), condition, originality, quality, etc. A low cost gun in excellant condition would be worth more than a very expensive gun with enlays, carvings, and such in poor condition usually. I recently paid...
The Stevens model 240 over under shotgun is going for between 155 dollars for a specimen in 60% original finish to 275 dollars for a specimen in 95% original condition.
The Stevens model 1915 favorite is going for between 125.00 dollars with a specimen in 60% original finish remaining to as high as 300.00 dollars for a specimen that retain,s 90% of its original finish.
The home page of savage arms might help with the age question.As to value these model 99,s are getting a good price.They are going for between 350-550 dollars depending on overall condition of the wood and metal finish left.
  read the information engraved on top or side of barrel
  You're probably looking at somewhere in the $100 range for a like-new model and going dwn based on condition for used.   I saw a post today of someone who bought one in like-new condition with one magazine for $110.
i found a manual for the 77e on this site.it costs $9. i cant find any for free any where. http://www.nicolausassociates.com/shotguns.htm
  "M" designates Monte Carlo stock.