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Savage Arms and J. Stevens

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Founded by Arthur Savage in 1894, the company specializes in manufacturing rifles, pistols and their associated ammunition. It became the largest firearm company in 1920, with the acquisitions of J. Steven Arms and four other manufacturers.
Answer . Seems to be a misprint in the Blue Book. Model 335 is listed twice, once as 67500 produced 1912-1932 and again as 2000 made 1926-35. If you find the Savage Arms website, I believe you can get an address for the Stevens historian who should be able to give you an exact year of production...
your Stevens model 58 was made from 1933-1945 with a total production of 29,500.
2008 Standard Catalog of Firearms. 18th edition
the savage model 170 pump rifle was made from 1970-1981.
no thats what i.m wanting to know
Answer . Just picked up a savage .270 WIN. in a model 116 with bull barrel. From Shiptons Big R in Billings,Montana.PH:406-652-9118.
about $450 in good shape!!
Answer . This description could fit any one of a half dozen or more boy's rifles manufactured from the mid 1890's to the 1930's. There was a "revival" of the Stevens Favorite in the 1990's. Would have to know ALL the markings and where they are located to positively identify it.
your savage model 99 was made in 1950.as to value I would need to know more about the rifle such as is it a 99A,99B,99H,99E,99E carbine,99F featherweight,99EG,99R.So if you can fill in the missing model questions I would be able to help you more.
It's worth whatever you can get for it. M. Spaziani; SPAZ'S GUN SHOP; Easton, PA.
Answer . With both company names, it would have been made sometime after 1948. If you find the Savage Arms website, there should be an address for the Stevens Historian. For $15 he will research a Stevens serial number (if your gun is numbered). Value will be $25 for a parts-gun up to $120 for...
Get yourself legal and take it into a gun shop yourself. They actually HAVE BOOKS that will indicate the date of manufacture, and a sort of a "Blue Book" for the beginnings of valuation. It's condition will vary the value, of course.
I saw one at the gunshow 2 weeks ago in fair condition for $365. Didn't buy it though, the seller told me it had a 2 3/4 chamber. Looking for a 3 inch.
Impossible to answer without it right in front of me. Produce the piece for visual inspection and appraisal.
Answer . The 1400 is not a pump. The pump version is the 1300.
I bought a Winchester ranger 140 for $220 in awsome shape at a pawn shop that deals mainly with guns near St. Louis
Answer . The Model 101 .22 was manufactured at least until 1968. You could probably find out for sure by going to the Savage Arms website.
your savage model 6a is worth between 40-140 dollars.
You can purchase the pistol grip for a Stevens model 67 series E 12gauge shotgun at most gun stores and at most gun shows. You canalso purchase this type of accessory at hunting supply stores.
i believe your crackshot was made between 1912-1926.
The original model 24 is not. However, there is still one version of the 24 being made- a Turkey gun (model 24 F) that is 30-30, .223, or .22 Hornet over 20 g or 12 g. You can also check the Savage catalogue on line- they are still in business.
it is selling for anywhere from 120.00 dollars at 70% condition to 200,00 dollars in 95% condition.
if you are asking as to how many rounds it holds.the answer is five.If you are asking what it holds the answer is ammunition for the rifle.
great price for excellent gun . I have just purchased our 3rd savage 99F , they seem to hold at a value of around 350.00 to 450.00 depending on the wear and condition.
I would try numrich arms for a magazine for your Stevens model 34.
They retail for about $50- when you can find them.
\n. \n Answer \n. \n1940's.\n. \nsales@countrygunsmith.net
I would check with numrich gun parts first.
Savage Arms . In answer to you'r question, what is the mailing address for Savage Arms? I have both the address and the phone and fax numbers, here they are.. Savage Arms Inc. 100 Springdale Road Westfield, Ma. Zip 01085. Phone: 413-568-7001 Fax: 413-568-8386 Monday - Friday 8:30 am- 4:30...
The last savage model 99,s were made in 1997.these were in 308 caliber.as for the 300 savage these were made up until the 1960,s.
I would first try numrich gun parts. I found two rather readily at a gun show in Portland Oregon.
The bore diameter of a 250-3000 savage is .257
Answer . Hercules was made by Iver Johnson from 1918-1943, Hercules name dropped in late 30's!
Not until required by law in 1969.
The savage/steven model 65-66 was made from 1929-1945 with total production being 174,000 guns.
savage firearms began making the model 170,in 1970 and ended in 1981.
That's a rolling block pistol, from $1 to much more, depends on condition.
Probably some time in the 1960s. Savage does not provide information on these rifles and none seems to be available anywhere else.
I believe there were at least two variations- one used a box type magazine, and the one sitting on my workbench torn down is a tubular magazine. The link below will take you to a photo of the box magazine version.
1939 to 1948. Did you try doing a web search?
Answer . The Victor was a model of the Crescent Certified shotgun manufactured from about 1930 to 1932 by Crescent-Davis Arms. The Gun Control Act of 1934 made these illegal to possess (in the US) unless properly registered with the ATF. BIG fine and long vacation at Uncle Sam's expense. If you...
Answer . The model 54 series was made from 1933 to 1942 according to the information in the Blue Book, but it does not indicate what type of firearm it was. The Standard Catalog says the No. 54 was a lever action single shot target rifle manufactured from 1897 to 1916. No matter which is right,...
Do a web search on Google.
My experience for similar guns (like Stevens 311, Stevens 5100, etc) is that your gun is likely worth 250-300 in good condition with little room for movement either way given bad (but working) condition or excellent condition.
your model 26 crackshot is going for between 75-225 dollars depending on condition.
Read the roll mark on the rifle.
before we can asses a value to a given rifle,we need to have a model number(ie model 99c with any attached letter to the number) also a serial number so we can affix a date of manufacture,and any special features that came with the rifle to help better establish a more accurate sense of value.
Best bet is to check the auction sites for one in similar shape/condition to yours. Your description is to vague. Also, the original box, manual, and any other papers that came with it will add value. Before 1968, serial numbers were not requried. Go to a library and see if they have a copy of Blue...
Got mine for 65 at a gun show plus the fees were $88
Answer . This is an inexpensive .22 rifel.. If it is 100% (like it justcame out of the box) = $120.00. 80 -90% =$90.00. 60-80% = $75.00. Below 60% = $25.00. Ralph A. LaPaugh. P.O. Box 2418. Galveston, Tx 77553. rlapaugh@yahoo.com
your savage model 99c is selling for between 250-450 dollars depending on condition.
try numrich arms co first,they can be found on the web.
best place to start would be a company called nurmrich gun parts, if they dont have it on hand, it likely does not exist.
This shotgun was made between 1933-1945 with total production being 29,500 guns.
Brownells carries just about any gunsmithing tool there is.
being that your savage/stevens shotgun was made between 1933-1945,I would have a gunsmith check your shotgun to make sure it is safe to use and at that time question him on use of steel shot through your shotgun.
To vague a description. Check the auction sites. Broad range 100-400. They were made from 77-81.
I show that the stevens/savage model 520 was made between 1912-1932 with the total production being 191,000 guns.I would feel safe in saying that yours was made in 1912-1913.
in good shape....whatever the traffic will bare.... $850.00 to $900. plus
They are long cause they swing from tree to tree
Blue Book of Gun Values
your Stevens arms shotgun was produced between 1926-1935 with only 2,000 total being made.
Answer . What type action? Tip-up, lever, falling block, rolling block, bolt action? It could be any of several boys rifles or target rifles. Exactly how is the company name written on the gun? The "J. Stevens and Co" version was discontinued 8 years before the 1894 patent date on yours.
I would check with stockeys on the net,numrich gun parts corp,or just google savage stocks and see what happens.
Answer . Need to identify the exact model. Being chambered for a 32-40 cartridge, I suspect it may be one of the Schuetzen models 45 to 54 which are higher grade target rifles and not valued in the standard references except to say they bring much higher prices than the more ordinary Stevens...
Answer . It's a Stevens manufactured for Montgomery Wards. Model 5000 was introduced in 1926 and manufactured into the 1930's when it was re-designated Model 5100 and around 1940 became the Model 311.
yes savage made the model 23A bolt action rifle in 22LR.These were made from 1923-1933,their was also a model 23AA which was a improved version that was made from 1933-1942.
Can anyone help me find a firing pin for an American Eagle brand410 shotgun model 70H 3" magnum? Please I have looked for a coupleof years now and no success yet. Thanks, Fred
Answer . Move the safety forward to the 'fire' position, then open the bolt. As you are sliding the bolt to the open position, pulling the trigger will allow the bolt to be removed.
Made from 1938 to 1945 with @45,500 produced.
Answer . 22 long rifle bolt action manufactured from 1937 to 1942. Some were manufactured as US military training rifles and if marked US Property they will sell for a large premium. The Blue Book gives values of $70 in 60% and $140 in 100%.
Your savage 24D is going for between 180-400 dollars depending if it has 60% of original finish up to 98% of original finish.
NUMRICH has them. I just purchased two for my model 84. Work fine.
Answer . \nGreetings! The value of any fire arm can vary significantly based on several factors. First and most important is the condition. A Stevens C S R in excelent condition can be worth up to $450.00. On the other hand the same gun on poor condition could fetch as little as $50.00 to $100.00...
Answer . \nI would say it's around 75-65 used.
I believe that the C before the serial number on your savage model 99E means carbine.These would have had a 22in barrel,checkered pistol grip stock,5 shot rotary magazine.they were made from 1960-1982,in 243win,250sav,300sav,or 308 win.
The Crescent Gun Company made guns which were sold under assorted brand names back around the turn of the last century. "Essex", "Knickerbocker", "Lakeside", "American Gun Co."; an on-line search will turn up an amazing list of over a hundred names under which these low cost guns were marketed. In...
My Dad gave me one, new, when I was 12 years old. Just found it again in a closet in the old house in PA while I was visiting. This one is 57 years old!
Answer . You won't find history of any particular Crescent double barrel model. They basically made one or two models and marked them with whatever name the retailer wanted. Well over 100 different trade names have been found on Crescents. The company was formed in Norwich, Ct, in 1892 and...
Only use or shoot cartridges that have the same caliber as the one marked on the barrel of your firearm.
England respected America's right to neutrality.. England would ignore pre-Revolutionary debts owed to British merchants.
Your model 6A was made from 1938-1968.It is valued at 40-140 dollars depending on condition.You could add 10 dollars to the value if it was made before 1942.
Please include the model number and serial number if it can be seen to get a accurate age to your rifle.