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Founded in 1816 as E. Remington and Son, Remington Firearms is the longest running and largest producer of shotgun and rifles in the US. The company later ventured into the manufacturing of pistols and revolvers.
A standard Mod 52: Exc VG Good Fair Poor 550 450 350 200 225
Answer . Go to the Gun Digest bookstore at and buy the Gun Digest Assembly/Disasembly book for Centerfire Sporting Rifles. The Winchester Model 92 is in there. That should be your 32-20.
I doubt there will be any history but probably can get at least manufactured if you go to the Remington Society of America forums and ask...
Check barrel code on Remington Society of America:
Made from 1909 - 1936, with a serial no I can tell you a year, from 1921 on there is a barrel code with month/year. Check Remington Society of America
Answer . On the left side of the barrel you will find the date codes, which are a combination of letters. The serial number doesn't do a whole lot of good on Remington dates.\n. \nRemington 1100 shotguns in 12ga will bring from $175-$350 depending on features and condition.\n. \nsales...
Remington 870 pumps max out at $250
Depends on the model, is it a pump, bolt???
Hard to tell with no picture. Try and post it on ValueJockey. The community there can tell you. It is free and you can post pictures. Good Luck.
Answer . \nUnfortunately, rebluing (as opposed to restoration) has removed virtually all of the collector value. Possibly $300.\n. \
If the owner's manula doesn't tell you, you should seek the services of a gun smith.
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It was made very late 1925, there is a stamp on the barrel to indicate the month/year it's location and interpretation can be found here: The value is GREATLY determined by condition, condition, and condition. Without that it's very difficult...
\n. \n Answer \n. \nStandard grade Model 58 shotguns sell in the $175-$250 range.
If the blueing is in good shape and the bore is not pitted,then the going price range of the remington model 7400 is 275-350 dollars.
well, it all depends on what your preference is. I would recommend that you get the feel of both of them before you make the investment, by going and shooting both types of guns a couple times. your physical build also affects which you should consider purchasing, if you have a weak shoulder or want...
You will have to state your intended use.
the serial numbers are located on the left side of the barrel by the breach mine numbers on mine are 44678
Answer . I cannot find a stainless .44 mag made by Mitchell, but they did make a nickel plate. Values range from $425 at 100% (new in box) to $180 at 70%. If nickel finish in good shape, add $50.. Answer . \nMitchell produced a .44 Mag called the Valkyrie, available in stainless steel and blue. ...
The vent rib breaks up the heat waves that rise from a hot barrel which interfere with sighting.
Must be appraised by someone familar with the weapons. Value can range from 100-10000 USD
With a vise and wrench.
This is a small pistol, usually one or two shots, which can be easily concealed. It can be any caliber from .22 to .45. The design was first produced by a Philadelphia gunsmith named Deringer in the early 19th century, or so the story goes.
Answer . \nShould be the Model 1873, and should be so marked either on the top tang behind the hammer or on the bottom tang under the lever.\n. \
eight gauge shotguns are(were) used in steel plants to knock flashing off the big bowls
There are few sites for research, the value can be anywhere from $300 - 1200 . These derringer were made in Models. Model 2 was made from 1867 to 1887 and has the following on the top of the barrel "Remington & Sons, Ilioin, N.Y. - Eliott S Patent DEC 12, 1865" Model 3 were made from 1888 - 1912 and...
Answer . \nI'd always thought the V suffix was used strictly on 12ga guns. Is this gun a pump (Model 870) or a semiauto (Model 1100)?\n. \
It's probably a Model 12-A, by that serial no it was made in 1927 and will have the barrel codes stamped to determine month as well. However the value of a model 12 is GREATLY dependent on condition with the 95%+ condition examples comprising of the top 2/3 of the 200-1,200 (as NIB).
Remington didn't make a Model 12-2 but Model 12-A-F & and CS. But the value is GREATLY dependent on condition without that it's anywhere from a 200-1,200 gun NIB.
There is no model number 3006 or 243 in the Woodmaster line. Check Remington's webiste under the Sportsman's Library.
was it made in the custom shop at Remington firearms has heavy barrel and Monte Carlo stock
They only way to do it it is to comb through all the serial numbers of all the different types of shoutguns Remington has made the past 150 or so years. has a history section in its Sportsman's Library that you might be able to use to narrow it down.
Remington's website gives suggested retail prices. They do not list the 11-87 as available in the Ducks Unlimited commemorative edition. They do have the D. U. Mod-1100.. See the link below. Used weapon values depend on the condition and age.
No such model listed on their website.
Serial numbers were not required before 1968. If it has one, it will be on the barrel/receiver.
Remington does not show a 870 rifle on their web site. Do you mean the 870 Shotgun? the Remington 870 is one of the most popular shotguns in the us. this shotgun ranges from $300 for the basic model to $1000 for the fancy Wingmaster edition
Remington made neither a shotgun or rifle model 1890, sounds like you are might be talking about a model 12-C or 12-CS pump rifle. Until it's identified correctly and a GOOD description of it's condition, valuation is impossible.
dry fire, generally dry firing a Remington shotgun won't damage it, especially on occasion just to put away for storage.
Follow the instructions in the owner's manual. If you don't have one, go to Remington's web site and request one for free.
My serial list for the model 11 ends in 1944 and it's lower 700's. It was only made until 1947 so a guess would be 46/47 but it also should be marked on the barrel if it's original.
Yes, short, long, or long rifle, that's what it's made for.... I believe the ammo companies actually stopped making plain "longs".
Is there a question length limit? Sorry this question just makes no sense what-so-ever. If it's Remington-UMC it has to be after 1911 other then that I can't understand the question. Is that a rifle serial no, what model, ??? from 1922 on there is a barrel code stamp that indicates date of...
Answer . \nUnless it is marked Trap or Skeet, it is probably a field gun. Skeet guns were choked appropriately, as well.\n. \
Answer . \nThey routinely sell for $150-$175 in excellent condition.\n. \
Typically, you would sight in at 100 yards and expect to be about an inch high at 50 and about 3 inches low at 200 yards.. Maximum effective range on .30-06 is out to about 1000 yards depending on the load.. Check out the ballistics chart at the link below.
Photocopies can be found on ebay.
Answer . Henry shotguns were manufactured by several Belgian makers and also by Crescent Arms. The other markings Identify it as a product of Anciens Etablissments Pieper (1905-1957). Since the import of firearms from Europe pretty much ended with the start of World War 2 and fluid steel...
I just purchased one (last weekend) for $100, then turned down an offer for $200Monday. It largely depends on the condition of the rifle. (It is ultimately worth what a buyer is willing to pay) I think the current book value is $75-$215 depending upon condition. These were mass produced rifles, BUT...
Check this page on the Remington Society of America for a list of places:
The Topper 88 was designed as a shotgun. If somehow the barreles do fit, I would not fire it unless my medical and life insurance were paid up.
1942 i think....go to, you can find out
No but you can by the barrel code, check the Remington Society of America page:
Personally I'm not familiar with the brand, but try this link an see if there are others out there that may have a similar condition and numbered gun to get a good price range. type in the make of your firearm and search to see if someone may have something similar. Hope this...
Gun shop, gun show, want ads.. Gun shop, gun shows, internet auction sites, want ads.
It was made in 1927, you can also get the month/year from the barrel code which can be found/understood from the Remington Society of America's page here:
Answer . Remington did not make a carbine in .44 Magnum caliber. They did chamber the Model 788 rifle in that caliber. Do you have a Ruger carbine in .44 Remington Magnum, or perhaps a Marlin in that caliber?.
Answer . \nRemington did not produce a .410 side-by-side, except in the Parker. Please list ALL the markings on the gun, exactly as they are on the gun.\n. \
The range is: NIB Exc VG Good Fair Poor 225 200 175 150 125 100 While the above answer is true to book but Market shows that with the rarity of the 870 in a .410 it is $400 NIB when you can find them with an average of about $250 for VG.
It it is a Winchester, you can find sn information at
Answer . \n"Good" is not that descriptive. To most dealers, 'good' is about 80% condition which would be about $200 for that gun.\n. \
Answer . It SHOULD be able to handle a modern shell, however, it has had a century to deterioriate so if it has not had regular care and cleaning it may not be safe, particularly if it has damascus barrels. I'm not sure if damascus was an option on the Model 1900, but it was offered on other...
Answer . Browning barrels will not work in Remington or Savage, and vice versa. The big stumbling block is the ejector. On the Remington and Savage the ejector is a single hook brazed to the rear of the barrel extension. On the Browning the ejector is a pair of hooks. The bolts of each are slotted...
shoot? Depends on a lot of factors, exact ammo, barrel length, etc. Be WARNED a 22 is probably one of the most dangerous "normal" rounds for stray travel a 22 has the ballistic capability of up to a mile!
Answer . \n"Good" is a relative term. Assuming 70% overall condition, about $350. Note that cracked forends or buttstocks, completely gray metal or rust is definitely less than "good." In less than 90% condition, Auto-5's are valued more as shooters than as collector pieces and pre-war 16ga...
Answer . \nFirst what type of shotgun is it? i.e. side by side, over under, auto loading... E. Remington and Sons began making side by side guns in the 1870s If this is an antique your best bet is to take it to an expert or to send a detailed description to one. Otherwise, modern pump / auto...
I have not seen a 760 marked 760R, but they are stamped Carbine. What is the barrel length? Can you post some pictures? If it is a cut off rifle, as I suspect, then the value is only as a shooter. If you mean the R that has a circle around it after the 760 on the receiver, that is to indicate that...
22 - Grover Cleveland . 24 - Grover Cleveland . His two terms were 'interrupted' by Benjamin Harrison
Answer . \nRemington did not produce any shotguns without markings. Look carefully at the top of the barrel and both sides of the receiver. Possibly, either wear or some dimwit with a polishing wheel has obliterated the markings that were there, or perhaps they are so faint they are difficult...
Im looking to find out if this gun is a Remington 700 ADL or the 710 model serial number E620262E?
The Remington Model 29 Pump Action shotgun was manufactured from 1930 to 1933. Approximately 38,000 produced.
Value could range from 100-1000 USD dependingon EXACTLY what it is.
You can request a manual from Remington on their web site.
Would like to know the value of a Remington 510 SB. The gun is in 98% condition. Thank you. John