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Fetal Development

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Fetal development refers to the stages of development of the fetus. In humans, there are three stages of development, divided into three trimesters. The fetus continues to develop from the day of conception until it is born after nine months.
it isn't an exact answer it depends on the vagina.
Yes. A newborn baby has a heart rate comparable to that of a fetus.  A heart rate of 80 to 140 beats per minute (or slightly faster) is  not unusual for babies up to a year old. Children's heartbeats slow  between the ages of 5 and 13, to reach the normal resting adult  range of 50 to 80 beats...
  Your baby may have just experienced a growth spurt or worst case scenario ... the possibility of gestational diabetes. Make sure to have your glucose screening to exempt the possibility. The same thing happened to me and it was just a growth spurt nothing to worry about.. be proactive and...
  == Answer ==   Twins can be born with different health and different size but if one baby is term then they both are term. good luck joymaker rn
  3 out of 5 pregnancies turn out to be miscarriages, this seems like a lot, but most of these occur very very early on, often when the woman doesn't know she is pregnant and it can't be picked up by a pregnancy test, scary thought !
  All stages, however I believe most of the damage can be done in the first 4 months until the fetus is almost completely developed.
You don't. They are genderless until near maturity.
It is called lanugo, the skin is also coated with a white greasy like substance called vernix and protects the fetus from the effects of being in the amniotic sac ( bag of water)
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At seven weeks gestation your embryo should be clearly visible on ultrasound, if no embryo was detected you may have what is called a blighted ovum, meaning that conception took place but the embryo never developed, only the amniotic sac did. Please note that this occurrence will not affect your...
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I had a scan monday thinking I was 6wks pregnant but when I had it they found a sac measuring 9mm the docter said its early and bring me back in to weeks have I lost my baby or is docter right its to early I just think he trying to make me think possitave :( am so unhappy just want to no if am going...
A human fetus develops in the uterus.
after there period, up ta 2 weeks of ovulation
The most common symptom of a nonliving fetus, inside a woman's  uterus, is a sudden spike in body temperature. The body will react  as if it has an infection.
A normal heartbeat of a fetus at 6-7 weeks would be 90-110 beats  per minute.
Teratogens get to the fetus like anything the mother consumes does, through the blood and through the umbilical cord. If a mother consumes food, she also shares that foods nutrients with her fetus as well. Same way with teratogens (alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc), when she consumes or imbibes them.
After a Miscarriage, the fetus will be disposed of by the body just like blood during your period would. It can happen several days later though and you have to go to a doctor to get exmined in case something is left inside. That can lead to infections.
Absolutely! If a baby is born at just 38 weeks, its considered full term. A baby born at 37 weeks should be just fine! From about 26 weeks can a baby survive. I have already seen a baby who was born at 25 weeks and who has survived.
We suggest you speak to a pre-natal specialist or obstetrician. If you cannot afford that, visit your local health department. They will have arrangements for patients who cannot pay. We do not make medical suggestions.
You are 10 weeks pregnant. (eight weeks after conception) . From this week until birth, the developing organism is called a fetus. . The fetus is now the size of a small strawberry. . The feet are 2mm long (one tenth of an inch). . The neck is beginning to take shape. . The body muscles are almost...
the length of time they develope is the main difference.
I'm 23 weeks right now and haven't felt the baby kick yet. My mid-wife assured me that everything was ok, just some women feel it before, or more often than others. Then I listened to the heart beat and that made me feel better that everything was ok.    Answer I think maybe the reason you...
It is the average length of time it takes for a fertilized egg to turn into an offspring. The fetus gestates during that time.
Harmful chemicals or viruses that can be transferred from a mother  to her developing fetus are called teratogens.
That depends on how flat your stomach already is. If it is really flabby its going to take a lot more than a week to get a really flat stomach. If your tummy is already reasonably flat, then it might be possible to get it flat in a week. However, you are going to have to be doing a lot of working...
  == Answer ==   A baby that is in your uterus can usually start hearing things in the outside world around your 6th month i believe, we just started going over this in school not to long ago.
That's not physically possible.   Sometime between 16 and 22 weeks, you'll start to feel your baby  move.  
The mother does not house the unborn within the stomach. The child is within the Amniotic sack; that is stationed just beyond the cervix.
Giant tortoises are not mammals and do not give live birth like humans. Instead, female tortoises lay two to sixteen eggs, which eventually hatch after one hundred and thirty days.
You don't Answer: You should consult your doctor or a local clinic. This is not a do-it-yourself procedure.
It´s not encouraged to take antibiotics when pregnant but sometimes you have to. The abcess can spread to the bloodstream. You need to go to the dentist and have this taken care of.
  == Answer ==   yes it can if it kickes to hard it can bruise the inside of a womens stomach and cause damage to the stomach.
Its been nourished by the food the mother takes which is been converted into a liquid substance and later sent to the embryo through the placenta
prior to birth, the mother's enzyme level prevents accumulation of the dangerous chemical
The most important thing that every pregnant woman shouldn't do is drink alcohol. Pregnant women should take prenatal vitamins and take care of their own health.
  5 weeks is the earliest most women get theirs (3 weeks after conception). They will have to do a vaginal ultrasound to be able to see anything and it won't look like a baby yet.
Among other things, amniotic fluid is comprised of    carbohydrates  lipids  hormones  enzymes  α-fetoproteins  desquamated foetal cells  foetal urine  
Up to 8 weeks after fertilization embryo is present which is unborn baby in early stages while foetus is an unborn baby in uterus in later stages of development (after 8 weeks till birth).
  A baby should weigh about 3 lbs in week 30. I had an ultrasound at 32 weeks and the baby weighed 3 lbs. My doctor said its a little small but nothing to worry about.
The teacher should treat children individually since children develop at different rate. Teacher should be worried about the process [how the child get the answer not the final answer] Teacher not to treat the children as miniature adults Teaching should accelerate children's progress in stages ...
Breathing While in the womb, a foetus's oxygen needs are met by the mother. Blood is pumped by the baby's heart through the umbilical cord arteries to the placenta where oxygen is extracted from the mother's blood as it passes by the placenta. The maternal and foetal blood systems are separate. It...
The mother is the "host" for the fetus until birth. All nutrition and growth support is done by virtue of the mother's umbilical cord. IT provides all oxygen and nutrition while connected.
yes you should go check its temp. and put a wash cloth over its head and give it some warm milk to drink and call the doctors
it can be felt, but not all women feel it... some mistake their own heartbeat for the baby's...
i dont know for sure when they start but im 13 weeks prego, had an ultrasound done 2 days ago, and my baby had the hiccups so cute
in the egg cell after fertilization...or after fertilization andbefore birth
Esophagus develops from foregut and by week 10 is lined by ciliated epithelial cells. -Beginning at 4 months, the ciliated epithelium starts to be replaced by squamous epithelium. At either end of the esophagus the ciliated epithelium gives rise to esophageal glands. -The upper esophagus is...
As all animals including chicken come form the same domain of life eucariota they have similar characteristics. as in principle the embrio of animals forms the same way and seperates its development at a certin stage acording to the different specie. the main reson for this similarity in development...
There is little research to prove or disprove that Smoking cannabis during pregnancy will harm an unborn baby but there is also nothing to suggest it is safe. Official advise is always to avoid drugs of any sort while pregnant to eliminate risk to the health of the baby. Cannabis has been proven to...
An embryo is a multicellular diploid eukaryote in its earliest stage of development. At the end of the 8th week in humans, the embryonic stage is over, and the fetal stage begins.
k2 will most likely affect you baby's growth,
My sons when I had the first ultrasound was 169, now that I am almost due his is around 135
A Foetus is formed by the growth and development of an embryo. A Foetus is an unborn baby in the uterus in the later stages of development (after 8 weeks till birth). A Foetus is also multicellular. The body features of developing baby can be identified.
That depends on which test is done. A chorionic villus sample test can determine gender around 9 weeks. An amniocentesis can also determine gender and is done between 16-20 weeks. An ultrasound is the least reliable method because it's done visually usually around 18 weeks.
Fetal heartbeat has nothing to do with gender prediction.
My babys heart rate is 148 at 28 weeks. I'm having a girl.
== Answer ==   Well, I have 2 periods per month so, my mom put me on birth control and at first it didn't work but then, it started to work. My periods became lighter and shorter.
At 17 weeks, the baby is roughly 11cm long. See the related link for a picture and more details
Delivering the placenta is the last (3rd) stage of childbirth. This last step can take anywhere from 5 - 20 minutes after the baby is born. The mother will experience mild contractions that separate the placenta from the uterus and push it down the birth canal. Many women don't feel these...
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No, there is no reason to worry yet. You don't normally start to feel movements until 16-22 weeks.
Smoking, Absorption of Alcohol, and Medications that can cause birth deffects in pregnancy.
Lesson 6, section 3. Pregnancy, first sentence, Uterine fluids. If you have to ask Answers.com for the answer to a question on my lesson 5 and 6 test you probably should study a little more first.
Maybe if it's your 2nd + pregnancy.
I can help you out with what a fetus looks like, but not sure what species a "foetus" is. I hope you improve on your spelling before you raise children.
The uterus. In placental mamals, this is via the placenta.
Females have eggs and males have sperms. When the sperms swim and matts the egg it defuses and that cell divides to form an un borne baby
The art of finding out exactly where you are (timewise) in a pregnancy is not perfect science. This is done according to ultrasound scans and statistics. Anything within two weeks is perfectly acceptable regarding the safety of the baby.Anything within 1 month is considered safe enough.Most all...
Your baby should be at least 2.5 to 3 pounds at 7 months.
They grow for a few days then they could fly now like their mummy.
  == Answer ==   No. The heart beat in your neck is yours. In fact it isn't really possible to feel the babies heart beat at all. You can hear it with a monitor and even a stethescope, after the 3rd trimester begins(usually). You will also feel a heart been below your belly button, that ones...
Significant pain to the mother
Yes but not for ever, there is a much higher risk of infection, after so many hours the mother is usually induced if labour hasn't begun.