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Chevy Cobalt

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The successor to the Chevrolet Cavalier that was designed as a competitor to compacts like the Honda Civic
One is under the hood...should be near the winshield on right side of engine with small red cover on the lower side of it...this fuse box contains most of the fuses you will need...the other one is on the passengers side on the console behind a small compartment door
  I believe it is under the plastic cover on top. It is also a cartridge type that is not on any other car I've seen. It's a black nut on the rounded cover
Chevrolet Cobalt SS Supercharged = 14.6 seconds   Chevrolet Cobalt SS (Non Supercharged 2.4L motor) = 15.6 seconds   Chevy Cobalt LS Sedan (Auto) = 16.6 seconds
The turn signal relays are in the engine fuseblock in the engine compartment under the hood. Diagram is on the lid of the fuseblock
They are both located in the engine block fusebox.The fuse for the one under the fan/temp control also controls the ODBII port power. The other fuse is for the one next to the e-brake.
  if you look from the rear of the vehicle on the underneath, the fuel filter is on the passenger side above the rear beam. It has 3 fule lines that connect into it and requires a quick disconnect tool to remove the fuel lines.
  Yes. The block itself is exactly the same as is the transmission mount locations. there are many things that are different electronically between the two motors and computers however.
  A 2005 Chevy Cobalt has electronic steering, so no pump will be found.
See Engine Air Cleaner/Filter, under Service and Appearance Care - Checking Things Under the Hood, on page 5-27 of your "Owner's Manual.....
2005 Chevrolet Cobalt Light Bulb Replacement GuideHigh & Low Beam Headlamp Light Bulb Size: 9007LLParking Light Bulb Size: 3157LLFront Turn Signal Light Bulb Size: 3157LLRear Turn Signal Light Bulb Size: 3057LLTail Light Bulb Size: 3057LLStop Light Bulb Size: 3057LLHigh Mount Stop Light...
yes but you will need to reprogram your computer for optimum performance any performance shop can do this for you it is cheaper than buying a reprogrammer yourself
Are you looking for the cabin air filter or the engine air filter?
  Any Kind will, but you need a couple of special adaptors if you are running On-star and have steering wheel buttons that already run your facotry stereo. (Volume etc.)
Air Cond Refrigerant - Volume: 0.90LBS. ( 0.4KG ) - [R-134a]
you need to put the car on a level lift, unscrew the bolt from the transmission and stick your finger in to see if you need fluid... There is no dip stick it is a sealed system
  Which module are you looking for? The ECU is under the hood right in front of the black fuse box.
  There isn't much to diagnose. Either the electronic steering works or does not. You can check that the wiring harness or wires are not damaged, but when a power steering failure occurs with the electronic steering on the cobalt the electronic steering component must be replaced.
the cobalt   Stock 2000 V6 Camaro 1/4 times = 15.6 seconds   Stock 2007 Chevy Cobalt SS/SC 1/4 times = 14.6 seconds
    15.... 10 children, 4 mothers and the one father
Depends, on a stock intake you get 26-30 on the freeway and 22-25 in the city. Get a K&N filter, and it goes up by one or two mpg. Get a cold air intake, and it goes up by another one or two. Get hard compound tires (I have 810 on the front and 620 on the back) and it goes up by another three or...
I don't know this car specifically but I could possibly give you something to look for. I would guess this car has coil packs, a mini coil for each cylinder. Chevy might have mounted the coil-pack directly over each spark plug. Somewhere on the valve cover there might be 4 black, possibly square...
  its under the spare tire, in the trunk, under the floor
Both my 05 and my 06 had the 1-2 shift solenoid go bad at 208,000....the part is like $30...but the labor will be over $600.
When the ignition key won't turn in a car or truck, it could be  that the pins in the lock cylinder came out and locked the lock.  Also, if the key is old, it could be worn down too much. One other  thing a person should try is rocking the wheel while turning the  key. It also could be that the...
Passenger side, underneath the glove box. You have to remove a  panel from the center console.
struts need replacing !!there is a lot of weight on them with engine and transmition both up there,they can wear twice as fast as your rear shocks
the car takes roughly 4.5 liters of oil to fill, i typically put in about 5 liters with the filter and i use full synthetic and my car runs great, this is my second cobalt. hope this helps, you could also look in your owners manual, different year could use different amount.
it's in the trunk next to the spare tirethat is correct, the battery is in the trunk under the removable slat and next to the spare tire.....but...that wasn't the question, I believe. Unfortunately, I have had recent similar issues with trying to find a battery for my 2006 Cobalt for under $110.00....
there has been a recall on power steering for the 05-2010 cobalt check with your local GM dealer and have it replaced
Yes, place in netural, pull fuse #8 turn key to acc to unlock  steering wheel
Chevrolet Spark is this car Flat tow-able ?
  I've only gotten that icon once. i attached a amp to the front speakers, causing signal interruption(more like Chevy mixing up wiring diagrams) and locking the stereo and the dash... icon just means your radio isn't giving the right signals or you jacked another radio from another cobalt. each...
The cost of a power steering leak repair depends on the leak  placement and the car. A filler cap replacement might be 5.00,  while a leak causing a steering rack replacement could be 750.00 or  more.
  Assuming you want to check or replace the air filter... There is a big black plastic box on the driver (left) side of the engine. It has 2 spring clips on the end nearest the left fender. It also has a hose about 3" diameter that has screw clamps holding it in place. Pop open the spring clips,...
  The transmission is sealed. It is intended to never need to be checked or changed. Check out this link for more info: http://www.ecotecforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2801
  == Answer ==   Check the door jambs or fuel filler door there should be a label   == Answer ==   Every tire has the pressure written on the sidewall in small letters. It will probably be somewhere around 40 lbs. If you are hauling heavy loads, go a little higher, less pressure will...
Open the hood , look down at the head light and you will notice there are taps leading from the head light back towards the engine. At the end of those tabs you will notice that there is a bolt. Remove the bolt on each tab and that will free the head light, you will have to now free the entire head...
  Look in your owners manual or turn on the key, ( dont start ) and depress the accelerator pedal 3 times within 5 seconds.
turn on ignition do not start your car push accelerater 3times hold pedal down on 3rd for 4 seconds and turn off ignition this should do it sorry but that is wrong, what you do is turn the key to the on position use the display keys for the information system, push the enter key in and hold it in...
  I dont recommend changing the thermostat your self it is located in a pipe right by your water pump and is under your exhaust manifold on the passenger side of the firewall
The 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt was built in three engine trims between  the 2.0L supercharged, 2.2L, and 2.4L 4-cylinder engines. Exact  placement may vary by model trim. For the 2.4L the EFI filter will  be located under the car towards the fender panels along the  gasoline lines. It will be a...
after replacing the stearing colum what would cause it not to start. You may have disconnected the ignition switch.
  It is quite simple. The wheel probably had little to do with the engine stopping. The cause was probably the changing of gears, ex: drive to reverse, which stalled the engine. This rarely occurs, 1: 100,000, but does happen sometimes. It is not something to usually worry about. This stall was...
sounds like a bad lifter, let the dealer fix it as it's under warranty.
that all depends on how you take care of the engine.
  right under the supercharger (on the right side), it's a cartridge filter.
  Under the car located in the center directly in front of the spare tire well. One hard line going to the driverside, two flexible lines going to the fuel tank, it is silver in color, shaped like a cylinder.
Remove tail light housing. Remove lamp. Replace lamp. Replace tail light housing.
From the previous owner or the dealer who sold this car to you. You could also have a certified locksmith make a key perhaps.
my Chevy cobalt 2005 keeps blowing the fuse everytime i put my windows up or down i had the door wireing replace a new window motor replaced new switch and it still blows the fuse what can the problem be
  I'm fairly certain not, you would need to fabricate motor mounts and get a modified bellhousing and rewire he entire electrical system. I suppose you are talking about the 2.2l non-turbo?
i hear its behind the sstarter but im looking for an answer my self
i am having the exact same issue all of a sudden. mine's a 90. Mine will turn off, but only after fighting with it. one of the guys at the repair shop i went to told me that sometimes, if you mess with your tilt steering while turning the switch, it can help unstick it. i don't know.. they tried...
  passenger side of engine...way down low...best to get at by removing the tire on that side.
  == Answer ==   It is cost prohibitive.
  open glove box....remove the door by pressing in on both sides....you will see where the filter goes...there are 3 snaps on the black piece that open up to allow removal of old filter....new filter must be installed by tilting it.
  no...not at all.... my 06 has over 300 K on it
the 06 Chevy cobalt has roughly 148 to 150 horsepower.
  This vehicle requires a scan tool to program the remote, a dealer or locksmith will have to do it.
  in the center of the car....underneath.....about 3 feet in from rear bumper.
Unplug the posative terminal in your trunk by your spare tire, then push the gas about 3-5 time and plug the battery back in. voila!
This was probably the toughest one out of anything I have ever tried because literally the entire back of that symbol is covered in the 3M tape. Basically get some high tensile fishing line and start working your way under the symbol till it comes off. But be warned, it took me over an hour to get...
Open your hood and pull the body clips out of the front black panel. After doing so you should be able to remove it with a socket wrench and then just disconnect the wires.
  My 2007 LS has a 13.3 gallon tank according to the owners manual, however the pumps have occasionaly pushed 14 into them...
== Answer ==   My 1995 Impala has the modifications to get it up to power with the LT4. My car should be about the same speed. Depending on temperature and wind, I can hit about 152. Stock Impala LT1 should be about 144.
I just read that you remove the filler cap and then the large plastic shroud will lift up. The filter is in a canister on the side of the engine to the front. The filter is an insert, into the canister, not like the old spin ons.
  At great expense, considering that you will probably do a lot of damage trying this.
  The fluid is probably contaminated with water. Change out the fluid with fresh. Check often, if froth returns suspect a leak in the system that enables water entry from either the road or If the unit has a cooler in the radiator, the cooling system.
A Chevy Cobalt has a timing belt which connects the camshaft and  crankshaft. Older model cars often use less effective timing  chains.
no, this is not too high, the car will go as high as 105 before the cooling fans kick in, don't worry about it, if need be if you want to keep it from getting that hot, you can turn on the defroster on full with the heat on and open the windows
  under the valve cover.....remove the 4 bolts....lift out the cover with plug boots attached...plugs are way down in the head.
  I have a 2008 Cobalt 2.2 and it has came to my conclusion that the IAT sensor and the MAF sensor are integrated together. they are the sensor that plugs into the intake tube about 3 inches from the air cleaner box.
  inside the transmission....you have to remove the side panel to get to it. It is a job for a dealer...cost will be about $800. The A-frame needs dropped along with the rack, and the tranny tilted back.
the heartbeat of America will always dog a rice burner! rice ball anyone?
The ignition on a Chevrolet Cobalt will not turn with the key if it  is does not correct align inside. This will block the cylinder from  turning and prevent starting.
  If you are talking about the ignition control module....it is the silver piece on the valve cover toward the drivers side....it has 3 screws and a electrical connector that holds it in....price of new part is about $80
  NO car is ever made with only a manual transmission....
Filter: Cartridge, typically a 9018 type if you get FRAM or most other brands.Oil: Depends....Synthetic or Natural or Blend. Change the natural every 3000, Synthetic every 5000, most people say longer, but I've noticed a huge difference in idleing in hot weather when the oil is getting close to its...
  open trunk...reach inside by the light assembly...loosen the wing nut type bolts....then loosen the 2 nuts by where the trunk meets the body on the trunk side...pull the entire assembly out....replace bulb.
No , it is considered a "wear" item like belts, wiper blades, etc.
  It is suppossed to be 195 degrees......but the fan will not come on until about 218 and on high about 223....according to Chevrolet this is not a problem....they say that unless the fan fails to come on that it will be ok and no damage to either the engine on trans will occur. I do not agree...
Ok... Really? Is that even a question? The Cobalt SS (turboed) has around 260hp, acceleration times were an average 5.8 from rest to 62 (100km/h) And the GTO, (LS2 + Superchager, also know as the Vauxhall Monaro) has 500+hp, acceleration times were impressive at 4.8 seconds from rest to 62 mph (100...
  Turn ignition to run engine off. Display OIL LIFE RESET in the Driver Information Center (DIC). Press and hold the ENTER button for at least one second. An ACKNOWLEDGED' display message will appear for three second or until the next button is pressed. This will tell you the system has been...