Loch Ness Monster

Called Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster is a creature that has a brontosaurus-type body with fin-like extremities. Sightings have been reported at Loch Ness, Scotland since 565 AD, actual existence has not been proven.
go to the lake and go to the bottom with out air and bring a net
The cryptic creature known as the Loch Ness Monster can be found inthe country of Scotland. The creature is thought to live in a lakecalled Loch Ness which is in the Scottish Highlands.
Often that can be judged from the questions that are asked by him. are they related to her interests or his alone.
Loch Ness is a lake so it doesn't have any eyes but it does have a bottom.
If the Loch Ness Monster existed, its main source of food would have to be fish.
Nessie, aka the Loch Ness Monster, reportedly lives in Loch Ness in the Scottish highlands.
yes obviously
it is still a mystery that it exists let alone if it is still alive there could be a possibility though that it is still living today or we have been living to long and its species ended century's ago
Big Foot and the Abominable Snowman or Yeti.
Although many people have claimed that they have seen the Loch Ness monster, and even photographed something in the water, there has never been any hard evidence that it exists. Over the years, there have been many attempts by scientists from various international and well respected sources to use...
we do not know because Nessie has not been proven that Nessie is real
In Loch Ness, Scotland.. Although there is no evidence whatsoever that there is, or was, any monster in Loch Ness. Many logical people believe that the entire 'Monster' story was invented as a tourist attraction, and if that is the case it has worked.. If there was such a thing as the Loch Ness...
In Loch Ness. 'Loch' is the Scottish word for 'lake'.
Imagine what it would be like if there were thousands of Loch Ness Monsters rampaging through the Scottish Highlands!
The Loch Ness Monster reportedly lives in Loch Ness (loch is a Gaelic term for lake) in Scotland.
If the Loch Ness Monster was scientific, it would also be factual. Although some people claim to have seen 'Nessie', there has been no conclusive scientific proof af anything unusual in Loch Ness.
People who have been up close to it, have insisted that it smells like whisky.
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Although many people claim to have seen the Loch Ness Monster, there is no scientific proof that it exists.
Basically people have reported saying that the creature is longnecked humpbacked serpent has horns and is very quick.
Apparently Charles Darwin, the founder of evolution. But seriously: The existence of Nessie has not been conclusively proven, so nobody can be said to have swum with it.
Although many people have claimed to have seen the Loch Ness Monster, there is no scientific proof that it exists.
no one will ever know. its the same now as its been for years-its just fun to believe in. Its something that little kids would go to sleep at night wondering about.
the loch is 600ft max in parts 125ft at the glen area
When they've had too many whiskies. not no one really nos if its even real
Many people claim to have seen the Loch Ness Monster but there is no scientific proof that it exists.
Yes and no. Many people claim to have seen the 'Loch Ness Monster', but there have been quite a few scientific surveys using underwater sonar and other types of listening equipment and nothing unusual has been found.
The only thing that can be found in the Loch Ness is the Loch Ness Monster and fish and other types of animals
Apparently it was composed by Lady Jane Scott in 1840. She also composed Annie Laurie.
Some deluded people think that it is.
Because Nessie is (supposedly) a monster found in the scottish river of Loch Ness
Alot! There are believers and non-believers arguing about her existence all over the world!
No. Although the "monster" may indeed be an actual large marinecreature, it would not be related to turtles, which diverged fromother reptiles into both marine and terrestrial species.
Many people claim to have seen the Loch Ness Monster but there have been several scientific surveys done in Loch Ness using sonar and other underwater monitoring equipment and nothing unusual has been found.
who is Nessie?? loll
Achh mon ! If we knew, we would get proof positive she exists and then know it's not just the hallucinations of a few single malt tipplers. But as far as where is Loch Ness the lake, look to the Scottish Highlands.
It was never found. the Loch ness monster is a creature that is claimed to live in a loch in Scotland called loch ness. however the story goes back to 565 AD when the Vikings claim to have spotted it.
The first history of it traced back to the 6th Century
No, there are hundreds of lochs in Scotland but there is a mountain called Lochnagar.
Many people claim to have seen the Loch Ness Monster. However, there have also been many scientific surveys using sonar and other underwater equipment, but nothing unusual has been found - much to the disappointment of the scientists!
I hope that they tell them the truth!
Loch Ness is a lake in Northern Scotland and is part of the Great Glen geological fault. Loch is the Scottish word for lake and isn't a symbol of anything.
Only by carrying your canoe over long distances of land or by canoeing about 150 miles on open sea.
I'm sorry to hear that as most people who have seen it eventually go mad!
No. The Loch Ness Monster does not exist because sonar reports have all contradicted each other, as have eyewitness reports. it is only people's imaginations.
The last sighting of the Loch Ness Monster was in Scotland
Nessie is 30ft or 9,1 meter long.
On the Lighter Side: Some local scottish wizards have tried to detonate the loch, but it seems that Nessie has picked up some bomb disposing skills. He really is the greatest dinosaur/pornstar ever!
itz in loch ness,scootland
some people think the lock ness monster Nessy is nice but no one knows she mite be mean. People have spotted Nessy in srtin areas.
No. It may have scales but it is not snake-like.
No one truly knows. That is something you'll have to research and decide for yourself
People would have seen faded images of a long peculiar shaped body dashing through the water. Or someone claimed to see it.