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Ancient Olympics

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Ancient Olympics were a series of competitions held in Ancient Greece to honor Zeus. Its exact origins were shrouded in legends and myths, but records showed that events began in 776 BC in Greece.
Roman Coliseum, in short was used for blood sport dedicating the  lives sacrificed to the gods. Imagine any sport resulting in death.  The romans did it first.
The one built at the temple of Zeus at Olympia in the city-state ofElis.
Participants had to be citizens of Greek city-states.
Theodosius I thought the games were a public nuisance and considered the games pagan (non religious).
Only married women were not allowed to attend the games, it was  punishable by death for a married woman to enter the Olympic arena.  It was believed that it would upset the god Zeus for a married  woman to watch the nude athletes.
  776 B.C. it was started and recorded
There were 9 events at the ancient olympics
The Olympic Games were part of a festival for the Greek god Zeus.It started in 776 BCE with a single foot race of about 200 metrea,and then had others added as time went on.
ANY free man in a Greek polis could participate in the Olympics if he was fit for event.
The olympic games started because the ancient Greeks wanted to say thank you to Zeus.
It will inspire them to get involved.
Australia first competed in the 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens,  Greece. The country's lone representative was Edwin Flack. who two  golds and one bronze.
The ancient Greeks organized the ancient Olympics as a dedication  to god Zeus. The event was held in the Olympia plains in Greece.
In 776 BCE at the temple of Zeus at Olympia in southern Greece.
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in the 2008 summerolympics of course!
long jump javelin throw discus stadion and wrestling
The ancient Olympics were held to honor the Greek gods (especially to honor Zeus).
in the ancient Olympics only free born males were allowed to attend
1. Only Greeks were allowed to compete. 2. Women were banned from competition. 3. Only men competed.
First of all, this question belongs in the literture section. Secong of all, paraphrashing is shortening a sentence, usually comes in handy wen takinq notez.
No it was a sanctuary in the ancient district of Elis or Eleia.
The roman emperor in 394 was Theodosius I who banned and persecuted anything which was not Christian. The Olympics, long with all pagan temples were either banned or destroyed and the pagans persecuted.
ancient Olympics were held every 4 years
because there are 4 gods in Greece they use to celebrate that is how Olympics was made they use to celebrate the gods on separate years but now they celebrate the gods together so Olympics is every 4 yearsThe summer Olympics are held every 4 years, same with the winter, but they alternate, so...
They were called the olympic games!
2 honour false gods To honour the sport god
A festival in honour of the god Zeus.
They would be killed ... but it's extremely unlikely that a woman could compete because they would play the Olympics naked, so that it was clear that all the athletes were men. Unmarried women were allowed to attend the games, since the Olympics were thought to be a good place for them to meet...
Zeus, whose temple was at Olympia in southern Greece.
  discus and the javelin   discus and the javelin
The Olympic Games were held in four years intervals at the ancient stadium in Olympia that could accommodate more than 40,000 spectators.
Hercules is the god credited with inventing the Olympics. However, in other myths, King Pelops is credited with the first Olympics.
He won seven crowns at the Pythian Games at Delphi (one as a boy), ten at the Isthmian Games, and nine at the Nemean Games. Milo was a five time Periodonikēs, a "grand slam" sort of title bestowed on the winner of all four festivals in the same cycle.
That is the only official award presented, although various perks  may accrue on the return of the athletes to their home countries.  For exmple, the PGA Golf tour provides exemptions from qualifying  for Grand Slam tournaments to winners of medals in golf.   Monetary benefits can possibly...
They had running at first. Later running in different distances (the measurement was the stadium, which was 192 metres). So, running races: one length of the track, 2 lengths, 24 lengths, and race in armour. Boxing: ended when one of the athletes was knocked out or showed his defeat by lifting...
  No. The Olympics were only track and field and the winners received laurel leaf crowns.
Yes, and women couldn't compete or even watch, lest they be stoned to death.
the footrace, the long jump, wrestling, boxing, and pancratium (a combination of the two)
At Olympia in Greece 776BCE
The Olympics started and originated in Greece. There are many Greek myths and legends that surround the idea of the Olympic games. Among them was the legend that it revolved around Hercules and his father, Zeus.   In the legend, it said that Zeus held sporting events in honor of his defeat of...
running, chariot racing, wrestling and boxing
At Olympia on the Peloponnese peninsula in southern Greece on
The ancient Greeks did - and the site of the games was in Olympia, Greece. The modern Olympics were started in the 1890s by a French nobleman, and have continued to this day.
No, other cities vied for the financial and other benefits - theNemean Games, Isthmean Games etc.
the disqualify you or they will take you out of the game
A punch if they were boxers.
Foot races, javelin, discus, all-in wrestling, chariot racing.
Running, wrestling, boxing, javelin, discus.
The Temple of Zeus at Olympia in Elis.
Women first competed at the 1900 Paris Games. Women were allowed to  compete in lawn tennis and golf, though there were three French  women competing in croquet and there was at least one woman sailor  as part of mixed crews. It is commonly believed that first woman to  win an Olympic event was...
Alexander the Great is depicted as a great military leader because in 13 years he conquered most of the known world, generally in the face of insuperable odds. Many of his tactics are taught in military schools today.
they almost wore nothing at all.
Thye are disquilified adn had to help pay for the games
Olympia in Elis in southern Greece as a religious festival forZeus.
Started in 776 BCE by the city-state of Elis as a celebration tothe god Zeus at Olympia.
a special chicken called posiden he layed golden eggs and they helped ots of people who entered the Olympics and only adults could join the Olympics the golden eggs were only layed once a year and only one lucky person got the egg
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It is located in the city of Giza in Egypt.