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The laws of a society is a set of rules and principles that determine a system of society's dos and don'ts, and the institutions that legislate and enforce the laws. Ask your questions about laws, legal systems, and legal issues here.
In a divorce your mom or dad will it's up to them but usually the person who bought the house
The answer to this questions varies from state to state.  In some states five percent bail bonds would be legal.  In others in others (such as Indiana) bonding out folks at five percent would be a felony.
Nothing, as long as he/she ate it at night. Only eating in daylight is forbidden.
With parental consent or emancipation by the court, yes.
eventhough, this issue is something private but if he was your boss, I think he can do it unless he is saying that to put you in trouble
no, it's legul in the forest but not in the citys
it depends on why they broke your arm and how much it costs to fix your arm. ----I think anything within the statute of limitations could work. Personally, I'd go for all medical bills and half to all of missed payment from work, plus 5000 for pain and suffering.However, if this was a situation...
.555 cents a mile in texas
as big as you want it to beYour best bet is to check with your local LEO. Some jurisdictions differ. Usually, 4" is about the max.
Yes, the bank accounts are a part of the estate. The need to bevalued and included in the assets.
Cases are presented to the Supreme Court by filing court fees and making a date to go to court. It is best to go with a attorney at law in order for you to be represented.
January 10, 2000. It was issued March 18, 2009.
All of Bougereau's works are in the public domain, but subsequent derivative works, such as photographs of the paintings, may be protected.
1. Make a law. 2. Implement said law.3. Get arrested for enforcing unlawful laws.4. Get sent to prison.5. Perish.
California Department of Public Health Vital Records - MS 5103 P.O. Box 997410 Sacramento, CA 95899-7410 The processing time for a birth record from 1969 to present is approximately 4 weeks, and the processing time for a birth record from 1905 to 1968 it is approximately 6 weeks. If you need it...
Yes. And although you cannot see me, I am still there...
This may mean that you've been kicked off the waiting list, probably because you did not keep them up-to-date with your address or other pertinent information. Depending on the rules of the Housing Authority, every six months or so, they send you a slip to fill out and return to them in order to...
There is no waiting period in Georgia and the marriage license does not ever expire once it is issued. Both parties must be apply together and bring valid photo ID. If one of the parties is a resident of Georgia, the license can be issued in any county probate court. If neither party is a resident...
the right to freedom is the right to do things
Answer Unfortunately yes. It's the same in Canada. Even though he may have the credit cards and she didn't, any debts he incurs are her responsibility. There is a loop hole though (I found it when I got a divorce from my first husband.) When you owe money to any company, be it a credit card company...
1. Filing a complaint2. Answering a complaint.3. Discovery and Motions4. Trial or Judgement.
In the USA, there are several Acts like that, including the Sherman Act, categorized under "anti-trust". In other countries it may be called "anti-competition law".
Patents generally last for 20 years from the first date of filing for priority. Patents filed prior to 1995 in the USA, however, may have a duration of 17 years from the date of ISSUE, or 20 years from filing, whichever is longer. Patents on medicine often obtain statutory extensions, under US law,...
the thief would be looking for goods with a value no items in particular...
None because it is just United States propaganda to make an excuse to support a rebellion against Guatemala's former government. It is a story invented by American imperialists.
It depends on the state you live in... Usually it is not a worthwhile legal pursuit. In family court it seems that with the basic premise of 'no fault' divorce - the courts could care less who is having sex with who... However, some states DO have "Alienation of Affection" laws that you can file...
No they are not required to pay tuition.
  == Answer ==   Petition the court.
Giving false or misleading statements to officers is what makes this a crime. If you knowingly hinder an investigating through the use of false information you're more than likely going to be arrested. Two contradictory stories may be beneficial for the officer as then we knows someone or both...
as a caregiver we do care for our patients,assits them in their needs...caregivers has a big potential......we do morning care,vital signs taking....caregivers are also very skillsful.we have also the responibilities to do........we do this all not jst we need to do it,but we also care,we give coz...
  A credit card is ALWAYS an open account. This is established under the Truth-In-Lending Act:   TITLE 15 > CHAPTER 41 > SUBCHAPTER I > PART A > SUB SECTION 1602   s/s 1602. Definitions and rules of construction (i). The term "open end credit plan" means a plan under which the...
I'm pretty sure your only allowed to lose 12 points.
Basically, the landlord does not have to set specific rules to address problems between tenants. If one tenant is having problems with another tenant, this is treated as a problem between neighbors, which may be handled in civil court or criminal court depending on what type of problem is occurring....
You do not have parental rights to your grandchild. Only his parents do.
The aggrieved tenants may call the police to report such breach of peace. They may also write a letter to the landlord asking him to remedy the problem.
NO Chris Brown did not go out with Angela Simmons.
It depends on what you are abusing, if it is alcohol, then it's fine but if it is children, women or the elderly, then you win an award.
  what is reproductive law   what is reproductive law
he must keep it open till you are fit to return and why not ,you dont go to work to get injured would your boss
You haven't explained what you mean by interfering nor if she needs to be in contact with your husband because they have children together. It is your husband's responsibility to make certain his ex-wife doesn't interfere in your marriage. He needs to be the one to set limits if necessary. If he...
If you are on a fixed term lease, there is probably a provision in the written lease agreement that sets out the procedure for terminating the lease. If you're on a periodic (month to month) tenancy, you must give one month's advance notice. Getting out of a fixed term lease early could be...
Google Maps estimates the driving time as 1 hour and 50 minutes.
An unmarried mother has sole custody in most jurisdictions until the father's paternity is legally established. It is assumed the father's paternity was established in your case if he is paying child support. You need to check all the documents associated with your particular court case to determine...
A ticket in Tennessee serves as notification of the violation. So the normal statute of limitations will not apply. The time the jurisdiction may collect is set by the city or town.
Typically, if you hit someone from the rear, you are judged as 'at fault' because it is assumed you will have enough 'safe driving distance' and speed limit to stop for any interference. If you hit the car on a side panel, showing you were closer when the person pulled out, they may be judged as 'at...
A 17 year old is a minor and without parent's consent and to plan for the 17 year old to stay with relatives then the 17 year old cannot travel abroad.
no because it will still be his child, not yours.
When someone "gets it" according to Parker V State, a hairy Persian man rapes their wife, kills their children and then proceeds to use their dog as a blunt force weapon. This Persian man will usually fume and kill all people in the surrounding area, as well as himself, following the death of the...
The Roe Vs Wade case happened in 1973.
The mother. The father have to petition the court for visitation and custody after paternity has been established with a DNA test. Then he can also pay child support.
hundred years ago, travel was harder. Researching what it'd be like at your destination was harder. OTOH, getting into a country was probably easier.
You are still responsible for supporting your child until she reaches 18, or in some atates, if she has a child, 16 or 17. You are NOT, however responsible for supporting her child. She can apply for assistance.
  == Answer ==   You would use a handcuff belt that would secure the arm to his/her waist.
18 unless a court ordered custody modification or transfer is initiated and approved.
Yes. With absolutely no law breaking, their employment would become unneccesary. Perhaps you are unaware of the incidence of 'unreported crime'. For example, this could be crimes committed against other criminals who would rather take care of their own business rather than involve the police.
Check with your local law enforcement officials to answer this one, please. Bypass the tenant's associations.
Yes. The court can issue a warrant.
A power of attorney represents a living person. After their death, the power of attorney is no longer valid in any state.
When child support payments are made through any state agency all arrearages must be paid to avoid a possible contempt of court citation even thought he child has reached the age of majority.
yeah, you could do that in any state
Absolutely not! If this happens you can sue him.
Hahaha you didn't borrow it, it is considered stealing. prepare for theft charges or worst case bank fraud because it is a federal charge could mean federal prison and alot more time
The 18yo can go to prison for statutory rape and corruption of minors.
No. Anyone can clean a pair of prescription glasses, whether it's their own glassess or someone else's. Just remember to never use any kind of paper product such as tissue or paper towels when cleaning glasses with plastic lenses. Even though the tissues and paper towels feel soft, they are still...
"Failure to appear" in Alabama will cause a bench warrant to be issued for your arrest. Usually, you would not be picked up on a bench warrant unless they run your ID for another reason and the warrant shows up. You will be taken to jail under the warrant and will remain there until (a) you post...
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All you need to do is, petition the court to modify your child support order.
15 is the real age to make legal decisions. Not all, just most.
It depends on what the remarks are. If they are in a sexually manner and the other person feels offended or upset by the remarks than yes it is. Unless of course the person freaks out by a person saying something like, my wife and I were talking about breastfeeding and i think........ Some people...
  == Answer ==   Laws vary depending on where you live. If your in the US you must have someone respresenting you, as a guardian or other family member and you must have proof that you are being abused and why you want to sue them and what for. If you live out of the country I dont know but...
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Immediate castration. You will be drawn and quartered.
No, it was the State of Florida vs Casey Anthony.
No. Only biological parents are responsible for the support and care of their minor child/children. However, a non obligated SO or spouse might be financially affected by child support arrearages and/or obligations. That is why it is advisable for a non obligated person to keep his or her funds in a...
You'd have to find someone to adopt the child. The social security agency in your country would not let someone abandon their parental responsibilities unless they have found someone to take their place.
If the vehicle is going under 15mph and has its 4ways on then yes except for interstates
When two or more persons agree to the terms and conditions, put forth by the proposer and the same has been accepted in the same manner, then only contract perfected.
Yes, there is a limitation on civil suits. In Oregon that will probably be 2 years, you should consult an attorney.
If it can be proven that the father is a drug abuser, that would not bode favorably for him. However an accusation is just that. It does not constitute proof. It would have to be proven and the judge would then decide whether or not joint custody under those circumstances would be in the best...
ABSTRACT: No person may possess any firearm who is a drug addict, or has been convicted of an offense enumerated in Section 12001.6, except a first offense of Section 417(a)(2), or had been convicted of a felony (including a juvenile prosecuted as an adult) under the laws of this state; or laws of...
It depends on if they are trying to help or if they are being outrageous with whatever they are doing. If they are trying to help then they are doing the right thing. If they are outrageous, then they have no right whatsoever.
I think it means you can't turn right