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instead of hotels you can go for service apartments in mumbai forlow cost and more services similar to hotels, for more details hope its helpful
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Since the person dont have a public contact info. Respecting the privacy of the person. Wiki answers will not provide any personal informations (such as email id, mobile number, address etc) of any individual.
The Grand New Delhi Falls Among the Top 5 Star Hotels of Delhi NCRand Luxury Business Hotels Near Delhi Airport. Best Available Rate - Room Only From INR 7,999 / Night Excluding Taxes & Fees
Kumari Selja is Tourism Minister of India In 2010....But I am not Sure.....
Visit, post all your requirements and they will get back to you with the best possible tour plan. My experience is very very good.You can check from the following site about the weekend getaways visit:
Dubai's Burj Al Arab Hotel is only seven star hotel in world. Burj Al Arab Hotel has long become a synonym for grandeur, class and style. TravelGuru is India's leading travel website, offering you the best deals on luxury hotels.
Medical tourism means travelling abroad for health care services. People of one country where healthcare services are very expensive travel to another country for getting high quality and low cost health care services.
we have jw marriot, ritz carlton, hilton, holiday inn, nikko hotel, sheraton, mercure, four seasons, mandarin oriental, kempinski, grand melia, novotel, shangrila and you can name it other every famous hotel chain in the world.
At Commissioner of Land Records office , Narayanguda , Hyderabad. . R.Manjunath .
Those that enter in Indian territory to visit religious sites, and or to assist to Indian religious festivals.
Constant harassment which makes walking almost impossible. Safety issues. Poor enforcement of law and order. Corruption from the bottom to the top. Tourists are there to be ripped off and are seen as nothing more than walking ATMs. Very dirty. Other than that, it's a great place.
A diagram of the hierarchy of a five-star hotel can be drawn byhand. The order of the hierarchy is owner, general manager,assistant general manager, front office manager, housekeepingmanager, maintenance manager, and food manager.
Fhari is a name like any other name I know this because that is my name just you don't say it with the h the h is silent Fhari is a very unique name you don't here it around and you don't pronounce it in English but in Spanish.
You could say you have exceeded their expectations when your product/service is better, i.e., cheaper, more robust, more useful or better looking, etc. than their expectation. In the realm of service as opposed to product, you can exceed client expectations of timeliness in answering phones quickly,...
Carry the travellers from around the globe to India's metropolitan cities. The international tourists to India get into India through the flights of Air India.
5.11 million tourist visited India in 2009. There is a fall of 3.3 percent in comparison to 2008 due to global economic meltdown and swine- flue. 5.28 million tourist visited India in 2008.
Mount Grace Htel would be a good option:
Taj hotel group subsidiary that manages Ginger Hotels. they areplanning to start a franchise model with the estimate of 80franchise in 2016-2017
5-Star hotel means, minimum requirements such as having a highquality menu and receiving guests at the entrance and havingluxurious accommodation with a range of extra facilities. Simplyfurnished Well maintained with an average standard, Well appointedwith a comfortable standard of accommodation,...
I hope you are referring to means of transportation. In India, youhave buses, cars, taxis, auto rickshaws, trains, cycle rickshaws,planes.
This depends. For example the tianjin sheraton hotel The Sheraton Tianjin Hotel (Tianjin Xilaideng Fandian) is an oasis of quiet elegance in the midst of boisterous downtown, with quiet gardens providing a break from the noise and bustle off property. Guests are just minutes from the business...
there are only 3 for each hotel but remember, other players can steal your stars!
Since the person dont have a public contact info. Respecting the privacy of the person. Wiki answers will not provide any personal informations (such as email id, mobile number, address etc) of any individual.
There is not much difference between the two. Though 5 stars hotels services and facilities have wide range.. They are counted as luxury hotels and their pricing is done accordingly.
(1) Advertising Any paid form of non-personal communication of ideas or products in the "prime media": i.e. television, newspapers, magazines, billboard posters, radio, cinema etc. Advertising is intended to persuade and to inform. The two basic aspects of advertising are the message (what you want...
Tourism is an intangible, non-material product since there is no transfer of ownership of goods is involved as compared to a tangible product, say for example, a car.
Yes. Delhi is smaller than Goa in terms of area. The area of Delhi is only 1484 sq.Km while the area of Goa is around 3702 sq. Km. Goa is known for its tourism industry and known as beach capital of India.
The plateau in India is the Deccan Plateau which is a large plateau in India, making up the majority of the southern part of the country. It rises a hundred metres high in the north, rising further to more than a kilometre high in the south, forming a raised triangle nested within the familiar...
Traditional tourism is the practice of trying to draw visitors to alocation as a form of income. Traditional tourism is similar toecotourism, only without a focus on the environment.
It is the third largest country
Madeleine McCann disappeared on her family's holiday vacation to Portugal on May 3, 2007. Her parents went to a party a few blocks away from their apartment with no babysitter and the patio doors unlocked. Every half hour, Gerry (Madeleine's dad) would check on the children. On the third time,...
There is none. However, the Burj al-Arab, the Grace International and the Town House Galleria are the only hotels which can be considered as 7 stars hotels in the world.
The most famous tourist destinations in India are: . Goa . Agra . Srinagar . Shimla . Gangtok . Kanyakumari . Jaipur . Darjeeling . Delhi . Ajanta Ellora
Its in the middle i personally think it's actually not that good, but if you're not rich, affording something like that is good enough. 5 stars are best, and 3 stars usually dont look as nice and sometimes doesnt even offer good service.
4 or 4.5, depending on who you ask.
Shri Rajavelu is the puducherry tourism minister....
Kerala weather is very pleasing and enjoyable throughout the year one of the reasons because of which Kerala is fastly emerging as an all season destination. The best time to visit Kerala would be in the months of October to March. These months are usually the peak season for Kerala visit. ...
business tourism leisure tourism domestic tourism
The driving distance is 176.14 miles or 283.48km
One of the booming industries during the recession.
States Capital . Languages . Andra Pradesh. Hyderabad. Telugu and Urdu. Arunachal Pradesh. Itanager. Miji, Apotanji, Merdukpen, Tagin,Adi, Honpa,Bangini-Nishi.. Assam. Dispur. Assamese. Bihar. Patna. Hindi. Chhattisgarh. Raipur. Hindi. Goa. Panaji. Marathi and Konkani. Gujarat. Gandhinagar....
Thats the internet for you 2 find out!
would recommend the Palmer House
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To Reach Maithon Dam by Air - Maithon Dam is connected by Dhandad air service with Patna (180 Km) and Ranchi (300 Km). These are the nearest airports for reach here at Maithon Dam. To Reach Maithon Dam by Train - Good connection of roads connect Maithon Dam with City in Patna and Bihar. ...
Currently Shri Subodh Kant Sahai is the Minister of Tourism of India.
i think they come from the countries that have a huge population..countries like UK or America...
Forbes (formerly Mobile ratings) only goes to 5 stars. Never heard of anything over 5 stars.
Only those that choose to proclaim that they are. Seven star ratings do not exist.
there are many 5 stars hotels in china. eg. here is the website for Beijing hotels / guangzhou hoels/ shenzhen hoels
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The top heritage hotel is Taj hotel of Mumbai.
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the main factor to be considered there is nothing more than a economic situation.. 2 more factors include:. -> Physical Factors; and. -> Cultural Factors
While the British were ruling, Brahmins a role in the Independence movement. Following Gandhi, they did not distinguish between castes. Keeping a building with water and food, they allowed guests to drink and eat from disposable leaves (banana leaves). If one wanted to pay, they could, but no...
cultural and physical factors as India has a rich heritage and it's climate is tolerant to bear.
Sheraton Udaipur Palace Resort and Spa is a five star hotel located near Fateh Sagar lake.
Hai, i think next month 18th sep'2010
List of 5 Star Hotels in Singapore Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa Ascott Raffles Place Singapore Capella Singapore Hotel Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore Hilton Hotel Singapore Mandarin Oriental Hotel Singapore Marina Mandarin Singapore Naumi Hotel Singapore
Centaurus Hotel is First 7 Star Hotel in Pakistan.
The departure terminals at all airports.
Slums are in large number in India. They are for low class inIndia.
The Official Ratings in the World is up to 5 star for hotels. But now a days we can find self-procalimed seven star hotels. This is for the sales/marketing hype. One of the self-proclaimed 7 star hotel in the World is The Town House Galleria in Milan. The official rating in Italy is upto 5 star.
i think it is yes,but the answer is no.
Development of tourism in India and the future of the tourismindustry of IndiaTourism in India is increasing year by year.According to estimates by the Ministry of Tourism, Government ofIndia, the figures provided for foreign tourists in India in 2010will increase to 10 million. India is one of the...
No it is not a seven start hotel.
Hi, Indian Tourism day is celebrated on January 25th....
Transportation to the destination is a must (good airport, etc.). Stability of government. Low crime. If the above requirements are met, you also need to have some type of attraction people will want to visit (beaches, landmarks, etc.)
People come and give you money to look at your old broken stuff.
A Single Cylinder Engine brand new Helicopter of Bell will Cost you any where between 13-15 Crores at your garage.and double cylinder approximately 20 crore INR. However In india Used Helicopeters are available in plenty to buy. maintenance and Operation of the helicopter should cost you anywhere...