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A state in eastern India, Bihar is the third largest state by population and 12th largest by geographical size at 38,202 sq mi. Its official languages are Urdu and Hindi. The state’s capital is Patna.


See, if you are asking this question for taking admission inEngineering or Medical colleges then my answer is " Suppose the place (Rajasthan) from where you have given your 12thExam is considered as your domicile state. You are eligible forquota of Rajasthan, for MNIT Jaipur. And you are also...
Rabri devi was the first lady chief minister of Bihar.
I am in the same situation as u. There is a one month crash course but unfortunately the dates for admission were in march. If u want more info just do a Google search on FTII. Age is no bar for acting course. I hope u got the answer to ur question. Why not, there are man colleges in India...
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i want to know about elctric bill in bihar means per unit charge
Patna Sahib is considered the birth place of the Tenth Guru Sri Guru Gobind Singh. Who was born on 22 Dec 1666. Guru Gobind Singh may be considered as the most important Guru after Guru Nanak the founder of the Sikh religion.
raja dindayal dim and jubeli college
s neelam singh science and technology institute for polytechnick gaya of bihar affiliated by aicte?
No special name. Ganga only
No, not at all. Koeri / Kushwaha is Kshatriya community of Indiansociety. Koeri is an apbhramsha for Kri (From sanskrit Krishi) foragriculturist scientific skills of the community in ancient times.As per Indian literature noble Kshatriya men took up agriculture inancient times. Kushwaha is a caste...
Palasi is in the Araria district in the Indian state of Bihar.
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Because South Indian culture is generally about humbleness, politeness and decency. You will hardly find any south indian hurling abuses and never the mother/sister abuses. When Biharis esp. labourers migrate to other states, they bring with them a culture of aggression, rowdiness and abuses. This...
They dont come under OBC In either the central list or state list. But since Baniyas are thought to come under OBCs in Bihar Jharkhand; many Baranwals, Agarwals etc sometimes use OBCs.. In my city in Bihar, they refuse to give OBCs certificates to Barnwals..
Yes,Dr Anugrah Narain the first deputy Chief Minister of Bihar.
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Bihar has 11 Municipal corporations. They are: 1. Patna 2. Gaya 3. Bhagalpur 4. Muzaffarpur 5. Biharshariff 6. Arrah 7. Darbhanga 8. Begusarai 9. Munger 10. Purnia 11. Katihar
t are the provisions uder Jharkhand Factory rules related toAmbulance room?
As of December 2009, the current Chief Minister of Bihar is Nitish Kumar (born March 1, 1951) who is in his second stint as Chief Minister. His first lasted just a week between March 3, and March 10, 2000, before having to resign. His second stint saw him open up with a victory for the National...
94,164 square kilometer...
To appoint or recruit agents and train them...
JAISWALS ARE NOT SCHEDULED CASTE! Jaiswal or Jayasvāla or Jayaswal (Hindi: जैस्वाल, जयस्वाल or {{{2}}}) is a designation shared by several communities in India including" . Jaiswal Brahmins . Jaiswal Jains . Jaiswal...
the staple food Bihar is rice
None of the Engineering Colleges under Magadh University offers B Tech courses.In Bihar and Jharkhand all the colleges were offering BSc(Engineering) Degree.Even REC,Jamshedpur.But now BCE patna,REC Jamshedpur and even BIT Sindri have changed their degree its not BSc(Engineering) now. BCE Bhagalpur...
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The Madhubani paintings.
"Patiala salwaar kameez", which is rather unique suit, worn by women in Punjab and some parts of Haryana; Sarees, of course. Then traditional Indian women's suits. Sherwani and Achkan, once popular in South India, are now preferred dresses for men during wedding parties; Some old bodies in the...
yes they have same Goal and started same place but two different finding towards the journey to become God like creator. Only one winner.
SLC 2066 result is going to be held on Asar 3rd week ie July 2010. You can register for result notification via email on the site linked below.
The literacy rate for adults in India in 2011 was 74.04%. For youthin India, the literacy rate was 82%. For more information visit the Related Link.
Firstly, before I answer your question, please do not confuse Caste with Spirituality, for there is no mention of caste systems in any Hindu Scripture. Caste is a political structure created by ancient Indian monarchs. I am a Theology Professor, with a specialty in Eastern Philosophy and...
the industrial capital of bihar is begusarai. also known as sub capital of bihar.
There are various places in India to buy the herbal essences. Theseareas are Vijayant Khand which is located on Fims College Rd andVibhav Khand -2.
in bihar board according me there are three group of the frist one is managment second accounting and las is business
Yes Magadh University is in Bihar and function alike University and providing Ph.D in Economics
Apprentice Development Officers (ADO) Job Profile If candidates selected by LIC after all selection procedure for ADO post, he / she have to do following duties: . He/ she have to make recruitment for agents for selling LIC policies to Indian customers. . He/ she have to give training to these...
Jayaprakash Narayan was born on October 11, 1902.
The population of Bihār is about 104,000,000.
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Jitan ram manjhi
To enquire into the grievances of the indigo cultivators
You can research this information by going to the following site. There you can research each school by country. You will also be provided with a link to each schools official web page. Viper1
postal / zip code of Lahore is 54000.
Bhumihar is a landed upper caste based mainly in Bihar and eastern UP. They are an offshoot of Brahmins and hence use Brahmin surnames. Kurmis are also associated with land and are among the OBC (OTHER BACKWARD CASTES) category in Bihar. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar is a Kurmi.
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The patent owners and lessors industry deals with the sale of intangible rights in property.
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Yes. There are two districts: East Champaran and West Champaran.
Roy is not a title in bihar, Rai is and it mostly is the title of the Gwalas.
name of rivers in bihar
Guru Granth Sahib is the holy guru/book of Sikhism. The ten gurus "live" inside it. In other words, the tenth guru told us that from now on (in 1708), this is our guru. It has been proven that the Guru Granth Sahib is eternal. It has a lot of respect. The Guru Granth is our God.
He was defeated in Assembly election at Virudhunagar in 1967,
This business has often become controversial, as it is sometimes difficult to determine who created the property, and thus who is entitled to transfer rights in it
No.The name Prasad is used extensively in all classes of Hindus.
The official languages of Bihar are Hindi, Urdu, Bhojpuri, Maithili.
No, that university does not offers BTech.
Nalanda is the name of an ancient center of higher learning in Bihar, India.The site of Nalanda is located in the Indian state of Bihar, India, about 55 miles south east of Patna, and was a Buddhist center of learning from 427 to 1197 CE.
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West Champaran is the largest district of Bihar with 5229 square KM area.