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Gujarat is an Indian state with an area of 75,686 sq mi and coast line of 1,600 km. It is bordered by Maharashtra to the south, Rajasthan to the north, Madhya Pradesh to the east, the Arabian Sea and Pakistan on the west. The state’s capital is Gandhinagar.


yes here you will find
i think its in may or june.
Most of the cotton textile industries have been recently shifted to Ahmedabad from Bombay (Mumbai) because of the following reasons: . The cotton producing areas are much wider in the Ahmedabad region than in the Mumbai region. . Cost of the land in Mumbai has risen sky-high, so none dares to open...
give me a mail id of chief minister of gujaratType your answer here...
To, The principal, C.H.G.S (K), Varanasi, ma'am , Most respect fully, i beg to say that , I am shalini pal of class VII-C , I wish to invite your kind attention on our school timing, there are several student of our school come to school from very far distance and they get lots of problems in coming...
Ahmedabad Ankleshwar Atul Anand Ambaji Bharuch Baroda Bilimora Bhavnagar Dwarka gandhinagar Jamnagar Junagadh Kutch Mehsana Morbi Patan Nadiad Navsari Porbandar Palanpur Rajkot Surat Valsad Vasad Vapi
The highest temperature that was ever recorded in Ahmedabad was 47degrees Celsius or 116.6 degrees Fahrenheit. These hightemperatures have caused death or critical conditions for somepeople.
There is approximately 7,550 miles between new York City andAhmedabad, India. It would take about 15 and half hours by plane.
Similarity between Bengal And Gujarat- their nationality They both are coastal areas- One is close to Bay of Bengal & other to Arabian Sea. They both are seaports
How would anyone be able to calculate that -
Ahmedabad is located in Gujarat India.
Yeah it has shifted from Ahmedabad to Gandhi Nagar. Yeah it has shifted from Ahmedabad to Gandhi Nagar. Yeah it has shifted from Ahmedabad to Gandhi Nagar. Yeah it has shifted from Ahmedabad to Gandhi Nagar. Yeah it has shifted from Ahmedabad to Gandhi Nagar. Yeah it has shifted from Ahmedabad to...
From M. GNANASEKAR, USA. To THE PRINCIPAL, YUVABHARATHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, COIMBATORE 641 001. Respected sir, SUBJECT: REQUESTING FOR MY DAUGHTER G. MARILYN. ADMISSION. My daughter name - G. MARILYN. Date of birth - 20-03-2006. She attended the interview on 07/02/2009 for...
Ustad zakir hussain is India's and also the world's best tabla maestro. Pandit Chandra Nath Shastri is also said to be world's best Tabla player. Also, it is sometimes said that Pt. Sandip Burman is the world's best tabla artist because he plays both tabla and tabla tarang.
who is the educatinal minister of gujarat
No she was born in Mumbai
I don't think any website provide GTU solved exam papers. I found a site: it provides some solution for your questions.
I presume you mean Singapore. It is closer to the size of the state of Delhi, possibly smaller than Delhi in terms of area, much smaller in terms of population. :)
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Dhirubhai shah was the speaker of gujarat legislative assembly (1998-2002) and chairman of the gujarat finance commission (2003-2005).
Answer . From ahmedabad there is a train bikaner exp , its from jodhpur to kerala . catch it from ahmedabad and u will get directly to udupi (karnataka) nearly at 12 in noon. and its 10 min journey to manipal (nearly 12 hours journey)
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1. Indian Education Society's Management College & Research Centre, Mumbai 2. S.I.E.S. College Of Management Studies, Mumbai
well gujarat came from gujara i don know wat it is but i read it day before yesterday :)
it got its name from gujjar was called gujjar-rashtrya......gradually it turned into gujarat
Lamba is famous for it Wind Farm, It has one of the largest Wind Turbine installations in India.
Gulzari Lal Nanda after Nehru's death till the congress elected Lal Bahadur Shastri as P.M.
basically this surname is used by Ghirth, Bahti & Chang. They are basically agriculturist
sneha parmar ahmedabad result from gujarat university
Undhad surname cast is lauva Patel . .
Manav Bharti University is listed on the Website of University Grants Commission under the list Private Universities. It is also mentioned on the same page that the University is competent to offer courses in accordance with the UGC Guidelines. Also an University does not necessarily need to be...
Kolkatta, Bengal, India is at 22 degrees north, while Delhi is at 28 degrees north. The Sun never appears to be north of 23.5 degrees North or South of the equator.
kandla is d giggest port city of gujrat
Gulf of Kachch - Northern gulf Gulf of khambhat - Suthern gulf
I do not Know Singhania university rajasthan PhD in physical education is Approved by ncte ugc or not.
You can listen to 20 non stop online FM radio station in jamnagar only on
snow park in ahmedabad,full address
The sun is never overhead at 42 degrees north.
without c form declaration sales in gujarat what is the slabe rateof local tax
Gujarat, India - 75,686 square miles.