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A brand of vehicle, Chevrolet or Chevy was produced by General Motors Company (GM). The car was named after Louis Chevrolet and was set up to sell a variety of mainstream vehicles to compete with Model T by Henry Ford.
If you mean a inertia switch that shuts off the fuel pump in case of a wreck or something, No. The computer shuts it off if the engine is not running.
 == Answer ==   It is most likely a normal condition. The engine needs to build up oil pressure to lubricate the rollers. No damage should result.    == Answer ==     it is not the roller lifters it is the piston pin it has a slight amount of play and when the piston heats up the...
  I had to replace the injector itself the other day as it was not allowing the fuel to go into the TBI unit. I used the injector test light on the harness and it show the computer as being good.
== Answer ==   There are several safety mechanisms for the Chevy Corsica. if you accidently left the car out of park when you turned of the car, in some models if your lights are left on it wont let you take out the key.
  you could check for oil pressure , could be a fault in the oil pressure sensor that is holding the pump out. i have seen some of these trucks have a loose ground wire near the fuel pump also cutlikeabuffalo oil pressure? its not running yet!!! electric fuel pump has nothing to do with oil...
I don't know how fast the 1953 model is, but the 1954 model went from 0-60MPH in 11.7 sec. and went from 0-100MPH in 41 sec.
  == Answer ==   Chances are, your truck has been through some very hot summers, and it dries up the capacitors inside the radio. Also, during the wet months, moisture tends to corrode electrical contacts in the pushbuttons, volume, and presets. It's not worth fixing, because the labor will...
I had the similar problem with my Jeep 1999 grand Cherokee cruise control not working the gates for the interior worked fine just no cruise control, looking at the other respondence I found that the vacuum hose off the control unit was bent going to a auto parts store and bought a slight bit longer...
  the muscle car was built for performance not economy at least not the years 1966-1974.
not sure why but if I turn the key wait till the fuel pump kicks off my cavalier normally does start right up
Can you not turn your ignition key to the RUN position and select the neutralposition while holding your foot on the brake pedal ?
1. safely raise the rear of the vehicle, place 2 jack stands on the rearend, (not the frame). 2. place a tire stop on the front tires,(avoid run-away syndrome). 3. disconnect the brake cable, (***no tools needed, simply look the hand brake pedal, next to the electrical box on the drivers side...
It is easiest to remove the bed,there are only about 8 bolts ,wire harness and grounds   the rest is pretty self explanatory .
I just changed the pump on my 1996. I'm no mechanic but I would think they are close to the same. The easiest way is to get under your truck and unbolt the bed, get a helper or 2 to move it back about 1 1/2 ft. I put a couple of towels on my tires and it rested on the tires and back bumper without...
if it is a non bose factory system your truck takes 6 1/2 inch speakers in bot thte front and rear doors
checl all bulbs. then check the flasher unit.they are the first things to go out. flasher can costs about $3-00 and easy to replace
Yep. Drivers side vent, linked to back of t-case and ran up to engine compartment to vent. Middle to back of engine for vacume. Passenger side to accumulater for front diff under battery.
Answer . \nYou, have to remove the entire dash it not to difficult if you use a manual and follow it step by step, it is easier if you have somone to help with the dash because it comes out in one piece and its kind of heavy but it is possible to do it your self.
If that made sense i'd answer it
The timing is set by the PCM/ECM The crank position sensor located on the lower front passenger side right behind the harmonic balancer controls the firing to the plugs, while the cam position sensor located under the distributer cap controls the injector timing. These Vortec engines are a different...
it has a 14 city and 19 highway. if its a 6cylinder 4.3l auto.
Remove the belt from your 1992 Chevy Lumina power steering pump.  Remove the power steering pump hose. Remove the power steering pump  retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new power  steering pump.
To bleed the power steering system on any Celebrity:Raise the car up so the wheels are slightly off the ground. Then with the motor off make sure the reservoir on the power steering pump is full and then turn the wheels as far as they will go from one side to the other. Do this about 10 to 12 times....
If your battery is completely dead, or battery disconnected. The key, once in and turned would not come out for me. Once I charged up the battery I Was able to remove the key. You can also remove the small plug in the underside of the steering column. May not be a plug but just a circle so I used a...
I was reading first couple of replies, they gave the dumbest replies like I would go to dealer & ask or I would call different places to compare the price. Stupid people this stuff any kid can do too. Person asked for price no suggestion.
you need to turn the caliper piston clockwise as it is being pushed in. There is a special tool but you can work it in with a c clamp, just make sure you don't tear the rubber boot. Also, make sure the nepressin area of the head of the caliper aligns with the raised point on the inner pad
  == Answer ==   All you do is remove your back deck, the three pins on the front behind the seats. Then you can use a small socket or screw driver to remove the speakers. Dont try and remove the plastic panels from the deck. Also, a neat thing to do if your gonna take it off, on the deck...
  behind the drivers seat
which fuse is for the fuel pump in a 1993 chevy s10 blazer
hey there, i had the same problem, but i figured it out! and now I'm gonna help you!grab a screw driver or something like that (thin, "pokey", and not easily broken), I used a SPOON! haha.right under your hood in the middle in the front, well actually slightly to the right and up a little bit theres...
  == Answer ==     looking for answers
  == Answer ==   that is your cooling fan for the radiator, it is thermostatically controlled so even with the ignition off it will run until the temperature is below the set point....Its a good thing dont worry
  Had the same problem. Bought a re-conditioned alternator, turned out it was bad.   Usually if battery draining, it's alternator or battery or both.
  == www.sunvisordepot.com they are great! ==
  About 26- 30 miles per gallon.
Stamped on the front of the motor in front of the carbuerator. Also the cars booh should have. Try callin an aout parts store too
if it's the 4.3 you'd be lucky to get 12/18
  If the 95 is like the 97, you also have two clips at the bottom of the grille. After removing the six screws, you have to grab the grille and tug on it to get it off. When you pop it off, the clips will slip down into the holes they sit in. I used a an automotive magnet (the kind with a...
  == Answer ==     owners manual.
  == Answer ==   its water  make sure the drain hole for the AC is not cloged
  == Answer ==   It is on the top of the motor on the drivers side and it has a hose on the top of it. It just pulls out pretty easy.
  10w40 is a thicker oil than 5w30. I would only use 10w40 in an older motor in the summer, if the motor was using too much 10w30. The thinner oil will not have the higher pressure. Pressure that this motor needed.? I would go back to the 10w40 and see if the knocking stops...the damage may...
  == Answer ==   hey. number 1 lead goes 2 left spark plug, then 2 on the 2nd, 3 on the 3rd and so on. the the number 1 lead goes on to top left plug of distributor, 2nd on the top right, 3 on the bottom left, :-)... the distributor is on a slight angle, but when ur looking at it ul get it,...
I had this problem with my 1998 Lumina . sometimes it would start but not very often. Sprayed WD40 in the key hole and Blew it out with compressed air. Cleaned the chip on the key. Starts every time now.
you are either low on brake fluid, the Ebrake switch is on or you have air in your brake lines. try lifting the ebrake and see if the light gets brighter. If it does, try unpluging the wire that goes to the brake master cylinder. If this don't work then i recomend taking it to a shop to have it...
the size that came from the factory (one that fits) 1200 cca's should do fine unless you live in Alaska
  == Answer ==     Crawl under the car and look.   == Answer ==     Steel lines. Both ways.
  == Answer ==   if your intake is off the engine,and you can get in the intake ports with a small brass brush,Gumout carb spray is awesome,tryed all types of solvents,nothing close to Gumout........
.020 or 30 degrees of dwell if you have a meter
  == Answer ==     check your fuse..90% its the fuse needs relacing.
mine is doing the same exact thing but mine has over 151 thousand miles on it. and i just had to replace the compressor and it kinda stopped then started the other day again and now im getting the cv joint replaced i have been told that is what is causing this. and there is a vibrating sound under...
  == Answer ==     Usually enough for about 10-12 miles left.   == Answer ==   I've gone straight to a gas station when the light went on, came out to 49.867L, and with a 60L tank that's basically 10 Liters left, which is roughly 2.5 gallons. So you'd probably be fine for another 50...
Answer . \nI don't think so, but check the relays and fuse's located under the glove box.. Answer . all fuel injected cars have a fuel pump shut off switch, most of the times it is in the trunk on either side or a kick panel of the front seat.
  Two in the front seat and three in the back seat. IF you have an extended version I believe that rear seat or what the call the third row is how three. I based this information off of how many sets of seatbelts are installed by Chevy
  I'm not sure it has one. If it does, it will be on one of the valve covers. PCV means positive crankcase ventilation valve. It ventilates the crankcase. I'm not sure the newer models have one.
Answer . It should automatically turn off, but you can try disconnecting the battery for 30 mins. (take the positive off FIRST!) Then see if the light comes back on.. Update: Actually, on the 2001 model (and probably others) the light does not automatically reset. I used the RDS radio on my 2001...
NO it does not. You must add coolant in the big plastic clear jug on the passenger side fender.
Knock the old ones side ways so you can pull them out. Buy expandable plugs to install. Then you just put the new one in and tighten the bolt up, easier than the drive in plugs like the ones you will be taking out.
You cannot use any remote key for a 2002 Chevy Suburban.Each key remote, or FOB, is programmed to each individual vehicle. If the FOB is lost please contact your dealer.
  I'm not sure but, I gave up trying to get to the wiring of the stereo in my DX. I loosened the bolts around the plate above the instrument panel (WHEW!), then a couple on the pieces under the steering column. I pulled the whole thing far enough out that I could just squeeze my fingers behind...
what is point setting for chev 350 v8 engine Use dwell meter to set the gap to 30 degrees dwell.
0.19 for brand-new points 0.16 gap for used points. The above answer may be adequate to get the engine running, but points are set correctly when you have a reading of 30 degrees on a dwell meter.
on the bottom of slave cyl,use Allen key
American car is said to be American car if it is  Manufactured in America whether its parts are imported from other  countries, Another thing which makes a car an American Car is the  Engine, The American car engine are more powerful than the  other industry cars and have more brutal throttle...
  == Answer ==     Repair the ABS system so it functions.
Some do some do not. Look at the stud, if it has a nut built into the stud bottom, then it is a screw-in
 == Answer ==   When you turn the ac on it engages the ac clutch which is turned by a fan belt which is turn by the engine. you are making the engine work harder. The idle speed might be set to low or it,s time for a tune up. 
The switch on the brake pedal may not be working, if you unplug the wiring from it it should shift if this is the problem.
Have to remember to include details when asking questions...such as the year of the motor and what application.Generally it is abotu 2 gallons, but the size radiator and such will change that
  == Answer ==     get under the truck, under the cab you will find where the cable splits into one for each wheel and you will see the adjuster. cut the main cable and get a new cable and when you install it clean the pedal mechanism really well and REPLACE THE DAMNED HANDLE so this wont...
4L60E, more specifically the Early Model 4L60E, in 1999 gm introduced the Late model 4L60E, which had a redesigned case that is not compatible with the early model 4L60E
  == Answer ==     On the belt tensioner you will see a spot to insert a half inch drive breaker bar or ratchet to move tensioner off belt.
  == Answer ==     if you go to www.impalahq.com and find where you take the dash off this will get you in the right direction. i know you have to remove the dash to remove the key switch.
There are two screws that hold it to the distributor.
  == answer ==   29s, i replaced the oil pressure sender on my 92 corsica 3.1 and i did it while having my starter changed because it is located directly above the starter on the engine block.
that's a tough one. it sounds to me like your woodriff key is loose, broken or missing. cam and crank gear keeper bolts could be coming loose or stripped. may even be a bad cam shaft bearing. or a crank shaft bearing. oh. chain could be wrong size as well. valve springs to stiff/not worn in...
  == Answer ==     I just changed the tail light on a 2005 Town and Country, and it was a piece of cake.     1) Open the tailgate. Adjacent to the tail light inside the are 2 round, black plastic pieces that hold the light in place. Use a pliers or screwdriver to pull or pry...
The Original equipment size is P205/70R15 95S
Sounds like you may have burned out the fuel pump, they do not like to run dry.
There is a voltage regulator 4 the guages in back of the dash.there is another name 4 it but I'm not sure of it.One of your Parts experts will know the name of it :->    AnswerI have a 1990 Astro, the coolant gauge and speedometer lights stopped working, i took it apart and noticed the...
Behind the dash assembly attached to the HVAC box assembly. The dash assembly must be removed to gain access to it.