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A brand of vehicle, Chevrolet or Chevy was produced by General Motors Company (GM). The car was named after Louis Chevrolet and was set up to sell a variety of mainstream vehicles to compete with Model T by Henry Ford.
probably not, unless it has under 50 000 km, and it looks great, it sounds like a 50 dollar car,(scrap dealer)
Answer . 1st remove the pully then you will see the bolts to remove the housing good luck
That is the rubber boot that is on the end of the spark plug wire that goes onto the spark plug.
If the oil light is shining check the engine oil this could be asign of low oil pressure. This is serious because it means theremay be little to no oil in the engine. No oil will caused theengine to destroy itself. If the fluid is low pour more oil in. Ifnot take the car to have a diagnostics done.
The power steering pump has probley quit working.
I recently asked the same question on a similar sight. To replace the back spark plugs you have to reach them from under the vehicle. You will be working blind the entire time, so plan on several hours to complete the project.
I dont know :D. I dont know :D
If you craw up and lean over the top of the engine and look at the top right rear corner of the engine you will see it. It is just behind the corner of the intake manifold.
If its like a high pitch ticking (kinda like a clock), its a valve. It may be sticking or a rocker arm has come away from the push rod. I had the same noise on a 76 Monte Carlo. I had easy access to the valve covers (heck I could sit in the engine compartment). I removed them and checked the push...
what weight oil used for 2004 Chevy silverado the standered is usually 5 w 30
I'm told its under the car on the right side next to the frame
about three hundred thousand miles. if properly maintained.
\n \n\n. \n. The guides are probably bad from the engine heat and wear.\n. \n. When the tensioner has been replaced, you must take something like a small screw driver and press the little plunger, that pushes out the shoe, all the way in and then it will release the lock and apply pressure against...
\n Turbo \n. \nUnbolt the bell housing and pull clutch, pressure plate and flywheel. Will need to remove input bushing from crank or T conv wont fit into crank. \nReplace with a flex plate \nInstall torqe converter in trans being sure to turn convertor into pump. bolt up auto trans. \nWill need...
It is important to have a working radiator fan. If it does notwork, a person needs to check the wiring and its fuse.
The belt tensioner for a 94 Cavalier is mounted on the front of theengine. The tensioner is spring loaded on an arm to keep the belttight.
Depending on how much hp, new mounts, fans, fuel system, tank, tranny, rear end, trans cooler, and possibly hood. About 6-10k for 600-650 hp
Answer . 1-3-2 look at top top #1 counter clock 1-3-2. Answer . 1-3-2 look at top top #1 counter clock 1-3-2
No, it is divisible by 7 and 9 along with 1, and 63 which don't count. it constant or periodic. if its const. its water in the oil. if its every now and then its just condensation in the exhaust.
Stock sizes for this year lumina depends on the size of wheel that you have. Here's what the factory installed.. 15" Wheels: P205/70R15. 16" Wheels: P225/60R16
It is up inside of the drivers side frame rail just behind the cab. You will have to lay up under the truck and look up in the frame to see it.
The idle air control valve on a 2004 Trailblazer is located insidethe coolant system. This valve regulates the air that comes intothe cabin.
If your not to hard on the truck it should last the life of the rig. Some may have been defective when they were built though. Theres usually a few that are. Kind of like buying pallets of returned product at auction. It was returned for some reason, Probally defective if it wasnt put back on the...
upper plenum torque is: 44in lbs first time around 89 in lbs second time around The lower intake manifold is: 27 in lbs first time around 106in lbs second time around 133 in lbs third and final torque use a good torque wrench and follow the tightening sequence. If you skip a torque and go...
Hey Richard==I imagine the clutch is weak and slipping. Have it checked out and replaced if necessary. GoodluckJoe A temporary "fix" is to buy some baby powder. Find an access hole at the back of the engine where the transmission bell housing is located-- it will show some gear teeth that the...
No you can not Lubricate the front wheel bearings, They are factory SEALED bearings. Must REPLACE the bearings with new ones. IF the bearing is noisy then the balls inside are damaged. Lubrication will do nothing to help. Replace only You don't Get it! The question was to address lubricating...
Answer Caddy tail lights . Check for a bad ground circuit at the rear tial lights.
My daughter has replaced all the interior door handles on her 1998 Chevy Prism. We purchased new handles from a local dealer and she was able to install them herself by carefully removing the handle and reversing the process to install the new unit. However, she needs to replace an exterior door...
Answer . \n15 gallons of gas. Answer . \nYes, 15 gal straight from the owners manual.
Jack the car up so that the wheel is off the ground. Grab the tire at the top and bottom and try to wiggle it in and out. If it does, the ball joint is most likely worn. If you grab the tire on the sides and wiggle it, that checks the tie rods.
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push the piece of plastic down. push downward (with wiper up) and it will slide down
I would check the fuse, it's in the driver door access panel. after that, blower itself, bad switch in dash. jr
There is a bulletin dated 3-1-99 for 1997 - 1999 Corvettes about the fuel tanks. That bulletin # is 99-06-04-013 You should be able to get a copy of it at your local dealership.
front air only takes 3 lbs with rear air 4 and a half lbs
Hm, check the fuse, then check the fans themselves, for hard turning, if free, try jumping a 12v source to the fan connecter, see if they roll, if not, it's the fans, if so, the cooling fan Temp sensor, controls when the fans do and do not get pwr to cool your engine,... replace it. jr
It does not matter what side of the engine you put them on. The drivers side head will have a temperature sending unit screwed into the head between the first 2 spark plugs. If you switch the heads then the temperature wire may not reach. Here is a complete diagram to where it is....very nicely illustrated on this
The NAPA # 1036 (long) or the 1040 (short) will work.
I don't think there is a way to check this electrical component other than trying another one. A cheaper alternative is to get a used one at a junkyard and try that first.
Hey John==It is quite involved. Get a manual from the local parts store and it should have pictures and everything. Good luck, Joe
I think it is under the hood, drivers side, up front close to the radiator. It is mounted to the drivers side fender behind headlight
I'll give you some facts on the muscle car and pickup truck debate between Ford and Chevrolet. MUSCLE CARS 2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS - 6.2L V8, 406 horsepower, 390 pound feet of torque 0 to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds, 23mpg highway 2011 Ford Mustang GT - 5.0L V8, 412 horsepower, 390 pound feet of torque...
With a pry bar in the right spot and some leverage it will pop out.
Hi, There is no distributor cap on this particular vehicle. The function of providing spark to the spark plugs is done by the engine computer, an Ignition Control Module, and various sensors that feed timing information to the computer.
After removing axle from steering knuckle you can pop it out of tranny with a pry bar.
Answer . if its automatic, there is a dipstick just to the right of your oil dipstick. its red in color. you will need a funnel to get the fluid in.. If its a Manual transmission. there is a dip stick in the far upper right hand corner, strait down in the accual case of the transmission.... you...
Answer . an EGR valve gasket is available that has a screen to block the carbon. They cost $5.69 at the autoparts store in my city.
Nobody can figure it out, not even the GM mechanics. I have just about replaced everything.....nothing works to date. 1 Fuel pump, 2 Ignition control Modules, 1Cam shaft sensor, 1Fuel relay switch, 1distributor Spark plugs, Spark Plug wires.... Did I forget something...prob.. I say cut your loses,...
Properly raise, support, and remove wheel from vehicle. Loosen the nut that is on inner tie rod which is fastens to the outter tie rod. Remove cotter pin from outter tie rod stud nut and loosen nut a few turns. Use a small sledge hammer to strike steering knucle (wear safety glasses) where outter...
It doesn't matter which way the lines go back on as long as your not putting too much stress on them. The transmission fluid can flow through the radiator in either direction.
First let your car idle until it gets warmed up then see if your fans are turning on when it gets to hot if not check your coolant temp. sensor, which makes your fans turn on when the car gets warm and if they dont it can cause the coolant boil over.
also, check your power steering fluid levels.\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThe noise you hear is the fuel pump.
how much horsepower does a 6.0 vortech motor have
Answer . The ignition switch itself is on the top of the steering column next to the floor.(not in the steering column where the key lock is)There is a rod that runs from the key lock all the way down inside the column to the switch.It is a white rectangular switch that is secured by 2 small...
Answer . \nI have a 99 4Runner SR5; I believe it is an 18.3 gallon tank, but don't quote me on that. It is at least 18.
the heater resistor needs to be replaced it is mounted in the heater box next to the blower motor
Answer . \nmost auto AC compressers have an electric clutch. it is powered by a single wire running out of the compresser; disconnect this wire to turn off the compresser. most cars are set up to run the ac comp. even when nothing but the heater is on. this is done to keep the comp in working...
Yes they are the same as long as there both out of a 1/2 ton. Or there both out of a 3/4 ton. 1/2 tons had the 4L60E transmission and the 3/4 tons had the 4L80E in them.
Answer . \nThe standard colors on the rear speakers are as follows:\n. \nLight Blue - Right Rear Speaker Return (-)\nDark Blue - Right Rear Speaker Feed (+)\n. \nYellow - Left Rear Speaker Return (-)\nBrown - Left Rear Speaker Feed (+) \n. \nThis assumes you have the standard...
Underneath, inside left frame rail, aprox under the drivers seat.
First you have to pry off the triangle piece of the panel by using a flat head screw driver, do this by prying it from the bottem up. Then, take out the 2 screws in the door handle. Sometimes this is done easier with a drill because those screws can be pretty tight. After that start prying the door...
after you remove the bolt, the spindle that holds the top on , must Be remove by turning it counterclockwise, it is threaded through, the floor
The checking and monitoring of coolant level on Chevrolet vehiclesis a simple and routine maintenance procedure. The vehicle shouldbe safely stopped and the engine cool. The coolant reservoir willeither have a built-in cap dipstick or a level marking if it istransparent. The level indicator will...
\nA sway bar is a torsion bar mounted laterally on a suspension and is designed to reduce side sway. The sway bar attempts to accomplish this by transferring movement from one side of the suspension to the other. This is done through the connection of a torsion bar to each side of an axle by...
The 2000 S10 2.2L 4 cylinder engine has no distributor.
Assuming the aftermarket DVD player is for automobile: If the DVD manufacturer states that it could be used for the Trailblazer, it is likely that it will work. You might have to modify the bracket holder, the fascia and some other trim pieces. If you try to use a DVD player that does not design...
Bad gas, water in fuel, Low fuel pump pressure, dirty air flow sensor screen, one or more engine sensors defective and/or out of normal reporting ranges, engine control computer defective. Low battery and alternator output. The "check engine light"should have come on to give you a hint.
From 195 to 210 degrees is normal.
Not Necessary but helps a lot: Jack the front of the car up on both sides and remove the front wheels. Remove the bolts that hold the plastic fender well up. If you look at the seam where the front bumper cover meets the right front corner panel (one's metal and one's plastic) there are more...
With a grease gun, every oil change.
There is no torque specs. on that. Just make sure it's tight and be carefull not to brake it off.
Oil pressure ( Minimum ) 1000 RPMs 6 LBS 2000 RPMs 18 LBS 4000 RPMs 24 LBS It must have at least that much oil pressure at these different RPMs to LUBE the engine. If it has 80 LBS are more then the oil pump check valve is not working correctly
A squeak in the steering of a 2004 Chevy Malibu is often caused byimproper lubrication or worn components. Greasing the fittings willoften reduce or eliminate the problem.
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Answer . There are 3 major inspections that take place in CA when a car is smog checked.. 1) is a physical inspection of the car to make sure it's got all the major parts required by law and that it is safe to be on the road.. ie: All mirrors, doors fenders, glass, buper isn't taped on, etc.... 2)...
It's a relay. Which one it depends... I would start from testing headlights relay.
That year has a Carburetor on it. They started using fuel injection in late 1987
Follow the upper radiator hose to the engine block. The part the hose is connected to is the thermostat housing. The thermostat is under it.
Chances are you have one of the engines with an integral manifold. These cannot be removed from the cylinder head. These motors were notorious for cracks in the exhaust manifolds. That's the bad news. The good news is that many of the 250 c.i. L6 motors from Chevrolet used the same head bolt/water &...
It has a manual pump on the right front of the engine.
If it hasn't been changed, it has Throttle Body Injection (TBI). It looks similar to a carb but it will have wires running to it.
I'm no expert, but I think it's trying to tell you to service the engine soon.. im no car expert either but from what i know is that the check engine light can come up for various reasons. sometimes its not even important to have it checked because itll just light up for something small. its always...